2011-01-09: The Drugstore Job



NPCs: Emilio, Jimmy, Mike and Nick

Date: January 9, 2011


What's a nice girl like you doing in a neighborhood like this? Same thing the boys are doing.

"The Drugstore Job"

Near the Brooklyn Bridge

Another day, another warehouse district— only this one's about to get a lot more interesting than it has any right to be. Ideally, no one except the ones responsible will be any the wiser.

"Check this out," says Jimmy, shuffling through the swiped documents as quickly as Nick can hand them to him. "Cigarettes and over-the-counter medicine. Even got a couple boxes of inhalers in there— get 'em comin' an' goin', huh?" The crew shares a laugh, Stefano waving it off after it's more or less run its course. "All right, we got about a half hour till showtime, let's hang back till then. Place across the street?"

Wilhelmina Stone is a doctor. She pulls in six figures a year, drives a fancy car, has a plush apartment in town which is decorated nicely. She is able to afford the fancy clothes she always wanted, and all of the designer accessories she could ever want. On top of her job, she has an inherited fortune from her aunt, which leaves her never wanting for anything.

But Wilhelmina Stone is also an Evolved with the ability of Super Speed. Sure, she can use her ability for international travel; running over water is a good ability to have. But the thrill goes out of that pretty quickly.

And when there is a warehouse rumored to contain priceless works of art owned by a private collector, how can she resist?

The boys gathered have a bit of competition tonight. It's within a hiding spot that Mina seems to appear, peeking out from behind her hiding place at those gathered. Hmm, that's pretty interesting. Looks like they're casing the same place she is. Too bad she has a rather large advantage on them, and is likely to get first pick of the goodies by virtue of her ability.

Still…they could be of some use. After a moment of watching, Mina slinks out from her hiding place, every little designer bit of her. From the designer boots to the designer sweater dress to the designer coat, she looks horribly out of place. And she's moving at a sluggish walk toward the gathered group, pulling a pack of cigarettes from her purse as she walks up rather nonchalantly.

"Anyone got a light?"

It's Nick who pipes up first. It's always Nick - to the point that the others are already rolling their eyes by the time he starts patting down his pockets. Does he actually have a lighter? Jimmy does, and offers it to his colleague— who accepts it, not without a dirty glare, and moves over to light Mina up.

Hanging around near the back of the group, Stefano gives the newcomer a critical once-over. He appreciates a pretty face as much as the next guy, but his thoughts are on the business first and foremost. What is she doing here, dressed like that? Doesn't look like any warehouse employee he's ever seen, or any streetwalker either. "Meeting your husband for dinner?" he suggests, glancing toward the nearby diner.

Stormy eyes turn toward the nearby diner as Mina accepts the light, puffing on the cigarette for a few moments, before taking a full drag. Shaking her head, she allows the smoke to lazily trail from her lips for a moment, before sending the smoke blowing toward Nick's face. Some would consider it rude, but in the old world that she adores so much, it's an inviting gesture. As inviting as cancer can be, at least.

"Nnnope, very much unmarried." She offers a winning smile over to Stefano, brows raised. "And I wasn't here for dinner, either." Another puff from the cigarette, and she's blowing the smoke up toward the sky this time. After a moment, she turns another winning smile to Stefano, leaning toward him ever-so-slightly.

"You fine boys can think of me as your smokin' hot guardian angel for the evening." She takes another slow drag from the cigarette, winking to the man.

This idea seems to sit just fine with the boys. "Sounds good to me!" Emilio chimes in, earning a punch in the arm for Jimmy. Even Stefano offers a tight little smile— though he glances back to Mike, who remains unmoved. He's the only one of the group wearing a wedding ring.

With their latest acquisition in tow, it's on through the front door, and they don't waste time at the counter either. The schedule demands a quick dinner, or else none at all until they get back to their own place. "So what brings a guardian angel out this way tonight?" Stefano asks. If a direct question is what it takes…

A small grin on her face, Mina follows after the group with her gloved hands tucked into her pockets. "Same thing that brings you boys out, I'm fairly certain." She smiles faintly, throwing out her cigarette right before she walks through the door. Once inside, she slips into her seat, quickly ordering…a milkshake. She ate lunch in Paris, and she's still a bit full from that.

"We all like pretty, shiny things, don't we?" She giggles softly, leaning against the counter and peering up at Stefano with a big grin on her face.

That? Is not in the playbook. They've had some push back and forth with the other families, but she doesn't seem at all the type. An oblivious Emilio starts up a running commentary about the football game showing on the TV in the corner, but the rest of the group clams up all of a sudden. Except Stefano, who at least makes an attempt to keep up a polite line of conversation. "Like it when I can get my hands on it," he says, "most days I'm doing good just to keep the bills paid, you know?" A careful half-truth, just in case it's all a big misunderstanding after all.

