2007-11-16: The Future Was Then


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Summary: Peter and Elle take Kitty away from Central Park. The future two of them witnessed is recalled. No memory erasures occur.

Date It Happened: November 16th, 2007

The Future Was Then

Car + Elle's Apartment

Away from the crowd now, Elle only ventures to take her hands off Kitty's arm when they're at the door of her car, long enough to pull the driver-side passenger door open. "Don't disappear with her," she says quickly as she steps back, giving him room to set the girl into the seat. "You and I both know the Company will find you eventually." Besides, it would mean unpleasant things for her, and she'd rather not consider that possibility. She stands with her own door open, waiting for the girl to be secured in the backseat before settling into her own.

"If I was going to disappear with her, I would have done it while I had time stopped," Peter says with a shake of his head. "After the first week, I never tried to hide from the Company. They know where I live. They could have come and picked me up any time they wanted to," he says, settling the girl into the passenger seat as gently as he can, leaning over her to put the seatbelt in place. "Besides— I'm not just worried about her now," he adds, straightening to look at her once Kitty is secure in the seat, "You're sick, aren't you?"

Dodging the glance when he asks the question, Elle falls down into her seat. Her only audible response is a mumbled, "It's just a cold." But that isn't a no. She pulls the door closed, drawing the seatbelt down and clicking it into place. Though she doesn't pull away until Peter is settled in the seat beside her, she does start the car and crank the heating, her eyes closing as another shiver works its way from her neck down. "I'm taking her to my place."

There's a frown, but Peter doesn't say anything more on that, moving around to get into the car and buckle his seatbelt while she settles into place as well. He keeps glancing back at Kitty to make sure that she's secure. "I'm better now, obviously," he adds, glancing forward at the dash of the car. "I'm going with you. And…" He trails off. "Where you and her go, I go," he says, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone. He has to send off a couple text messages really quick. "I'm just going to let a few people know I'll be occupied tonight, so they don't get worried."

"What?" Shooting Peter a disbelieving look as he takes out his phone, Elle scowls, reaching out with one hand to try and grab it from him. "No texting. Either you call them so I can hear what you're saying or you hand me the phone." So much for any trust that might once have been between them. Though she hasn't yet stopped the car, continuing to weave through the traffic, her hand remains out and waiting for him to deposit the phone. "I'm not going to let you get me fired for screwing this up."

"Fine," Peter says, closing his phone and putting it away instead of handing it over. If anything he sounds more distant than he'd already been, using the mirror to glance back at Kitty and make sure she's still secure with all this swerving. "Your father wouldn't fire you," he adds, not looking at her and instead staring out the window when he's not checking the mirror. "And what exactly are you trying not to screw up?"

"Yeah, well. His boss would. Just forget it." That's all she's willing to offer for the remainder of the drive, and the drive is long enough to make the silence awkward. Tension is high. The heat is still blasting, but Elle doesn't seem too worried about turning it down as she leads them to her building. Only once she's pulled into an underground lot and parked does the heat die. "There's an elevator over there," she explains as she steps out of the car and pulls open the passenger door, reaching in to unbuckle the belt around Kitty.

The silence may be awkward, but the gears are definitely turning in Peter's head. His jaw sets, thoughtful and almost stubborn, until they pull into the parking garage and he unbuckles and steps out, moving around to help with Kitty— but before he does, he reaches out and touches her arm. "Elle," he says. For a moment, it seems like he wants to add something to that and changes his mind. Letting go, he says instead, "I'll carry her. Just lead the way."

There's a slight hesitation this time, but Elle doesn't voice any protest to his offer now that they're in the parking garage; like he said, if he was planning on disappearing with the girl, he'd have done so already. She moves out of the way, allowing him to lift the girl out of the car when he's ready. When the doors are all closed, she clicks a button on her keychain to lock the doors with a flash of the lights, then motions to the elevator. Leading him without getting more than a step or two ahead, she says, "This way."

Her apartment is on the fourth floor, and the building is nice enough once they step into the corridor. The apartment she leads them to is small, without much by way of furniture or personal touches. There are no childhood photos, no obvious memorabilia. As she starts to pull off her winter attire, Elle motions to an open doorway down the short hallway - a bedroom. "You can put her in there."

As they get inside, Peter glances around the room quietly and then sets her down on the bed, careful in his motions, checking her pulse and her eyes once before he leaves her alone to wake up on her own. When he rejoins Elle, he looks at the area and then back at her, "You have some things in — in the apartment that your other self had. Some of it she bought for herself, but a lot of it came from when you were staying with me, too. So that stuff would be yours, technically. The person who she lived with— she's keeping her stuff safe in case she ever comes back, but…" He trails off. He doesn't have to say it. "There's going to be a lot of people, my friends especially, who are going to be very confused. Her old roommate— does want to talk to you, and I know you met her at least once before. Jane? She was part of the group that tried to break me out— one of the ones who got unlucky and doesn't remember it."

