2010-05-01: The Dork Knight



Date: May 1, 2010


Lesson learned: Don't dress down when walking home.

"The Dork Knight"

NYC - The Streets



In the late hours of the night, the City That Never Sleeps is clearly awake. Shadows lurk. Wind howls. And there's an ever present air of danger that just seems to float across the city at this particular moment. The streets are clearly unsafe. Almost around every single corner, there's a possible danger just waiting to spring onto innocent victims.

It's very quiet, at this particular moment of the night. No cars. Hardly any chatter from the crazy night stalkers. It's just Too Quiet.

Returning from a late night shoot, Hallis is unaware of anything wrong. She's just too focused on the cell phone in her hands. Yes, she's texting her friends and making plans to head out as soon as she gets cleaned up. The silence is interrupted by the soft clicking of her high heel shoes against the sidewalk.

There's a loud laugh that erupts from the young blonde as she reads out the latest message from one of them. "Oh my gawd… Chelsea you're such a… Wow.." she's also talking to herself, well to the phone, as she types.

Blissfully unaware of her surroundings, she doesn't notice the dark figure that steps in behind her. His footfall is quite silent and his stride a little longer than hers. It doesn't take long before one of his gloved hands is reaching out…

… to grab at Hallis' arm. After all, she's not paying attention to her surroundings. She's also the one that's dressed like that. Which means that she's clearly begging for something bad to happen. Silently, but still she's the one asking for it.

With strength that probably shouldn't be allowed in the human form, the Brute growls quite a bit. Pulling hard to swing the blonde back up against him, his other hand is already reaching up to lock around her throat. Just in case she tries to scream. "You're about to have a very bad night." comes out through gritted teeth, coupled with the deep scent of alcohol on his breath. He's certainly beyond any sort of mental reasoning.

High above the imminent crimes that are waiting to happen, is a lone figure. He hops from one roof to the other, his dark cape flowing in the wind. Somehow, the large purple fedora that's pulled onto his head doesn't dare fall off. His purple sneakers hit the next rooftop and he crouches low, glancing up and around. Sighing, he moves over to the edge of the building and peers down. Watching.

The jPhone in her hand is dropped to the sidewalk with a loud crack as the young blonde squeaks. She can't do much more than that as the thug pins her against a nearby brick wall, the hand around her throat is enough to ward off any sort of alarm she might raise. She's much too young and much too pretty to die, or be harmed in any way.

"P-please don't hurt me… I'll give you money, anything. I've got.." Her whispered voice is choked off by the hand tightening around her throat and she stops talking immediately. She can't afford to lose her voice, or even get hurt. Not with her job. She's just too new on the set that she can afford to be secure in her role.

"Money? You come down my street, lookin' the way you look and you wanna' give me money?" Uh oh. Perhaps this Brute has more intentions than the simple pleasures of monetary value. He leans in closer, already looking too creepy for words, what with his dirty face and all. But he's definitely going to be needing something else to satiate his evil intentions.


The sound echoes off the walls, coming from every direction at once, as there's a cloud of purple smoke forming nearby.

"I am the Terror that Flaps In the night!"

The purple smoke forms a cloud, bubbling up on itself and everything, though it also starts to thin out at this juncture.

"I am the sudden rise in the price of gas!"

As the smoke disappears, the full figure of the greatest vigilante of all time can be seen! With his dramatically purple ensemble intact, he announces his presence, as the smoke goes away, "I! AM DARKWIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! DORK!" His arms are extended to make sure he looks as dangerous as possible. His eyes are narrowed behind his purple mask, narrowing his vision on Brute and the poor damsel that's clearly in distress!

Hallis' blue eyes are wide open in alarm and she just stares at her outlandishly clad savior, or it could be another attacker. No, she's fairly sure he's a savior, maybe. She struggles just a little bit but the Brute's hold is just too strong.

A pleading glance is given in the direction of the entity calling himself Darkwing Dork, one that's cut off when the Brute suddenly lets go to turn toward his competition. "Hey Buddy, get your own woman, this one's mine!" He sounds angry and when he turns back to Hallis, there's a definite growl in his voice. "Stay there if you know what's good for you. Scream and I'll kill you."

It's a threat that Hallis takes very seriously, she's not about to do anything that could possibly cause herself any damage. She does, however, stand and press up against the wall.

Darkwing Dork hops off whatever it was he was standing on, dropping his arms and looking as menacing as he can, with his large cape draped over his shoulders like that. He's not very big, but he looks as if he's trained in all sorts of craziness. Intimidation being one of those things.

