2010-01-26: The Eldest's Job (Phantasm)



Posting Date: January 26, 2010


Nathan tries to talk KeLyssa out of her murderous mode… it doesn't go according to plan…

"The Eldest's Job"

An Office — NYC

It's dark outside. Dark and cloudy. A person without a watch would find it near impossible to tell what time it was…not that it matters much. KeLyssa doesn't care what time it is. The darkness of night is both her time for solitude and her time to wreak havoc. 'Anything worth doing is worth doing at night.' That's her motto. Tonight the Southern Belle is hanging out in some dark, seemingly empty office. She is sitting in a chair, feet up on a desk on which many ice sculptures sit. What are these ice sculptures of? People. People who are suffering and in pain. Presently she is working on yet another ice sculpture, taking her time, running her fingers over it to had details.

"Ms. Gallagher," the voice is familiar, but the figure remains shrouded in shadow. "What are you doing?" It's a gentle reprimand in a way. It's not chiding or teasing, in fact, it's almost pleading in a sad way. The figure pads into the light, revealing Nathan's shadowed face. He's frowning, but once again, it's not a harsh frown. His suit is in fine form, as always, but he's tie-less today. There's no mirth to be had and so no tie to be worn. "I believe we can solve this without more death… please…"

KeLyssa lets her gaze drift slowly up from the ice sculpture in her hand to the direction that the voice came from. "M'just havin' a li'l itsy bitsy bit o' fun. Ain't no wrong doin' in that, is there?" She says with a small grin on her face. "Awww, ain't that just the darndest li'l thing that I ever did saw. Some'n sayin' that we don't need no more death." She tilts her head slightly as she gazes at Nathan. "But Mr. Petrelli…ain't nothin' wrong with a li'l bit o' death if it does some good in supportin' the 'cause o' special people. Special people ain't like the other people. We special people gotta stick t'gether else the other people'll shoot us down b'fore we even gots a chance ta live out our lives!"

"This isn't the way to solve things…" Nathan shakes his head as he pads towards the desk very slowly. "You… You've changed so much, KeLyssa, but I know you're an idealist at heart." Yes, he's appealing to her better parts; her former innocence, even. "We can fix this. Politically we can change the laws and make this world safe again. I know we can." He sighs and shakes his head at her argument before scoffing, "And what made us stop being human? Isn't it human to act civilized and help others? Isn't it human to live responsibly in community with our fellow human beings? We are all human, KeLyssa. Special or not. Our humanity is what binds us."

KeLyssa places the sculpture down on the table. It's the only one that doesn't portray pain or suffering. It is a young man. If one were to look close enough, it would seem that in his outstretched hand he's got two tiny fireballs…or the ice sculpture version of them, anyway. "Why don'tcha tell that ta m'brother there." She says, nodding to the sculpture, putting her feet on the ground. "I ain't the innocent li'l idealist I use ta be. They killed m'brother." She spits to the side, face distorted in anger. "It ain't humanity. Humanity has done gone an' died! It went an' died when they started ta kill an' maim an' murder the lots've us. Ain't no 'mount o' politics gonna save us. No 'mount o' politics'll bring m'brother back or do justice to 'is memory!" She shakes her head. "Naw…m'brother deserves retribution, an' so do the others've us who've been killed!"

Nathan's face flushes. His more pragmatic parts urge him to agree with her, but if this is to be resolved… "We can't think that way though. You know that. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave the world blind and toothless! If history continues on its current course the entire human species will be wiped out. Erased. We will disappear from the face of this planet. KeLyssa, I need your help… I need you to help me." His eyes plead with her silently. "You're smart. You've always been bright. If we're to resolve this, it will need to be peacefully. Please. Help me defeat this beast quietly. We can defeat it, I know we can."

KeLyssa lets out a cackle, very uncharacteristic to the girl she used to be. "Ah, so yer gonna go 'bout tellin' me what I'm knowin' now, are ya?" She laughs. "Humans ain't gonna be wiped out. Only the ones who're huntin' us down ta kill us." She snorts. "An' they deserve it too! Thinkin' they're better'n us an thinkin' that we should die? Ha! Naw, I tell ya what, they're gonna die, 'cause there ain't no political way 'round this. I been in this fight too long ta know otherwise!" She gives Nathan a look. "Sug, I know ya wanna do the right thing. So I'm gonna give ya a li'l bit o' advice…the right thing ta do here? Help those who're like ya. We wantcha on our side!"

