2007-08-12: DF: The Eject Handle


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The new medical facility of the Alliance is unveiled…such as it is. It kind of sucks after having to leave Bat Country Labs, but it beats hanging around there with the government blowing it up and knowing about it and such.

Dark Future Date:

August 12, 2009

The Eject Handle

An abandoned hospital.

It's been a few days since Bat Country Labs was unceremoniously shut down by a government raid. Bekah and Samantha have been reduced to scrounging for medical supplies and the patients have been brought to them in fits and starts, not carefully and with clear treatment information as they've become accustomed to. And, of course, without the benefit of Cass' assistance. It's almost going back to the 'bad old days' before the Alliance was fully formed. But then out of the blue, Lee and Nima turn up - Nima's a redhead at the moment, and even those familiar with her would double-take before they recognized her. They're driving a car with forged government tags, all the better to get through checkpoints without hassles, a car that a few hours ago was actually in government service and will be back in government service before daybreak, nobody the wiser. They load the supplies Bek and Sam have obtained into the trunk and set out through the ruined city. "We've got the new place powered, sterilized and ready." Lee explains. "Sorry we couldn't tell you to go straight there. We had to see if Cass would give anything up under torture or telepathy." So far, she hasn't, and precautions have been taken to be sure that anything she does say is now wrong.

Samantha pinches the bridge of her nose. "Are we going to want to settle there permanently? I'm assuming so, since if we minimize our travel there's less compromise to security." She leans back in the car, her sunglasses and hair scarf obscuring most of her features. She kept her mouth shut for most of the trip, but now's finally the time for questions.

Bekah leans back in the backseat of the car, looking out the window. "We didn't kill anyone in the meantime, so I guess it all worked out." Yes, that's said with a snarky tone, though what follows is more serious. "It might be easier to just crash on a cot in the corner, anyway." And at least for the moment her own sunglasses are hiding the dark circles still under her eyes.

It's not as though Nima pops-up on anyone's radar these days, despite being the nexus of The Alliance. Her being alive has remained a need to know basis sort of thing, just like Leia after the destruction of Alderaan. At least until the great reveal. For whatever reason, Nima hasn't gotten around to that just yet. Despite the fact that the Dark future is, indeed, dark, Lee's twin is rather upbeat, even in light of her best friend being abducted by genocidal fascists and the main medical facility being compromised. "Hey," she smiles at the doctors. "Hope you like the new digs," which, really, they are quite nice, all things considered, "And, yeah," is the answer to Samantha's question. "At least until it becomes compromised." In which case, the next secret facility will be made operational, because Nima has contingency plans for the contingency plans of her contingency plans' contingency plans. It may not be a flashy supah powah but it is bloody well useful, in this day and age. "Twizzlers?" An open bag is proffered.

Lee replies, "If we could have kept BLC open, we would have, but there's no way when someone who knows that much about the operations is gone. What I can't understand is why they targeted Cass. It doesn't make any sense. She's smart, sure, but she's a med school dropout. Everything she knows you two know better. The only thing I can figure is that the person who ratted knew her and didn't know you. At least I hope that's why." He keeps his eyes on the road, hooded beneath the brim of his baseball cap.

Samantha shakes her head. "It can't be that the person who did knew too much about the inner workings of Bat Country, else they probably would have picked us up and shipped us off to the camps by now. Thank god for small favors." Sam reaches forward, plucking a twizzler from Nima's back and chews on the tip idly. "Here's the problem, though - without recruiting any field medics, how do the injured get to us? Cass put an emphasis on research, but Bekah and I - well, I, anyway, put more emphasis on the clinic."

Bekah nods her head. "I'm the same way. I'm a doctor, not really a researcher." She's not really looking at Lee, but she'll reach out and take a twizzler from Nima with a quick smile for her. "Thanks. Yeah, I think Sam and I are quite lucky to still be out and free."

"That's fine," Nima says, plucking another artificial strawberry treat from the bag. "Cass wanted to focus on research, and we did quite a bit of work helping people hone their powers. While that still will be one of the services, the primary concern is tending to the injured." And if there is any weirdness between her brother and his ex, it doesn't appear to register in her universe.

