2007-05-28: The Delivery And The Deal


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Summary: What the title said.

Date It Happened: May 28th, 2007

The Delivery And The Deal

Forrest - Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

It's the day before the party, near ten in the morning, and Jane's just returned home from the hospital where she'd gone to check in on Cass and Peter. She's clad sing in a deep red tank top, dark blue cotton shorts, low white socks, and athletic shoes. Her mind is occupied, the heart a bit heavy with the departure of Elle in the way she chose, her hospitalized friends, and the looming matter of Jaden appearing in a Desiree vision. She can only hope he hasn't be driving, and will continue not to drive.

When does Jaden Cain ever listen? Especially to some crackpot psychic that sees visions in staples or whatever? Yeah, about that? So not happening. The great spectacular wonder of Jaden Cain comes skating down the hallway towards Jane's apartment. Somehow he's managing to balance a big ol' dress box on one hand like he's some sort of skateboarding delivery boy. He skids to a halt and knocks on the door. "Javon Calling!" he sing-songs through the door, as if anyone else would be showing up at her place at 10 in the morning.

The knock, and the voice, draw her attention. Jane comes to the door and opens it, drawing her hair back into a ponytail and securing it there. The sight of him brings a spreading smile to her face, and she steps aside to allow transit. "Jaden. Come in," she invites. Happy to see him? Yes.

Normally Jaden would try to skate his way inside, but this could probably end up with disastrous results. "Hey Babe." he says ever so Boyfriendly, as he hops off his skateboard and kicks it up into his free hand. The moment he's across the threshold of the door, he leans in to kiss Jane on the cheek and then steps right back to present the box. "Can't stay long. Wanted to bring you the most awesome gift in the entire world."

She turns her face to accept the kiss and chuckles, eyes resting on the box, as she replies "You did?" Jane's eyes study his features and the box for a moment, the smile soft and constant, as she speculates on what it is. Not that much speculation is needed, given the party he decided to toss and the comments made that one day, sending a copy of himself to the store. She closes and locks the door, then walks into the main room ahead of him.

"This is, I want you to know, in no way, shape or form, a hint at what you should wear tomorrow." As he follows her into the main room, the words: Wear This Tomorrow can be seen plainly on the side of the box. Hastily scrawled there in Slacker Script, of course. "I just thought that maybe you should have it. Just in case. You, I dunno, felt like wearing it someday that's really soon and not Friday." He beams proudly and takes his time with the following, always admiring the view, as it were. Even if what he's viewing is 'his', in that Totally Boyfriend Way.

Once there she turns to take the box, laughing a bit. "Very subtle," Jane remarks, "I totally can't tell you want me to wear this tomorrow." She places it on a table and starts to open it, then asks in a slightly purring voice "Jaden, how did you get here today?"

Jaden's moving to stand behind her so that he can watch her open up the box. Which, well, contains an exact replica of the Jessica Rabbit dress. There's two other things in the box. Dye and a wig. Hollywood wardrobe style, so they're both good. Anyway, Jaden just leans in to put his head on her shoulder whilst she opens up things. "Um. The truth is that I took the Mystery Machine." He already knows he's in trouble so he's moves right into covering his tracks. "But! I didn't go by any mountains! And technically, the Mystery Machine's a van. Not a car. So I couldn't get deaded!"

She chuckles at the contents, lifting up the dress and studying it carefully as his head rests on her shoulder. But his confession makes her features a bit somber. Jane had expected he might be driving, that it wouldn't be easy to get him not to. "I'll wear the dress," she states, "under one condition. You give me your word, no driving until we figure this out. Please." For whatever reason, she trusts the things Desiree claims to see, and this is important to her.

Annnnd… cue whining mode. If only because he's cute when he whines. "Awwww, c'mon. I /like/ driving. Please?" Jaden frowns and drops the skateboard to wrap his arms around her waist from behind. "How about this? Let me drive one more time. Tomorrow night. Because I got Mom's people making this awesome car for me and… after that, no more driving." He's trying to negotiate.

She closes her eyes and leans back against him, the dress still in hand. "Tomorrow night," Jane replies quietly. "But no overpasses. Stay away from bridges." That, she thinks, should keep him safe. "Thank you, Jaden."

"You rock so much, baby." Jaden has to peel his arms from around her when he spots his EXPENSIVE watch. "Damn. I gotta' run. Late for a meeting. And god knows the press doesn't need any more fuel after the whole throwing things off the roof fiasco." He shrugs, "It was a good idea at the time." Soon enough, he snatching up his skateboard and turning to head for the door. He only gets about four to five steps before he whirls around and rushes back to sweep Jane in his arm and give her a proper kiss on the lips. "Hey. I love you." Holy shit. Jaden Cain's being serious for four seconds. Take a picture.

She returns the kiss with passion, arms snaking around the man and body pressing into his. "And I you," Jane breathes, before the contact prevents voicing words. Some seconds later when it breaks, she slowly reopens eyes to watch him jet off to that meeting, and steps forward to open her door and let the man out.

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