2007-03-10: The Foe You Know


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Special Guest: The Haitian

Date It Happened: March 10, 2007

Summary: The rescue of Peter Petrelli… goes horribly wrong.

Chapter Two: Betrayals - The Foe You Know

Kirby Plaza

It was a dark and stormy night…

…Or so the beginning of the book resting on Peter Petrelli's chest proclaims. It's nighttime and the cell is dark, meaning all attempts at reading this book would have been abandoned some time ago.

Petrelli isn't alone, however. A blonde girl lays on her own bed on the other side of the cell, staring at the ceiling. Every so often, she casts a nervous glance in the direction of her cellmate, a frown creasing the corners of her mouth.

Outside the cell loom two dark shadows, their movement kept to a minimum. One is a few feet down the hall from the door to Peter's cell, keeping a pretty careful eye on the wall across from him. The other is standing just outside the door to Peter's room, a careful ear cocked towards the door. Poised and ready, kids.

Peter Petrelli's cell.

There's no sound. No sound, really, but abruptly - things change. Only a handful of people alive are capable of feeling space itself bend to accommodate the singular side-step taken by Hiro Nakamura, who carries with him three: Noah Bennett, Nathan Petrelli, and Jane Forrest, forming a clumsy link of arms and they simply… wink into existence, right in the middle of Peter's cell, sort of off to the corner. Well, there's the easy part, handled.

No sooner does the quartet materialize than does Hiro Nakamura drop like a rock to his knees. Only his sword, which he leans on, keeps him steady. Too many jumps, too many people. He looks more dizzy than physically exhausted. "P-Peter Petrelli," Hiro whispers. "N-Nobody… expects… the S-Spanish Inquisition," he gasps, unsteadily. His delivery was better in his head. Still, look! Peter Petrelli is alive. Hiro's joy is undisguisable.

Down the hall from Peter Petrelli's cell is another avid reader, but Eliana doesn't have any such book, and the crayons she'd been given lie untouched next to a neat stack of construction paper. For all intents and purposes, Eliana is out for the count. But her pale green eyes /are/ open, even if the sedative that was freshly injected into her bloodstream has robbed her of most of her senses. At least she isn't drooling as she lies on her back, gazing blankly at the ceiling in a drugged and bored state.

Teleportation. Nathan has seen it, talked about it, even perhaps read about it in that the vague skim over all that science jargon can be counted as reading. But actually experiencing it is something else entirely. Dressed all in black, with a semi-auto handgun already held and a bulletproof vest under his shirt - for what good that will do him - Nathan blinks once and turns his head quickly, taking in this new setting, and his eyes land on exactly who he was looking for. He'll thank Hiro later.

"Peter," he says, voice quiet, immediately walking towards his younger brother.

Dressed all in black, with a ski mask covering her face, body armor over her torso and a communications unit in place, Jane Forrest joins the mission. She opts to go into the cells, there's someone in there she wants to see again, and very soon. Her hidden features are grim, there's frustration it had come to this, after working to avoid it. She arrives in the cell occupied by the younger Petrelli brother. One gloved hand holds a short metal bar, the other is empty. Her feet are shaky for a few seconds after arriving, she draws in deep breaths to catch her bearings and scans the room.

Noah drew his gun before the jump even happened and has it in his hands now. It still takes a moment or two to orient, even on his third trip through spacetime in that fashion. In light of Mr. Nakamura's request, it's a tranquilizer gun. The one with the bullets is under his jacket.

Not expecting to have company so soon, Peter starts to wake up, blinking at a few moments towards Hiro. A warm smile curls on his lips along with a soft little chuckle. "Nathan! I I thought you were dead!" he says with a sigh of relief, as tears of joy roll down his cheeks. He slowly eases out of bed to give his elder brother a hug.

A warm smile goes towards Hiro, and he wrinkles his nose a little. "Wh..why are you all here? I can't leave. I need to stay here..I'm too dangerous." There's a tinge of guilt there and it sounds sincere. "You all have to go, before they take you too..go..go.." he says trying to shoo them out.

Before he can say anything else though, does someone come in, to check up on Petrelli.

"What the?" It's a taller man, about 6'3" in height. He's of Asian descent, Japanese just like Hiro as he pulls out one of his guns and points it towards the group. "Freeze!" he shouts, definitely wanting to alert anyone else of the presence in the prisoner's cell.

