2009-12-18: The Gift of Getting



Date: December 18, 2009


Hallis presents Jaden with his Christmas present a little early. He returns the favor again and again.

"The Gift of Getting"

EvoSoft - Jaden's Office

The work day is winding down to a close, which means that half an hour earlier, Hallis was already getting ready for the night out. It's Friday and that usually means party time. So, decked out in a very festive little number, she exits the employee washroom adjusting the little red santa skirt. It was a plan hatched by Olivia, they were all going to be dressed like little Santa's and go bar hopping. Hallis agreed because it was good for a laugh.

Passing by her boss' office, she notices his light on and then the bulb goes off over her head. "Merry Christmas Santa Cain." she murmurs to herself, ducking into the cube she had claimed to get the gift she'd purchased for him the week before. The box isn't very big, but it's wrapped really pretty, that's really what counts. As an afterthought, she grabs another box, one of the batches of cookies that she had made over the weekend.

And so, a few minutes after she had first passed by, Hallis is back at Jaden's door in her little Santa outfit. A few quick raps and an adjustment to her Santa hat and she's prepared to greet him as he opens the door. Unless… he just yells at her to come in.

Oh Santa Cain. Sitting in his office, chair facing the huge window and he just seems to be looking out over the city. He does that nowadays. He's got his Chuck Taylors (which he wears year round. crazy fool) kicked up on the sill of the window, whilst he just maxes and relaxes. That's what he always does. His tie is about as festive as he's gotten today, since he's wearing one that's literally in the shape of a Christmas tree. The lights on it work and everything.

Jaden reaches for the door, pulling it open and then that particular Jaden is no more. Only the one that's, well, sitting at the window. Weird. How does he move so damn fast? Anyway, he's not really sure of who came in, he's just going to continue being the Billionaire Brat and looking out over his city of dreams.

Very likely from the stereo system in this office, there is the theme from Home Alone playing. Natch.

The door seemed to have opened by itself, but that's no matter, he probably has a button installed. "Merry Christmas Boss!" Hallis sing songs as she skips into the room. Not an easy feat when you're in a pair of high stiletto boots. Once she reaches the desk, she bends down just enough to place the gifts on the blotter and steps back, folding her hands in front of her.

"I got you a present, open it!" She announces, the smile spread wide across her face. Bounce bounce. Hallis glances toward the stereo and a puzzled expression crosses her features, "What's that from? A cartoon?"

"Home Alone. Nevermind. You probably haven't seen that either." Jaden's whirling around with a smile to see if he can't just move this conversation along. Not that he's upset or anything, but he certainly can't believe that this girl has never seen anything awesome. It's just unsanitary. "Also. I'm the one with more money than God. You shouldn't be buying me presents." But that doesn't stop Jaden from reaching for the boxes and pulling them ever so close to him and away from someone that may end up trying to snatch them back because of his flapping lips. "But! Thank you!"

Jaden is going for the bigger box first. Maybe his sense of smell has told him about the cookies. Who knows. He's way more like Scooby Doo than is probably healthy. "If there's a living creature in here, you're fired." Jaden smiles, to show he's kidding, before he starts tearing at the wrapping paper. Excited.

Hallis rounds the desk and takes a load off, sitting on the edge as she watches the man himself tearing at the paper. "Just because you have more money than God, doesn't mean I can't get you anything. Besides… I thought really long and hard before getting you this. You probably have it already, but whatever." Once the box is completely unwrapped, she leans over to help take off the top, revealing a stack of comic books inside. "I was going to get you a nerf gun, but I figured you had all of them already. There's jillions of comic books so maybe you don't have one or two of these." Half of the stack is Justice League silver age, the other half is Batman of the same time period. At the very bottom, there's a #1 issue of Richie Rich, the first one ever made.