"Then we do get to the topic of field medics. We need more people if at all possible. Is there any way you can tap people with any kind of medical training at all?" Sam asks. "We can't do it with just the two of us. Especially with both minding the store and going out into the field."

Bekah nibbles on her twizzler as Sam speaks. "We need a good way to get patients to us. Especially the ones who most need us. Or to mind the shop while we make house calls. Because what could be more fun than a good house call?" Yes, sarcasm is her friend.

"Well, we have the stand-bys of NYC EMTs that are willing to pull extra shifts, some former military, ties with the Red Cross…." Rag-tag, perhaps, but The Alliance manages to accomplish so much because it has been able to largely co-opt infrastructure already in-place. "If you need someone to hold down the fort, that can be arranged. What I need to know is what you feel will be the best use of your skills." Nima genuinely wants input. Bekah and Samantha know far more about this kind of thing than she does, so she needs to pick their brains in order to plan the best overall strategy. One that takes into account more than just medical needs. She is, after all, coordinating an entire military campaign.

Lee adds, "We're trying to pull more of the trained responders into different cells so that they can teach others and everyone will have a modicum of knowledge about first aid. There'll be triage centers near the location where patients can be sorted and the ones needing direct care brought to you, probably by underground tunnel. Those will be mobile but you won't have to worry about that."

Samantha nods. "If something big happens, you'll want one or both of us in the field." Sam says. "Otherwise, we can just keep us stocked with necessities, electricity, and heat, and we'll be able to do what we can. We're also probably the best resource for sample storage, if anyone needs a supply to get passed genetic testing."

Bekah nods her head. "Sam hit it right on. Most of the time, I, at least, am better off around the clinic than out in the field. But if something big goes down, then it's time to leave the house." She turns to look out the window. "I know you guys are working with a much larger picture."

"Something big is going to happen." Nima gets to the point, pausing only so she can gnaw bit on her Twizzler. "We're in the process of making sure we'll be adequately staffed and supplied, but we're anticipating a massive influx of detainees. The logistics are still being hammered, but some people will need immediate attention. That is of absolute certainty. Right now, though, what we need is for you to move in and make sure you have what you need, to do what you need to do. I think we have pretty much everything in place, but if you think something is lacking, let me know and I'll get to work on getting it for you." Quirking a bit of a forlorn smile, she adds, "I wish your promotions were under better circumstances but the situation is what it is."

Samantha lets out a sigh. "What can we expect?" she asks. "Are we going to be looking at combat injuries? Disease of a particular stripe? Is there anything we should expect to treat for in bulk? If you're going to liberate a large amount of detainees, you might want them screened, but that's up to you."

Lee takes his turn to say, "Another group is going to make a try to rescue Cass, as well, so she might even be back soon. I can't say I have a /great/ deal of faith they'll pull it off, but anything is possible, good or bad."

Lee replies, "We actually have up to date medical records on the detainees' basics. Charts. Like a real hospital might have. So we'll be able to process them quickly, but yes. One of our agreements with the target countries where they'll end up is that we need to certify them as being cleared of anything too virulent."

Bekah nods her head. "If there is anyone available to do screenings on them, that would be a big help. Then Sam or I can see any of them that actually need us, put our focus there. That would be the ideal. Not that anything is really ideal right now. I hope that they'll be successful in getting Cass out." She's still not looking at Lee when she talks to him. Maybe there's something interesting out the window.

Samantha blinks. "Wait, wait, wait. Exactly what is going to happen here? You're going to be smuggling people -into- the US?"

"Well," Nima continues, gnawing on that Twizzler some more, still peering over the seat to look at the doctors, "there will be the old stand-bys of dehydration, malnourishment, exposure to the elements, physical and sexual trauma, and pretty much any other mementos one might get staying in a concentration camp." As for Cass, "We all hope that she'll be back but still have to carry on as though that may not be the case." No sugar coating there. Then, to answer Sam's questions, "The opposite. We're moving them out."

