2009-11-24: The Dog Can't Stink



Date: November 24, 2009


Face with the impossible task of living a normal life, Hallis goes on a search for an assistant.

"The Dog Can't Stink"


Andra can be found sitting inside the local Starbucks for once, she doesn't often hang around in places like this with Zorro back at the Hotel and all alone. She is sitting at the back of the shop cup of coffee in one hand while the other rests upon the mousepad on her laptop. In all she seems rather relaxed, while she is doing her best to save money she figures a cup of coffee every now and then would be alright.

Breezing through the door, looking all kinds of fabulous, is Hallis… in a hurry. Well she would be in a hurry if she didn't have a set of ridiculously high heels on. As it stands, she's doing a little shuffle run up to the counter. "I need a large non-fat cappuccino, no foam." Turning, she spies the girl at the laptop and snaps her fingers. There's a few minutes before her cap will be ready, so she strolls over to the girl and gives her the biggest smile she can. "Hi, I don't know if you remember me, but your dog ate my fries in Central Park?" She bends down just a tad to show look into the brunette's eyes. "Are you good with that thing?" she says quietly, pointing to the computer.

Andra hears the movement but doesn't bother looking up, at least not until the movement is basicly near her. She blinks while peering up to catch sight of Hallis. A friendly smile is offered and she nods. "Hi there.. ya I remember. I'm still sorry about that." There's a pause while tilting her head to glance from Hallis then back to her computer. "Ah.. Ya I am I suppose." She's actually /very/ good with it but it snot like she tells people everything she does.

Sliding into the chair opposite Andra, Hallis asks just after she has made herself comfortable. "Do you mind? If I sit here for a second? I have a favor to ask." Lifting her purse to the table, she pulls out a wallet and out of that a credit card and a few twenty dollar bills. "I need to put an ad in the times, for a personal assistant… Can you do that for me? She has to be live in, I need someone available pretty much whenever I'm awake." She places the twenties down on the table and gives Andra a smile, "For your trouble… and I have my credit card for the ad."

Andra shakes her head. "Naw, its fine go ahead and sit." She blinks at Hallis while watching her curiously. "Well.. I could do that, sure." There's a pause before she clears her throat. "What all does the assistant need to know, or do for you?" Well, she is looking for a job after all, an a place to live to.. Well.

Looking more than a little sheepish, Hallis lowers her head only to lift her eyes to meet Andra's. "To tell you the honest truth? I need someone to help me do all the little things… You know? My Daddy wants me to remodel my apartment, but I have no idea where to start even looking for someone that puts kitchens in closets, or anything like that. Grocery shopping? I'm hopeless… I bought all this food, and I don't even have a fridge. I need someone that can teach me how to cook, or even just cook." A shrug then a small smile, "Someone that knows how to do normal things and teach me how to do them."

Andra looks slightly amused as she hears the other, she can't cook, or doesn't know she needs a fridge for food? "Well.. I may know someone that could help out with a job like that." She offers while nodding slightly, her cup is set upon the table while she lets her arms fold upon it. "But.. How do you feel about dogs?"

After a slight hiss of her breath and a grimace, Hallis gives Andra a dubious look. "How does the dog feel about shoes? Because if one pair gets eaten…." And the socialite draws a finger slowly across her throat. Another thought passes through her head which is quite easily blurted out, without hesitation. "Oh, and the dog will have to be bathed and groomed at least once a week. I don't want my apartment stinking like an animal." Then she narrows her eyes to the girl and purses her lips into a thin line. "Do you mean that dog of yours? He's pretty big… he doesn't eat shoes, does he?" A big dog might be just the thing she needs to keep unwanted visitors away, unwanted visitors like the mind rapist.