It takes about half a second for the guard down the hall to react. Instantly, he grabs the handgun from its holster, side-stepping down the corridor en route to Peter's cell. He does not move into the cell, opting instead to whirl around and drop to a knee outside the door, mostly shielded by the wall, covering his colleague's back.
Hiro is too light-headed to be quick on his feet, but he holds a hand out to the guard in the room, and reflexively sets a hand on his sword hilt with the other. he doesn't draw, however; right now, there's no way he's faster. And until he has a chance to catch a breath, there's no way he's going to be able to stop time.

His heart races. A guard? In here? That wasn't part of the plan.

"My name is Hiro Nakamura," he says. "We have come to rescue our friends who are being held against their will. Please. We are not your enemy. Put your weapon down," he begs, trying to appeal to the man's virtue; he probably didn't sign on to black-bag innocent murses and artists with ecstasy in their sweat.

The blonde girl sharing Peter's cell sits up quickly as four people suddenly appear out of nowhere. "Oh my gosh!" she whispers in astonishment. "Peter!" she calls to her cellmate in the dark, "What's going on?" She shrinks away from the door. From the weapons. She seems terrified of what's happening.

Nathan grabs Peter into a tight hug when his younger brother first goes to do so. almost a protective embrace before he pulls back, gripping Peter's shoulder. "Don't be ridiculous, Pete," he says. "You're-" The moment, however, is short-lived, before they have trouble and Nathan is cut off. The gun in Nathan's hand stays pointed to the ground, the other one lifting up in a show of peace as Hiro talks, and now, he glances back towards the blonde girl. "What's going on is we're leaving. Hiro?" He glances at Hiro with a hint of annoyance, as if the young man could help the exhaustion his powers cause.

She's caught by surprise when the guard steps in and shouts his order, not seeing the other one near the doorway who joins him. Her eyes rake across the man, then over the others with her, and finally settle on the blonde. Guns are happening, there could be crossfire, and people may get hurt. Jane addresses Peter's cellmate clearly and simply. "Come here, to me." She takes a step or two, quite likely intending to shield the girl if needed.

Noah aims his gun without hesitation. The sound of the compressed gas fired dart isn't so loud that it drowns out Hiro's very well intentioned plea for peace. Noah even half hears it, though he really isn't paying attention. Noah fires with a look of calm on his face, and hit or miss proceeds to reload.

It feels good to be with someone who you thought was dead. Peter gives Nathan a gentle squeeze. As the guard comes in, he steps behind his brother and shakes his head as he starts taking a few steps back towards the young girl in the cell. "They want me to leave Mallory. I can’t do that. I'd hurt too many people.." he says, sounding as if he was really guilted into staying by the Company. He then looks over to the guard, "Please..let them go, they don’t know what they're doing, just let them leave.." he says, almost pleading towards the guard. It's then that Noah shoots the traq dart towards the guard, and he shouts, "No!"

The guard, fortunately dodges, even without the warning from Peter. He is ninja afterall, and we're just going to continue Asian stereotype here. "I said freeze!" he yells as he squeezes the trigger and aims it at Noah with a tranq dart of his own.

The second guard, poised in the hallway, lifts the radio from his belt and speaks something quickly into the microphone. It's short, quick, and likely in some kind of code. With the radio fastened back onto his belt, he pulls his head back in time to see the dart go flying past as it misses his colleague. Right. He levels his weapon on Nathan, firing his own dart gun. (Does no one use real bullets any more?)

Mallory stares wide-eyed at Jane before she just freaks out. "No more tests! Stay away from me!" She backs away before dashing across the cell toward Peter. As she cowers, her skin changes, crystallizing to resemble a faceted diamond, though it's a milky colour beneath the semi-clear surface. "Peter, do something!"

Hiro Nakamura is just about to catch his breath and leave when the shooting starts - and he reprioritizes. Hiro holds out his outstretched palm and clenches his eyes shut. He can't teleport out here in this state, but he can do the next… best… best… next…

The dart slows to a crawl in mid-air, and seems to defy all laws of physics as it reverses itself and shoots backwards, just as fast, if not faster, than it left the barrel - shoving itself right back down the barrel of the gun and hopefully either breaking the thing or knocking it out of the guard's hand. "Peter! The Company does not want to protect you! They were the ones who tried to make you explode in Kirby Plaza!"

"We came here to rescue you!"