"I stayed in that store for way longer than healthy for someone like me. I think I got asked for my phone number by seven different people with social dysfunctions." Hallis says proudly, the smile on her face never wavering as she twirls the lid between her fingers and then accidentally drops it on the floor. As she reaches down for it, she bumps the other box and it goes sliding into the garbage can with a loud thunk. She looks down into the trash and then up at Jaden. "You don't want me to pick those out of the garbage… do you? Because I can totally make you more. They're really easy as long as I remember to take them out of the oven… but even if I don't, icing fixes that."

Jaden is only halfway listening. Mostly because he's going through the comics like something of a crazed madman. To the point that he's two comics away from the bottom before he looks back up at Hallis to respond. "Uh. What?" Pause. Regroup. Rethink. Oh! That's what she said. Okay. Let's see if we can't figure this one out again. "Nah. Don't worry about it. I've got stashes of Oreos all around this office. Hell, all around this building." Jaden's attention goes back to the box and there it is. Practically glowing. And Jaden grabs the Richie Rich and slides it out. "Holy Keanu." And then he's holding it up, so that the light from this Christmas Tree Tie can overtake the comic and make it glow. "No way. This… wowsers. This is jawsome. So. Jawsome."

Saved by the Oreo, she doesn't have to make more. Hallis just nods and slides off the desk, standing beside his chair as he admires the thin comic. "You don't have it yet!" She squeals in glee, bouncing up and down on her toes and clapping like a tween at a Jonas Brothers concert. "I knew I could find something you didn't have!! I was going to keep buying you presents every day until I finally found the thing. But I got it first go!" The petite woman is proud of herself, that's for sure. "I was going to try to get a first one of every comic, but you wouldn't believe how hard that is. The people at the comic store said that those ones are really good though, even though they're not printed with real silver."

Jaden is still in a little bit of shock. Kind of. "Whoa. I mean… how did… wow." Jaden is pretty sure he knows all the comic shop owners in the city, so they must've been keeping the secret very well. He's going to have to do extra shopping in all of them so that they feel the love from his happiness at this gift. "Wow. I… wow." He clears his throat, setting the comic carefully down on the desk and then he leans back into his chair. "Wow. This is so awesome. I'm gonna' have to give you your gift early." And with a kick at the desk, an envelope drops out from underneath and into his hand, which is flipped over and offered out towards Hallis. "I know you don't have this. It's the only one like it. Ever." Uh oh.

Hallis looks down at the envelope and shakes her head once. "You didn't have to get me anything, you gave me a job!" But just like Jaden, she plucks the envelope from his hands and feels along the seam of the lip before opening it. "If it's a pink slip, it's not the only one… well maybe like it exactly…" She holds it up to the light, hoping to see through it and get a hint at what's inside before opening it. "The only one like it ever? Man, I'm going to have to double shop for you because my present isn't exactly one of a kind." Slowly, she opens the envelope by sliding one well manicured fingernail under the glued lip and tearing across the top.

Jaden smirks. "If I can grant Christmas wishes for half the city, I think I can afford to get my employees something." And that's all he has to say. His eyes are too busy on the envelope and then Hallis' face to see her reaction to the gift that's inside. It's… a Gift Card. A black one. With Hallis' name on it. And the necessary credit card logo on it. Jaden's mouth explains, "What you're holding in your hands? That's the first ever Black Gift Card. Unfortunately, they wouldn't make it unlimited, no matter how much I begged. But there's a hundred thousand dollars on there for you." Jaden grins. "I hope that's enough to get you started."

Hallis's jaw drops in shock, then Jaden finds himself with a very excited socialite attached to his neck as her lips peck every available surface on his face. "Oh my god! This is the best Christmas present ever!! I'm going to buy the entire line of Jimmy Choos!!" His ears must be ringing with all of the excited squeals that she's emitted within the last five minutes. "Oh my god!! I have to go shopping! Forget Santa Girls at the bar this year!" Now she's actually jumping, the black card gripped between her fingers tighter than a torture victim in a vice. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! You're the best boss in the whole world!!"