Andra tilts her head while peering at Hallis, mostly at the look she is given about the thought of a dog. "Naw.. he doesn't eat shoes.." She smirks faintly at the thought of getting Zorro groomed once a week, he doesn't smell! A faint ah escapes her and she nods a moment while glancing at the table and taps a finger upon it. "I've been looking for a job.. An a place to live actually. He wouldn't chew on anything, his really good about that." Zorro is good at keeping people away that is for sure.

Digging through her purse again, Hallis pulls out a sheet of paper and scribbles an address and phone number down in large loopy letters. Folding it, she regards the teen carefully before handing it over. "It doesn't pay really well, just $150 a week, but it includes food and a place to stay… and I'll pay for the dog to get groomed and fixed and everything. Is that alright?"

Andra watches the other curiously before taking hold of the piece of paper and just blinks before nodding. "Alright.. An.. That's fine with me." There's a pause and she clears her throat. "Don't you even want to know my name first?.." Might be sorta a good idea.

Hallis holds the paper just out of reach before the girl takes it and nods. "Well that was my question, I just wanted to make sure the price was right before I got into everything. No use getting excited about hiring someone if they turn you down right after hearing the salary." She shuffles her chair around so she has access to look at the girl's computer screen and smiles a little. "Actually, I really want to know your name and make sure you don't have a criminal record… and then we need to do a few other things. But the rest can wait until tomorrow."

Andra lets the piece of paper rest upon the table while nodding slightly. "Suppose that's a good idea." Well its a heck of a lot more money then she is making at the moment, which is basically next to nothing. The screen on her computer shows the goggle homepage. "Alright then." A glance is offered to her computer then back to Hallis. "So, you really don't know how to use a computer?" She isn't too worried about a background check, she's managed to fix some things so the fact that she's a runaway shouldn't come up. An if it does, well she can just leave again if needs be.

Shrugging, Hallis just looks over to the girl, "Well no, but I know how to shop online with my cell phone, does that count?" Then a brief smile is delivered before she looks back to the screen. "Okay, so what is your name and all the rest of it? You haven't thought of murdering anyone in their sleep, have you? Oh and I can be a little bit mean sometimes… but I'm really trying to change that." Giving the girl a once over, she wrinkles her nose and tsks. "And we're going to have to get you better clothes… I don't think you'll fit into anything I have. But you still need to dress a little better, I need my friends to be impressed. You know?" There she goes with the lack of etiquette, but she's not trying to be mean, it just comes out that way. One of the things her new assistant needs to teach her.

Andra lifts a brow and smirks while glancing at her clothing a moment. A faint ah escapes her. "Ah.. Alright.." She looks confused on it. "But.. why do you want to impress your friends? If there your friends then you shouldn't have to impress them.." Well this is how Andy thinks. "The name is Andra Smith."

"Hallis Van Cortlandt, and in my circle you need to impress. You have to have the right clothes, the right shoes, the right boyfriend, and the right job." Speaking of which, she's going to be late for hers. Pushing the piece of paper toward Andra, Hallis gives her a smile. "There's the address and my phone number. You can either move in tonight or tomorrow morning, but I need someone to wake me up at 8AM. I got a new job today and I really can't be late for it."

Andra ahs faintly and peers at Hallis. "But.. I don't really have any of that.." She points out with an unsure tone. Heck she's staying in a crumpy hotel at the moment with only a few other pairs of clothing with her, and a dog. A glance is offered back to the paper and she picks it up after a moment and nods. "Alright.. I'll call you later, how's that?"

Nodding, Hallis whisks to the counter and scoops up her coffee. "Alright, I have to get to work. Let me know if you'll be there tonight, I'll let you sleep in my bed and I'll stay at George's… but the dog has to sleep on the floor. Until you get your own bed, that is." With another wave, she's out the door and into a cab. Not giving one look back to the woman that will now be her new live in nurse.

Andra is rather unsure what to say while she watches Hallis leave, a nod and slight worried smile is given while she waves after the other. A glance offered to the piece of paper once more as she ponders if this was a good idea or not.

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