What. The heck just happened. Nathan doesn't give himself a moment to process what must have been a misfire on the guard's part, and he takes the opportunity then. He takes aim at the guard and fires. The sound of the weapon is deafening in these close quarters. He's perhaps trying to aim for somewhere non-lethal and just very, very painful, but it's hard to say.

Gunshots? Eliana lifts her head a little and starts to roll onto her side, but her movements are hampered by her lack of muscle control and the artificial exhaustion that pumps through her bloodstream. What's going on? But from her end of the hall, vantage point within her cell, and blurry vision, Eliana can't make out much.

As the girl rushes across the room to get past her and reach Peter, with her skin changing like that, Jane reaches out to try grabbing the girl. Her intent is to wrap her into a hug and pull her to the floor so she can cover her up with her body-armored torso. She quickens the effort when the sound of Nathan's gun firing fills the cell, whispering "It's okay, Mallory, I'm not here to run tests."

Noah curses himself silently, and makes his motions calm and deliberate as he slides another dart into the gun. This is ridiculous. Nathan has the right idea. Taking his time, Noah raises the gun and once again tries to take out the guard. "Any time would be good, Hiro."

At the close proximity, the sound of the gunshots is definitely deafening and Peter covers his ears, closing his eyes for a few moments. "No! No violence! I need to stay, Hiro. I can’t risk losing control over my powers. They're here to help me," he says as his eyes widen at the feat of rewinding time. That was impressive indeed. "Nathan..just please..leave. I don’t want any of you to get hurt.." he says almost pleading as he looks his rescuers over once more.

Oh, it's broken, alright. Try as he might, Jimmy just can't seem to get his tranq gun to fire again. "It's busted," he growls out in a gruff voice, entirely unsure what happened, pulling the trigger several times. He's just gearing up to whip the useless dart gun at the former politician when the bullet grazes his hand, tearing a nice gash across the back of his hand and wrist. The dart gun falls to the ground with a clatter with a hiss of pain from the guard. Ouch.

"Jimmy!" the guard cries out as he looks over to Nathan and quickly slides in yet another dart. These guys were using real weapons. No fair! With that, he takes aim of Nathan and squeezes the trigger once more.

Mallory shrieks when Jane attempts to grab hold of her and she turns around to take a two-fisted swing at Jane's head with her hardened limbs. She's just a kid, probably no older than Bennet's daughter, and she's terrified out of her mind. Fight or flight has kicked in, in full force. "Peter! Help!"

Hiro looks like he's about to throw up or faint, but he clenches his eyes shut, and his cheeks jiggle like jelly-

Something changes.

The guards are gone. They fall, suddenly pushed off balance, outside the room. The door to Peter's cell has been slammed shut; Hiro is sort of half-collapsed, leaning against the inside of the cell. "I think…" he gasps, aloud, trying not to vomit. "… it's a trap."

Nathan's grip on his gun twitches when suddenly the door is closed, the guards are gone, and Hiro looks half-dead. He takes a steadying breath, and turns to Peter. Gone is the 'thank god you're alive!' gratitude, replaced by sternness and perhaps frustration. "Peter. We can talk about where you wanna be /after/ we're out of here." And to Hiro, he snaps, "What do you mean, trap?" His voice softens, just a fraction, out of sympathy, but he continues with, "They didn't know we were coming."

In a wing on the same floor, in a room much like the room the Heroes are currently in, Elle stands by the door. This has been a pretty sucktastic weekend for her. Monday isn't shaping up to be any better. But hey, they at least let her out of her house arrest for a few hours… and potentially she might get to kill somebody. Bonus score! Fingering the customized pistol in her hands, she looks back over her shoulder at the man sitting on the bed across the room. An apologetic look crosses her face. She wants to say something, but she can't. They aren't alone. Instead, she turns her gaze to the window and goes back to watching for any potential threats.

It's a fairly quick reaction she needs to not be cold-cocked by those hardened hands swinging at her head, and Jane certainly tries to avoid it while holding on somehow, but it doesn't work. The blow whistles past her head, just millimeters from connecting, and in the move to not get hit she loses her grip altogether. She hits the floor with her own momentum and thus the path is clear to wherever Mallory's going.

Noah reloads his gun again with the same calm motions, glancing up only brielfy when the scene changes. Must be Nakamura working his magic again. "Actually," Noah says, raising his dart gun and pointing it at Hiro's slumped form. He fires. "He's not wrong."