The woman's smiling all the while, sipping at her milkshake as it arrives. "Hmm…well, maybe you assume too much." She raises her brows slightly. "Like it or not, boys, I'm along for the ride, and there's really not much you can do to stop me." Mina is smiling pleasantly the entire while. "You boys can decide how tonight will go. It can be easy, and I can help you…or it can be difficult, and I can fuck you all over." She says this quite cheerfully, but low enough that only the group of men can hear her. It's not like she needs the stuff in there. She just wants something pretty for her wall. If they're nice…they could have a nice ally. If they're mean…well, it won't be difficult for her to steal from them, too.

There's another round of silent glances; by this point, even Emilio has twigged to the fact that no one's bothering to argue with him over the game. "Not much," says Jimmy, meeting Mina's eyes directly. Is he going to push the issue further? Before he gets a chance, Stefano waves a hand, nodding. "I think we can deal with easy. Ain't that right, boys?" Worst case scenario, she's a really ballsy plainclothes cop— but he's got a contingency plan for that, too. He hopes they won't have to try it.

"Yes, honey," is offered to Jimmy, "Not much at all." The smile settles over Mina's face, and she turns and leans back against the bar, slurping down her milkshake. "Good. I like easy. Makes me feel like much less of a bitch in the morning, you know?" She smiles up to Stefano, who seems to be the leader of the group. "So you boys better hurry and eat, because I have a really big problem with impatience." Another winning smile from the good doctor.

To their credit, they do, and Jimmy even sees fit to explain to Emilio in great detail how he doesn't know a goddamn thing about pigs or skins, but he'll take his bet on next week's game anyway because he's just that kind of guy. Finally, after a healthy tip - stiffing the help is just setting yourself up to get ratted out someday - it's time to head back and keep an eye out for the incoming trucks. A half dozen of them, in as many minutes, among them the ones that Stefano's crew is here to take "legitimate" delivery of. And next to it, the one with all those nice expensive paintings. Oh yeah, this job will work out smoothly…

Finishing her milkshake, Mina follows after the men, tucking her hands into her pockets. It could be just as easy as zipping in a few times, grabbing what she wants, and taking off with it. But she'll be nice. She'll let the boys have some of the bounty. In any case…they're a nice distraction, and a wonderful little group of scapegoats, if something goes wrong. She smiles faintly to herself, waiting for the boys to move first.

The trucks closest to one of the buildings across the lot match the logo on its side, and the night shift lowers a ramp so they can start ferrying packages inside. The others are just using the lot as a convenient place to transfer goods from the long-haul trucks that go halfway across the country to the short-haulers that might not even cross a state line. Stefano's crew is actually planning to haul it over near Atlantic City to unload it - and then probably hit the casinos and spread around some of their newfound wealth. No, Mina, turns out they're not after your target after all.

Mina tilts her head at the men's target, brows arched. That is…a fascinating thing to be stealing. "Seriously? Small-time." She rolls her eyes a little, before her attention turns toward the next one over, her target. The one with all of the pretty, expensive paintings inside that are being loaded into the warehouse. She watches for a moment…

Then, winking to the boys, Willhelmina is suddenly gone, with a sudden gust of air washing over the men to mark her departure. Though they can't see her, Mina has taken the opportunity when the door was unattended, and slipped into the warehouse. While she moves like this, the world just about stands still for her, and nobody else can really touch her.

Well, it would be small-time if they were going for one or two boxes of the drugstore merchandise, but grab the entire truckload and it starts adding up pretty quickly— plus the stuff is a lot easier to sell and a lot harder to track. Then again, Mina isn't in it for the money.

She also has a major physical advantage that they don't. Nick is about to turn back and try chatting her up some more, but wait, where'd she go? He doesn't have long to wonder about it, the crew is already off and introducing themselves so they can start moving the loot into the getaway truck.

It doesn't take Mina long to figure out what she wants. A small statue, a few paintings that look to be priceless, all are promptly brought home. An easy feat, really, and one that doesn't take very long for Mina to complete. On top of that…one of those boxes of cigarettes inexplicably goes missing. It's her brand, she's not going to let the boys have it!

It only takes about a minute or so, and then…she's right back behind the group, hands tucked in her pockets, looking ever-so-slightly faint of breath.

By the time Mina gets back, the guys are lined up from the back of one truck to the back of the other, handing over one box after another so that they each end up staying more or less in place. Jimmy is directing traffic with the drop-off crew, getting them to help out so they can all finish that much quicker, which leaves Stefano to get an eyeful of the newly breathless brunette. She's up to something, all right— damned if he can figure out what, but he has a couple of ideas. "Hey, we're going out after we drop this stuff off— real flashy place, you'd like it. Why don't you come ride up front?" Where he can keep an eye on her while they're on the road. He motions toward the right-side door leading into the cab, a step extended down toward the asphalt for easy access once it's unlocked.

Mina…pointedly doesn't help with the handing boxes off to each other. In fact, she seems quite content with watching them work, a faint grin on her face. As Stefano makes his inquiry, the brunette's brow raises a bit. "You don't even know my name and you're asking me out? Well, I feel special." She smirks, running a hand through her hair. "Sure. Why not?" Not like a truck was ever an obstacle. "I'm sure I'll enjoy myself." Then, she's moving over to the truck, slowly climbing in.

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