2010-01-07: The Fridge is Full



Guest Starring:

Mr. Reginald (KeLyssa's Super)

Date: January 7, 2010


Nathan goes to check on KeLyssa when she doesn't come into work. She's not home…

"The Fridge is Full"

KeLyssa's Apartment - NYC

When KeLyssa didn't show up for work today, Nathan got concerned, particularly in light of what she'd been researching. Finding information on DeSouza is risky business, possibly. And now KeLyssa is missing. After having tried knocking on her apartment door and getting no responses, he made his way down to the office to get the Super's help, even though Nate could've picked the lock. Now that would've been a noteworthy scandal: a Senator who can pick locks.

With a distinct frown and furrowed eyebrows producing two deep worry lines on his forehead, Nathan — dressed in a black suit, crisp pin-striped dressshirt and black and white striped tie — raps on the door of the Super's office. As the door opens he introduces himself and his business, "Hello, I'm Senator Nathan Petrelli. An employee of mine lives in your building and she didn't come to work today and isn't answering her phone or her door. Could we maybe check her apartment together…"

The building's Super, Mr. Reginald, answers the door within moments of the knocking. Wearing coveralls that state his name on a patch on the left side, he's eating a salami sandwich. "You're Senator Petrelli?" He lets out a laugh. "Yeah, and I'm Hillary Clinton." He shakes his head. "Look, buddy, just because you wear a fancy suit doesn't mean I'm gonna just let ya into one of the tenant's apartments."

"I dress like this because I'm New York Senator Nathan Petrelli," he half-smirks as he reaches into his back pocket and extracts his wallet from which he takes out a driver's license, proving he is who he says he is. "Look. I'm Nathan Petrelli. Says so here." Beat. "My assistant KeLyssa Gallagher lives in your building. She wasn't at work today, and I'm concerned. If she's not in her apartment…" His look of concern continues.

Mr. Reginald takes the driver's licence in order to examine it carefully. "Okay, Mr. Hot-Shot Senator. I'll believe that you're the one and same Senator Petrelli." He hands the licence back to Nathan. "I don't see why you'd be concerned about one employee though. Surely you've got others who work for you. You gonna be concerned for each and every one of them if they don't show up for work?" He raises an eyebrow and takes a bite out of his sandwich. "KeLyssa Gallagher…cute little blonde up in Five-Oh-Eight?"

"Yeah, actually I am concerned about every employee who doesn't show up to work. Our office has experienced some recent security breaches," Nathan explains as tactfully as he can. "Anyone in my employ deserves my concern, and Ms Gallagher is my personal assistant so I see her frequently. And yes, that's one in the same, apartment five-oh-eight."

Mr. Reginald lets out a little laugh. "Hmm. Security breaches eh. Wouldn't want that getting out to the press. They'd have a field day over it, they would! 'Security breaches at Senator Petrelli's office. If senators aren't safe, then who is?'" He chuckles at his joke. At leas he thinks that he's funny, even if no one else does. "Okay. Okay. Give me a minute, will ya. I'm just taking a little break, wasn't expecting no hotshot visitors. And you know, in an apartment this size, a super needs all the breaks he can get, otherwise he'd go crazy." With that, he closes the door in Nathan's face. For a few moments, very little can be heard from his side, except for a faucet turned on here, or a TV being turned off there. After a short while, Mr. Reginald returns with a giant ring full of what seems like hundreds of keys. After closing and locking the door to his apartment, he looks to Nathan. "Well, after you Senator.
No comment is made about the security breach, although he manages a very strained-tight-diplomatic smile. While the Super gets ready, Nathan nervously takes several deep breaths, trying to cleanse his mind of thoughts swimming through it. As the Super steps out of the room, Nathan offers him that same polite political smile. "Alright then," he trudges to five-oh-eight and knocks on the door again with the Super standing near him.

Mr. Reginald follows Nathan to the apartment, finally watching as Nathan knocks on the door. As Nathan does so, Mr. Reginald calls out, "Ms. Gallagher? It's Mr. Reginald, the super and your boss…Mr. Petrelli. Can we come in?" He waits a moment or two for a response. When there is none, he takes the keys off his belt and fumbles around with them until he's found the right one. Inserting it into the lock, he unlocks the door and opens it up, entering the apartment first before Nathan. He points to different locations in the apartment. "The living room, kitchen, over there's the bathroom and bedroom areas. My guess is, if she's here she's in either the bathroom or the bedroom."

Nathan can't help but wince as KeLyssa isn't in the living room/kitchen/dining room in one. With a nod he traipses back towards the bathroom and bedroom which are both empty. Frowning he walks back to the Super. "She's not here, Mr Reginald." Flinch. KeLyssa Gallagher is missing. "Did you see her yesterday at all? The last I saw of her was when she waved goodbye to me after work yesterday afternoon…"

Mr. Reginald waits by the door, and shrugs. "I hate to disappoint you, Senator, but this is a large building. I'm lucky to see any one person more than once a week, if at that. People come and go and I'm often busy in different areas of the apartment at different times." He seems very nonchalant about all this. "Maybe she had to make an emergency trip back down to Florida or Mississippi or wherever it is she's originally from. Her grandma was sick not too long ago." He nods toward the kitchen. "Check the fridge. That's what I'd do. If she did have to go, she probably wouldn't leave anything perishable in there. Of course…maybe she didn't leave and she's still in the city. Something could've come up and she wasn't able to phone you."

"She doesn't seem like the type who just wouldn't come to work," Nathan says as he pads over the fridge. "I mean, I'm sure she'd call and let me know if she was going out of town. And if she's out of town, she'd call from there." He frowns and crosses his arms over his chest uncomfortably before uncrossing them to open the fridge door. To expose a fridge full of recently-bought groceries. He looks at the super as he raises his eyebrows. Following that he opens the freezer for good measure, only to furrow his eyebrows. KeLyssa must have a hidden talent: she makes ice sculptures of people. He shrugs at the sculptures and closes the freezer. He turns back to the Super. "I think I should call the police and file a missing person's report tonight after I get in touch with her emergency contact." All of that information was forfeited upon employment. Nathan could find out if they'd heard from her. And if not…

"Fridge full, is it?" Comes Mr. Reginald's reply. "Well, that's your prerogative, not mine. I just fix the building and take people's rent." He says in a calm, uninterested voice. "Is there anything else I can do for you, 'Senator'?"

"No, that'll be all Mr. Reginald." Beat. "Thank you," that said, Nathan gives the apartment once last glance before he marches out the door and down the hall. As he reaches the end of the hall he calls his office, "I need the name and number of KeLyssa's emergency contact… please get them from her personnel file and call me back. Thanks." That said he clamps the phone shut, and exits the building. His assistant is officially missing.

Mr. Reginald locks up the apartment once Nathan has exited, going back down to his own respective residence to finish off his sandwich and watch a little T.V.

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