Meanwhile, a wing away, on the very same floor, Peter Petrelli sits on a bed with a pair of metal handcuffs securing his wrists. A commotion going on that he can hear, carrying through the hallways, and more than a few signals have gone over the radio held by one of the two. Always on the move- this is another break in the movement, a rest, so to say. The book, with a picture carefully stashed inside, rests in the pocket of his pants. No one's taken it from him yet. The apologetic glance earns a serious frown, expression tense, jaw tight, and then he casts a glance towards the other occupent of the room.

Hiro's vision swims. On top of everything else - he tries. He has to. He can't let them down. He can't fail them - he just… can't. Hiro looks at Noah, his eyes wide. "But… the cheerleader… she is your daughter… you… how-" Hiro shuts his eyes, and whispers something that no one, likely, can hear: "Charlie-"

And he lurches forward, reaching for Jane and Nathan. He can't aim his teleport anywhere.

But he can aim straight up. Into the sky. There's a whole lot of sky up there.

It's about this point that the alarms start going off. Loudly. Throughout the entire building. If the Company wasn't aware of their presence before, they are now, since the guards outside have sounded the alarm.

At Nathan's proclamation that this is not, in fact, a trap, Mallory begins to laugh. What starts out light and airy, like what's expected from an empty-headed cheerleader, drops to something low and throaty as the girl changes shape.

Candice grins and approaches Noah. "/Nice work/, Bennet." If the illusions gal is surprised by Noah's behaviour, she isn't showing it.

"No. I told you.." 'Peter' (Claudine in Candice's illusion) says rather firmly and resolutely as he looks towards his brother straight in the eyes. "I'm not leaving, and none of you can make me. I've made up my mind. The Company is helping me and I wont have you interfere.." Then, from under the bed, a mass of soil, sand and rocks that has been prepared prior to the potential heroes' rescue starts to move, swirling quickly as it starts to form a gigantic hand of earth. With his arm stretched out out over the mass of earth, it will try to go for Nathan first, as well, he has guns and of course that means he needs to be incapacitated as quickly as possible. Should it succeed, the fingers would wrap tightly around him and squeeze just enough to make it uncomfortable, but not hurt. She doesnt want him to access to his guns afterall.

Alarms are bad things. Eliana's eyes go wide, and her normal biological responses strain against the drugs in her system. Eliana manages to get to her knees, but she stays there, her palms firmly planted on the floor of the cell and her head lifted so that she can stare out the window as best she can. They must be here. They /must/ be.

He may be able to fly, he may have witnessed his own brother detonate… but seriously, Nathan has never seen anything like a giant earth-fist rumble up out of the ground and make a grab for him. With a curse, he tries to dive out of the way, and he's quick - but not quick enough as the fist grabs him. "Bennet!" he snarls. Well he still has a gun, doesn't he? He makes an attempt to shoot once, aiming for said traitor.

Elle listens to the sounds of distant fighting, frowning. She looks back to Peter again, jaw tensing. Silent for a few moments, she starts to move towards him, gun in hand. Stopping and holding there for a second, she lowers the weapon and reaches to her waist, digging out a key to the handcuffs. Then she makes likes she's making sure they're secure. Looking into his face, she whispers, "You need to get out of here, Peter. You aren't going to get a better chance." The handcuffs are discreetly unlocked.

She hauls herself up from the floor and takes stock of the situation. Noah being shot at, Nathan grabbed… She'd heard the word trap used moments ago, and rage begins to fill her. She's not going to be able to help anyone get out, probably, but go down without a fight? Not very likely. It isn't glass, but it's not metal either, she thinks. Might work. Jane's mouth opens wide as she stares at the thing snaring Nathan and screams at the top of her lungs using a pitch no one else can hear, hoping to disintegrate that thing.

Noah's sudden duck is nothing graceful or timed, just a reactive flinching from a gun suddenly pointed at him. "Don't be an idiot Petrelli, it's over!" Noah lunges for the gun in Nathan's hand, trying to wrest it away from the older Petrelli brother.

Peter/Claudine winces a little as she can feel something trying to destroy the hand that she's made, but well, it isnt enough. Her hand is still clenched in a fist as she looks over to Candice, "Take care of her!" motioning towards Jane with her other hand.

Hearing the sounds, and the fact that they're getting worse, Peter's expression actually turns extremely worried as she moves closer to him, unlocking the cuffs. Pulling his hands in front, he rubs at his wrists briefly and then says, "I can't just leave." Glancing towards the door, he knows as soon as he passes through it he'll have a difficult time doing much more than running, but- "I have to help them." Any chatter over the radio to indicate it might be Hiro or his brother attacking the building, did she expect anything less from him? "You said you wanted to get out of here, this is your chance too, Elle. Come with me."