Lee is staying in the front seat. It helps. He seems to think Nima's summary is accurate, if horrible enough that he still has to swallow hard when he thinks about it, a moment of vulnerability he would not display before those he didn't trust the way he trusts these three women.

Samantha looks momentarily relieved. "Oh." she says, and then, "Where?"

Bekah nods over to Nima with just a hint of distaste on her face. "Of course. Some of those will be easier to treat than others." By now, she knows the list, unfortunately. "So, how far out are we from the new digs?"

Lee says, "We're here." as the car moves into an underground parking structure, long-abandoned even before the war. The 'new digs' are not as plush as Bat Country, but it /did/ used to be a hospital. Abandoned hospitals are easy to find, and it's clear some work has gone into refurbishing the basement level.

"Places we have arranged for amnesty," is relayed about final destination of the refugees. "We've been in negotiations for a while." Like Lee is so very fond of telling people: there is a timetable. Nima doesn't elaborate, though. There really isn't a need. Getting out of the car, she starts to explain, "Security protocols remain the same, insofar that they won't remain static." Which pretty much was how Bat Country was rolling. "Surveillance has been boosted, though."

Samantha admittedly didn't really think they were going to tell her, but it doesn't hurt to ask. "Alright. Let's see the layout. I expect we're going to have to set up stations for incoming. I wish we could be a bit more delicate about some things, but if there's so many coming in…" she trails off as she gets out of the car.

Bekah climbs out of the car as well, looking around. "But the benefit of setting them up ourselves will be that everything will be in just the right place." Bekah points out before she nods to Nima. "Good. I don't really want to end up in government care." There's stating the obvious. "I'm going to coop a quiet corner for myself with a cot."

Lee nods, coming up to the door. He passes keys to Samantha and Bekah. "There's sleeping areas set up. Room is one thing we don't lack for here." he says. "And we'll pull in Bravest and Best to support you when we get the big numbers coming through."

Nima was serious when she said, "Let me know what you need," and still means it. "If there's something you'd like to see, lemme know that, too." Because she can't produce the unknown. She smiles, then, as though she might as well be talking about tracking down a rare action figure. "The local blue will be pulling patrol duty and I'll make the necessary introductions. They've been briefed on their end of the security details."

Samantha considers. "I'll write you a list. What's probably most important is that we get vaccines. Especially since I don't know where they're going - and yes, I understand it's better this way - but it means I'll have to cover a wide range of potential diseases. And I'll need means to process blood samples. Canvas anyone in the Alliance with lab work experience, we'll need them."

Bekah looks up above her. "Has everything cool been scavenged from up there?" She asks before she nods. "Vaccines are important. Especially if those countries are not westernized ones." Sam can make the list, Bekah is going to start exploring. "Sleeping areas is a great thought. We'll want to set up a quarantine area before you send us many people as well." Now that the new place is distracting her, Bekah's a bit less on edge. She still isn't looking over towards Lee though. It's like a two year old. If she doesn't look at him, she doesn't have to really admit she's talking to her ex. It's so very mature.

Namir has arrived.

Lee looks a bit more hangdog when it gets more obvious. He's super mature too. They look like a couple of junior high schoolers that are grouchy with each other. "Yeah…the place was pretty much cleaned out. We got this stuff from our emergency storage and shipped it in through the old tunnels. It's the basics - plenty of the basics - but hopefully we'll be able to get more sophisticated stuff soon." Lee and Nima have set the new medical facility up in the basement levels of an abandoned hospital. Secure approaches underground, for the most part. Power. It's been cleaned out. The basics installed. Security tightened. Not that that is difficult in an abandoned building.

"If you promised them clean bills of health, Lee, then as much vaccine as possible will be an absolute necessity. I can give you a list of what's most critical before you go." Sam is inspecting, well, everything. "Bekah, after you get some sleep tonight," And Sam's tone seems to imply Bekah /will/ - "We can go through the place and divide it up into wards according to need. I think we have a rough idea."