"What about the innocents? What about the people who are dying in the wake of this war? What about the children? KeLyssa… other people are suffering. It's not just the people after us," Nathan tries to reason gently with another shake of his head. "No. We can fix this without more war. I know we can. I… I'm sure we can do this peacefully, we just need to cling to h — "


The sound of the first bullet forces Nathan to stagger, clinging to the desk in front of him for support.


The second bullet forces him to his knees, revealing the figures of his assailants behind him, one considerably shorter than the other, yet the shorter one holds a shotgun.

The taller one places a hand on the shorter one's shoulder and pushes the shooter forward.

In the light Simon's face looks pale grey. He's just shot his father. But then!? With a look of shock, he turns around to face the taller figure.

The taller figure steps out of the shadows and into the light. The light reveals… Nathan Petrelli?! No. Not Nathan. Logan.


Logan reaches out and places a hand on Simon's shoulder while he smiles wickedly, "He was a weak impostor, my boy. Nothing more than a weak impostor. Besides, you love Ms. Gallagher, don't you?"

KeLyssa smiles sweetly. "The 'innocents'? Why, they're nothin' but 'sad' casualties o' the war." She says putting on her best fake pout. "Though it just tears me up inside ta see 'em get hurt." She cackles. Putting her feet back up on the desk, she says, "It's kinda cute that ya think this kin be resovled elseways." She says, a smirk up at Nathan as the first shot erupts and hit him in the back. "Ooops. What'd I tell ya? Ya know, some people just aren't cut out fer this life." The second shot erupts. As Nathan slumps over to show Logan and Simon, she smiles wickedly, clapping as they step into the light. She doesn't seem surprised at all. "Oh, Simon, m'boy. Ya did a marvellous job at handellin' the gun, I must say." She smiles sweetly at the boy. "It was the right thing ta do. I know how hard it must've bin fer ya, ta shoot someone who looked so much like yer pa. But it was the right thing ta do."

The child trembles at the sight of his first kill. Simon wordlessly scurries up to KeLyssa, wholly unsure of what has just transpired, but knowing that this is an adult he trusts. Well, that and his father who looks shockingly like his kill. "I… I did what Daddy… what Daddy told me to…" He frowns as he steps even closer to the blonde woman. "I've never… never… fired… he looks… he looks like…"

"Yes, son. He had my face," Logan replies with another wicked grin before squeezing Simon's shoulder again. "But that is the reason why he had to go." Moistening his lips, he silently considers how to best broach the subject of the upcoming war with the child and then chooses the direct approach, "We must protect our family and its way of life. This means that when I tell you to use that gun of yours, you must, Simon. It's your duty as the eldest Petrelli. As the eldest it's fallen on you as it did me." Logan continues to smile that same wicked smile. "Besides, I am your father. Your only living parent." What happened to Heidi isn't explained or described, but Logan's continued smile doesn't suggest she died of natural causes.

KeLyssa smiles softly and holds out her arms to Simon. "C'mere. Give ol' Lyss a hug. You look like ya need one. B'sides, when ever someone's done something so confusin' an' difficult, they deserve a big ol' hug." Her sweet smile encouraging. "I know…you was jus' doin' what yer daddy tol' ya ta do. Ain't nothin' more'n that." She says softly. "But this man here…he was what we call a 'shapeshifter', someone who looks like someone they ain't." She smiles. "Don'tcha fret o'er it no more. I know ya ain't never done this b'fore. But jus' know that it was the right thing ta do. An' me an' yer pop love ya fer protectin' us from 'im." She nods, a little sly grin toward Logan is given.

"O-o-okay," Simon says as he cuddles into KeLyssa's arms. He's resigned. He's done what he's done, and if his dad says it's the right thing… then, maybe it is? Even if every instinct in his own conscience tells him otherwise. Silently he trembles in the woman's arms.

"Yes, m'boy. This was all for our protection. For our future." The sly smile he sends KeLyssa is punctuated by a nod of his head. Without Nathan trying to put the brakes on the war things will go according to plan. And now, there only exists one version of Nathan Petrelli, and it happens to be: Logan.

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