Elle rounds on Peter, fixing him with a stare that's equal parts frustration and … passion? "I care about you, Peter. I think I might l…" She shakes her head and looks away, "I love my father. I can't just… leave. Yes, he's an asshole, but he's all the family I have." Looking heartsick, she faces the door and says, "Hit me. Knock me out. It has to look like I did what I could to stop you." She puffs out a breath and stares out the window in the door, bracing herself.

Nathan hisses out a curse when the gun is twisted from his hand, and both hands come down on the earth fist closed around his body, trying to to struggle against it. "Bennet, what the hell is this. It could have worked. You're owned by /them/, now?" he says, his voice reflecting all kinds of pissed off as his turns a furious glare at Noah, before looking to Jane. He'd like to tell her to run, but really, where's there to run to? "Don't touch her!" is directed to Candice. A glance is spared to the unconscious Hiro.

"Damn," she remarks, seeing the hand thing not break down, and hearing Candice told to come at her. One hand tenses around the short metal bar she's carrying, readying to raise the thing and bring it down on Candice's head as soon as she's close enough. The other hand? It's used to put her comm gear into position for transmitting. "Trap! Trap! Trap!" Jane calls loudly, "everybody out! Trap trap trap!"

"I told you, protecting my daughter is my number one priority, and she'll be safe now," Noah answers. Maybe that will be some small comfort. "No one has to die here, just give it up. You don't really think I'd let them kill you, do you?" Noah asks Nathan. "Now her on the other hand," Noah says, pointing the captured gun in Jane's direction. "That's about enough of that."

If she looked heartsick saying what she does, then it gets reflected right back at her. Peter looks rather pained, and then shakes his head at the request, "If I leave this place without you, the only reason I'd see you again is if your father sent you to hunt me down. He's not the only person there for you- and you know that." She's in just as much danger here as she would be anywhere else- and even though it pains him to consider it… He steps forward to the door, and says a soft, "I'm sorry," before he pushes her rather hard against it. If that outside wasn't warning enough, he reaches to pull her against him, whether she's unconsious, or just dazed, and then pushes with his free hand in the direction of the door, aiming all of his pint up mental force at it in the strongest shove he can muster. And all he can do is hope it hits his guard.

Elle bites her lip and is actually about to say something when the blow hits. She hits her head against the door and like a wilted flower goes limp in Peter's hands, gun dropping to the floor. But hey, she's still breathing, so. Score!

Candice steps back to lean against the wall. Bored with this game now! 'Peter' changes form to the lithe frame of Claudine. "Mmm… I think Bennet's got things under control." She grins and gives the order, "Don't hesitate, Bennet. Take her out. Salonga, if you harm Petrelli…" The threat hangs, unspoken, with a smile.

Once Candice's illusion drops, Peter's form dissipates to reveal a young Filipina woman, that can't be much older than Claire..as well, she's only seventeen and all. And considering she's Asian, she probably looks a bit younger as well. After she runs her fingers through her hair, Claudine sighs while she keeps one hand in a fist to keep Nathan in place, before a soft chuckle escapes her lips at Noah. "So..is this Peter guy that much of a tool that they believed my whole, "Oh noes?!?" routine. Cause seriously…wow.." she muses to no one in particular but even her acting was starting to get on her nerves. "I really hope I'm not like that when I go around trying to be super nice to the patients. And no..he's just being held. You're just fine, right, Mr. Petrelli?" she asks with a bright little chirp.

Hiro rests face down on the floor; his glasses were shattered by Jane's vocal blast, and he, himself, looks rather content as he lays, totally inert. He's still breathing, though - tranqs are tranqs.

"She /would have been protected/," Nathan fairly growls, but now his focus is on his own gun pointed at his ally. Another thrash against the fist holding him and a glare sent to the woman mocking his brother, before he directs his voice to Noah, almost calmly. "Don't kill her. If you have to, knock her out."

Unfortunately for Peter's guard outside, the door swings open with such force that it knocks him into the wall - hard. He's down for the count, ladies and gentlemen! With all of the mayhem going on in the other wing, as well as an unfortunate scuffle a few floors up, there really isn't much in the corridor to greet Peter.

