The Company


The Company is a secretive organization that serves to track, tag, and - in some cases - neutralize or control people with special abilities (evolved humans) if they're a threat to society. They operate under the guise of Primatech, a paper company.

This is an expensive operation, but they are an organization with access to the equipment necessary to operate. They have connections worldwide, although their base is evidently in the USA. The Company is funded heavily by the Linderman Group. Although the death of Daniel Linderman (and subsequent demolition of the Corinthian Casino), who headed the Company, sought to throw a wrench into their machinations, the Linderman Group lives on in its founder's legacy. As for the Company's leadership after his death? That is yet to be seen.

They Company utilizes two tracking systems to target these individuals: by satellite via radio isotope in "tagged" individuals and the
Walker System. With the help of the geneticist Mohinder Suresh, they may also have access to The List of the genetically unique humans that have been found so far. Typically, an evolved agent is paired with a regular agent, especially for work in the field.

Known Members


  • Bob Bishop, Charles Deveaux, Harry Fletcher, Paula Gramble, Daniel Linderman, Carlos Mendez, Kaito Nakamura, Maury Parkman, Angela Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, and Victoria Pratt


Known Agents

Research, Medicine, and Other Personnel

Former Members

  • Thompson (deceased)
  • Jordan Bonham (deceased)

Known Associates

For whatever reason, these are people who may not be outright affiliated with the Company, but are known to have worked with or been associated with them currently or in the recent past.


New York, New York

Kirby Plaza Building

Hartsdale, New York

Primatech Research

Passaic, New Jersey

Palisades Boarding School

Recently opened, this facility (around a 40 minute train ride from the city) is more secure by obscurity than anything else. Palisades serves a small population of 12 or so kids whose situations vary from having abilities that prevent them from being accommodated in the public schools to those who might have had a power-related "incident" that would threaten the secret. Their parents were given a sales pitch and voluntarily signed on, though there may have been a little "leaning." Other, more dysfunctional families were happy to be rid of the "problem." Students that live close enough and are in a position to do so commute to the school. The others have phone contact with their families and live on-site. The teacher, Leto Jones is documented in Company files as a troublemaker, security risk and all-around problem whose previous contact with the Company was as someone who interfered in a Company operation and had his memory erased about it. His activities at Palisades are monitored closely by a Company "teacher's aide". It is made absolutely clear in all documentation that Lee's involvement at Palisades is because he was the only qualified teacher in Company files identified as knowing the secret and Jones is not to be trusted at all, ever, for any reason. (The Company is not (yet) aware that Lee has powers— or are they?)

Odessa, Texas


Primatech Paper Co.

Primatech Paper Co.

  • Notable Patients and Detainees


Alaskan Facility


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