2007-12-31: The Details


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Summary: Bekah and Lee meet up moments before midnight. Awkwardness ensues.

Date It Happened: December 31, 2007

The Details

Times Square

Lee got a ticket to go downtown unexpectedly wen a friend in a band who knows someone got sick. So he's turned up in a big crowd of people to watch the ball drop - as a tall guy, he's easily shoved back to the back of the crowd, everyone figures he can see from wherever he is.

Bekah was dragged along by a couple of nurses she works with. Apparently they didn't deem time spent with the cats as an appropriate New Year's Eve. Currently though, Bekah is alone, making her way through the crowd with a sigh. "Teem mass of humanity and of course they find guys to make out with." She mutters under her breath, pulling her coat close against the winter cold.

Lee bomps into Bekah from the side, of course, says, "Sorry," checking his wallet, then says, "Bekah! Hey." he says.

Bekah staggers a step, but with that crowd, she's hardly room to fall. The sound of her name catches her attention though and she looks up to see who it is. "Lee." She says with a sigh. No, she doesn't look all that excited to see him. And the scent of alcohol is strong on her breath.

Lee says, "Happy almost New Year. How did you get tickets? A friend of mine got sick." This is the very specialized equivalent of apartment-discussion for the New Yorker.

Bekah sticks her hands into the pockets of her coat, a stylish peacoat tonight. In fact everything about her is more stylish than the normal jeans and a t. "One of the nurses at work. Her brother got tickets for something." And Bekah obviously paid /a lot/ of attention to the story. "She seems to have found someone in need of diagnosis through her tongue in his throat." Bekah adds dryly.

Lee snerks, and for a second, he forgets their awkwardness, and snarks right back: "Must have missed 'social diseases' day at nursing school. How are things going?"

And Lee even gets a grin for that, before Bekah remembers she's holding on to her annoyance with him. "Things are going alright. Work keeps me busy, like always. How are things going with you?"

Lee says, "Same. I'm plotting mischief against the administration, going to launch it as soon as I'm back at school, before the state achievement tests drive us on our annual trip to crazytown. Did you hear about that robbery at Seville Medical? Samantha was there, I was wondering if you guys had any problems at your hospital."

Bekah bites her lip as she thinks. Yeah, she's definately at least tipsy. "I don't think we have. If so, they've been covered up pretty well. Did you know Sam's getting married? In like 2 months?" She asks before she adds. "Plotting against the bosses. Why am I not surprised."

Lee says, "No, I didn't hear…" He's definitely not on the invite list. "Tell her congratulations for me? I was there at the robbery, a student of mine was a patient, I was bringing him his homework when the place went crazy. You should be careful, I'm attracting bullets these days. There was a shooting right up the street from the Lair only a few days ago."

Bekah nods her head. "I will. I'm considering an appropriate bachelorette party. That's fun but won't entirely freak Namir out for life." Bekah states before she looks over. "Then it sounds like you need to be careful. Believe me, it's not fun getting shot. Hurts a lot."

Lee says, "I don't like pain, I try to avoid it." with a grin. He nods to her suggestion, then adds: "Why would he even know what happens at the party? I thought the whole point was…" He pauses. "Okay, advice is supposed to make things better, not worse, so I won't go further down that thought."

Bekah raises her eyebrows to Lee. "You're growing up." She states before she adds. "I don't want to feel like she has to hide things from Namir." Bekah reaches up to push come stray curls away from her face. "You do get hurt, call me."

Lee says, returning to that charmingly snarky half-smile: "I won't have to, you'll hear my wussy yells of pain even if you move to Albany." He wraps his peacoat a little further around himself as a cold wind blows across the crowd. "So are you rotating out of the ER this year?'

Bekah shakes her head. "As happy as that would make my father, I have no plans to. I like working in the ER. I'm good at it. I know what to do and how to do it under that pressure." Bekah states, apparently not in the modest mood. "Right. I'll keep an ear out for the wussy yells then."

Lee says, "I thought residents had a certain number of rotations they had to do, or is this your last?" Shows how much attention he paid to her career when they were together.

"I'm not a resident." Bekah states, a bit of the early chill slipping back into her voice. "I'm an attending. I've been an attending for a year and a half now."

Lee says, "Ah…that's cool. Missed that before. Sorry." There, the awkwardness is back. "Looks like we're almost there…any resolutions you're making this year?"

Bekah looks over to Lee with a sigh. "Yeah. Never did pick up on the details." She mutters before she shrugs. "Not really. I never keep them, so why even try? What about you?"

Lee says, "I'm going to get through this year and make a difference for the students. I'm not gonna quit, I'm not gonna get fired, and I'm not gonna fall back into my old ways. That sums it up." He doesn't argue with her assessment. She's right. "Drink to that?" He has an old-school silver flask, like every decent hipster.

"Sounds like decent enough goals." Bekah states. She's still not making any resolutions though. She eyes the flask for a moment before she nods. "I guess that's good enough to drink to." Not all that excited, it seems.

Lee gives her the flask. It's something warm and liquor-ish. He looks up as the countdown gets closer. "Thanks." he says when he get the flask back, and he's not thanking her for the flask.

Bekah takes a swig of the liquor handing it back. "I'm the one who drank your alcohol." So maybe she's drunk enough not to get what the Thanks is for. "Oh, look. The countdown!" It's ten seconds to midnight, it seems.

Lee says, "You are, indeed." He calls out the coutdown with everyone else, caught up in the moment and the cheering, but to his credit, he doesn't give Bekah a big kiss when everyone else starts grabbing random people to osculate with. The crush of the crowd does pretty much squoosh them together though. "Happy new year." he tells her with a smile.

Bekah gets smooshed up against Lee, but well, she's not going to kiss him. Not with the return of the awkwardness. "Happy New Year." She adds before she looks around. "I'm never finding those nurses. Bet they're doing some real checking of tonsils by now." Ah, there's the snarkiness returned.

Lee says, "Are you going to need a ride? I'm going to hang around a bit but if you can't find your friends, I can…" It's one of those trail-off-into-nothing offers.

Bekah shakes her head to Lee. "I'll find a way home. Thanks. Even if I have to pry Maria's mouth from some random stranger." Ah yes, isn't it grand to be single? "Have a good night."

Lee says, "Was good running into you, Bekah. I'll see you around." He's being warm, the glow of the holiday helps.

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