"No, no. I believe we'll be leaving the screaming to you." He grins a little bit, looking almost like he's enjoying being such a intimidating figure. Well, at least he's hoping he's intimidating. His eyes narrow once more. "You get one warning. This is it." One hand shifts a bit beneath his cape, but its hard to see what he's doing. "Leave. Now."

The Brute stumbles closer to Darkwing, seemingly too drunk to be phased by the vigilante's heroics. Without warning, he swings one of her strong arms in the direction of the hero's face. He misses by a narrow margin but that doesn't deter him from taking another.

Hallis squeezes her eyes shut and covers her ears with her hands. Almost as if she can't help it, she lets out a very shrill scream. This causes the Brute to turn on his heel and fall back towards her. Both his hands are out as he attempts to grab her and shake her to silence. It's very easily managed, considering the young socialite is frozen to her spot by sheer terror. It's like a nightmare, the kind where your legs won't move.

Darkwing Dork is not about to let this Brute do anything bad to this woman that, well, he can actually see some familiar curves on. Granted, they are not the biggest curves but he knows a body when he knows a body. And he knows this body. Or at least… the man behind the mask does.

"Turning your back on Darkwing Dork?" Granted, there's a smile that creeps onto the lips of Darkwing, as he throws open his cape to reveal a purple pistol of justice. "Big mistake." He raises the pistol and fires. What can only be seen as a mini-harpoon comes out of the barrel, spinning and slicing through the air, attached to a thin, but strong as crap, cable, as the harpoon chunks right into the man's shoulder!

The Brute lets out a loud bellow of a yell and he turns right back to Darkwing. His thick legs are a lot faster in moving toward him when there's pain involved and right now, there's defintiely pain. Again and again, he swings at the stranger, only to have him dodge out of the way.

All the while, Hallis is trembling against the wall, scared out of her mind and trying not to end up in screaming hysterics. She doesn't watch, perhaps afraid that her hero might lose and she'll be forced to nurse the disgusting drunk back to health or something. It's likely more the or something that would happen.

Darkwing is quick on his feet. Making sure that he stays out of the way of the punches that are coming from the Drunken, Harpooned Brute. There's not really much to go on, except for the fact that Darkwing is not about to let the fine female that's nearby get into any trouble. Not while he's about to take this guy down.

"We've got a name for people like you." Darkwing says, before reaching out to block one punch and return the favor with a punch that's probably a bit more strong than it should be… because the guy actually sails back through the air and slams into the wall. Stronger than a locomotive? "Loser."

The Brute slams hard against the wall and weaves just a little before falling to the ground. When he finally collapses with a wet thud, Hallis takes her hands away from her face to look up at the man in purple. "I — Oh my god… I think…" She's also not in the best shape. Her face is pale and she's trembling a little more than one person should.

Her purse drops to the ground, spilling out its contents and she collapses back against the wall. One of her thin arms raises to press her palm against her forehead, closing her eyes, she's really trying not to get sick. "Thank you… thank you so much…"

"All in a night's work for Darkwing Dork." That's what the vigilante has to say about the craziness that just happened. He swoops over to where the body is laying and he pulls out something from his belt. He crouches down next to the drunken fool and starts tying his wrists and legs together. It's all about the making sure that this guy doesn't hurt anyone else. "You're going to be fine. He can't hurt you now."

Crouching down to the ground, Hallis tries to gather the mess of things that spilled out of her purse. The phone, perfume, makeup, so many things have been broken and rather than pick them all up, she takes only the phone and puts it into her purse. It's ruined, but she could probably have some technician or something at the sales store pull her numbers off… or something.

When the man in purple finally straightens from tying up the brute, he might find a young socialite in his arms, hugging him tightly. "You saved my life, I don't know how I could ever thank you."

Darkwing Dork doesn't do much of anything but letting the damsel in distress hug him tightly. He doesn't say much of anything, just offers his own arms to wrap around her. "No thanks needed, ma'am. I vowed to protect this city. I won't rest until this city is cleaned up from top to bottom." He looks around, just to make sure that everything's okay. "You should get home now. I have a delivery to make."

Very slowly, the young woman draws away from him. Looking up at his face, Hallis tilts her head slightly and gives him a smile. She's still trembling from the fright but she backs out of the alley slowly, watching Darkwing the entire time. "Thanks again…" she says softly, "I… I owe you." She doesn't turn around until she's out of the alley.

Back on the sidewalk, Hallis hugs herself and hunches her shoulders, making herself look much smaller than she already is. "I wish I had a car…" she murmurs to herself. "I wish I had a license…"

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