"You think I'm not confused?" Sliding her coat off her shoulders, Elle drapes it over the back of an armchair along with her scarf and hat, her boots left by the door. "I see people on the street who know my name that I've never seen in my life. This wasn't exactly my choice, Peter." With her coat off now and less bundled against the cold, Elle looks worse than before; she can't hide the pale hue of her skin, and she's lost weight, though seeing each other as rarely as they do, it might not be noticeable. "I'd better go watch her." Moving quickly towards the hallway, she brushes past Peter, still not quite meeting his gaze.

"I know it wasn't your choice, Elle," Peter says, sighing visibly as he watches her move, stand— looks at her skintone, letting her brush by him and to the bedroom where the young woman was laid down on the bed. He can't help but frown noticably before he follows his way back into the bedroom.

It has been a long while since Kitty has had a vision that effected like the one she just had and as she lays on the bed with hair spilling out around her. The precog's eyes flutter and then she sits up with a gasp and grabs her throat as if she is choking. Her eyes water and she looks to Peter and Elle with a shocked expression on her face. The vision slips by her vision quickly and then is gone, she shakes her head and coughs a little more.

With no chairs in the bedroom, Elle keeps her distance from the bed, leaning back against the wall. Her head tips backward and she closes her eyes briefly, letting out a shaky breath. Only when she hears the gasp does she snap out of her reverie, swiftly returning her attention to the girl in the bed. "Don't freak out," she says slowly, holding up both hands in true 'no harm meant' fashion. "You're in an apartment in Queens. Mine. You passed out at the memorial."

"Kitty, you're awake," Peter says, moving up behind the blonde woman who's sick so that the younger of the three can definitely see him as well. "I'm here too— I'll make sure you get home safely as soon as…" He glances over at Elle, hesitating and trailing off. He's got no idea what she wants still. "I'll be here with you the whole time, so don't worry about anything. What happened back there? I thought that you didn't pass out when you…" Again, looking at Elle and trailing off.

Kitty takes a moment to catch her breath and then she looks at Elle closely, "You were from the dream, throwing bolts of lightning" she says softly and then turns her gaze back to Peter and shakes her head, "I don't think I've had a vision that dark and crazy, it was something new for me really" Kitty admits and then swings her legs over the bed so that she is sitting on it. "All the bodies" she says weakly and looks down at her feet.

For her part, Elle isn't conducting herself the way a hostile captor would; she remains by the wall, not approaching the bed, looking like a five-foot-one ball of feverish misery. Threatening? Not exactly. "That would be me," she says quietly, making no attempt to pretend otherwise. "What do you mean, bodies?" Flicking a glance to Peter, Elle allows herself a half-second frown, but it's gone again by the time she looks to Kitty. "What did you see?"

"I've had some pretty bad visions," Peter says softly, leaving out that he's had some pretty bad realities to compliment the visions. While Elle stays near the wall, he does move toward the bed and kneel down so that he's at a better level to talk conversationally, ending up looking up at the other girl. "It'll be okay." He nods, encouraging the question already asked, but not adding more to it.

When asked of what she saw, Kitty shivers as she closes her eyes and puts her hands on Peter's shoulders mostly for support, "I have this thing I can do and remember every vision I have to the tiniest detail. It's kind of hard to do" Kitty says as she accesses that part of her ability and tilts her head back with her mouth open.

"There were sirens, screaming oh so much screaming in Central Park. A banner, it said Freedom Now" tears fall from Kitty's closed eyes as she replays the vision in her mind. "Bodies everywhere, burned, twisted. There is smoke everywhere and then I heard myself say something, "I can't really hear!" it has to be in the future" Kitty says and then her grip on Peter's shoulders grows firmer. "Then that woman, the one with the red hair she walked by and I saw a vial scatter and break on the ground and it had a biohazard seal on it, clear liquid flowed from it" Kitty finishes and she opens her eyes and looks to Peter, tears are falling fast and she blinks a few times as she gets dizzy.

Listening attentively to Kitty's words, Elle keeps her expression unreadable as best she can. She doesn't look away from Kitty now, her attention transfixed. She hesitates a few seconds more, waiting to see if the girl has more to add, not wanting to interrupt and potentially force her to lose any details. When she's certain Kitty has finished, she speaks again, her voice quiet, vaguely sympathetic. "Was it the redhead who dropped the vial?"

The vision, as it's described, has a rather interesting effect on Peter. At first he looks shocked, stunned, and then horrified— and then when she finishes, talks about the vial, he closes his eyes and lowers his head for a moment. There's a hint of his shoulders shaking, when he looks back up and sees the tears— the dizzy spell. He moves, getting closer, hands going to her own shoulders as if to try to steady her. The tension on his face has returned, doubled over, jaw tight. "It is the future. Was," he says stiffly, voice deeper and tight with the tension.