"Radiology was on the 6th floor. We'll see about getting that up and running again. The main lab was on 3. Same for that, too." Extending the Twizzlers bag, again, Nima starts to wander off a bit. "You're all networked," she idly points out, indicating a few laptops. "Internal databanks, here. External points, there. And, no worries. We'll get you that list." She continues to work on that same Twizzler, finally tearing off a piece with her teeth.

Bekah looks over to Sam with a roll of her eyes. "Yes, Mother." Hey, if you're going to act like a teenager by not looking at your ex, might as well go for it in other ways as well. "That will be good, Nima. Those are two areas that will be easiest to use in their old locations." She wanders towards the laptops, checking them out.

Samantha nods. "Another thing we can do - if you've got any teens you manage to liberate, the ones that don't want to fight, send them to us. We'll train them to assist us if they don't want to leave the US." Sam gives Bekah a sneer, but she's obviously still insistent. How many times would Bekah have kept going and going and nearly killed herself?

Knock knock. There's someone hanging out in the doorway, adding to the maturity levels in the room by about one hundredfold. "I was about to head out," utters Namir, "but I wanted to check in. Everything is airtight around here." And Samantha doesn't exist, it should be noted.

Lee says, "Hey, Namir." and falls silent and fidgeting for a moment. "I think we're on our way, then." To Samantha, he nods: "We're getting plenty of people who are just not suited for front-line fighting against Evolved. That is a very small fraction of people, and we are never going to win it with numbers anyway. If one of them is a hundred of us, it's just not going to happen. So they're going into logistics, and some of that will be you."

Nodding, Nima replies, "Anyone willing and able to pitch-in wherever they are willing and able will be sent to the proper places." She can't heal people, or Force push bitches, or shatter the eardrums of an estranged husband who seems incapable of listening, or make a nagging not yet ex-wife literally STFU, but Nima can facilitate the hell out of pretty much anything. If there is a way to make something run smoother and better, she'll find it and implement it. As Namir makes his entrance, the dark-haired woman wearing a red wig grins. "NIN-JA." The bag of candy is extended. "Twizzler?" Chew-chew. "Oh!" She suddenly recalls, shaking her half-eaten treat at Sam because Bekah is poking about elsewhere, "We should have two, /maybe/ three incubators by the end of next week." Funny how war ravaged reality still pops out babies. "And an OB/GYN to go with them."

Samantha nods. "Good." She blinks in surprise at Namir's arrival, expression turned wary and edging into hostile. She addresses him tersely. "I want an outline of your security protocols for this place as soon as you can get it to me." What a way for a promotion to hospital administration. Then relieved, "Wonderful. Though admittedly, infants who aren't strong enough to survive on their own don't make it far in the camps. It'll be good to be able to give them a chance. And their mothers." Almost guiltily she glances for a split second at Namir - that was another argument they had.

"That means someone else can listen to the babies cry. Good." Bekah states before she nods. "We can train up assistants, definitely. Send us all you want." That's aimed at Nima because Bekah would rather talk to her. "Namir." She acknowledges the man, but she's not overly warm to him. Even if he did apologize for shooting at her brother.

Lee says, "Absolutely." He glances back and forth and sees in Namir's entrance a chance for him to exit. "…Anything else?" Backpedaling towards the door.

"Very well." Namir is just as terse — almost grudging, even. Addressing Sam is not exactly something he relishes right now, but he maintains a professional air. "I'll have them for you before I leave." He turns his gaze on Nima, then the Twizzlers. Does he want one? "Thank you." He takes one, but doesn't eat it immediately, because there is nothing more undignified than eating something in front of people one is trying to ignore. Bekah is acknowledged with a nod and a glance, and then the man sets about ignoring all the talk about mothers and babies and other such things.

Nima knows the odds of infant survival and doesn't like them, but it is simply not in her nature to dwell on the negative. It just might be that Lee got all the negativity genes. "It's possible some of those knee-biters will manage to remain in the womb until they get out of the camp." And, by the Force, there will be people ready to bring them into this nightmare of a world as carefully and lovingly as possible. "But, yeah. Take stock, make yourselves at home, and let me know what you need," is said to the doctors. Funny enough, she seems utterly oblivious to all the ignoring going on.