Just a tall Hatiain man, his keen eyes fixed firmly on the open door, his expression blank. There's a tazer in his hand, poised to fire at Peter should he step out into the hallway.

Now, Peter was supposed to leave Elle behind, right? Not the case. As she's knocked out, dazed as she is, pulls her over his shoulder and carries her out the forcefully removed door, using his free hand to gesture to the gun that she dropped, he holds it up and- he really hopes he knows how to work this thing, he saw her playing with it enough while they were sitting there, because he almost trusts it more than his abilities. Stepping out of the door, with Elle held against him chest, he raises the weapon and fires at the first thing he sees, which happens to be the Haitian.

Well. Doesn't that suck. Jane's chest rises and falls with rapid breath, she turns away from Candice to face Noah and his gun. At first thought she might've surrendered, but there's Candice talking, and the instructions she gives. So that's how it goes. She's going to be shot anyway. "Bastard," she spits at Noah. "I hope you rot in hell." She's certainly not going to just stand there and wait to be shot. Her hand comes up, aiming to throw the metal bar at his head with as much force as she can muster.

Noah swings the gun in an arc to bat the metal bar away. It clatters and clangs off to one side. The gun is once again pointed at the girl in the ski mask. "Let's not be melodramatic here. No one is going to die and I don't take orders from her. Take off the radio and put it on the floor."

The bullet goes wide, sailing past the Haitian's shoulder. He hardly even seems fazed by the near-hit. It takes him maybe a second, maybe less, before he pulls the trigger on the tazer, sending two small bolts arcing towards Peter.

Claudine looks over to Jane who throws the metal bar towards Noah, wincing a little as she was actually expecting him to get hit. When he doesnt, she lets out a sigh of relief and turns her attention back to Nathan, with a bright smile. "You're still comfortable up there right?" she asks curiously, actually sounding sincere about the question. "And sorry about calling your brother a tool, but seriously..you really thought I was him huh.." chewing on her bottom lip a little.

Candice straightens up, her smile gone in and instant. "Be quiet, Salonga," she warns. Now, she's just irritated.

Knowing a moment of relief when Jane is not in fact gunned down in front of him (yet), Nathan turns a look to Claudine. It's not a glare, just an 'oh please' look. "Yeah. I'm /fine/," he says. He makes no mention of whether or not Claudine was a believable Peter. Perhaps that still smarts. "Look, I'm unarmed, and this is ridiculous."

Glaring at Noah, if looks could kill his heart would explode, she slowly pulls off the radio gear and drops it to one side. The other hand pulls off her ski mask and exposes dark hair, matted with sweat, which tumbles out of the garment. Jane's hatred of this man is unmistakable. No words are spoken.

Though he tries to focus enough to stop the tasers, much as he had once before, Peter can't quite get them to stop. They might slow, they might divert, but they're still mostly on target. Even if on target happens to be into the backside of the girl he's holding onto. Oh man, he's sorry, Elle. Rather than trying to fire the weapon again, he drops it, reaching up to pulls the darts out of her. Once they start to fall, he begins to fade out of sight, turning invisible, fading out from bottom to top, along with the woman he's carrying. Going towards the Haitian is not an option, so he turns and runs the other way. There must be a stair case or something. Having a talking map would be nice right now.

Noah steps back, keeping his eyes and his gun pointed at Jane the whole time, and reaches behind him to open the cell door and admit the guards and whoever else might be out there. He looks insufferably smug, in some hard to define way. "Sorry Nathan," Noah says, not looking or sounding very sorry. "This was the only way to be sure."

The Haitian isn't about to let Peter get away that easily. Throwing the tazer down to the side, he reaches around to take a handgun out of the holster. He has no idea where to aim, but letting Peter leave this easily is not in the cards. If he can avoid it, taht is. He fires straight down the hallway - and then takes off running, following the same path as his bullet.

Claudine just shuts up for now and waits, keeping Nathan in her earthy grip still.

"Where is Peter," Nathan asks, his question coming across more like a demand, keeping his eyes on Noah, though he glances warily to the guards that come in. "Just tell me where he is, that's all I ask. Then you can tell me what happens next."

The sound of real gunfire might not really scare HIM persay- he could heal, but the girl thrown over his shoulder? Not so. As soon as he hears the gunfire, and the running feel behind him, Peter keeps running and then ducks into an open room and moves as far away from the door as he can. Because he knows invisibility does not negate sound, he even holds his breath, and hopes the man keeps running in the direction he was going.