"I didn't see who dropped it, just that it dropped" Kitty says softly and then smiles faintly in Peter's direction, "Thanks, that part of my ability is always difficult to do without passing out" and then she looks at Peter when he speaks again, "Was?" She rubs Peter's shoulders as she senses the tension in his voice, "What are you talking about Peter?" she inquires. How could he know that it was the future?

Dividing her attention now between Kitty and Peter both, Elle finds herself wondering much the same thing as Kitty. Her brow furrows again, but she says nothing to goad Peter into an explanation, opting instead to see if he speaks willingly. Without a chair to sit in, Elle slides down the wall and settles on the floor, keeping her eyes on her 'guests' as they speak.

"I was there," Peter says with a grimace, glancing over at Elle and then… he draws a shaky breath before he lets go of her shoulders and settles back— on the edge of the bed instead of the floor this time. "There was a bomb— a lot of people died." Him included, actually. "I didn't know about the vial, but… and I didn't know you were there, Kitty— though I wouldn't have recognized you at the time… But it won't happen. I'll make sure of that."

"Your bag of tricks Peter" Kitty says quietly and then nods her head, "I'm sorry you had to experience that" she nods her head and looks to Elle and then back to Peter her expression is grim, "Who was the woman with the red hair?" Kitty tilts her head and rubs her temple as the dizzy spell remains for a little bit longer.

Pressing the heel of her hand to her temple, Elle listens to the exchange, watching them each closely. She suddenly feels as if she ought to be taking notes, but it's too late now; she'll have to write it down later. "An old friend of the family," Elle replies to Kitty's question - a lie, though it's harmless enough that it may be convincing. "I haven't seen her in a long time." That much, at least, is true.

"If she's connected to what happened in the future… we have to find her," Peter says, rubbing his hands over his face. "That must be where this whole thing started." The conclusion is made and he straightens up again, getting to his feet. "Thank you, Kitty. That— you saw something very important."

"Anytime" Kitty says and chuckles lightly as she ruffles her hair and looks to Elle again, "What's your name again?" Kitty tilts her head at the woman and then looks up to Peter as she begins to try and stand.

"Elle." Watching as the precog tries to get to her feet, the blonde pushes herself up from the floor with a quiet murmur of protest, leaning on the wall for support. Isn't this a healthy room full of people? Except for Peter, of course, who is strangely well considering the last time Elle saw him. She'll have to talk to him about that. To Kitty, she adds: "You can stay for a while, if you need to. I don't have a lot, but I can get you some food if it'll help."

"I can call a cab and go with you to your apartment, too," Peter says, making an offer on his own, though he doesn't grab her and force her along. He looks at his ex-girlfriend, the current Company Agent. They both have a lot they still need to talk about, ask each other, but they can't do that here.

Kitty ponders and then the need to be home wins over, "Thanks Elle but I'll just get on home. Have to feed Tiger" she smiles at Elle good naturedly. Then Kitty looks to Peter, "I live in the Eastern Centennial apartment complex" she says so the man will know where to call the cab. "Thank you again Elle" she says to the other woman and nods at her. "We'll figure this out"

"She's dangerous." Fixing Kitty with a meaningful look, Elle shifts her weight, folding her arms as she leans against the wall again. "The redhead. You two would be in way over your heads if you got involved." Not to mention, she would likely get in all kinds of trouble for letting them walk out of here without taking care of their memory, but she'll just keep that part to herself. "Luckily for everyone, it'll be under control soon. Don't worry about it." Which is like telling Peter not to do anything else: pointless. "And Peter?" Her attention shifts to him, an eyebrow raising. "We need to talk."

"That— we live in the same apartment complex, so I can go home with you," Peter says voice wondering, but not as humored as it might have been due to the strain of stress. "I know we need to talk, Elle. We should get together and talk. Soon. But I should make sure that Kitty gets home, first." There's a quiet tension, but he's concerned about getting her out of here, before that possible memory thing. He reaches to take Kitty's arm. "We won't tell anyone we were here, Elle."

Kitty grins at Peter, "Fate keeps connecting us all" she comments and then she places her hands in her pockets as she stands, "I won't tell anyone that I was here, Elle" she promises the electro-blonde and then looks to Peter, "Guess we're ready to go?"

"Thanks." The word sounds strange, she thinks, coming from her own mouth. Elle hugs her arms tighter around herself and moves to see them to the door, though she is by no means rushing them out of her home. There are no well-wishes, no 'be careful' warnings or other pleasantries. To Peter, she says simply, "I'll be in touch."

"Thank you, Elle," he adds quietly, looking at her for a long moment. She knows what he's thankful for, and despite the tension, he seems to mean it. "You still have my number— and if not you know where I live still," Peter says, as he takes Kitty toward the door, reaching into his pocket to call a cab while they take the elevator down to the lobby. The cab driver will be the only one who will know where they happened to be.

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