Jaden wasn't ready for the onslaught of Hallis Lips. Not in the least. But he's not going to complain about a woman being all over him. Granted, it rarely happens, but whatever. "Also. The thing that I can't wrap is that you're off the entire week next week. Is that enough time to spend with the boyfriend and family and stuff or do you need more?" Jaden's honestly asking, at this moment. After all, he's more than enough manpower to take care of the company for an entire week by himself. Right?

"I don't have anything planned for the whole week, except for Grandmother's Christmas party on Christmas Eve. You can't get rid of me that easily. What am I going to do with my days if I can't come here?" Hallis is a little worried, it's true, she has been showing up a little earlier than she's supposed to and only leaving to go shopping or to the hospital. She wrinkles her nose and withdraws a step from her employer and then puckers her lips just a little. "George is in Washington until Christmas Eve anyway. I hate that place. It's the most boring city on Earth. I swear on a stack of bibles it is." She's even holding up her right hand and has her left placed over her heart. "Are you sure you don't need any help next week? I mean… I can deliver things as well as shop for them. Maybe I can learn how to file or something."

"Weeeelllll. If you want to work, you're certainly welcome to. I just didn't want to be one of those evil bosses that doesn't let his employees spend time with their loved ones during the holidays. That's all." Jaden is suddenly very big on all this family stuff. Probably since he lost his rap battle. Or since he realized that never knowing his father kind of bothers him. Or anything. Whatever. "But. If you do. You're not on the clock. Which means you can wear something deliciously teasing, since if I touch you, your boyfriend will have my head kicked to the twilight of the new moon."

Looking down at her miniature Santa outfit, Hallis looks up at Jaden and lofts her eyebrows skyward. "So… Less or more?" Her choice of clothes at the office generally veer toward the less side, since his mandate during the Nerf War that she'd be fired if she ever covered her legs. Hopping up on his desk again, she tucks the card away in the place where most women tuck cards when they have no pockets or wallets. Not in her boot. One of her legs is swung over the other to cross at the knee and she bounces her foot up and down. "Oh, you have to come to my Grandmother's Christmas party in Westchester. It's the biggest thing ever. I think this year she hired a circus or something to perform in the great room. No animals though, it's an all people circus."

"Heh. I'd love to come but if I don't spend Christmas with my Mom, her crazy ass brother and my wacky grandpa, then your favorite boss is going to be a dead duck." Jaden shudders at the thought of his mother kicking his ass. All of his asses. And that's when he flashes a bit of a smile. Since, well, he's always looking for ways to use his gifts. "But I'll see if I can swing by. Just make sure you leave me the address." And then his thoughts are running backwards to the most important question that was asked. "Duh. Less."

Hallis' eyes widen and she opens her mouth to protest. "Jaden, if I wear less, I'll be coming to work in a fur bikini!" Then her cheeks are suddenly garnished with a tinge of pink. "I'll freeze to death!" That's just the most obvious of her objections to the less than the more. "You should bring your family, everyone who is anyone is going to be at the party. Maybe we could introduce your Grandpa to Grandmother. If they got married, we'd be related! How great would that be?" Hallis never did have any relatives aside from her immediate family, the curse of coming from a long line of single child families. "I'll definitely give you the address. It's in Bedford, I'd say you can't miss it, but there's about a hundred places with the same type of driveway."

"If we were related, then every thought I'm having about you in a fur bikini would be just so wrong. So why don't we keep the Grandparents away from each other." Jaden winks and just kind of relaxes in his chair. He's still glancing over to the awesome comic book every once in a moment, but he's fairly capable of focusing on what Hallis is talking about. "And another thing! What's wrong with a fur bikini?!"

Holding up one hand, Hallis begins to count off. "One, it's cold and I would freeze to death. Two, I don't have an office so everyone would be staring at me while I wander around the building like I do every day. Three, I don't have the accessories for a fur bikini. Four, I don't want that guy from accounting to get more of a look than he already has. Five, I don't even know if they make fur bikinis." Once she's listed off an entire hand of reasons, she raises her other one and stares him in the eyes, "Do I need to give you five more?"