"If you're leaving, who then is in charge of security?" This last from Sam is addressed to Lee and Nima. It's interesting, because it's hard to tell if she wants Namir shoved out the door or not.

Lee says, dodging the question as artfully as he deflects bullets, "You are in charge of the facility. That includes any security on rotation here, unless we have to call them away for an emergency."

"New minions. Wonderful." There's a good bit of snarky sarcasm in Bekah's tone. Not that she's addressing the comment towards Lee, even if it's a reply to what he said. "We'll do a good list of what we need. I can tell you that having enough antibiotics is always a priority. I can't heal infections, either, if we run out."

Samantha nods a little bit. "As long as we have people here, then." She shrugs a shoulder. "Alright. I think we're okay to go. We'll send those lists as soon as we can."

"Actually," Nima says, knowing something her brother doesn't know because, as with everything, it is on a need to know basis and he didn't need to know until now, "there is someone being called in. It'll be a few days before she can arrive, though. Her name is Adelia Osmond, her credentials are spot on. In the meanwhile…" Namir is indicated. Yes. That's right. /Namir/. And then a nod to Bekah about antibiotics. "Noted."

Felix has arrived.

For his part, Namir says nothing. He can ignore talk about mothers and babies, he can stay absolutely silent on everything else, such as announcements about his being in charge of security for a few days. As for how he got that position, who knows? Maybe he volunteered. Maybe he had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming.

Lee stops at the door and says, "Bekah…" He pauses. "Uh…I mean…just…what I mean to say is….be careful." It's the best he can do, but he does feel compelled to say /something/.

Bekah looks over to Lee finally as he addresses her by name. "Aw. Do I have to? I was planning to do all kinds of crazy things to purposefully risk my life for absolutely no reason. But since you said that, I'll be careful instead." There's much in the snarkness there, but at least she looked at him. "Don't come back needing me." And that's her own version of the statement.

Well, his power isn't stealth, unlike Mr. Ninja Namir. But Felix is habitually quiet, which is why he nearly bumps into Lee as he appears in the door. He's in plain clothes - fatigue pants and t-shirt, army parka, big duffle bag in hand. Getting all the valuables out of his apartment before he has to cut and run, no doubt.

Lee grins at Bekah, that same charming grin. He caught it. He accepts the snark, loves it. That's how they were /before./ "That's the spirit." he says.

Samantha's expression brightens nominally. "Felix." she greets. "Are you coming to work on the security team, or are you heading out as well?"

Namir is also standing in the doorway, but he's not backing out of it. He glances over his shoulder when he picks up the approach of Felix, then raises an eyebrow at the bag. He doesn't have Felix on his security roster.

It's a full house, it seems. When Felix first and last saw her, it was shadowy and Nima was blonde. It's brighter in here, and she's a redhead, and she speaks in her usual dulcet toned, East Village accented voice. A nod is offered to the man. True enough, he's not on Namir's roster, nor will he be. Whatever brings the mole here today, well, that is Lee's show to run.

"I'm coming in. Not done yet, but I've got all my worldly goods so they can be debugged, checked over, rather than leave 'em to be trashed by the Gestapo. They're going to know when I run, so I thought I'd get it all out in advance," Felix explains, eyeing Samantha over the rim of his glasses, as he puts down the duffle - there's a heavy clunk. It's not just clothes. "We're down to the wire - just a few more days," he says, with a calm that's very clearly a veneer over a nearly manic buzz of energy. It's as if he's looking forward to the chase.

Lee introduces him to everyone. "This is Felix, he is coming out of a government posting where he did us a lot of favors, and is about to do us one big last one."

Samantha has disconnected.

Bekah looks over to Lee. "We know him. It's a small, small world." She sings that last bit, quite off key before she looks to Felix. "I'd tell you where to put your crap, but I just got here a few minutes ago. And I'm going to find myself a bed to start things out with."

Lee says, "Glad to hear it. He'll be around helping with security and keeping his head down for a couple of weeks after he pulls the eject handle."

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