Her voice is solemn and steady, Jane stares back at Noah and his gun. "You're screwed, Mr. Bennet. When they go back on whatever agreement you made with them, you'll have no allies left. With us, you'd always have had friends."

More shots. With a squeal, Eliana ducks her head and covers it with her arms. Duck and cover. It doesn't matter if the shots aren't going off in her cell - they're close enough to be Too Close for Comfort.

It works. It's pretty hard to follow someone who's invisible, honestly. As the Haitian turns down another hallway, he slows to a jog, then a walk. It's obvious he isn't about to succeed, and he pauses in another open doorway, setting the gun back in the holster. He pulls a phone from his pocket, flipping it open, and dials a number.

"I'll just have to learn to live with your disapproval," Noah says blandly, letting the guards take care of the prisoners from this point on. He has things to do and places to be. Noah pauses at the door, considering Nathan's question. "Your brother is safe. What happens next, based on precedent, is you wake up tomorrow without even remembering any of this and feeling a bit hungover."

When the guards come on in, Claudine gently sets Nathan back down onto the ground before she snaps her fingers and the fist of earth crumbles to it's components once more. "Do have a good evening, Mr. Petrelli.." she says, bowing her head as she starts to head on out. Unless there's still more to do here, but it doesn't seem like it..

Once the man has passed by for a few seconds, Peter allows himself to breathe again. After a few breaths, he hurries out the door and runs back towards the cell they'd held him in. Directions unclear, the only indicator he has to tell him where to go was the direction of the sounds from before, which might have been echoing down the hallway. Either way, he's moving quickly, with Elle held over his shoulder. The invisibility stays up, as it's an easier power to maintain than most, just for safety. Is he even going the right direction? Only time will tell.

Candice's eyes linger on Jane. Blood begins to drip from her nose… Seep from her eyes. Her ears. The Company agent grins and indulges her dark fantasy for a few minutes, letting the woman think she's in real danger before suddenly the illusion is gone and all is right with the world. "I think you'll all enjoy your stay here." Candice blows Nathan a kiss, following Bennet out of the room as he answers his phone.

Nathan? Not in a fighting mood, and he really only had one gun, so when the guards come to grab him, he allows it without much protest. Candice gets a cold glance for her efforts. "You'll regret this, Bennet," is Nate's last promise, directed towards Noah before he's gone from the room.

"You'll live with no conscience, no soul, and no one willing to risk everything to bail you out of trouble, Bennet," Jane replies. "I hope you enjoy it." She doesn't seem to care about Candice's illusion in the least. "Nice trick, whore. I already saw you fake images."

The Haitian's message is short and simple, once Noah has answered the phone: "Peter Petrelli is free." It's all the man says into the receiver before snapping it shut and returning it to his pocket. If only he knew where Peter was headed, he might have some way to inform Noah! Too bad. He leaves the doorway, navigating the corridors in a more purposeful way than Peter.

"I really won't," Noah assures Nathan as he steps into the hall. He just rolls his eyes at Jane. Kids. Noah listens at the phone briefly, and nods once. He hangs up the phone and looks at his new associates. "Go to Peter Petrelli's cell, he's escaped." He says it loud enough for Nathan to hear. The former congressman gets a long look from Mr. Bennet, but no words or winks or furtive thumbs up as he closes the door.

"So brave." Candice pauses in the doorway to smile sympathetically to Jane. "That won't last." She turns her back on the prisoners, mirth fading as she fixes a glare on Noah's back. When he informs her of Petrelli the Younger's escape, she really gets upset. "What? That /idiot/." Candice takes off down the hall at a dead run, changing forms as she goes back to her persona of 'Mallory.' She may not find anything, but she at least has to try…

When Peter eventually navigates his way through the complex hallways of the floor, what he'll find outside what was once his cell is not a welcoming sight: the Haitian beat him here. Not only that, but the Haitian and Noah are stationed directly outside the door to the cell. The tall, dark man is keeping a wary eye on the hallway, casting glances down each stretch every few seconds.

That's his old cell, all right. And with the Haitian there, Peter almost verbally curses as he stands, still invisible, staring down the hallway. It's actually the presense of Noah that causes him to pause, looking towards the man for a long time. It's eventually the weight in his arms, that makes him turn around and start looking for an exit. Last he checked, Noah had been helping them. Maybe he still is. If not- he can regroup and try again later. After Elle forgives him for kidnapping her.

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