Jaden just goes into the only weapon he has left. The Puppy Pout. Which is what he's doing at the exact moment. He can't even believe that he's trying this on her. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? For me?" That's all he has to say on the matter at the moment, since he's just trying to see how much power he has over this woman. Not that he has a lot of women to actually have power over, but he's trying. That's for damn sure.

That's really not fair, it really isn't. Faced with Jaden's puppy eyes, Hallis just sags her shoulders and whimpers sightly. "But… Jaden…" The young woman sets her jaw and scowls slightly, she doesn't like it … but. "Fine, but I get an office!" One finger is held up and pointed at Jaden's face as her expression growing completely stern. "And not a gross office either, I get a corner, with great windows!" Now the only problem is finding a fur bikini, and what type of fur? There are so many to choose from. It's the Christmas season, so it would have to be green, white or red. Maybe a combination of all three. The young woman's mind is practically whirling with the possibilities.

It's almost as if Jaden Cain had this planned from the beginning. Because he's already pulling open a drawer and grabbing another small jewelry box. Which he pops open and hanging there, from a red and green Christmas ribbon, is a key. "About time you asked for an office. I've had this key since the first of the month." Jaden just grins as much as he can possibly grin at this moment, in order to make sure he remains super charming.

Jaden certainly knows how to make the blonde on his desk happy. This time, instead of a squeal, Hallis actually lets off a little scream and she grabs the box. "Oh my God! Where is my office! I have an office!!" She jumps off the desk and bites her lower lip to stop from screaming again. "Where is it? Can you show me? Do I have furniture already? Oh my God! I get an office!" Then she pauses and narrows her eyes at him a little, "Wait a minute! You said when you hired me that I don't get an office. Is this just a trick to get me to wear the fur bikini?" Then her eyebrow twitches and she breaks into a smile again, "I don't care! I get an office!!"

"Merry Christmas." Jaden says, making sure to push himself back from the desk. He can't believe he's making this girl so happy, but whatever. It's that time of year. And now he's motioning for her to follow. "Come on. I'll show you around." And then he's looking back over his shoulder at her, as he nears the door to his own office. "If you promise not to tell Georgie, I'll even give you the special tour." Wink.

"George doesn't really ask me about my job." Hallis is actually clueless as to what the special tour would entail, but if it comes with a key to the executive washrooms, she's game. As she slips in behind him, she can't stop grinning. The jewelry box is held tightly in one hand as her other swings at her side. "I need a phone and a computer, so I can order things that I-you need. My room mate is teaching me how to use a computer so I don't have to shop from my jPhone all the time." First thing on her list is a little brass nameplate with her name and title on it, unless there's already one on the door, in which case she'll just get it made a little bit fancier.

"You can customize this any way you want. It's yours. The only other person that has a key is me. Oh and the Janitor. But that's it. I promise." Jaden leads the way to her office and opens it up, so that she may follow him inside. It's bare. "I left it empty because I knew you liked shopping and I'm not the best interior decorator. Well. not this me anyway." Realizing she probably doesn't get what he's saying, he just moves right along. "Well? What do you think?"

Hallis squeals and races to the window, then to the other window, then to another window, until she's looked out of every one of the windows in the office. "How did you know I'd want this one?!" It's a difficult task, but Hallis manages to jump across the room and throw herself into Jaden's arms to hug him tightly. "I'm going to have it decorated tomorrow!" She pulls back again, blushing a little and in taking a sharp hiss of air. "Sorry, not appropriate, but wow… You pretty much made all of my dreams come true in less than an hour!" She turns away from him again and explores the entire space, opening doors to the closet and such. "This is the best office I've ever had! It's as big as my bedroom!"

"I just do what I think is right. That's all." Jaden offers a bit of a shrug. He's not too worried about the hug, since he loves having women all over him. It doesn't happen often. But he's good for it. Very good for it. "I'm glad you like it. Just remember who takes care of you, okay? Mr. Jaden Cain."

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