2007-04-16: The Girlfriend's Back


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Summary: Peter rushes home to see Elle and promptly forgets to talk about Jane when he has to explain what's happened in the last two weeks since Elle left, and— not to mention he just gets distracted by having a girlfriend in his apartment.

Date It Happened: April 16, 2007

The Girlfriend's Back

1407 - Peter Petrelli's Apartment

Not too long after the phone call ended, Peter makes it back to the apartment. Either he took a short cut, had an incredibly fast cab ride, or hadn't been that far away geographically. Unlocking his door, he steps inside and closes it behind him, looking around the smallish apartment. This apartment he's just moved back into would actually be smaller than the entire guest bedroom they stayed in at the mansion, even if it does have three distinctly separate rooms.

Elle is inside. Specifically, she's actually gone through the place since she got here. Just to make sure there's no lingering signs of girls other than herself. She -has- been away a couple weeks, of course…and we trust, but we also verify. Having finished her little sweep shortly after getting here, she's waiting in the living room for Peter as he comes in, sitting on the sofa.

No sign of any girl things except, perhaps, the presence of fresh, homemade cookies in the sickeningly cute owl cookie jar on top of the fridge. Maybe he cooked those, though, since he's been known to cook. What things she'd left at the house before going away had also been moved in, with room made in his dresser drawers for her clothes, though it may become necessary to get a second. The apartment isn't exactly made for two. "Elle," he says when he sees her on the couch in the living room, pulling his coat off to set it on the coat rack next to the door, before he steps into the room. "I missed you," he finally says, taking in a slow breath.

Cookies do not constitute incriminating evidence. She stands, giving him a bright smile, and walks up towards him. Unless he prevents it, she moves on to step 2 (the hug) and step 3 (the kiss), tangibly relaxing with him there. "I missed you." she finally says.

Never one to deny physical contact, Peter returns both the hug, and the kiss, and continues to keep his arms wrapped around her afterwards. A hand moves up, his left hand, to run over her hair, gently touching the longer locks with his fingers, but trying not to tug. "Starting to think your dad wasn't going to let you come back. Got the idea he didn't like me." And might not have helped he didn't even try to hide their relationship from him.

Elle must have missed him…she behaves. Not even the faintest little snap, crackle, or pop as she kisses him. She smiles. "Daddy just worries sometimes. We were talking about things. He's worried about a couple things, and I promised that I would talk to you about trying to do something about it. Mostly about Sylar." she says.

The mention of Sylar actually makes Peter flinch lightly, a faint hint of pulling back, as his hand drops away from her hair and settles around her waist instead. "Guess the Company doesn't know yet…" he says softly, glancing away from her for a moment, as if looking guilty. "Would have told you, but the phone calls were kept so short and— might not have been something to talk about over the phone." There's a slow inhale, and he looks back, kissing her lightly on the forehead. "I ran into Sylar. Last week."

Elle's eyes go wide, and she immediately starts looking Peter up and down, as if there might be a gaping wound somewhere that she'd somehow missed. Which, rather silly given he can regenerate, but Elle's pretty new to this "affection" thing, and it sometimes makes you do the dumb. She finally assures herself that he's all in one piece, and she looks back up. "Are you all right? What happened?" There is an urgency to her tone.

As she looks him over, Peter can't help but look confused for an instant. Until he realizes exactly why she's looking him up and down. A hint of a smile appears in the corner of his mouth, though that vanishes with the urgent question. Moving his hands to touch her face, he smooths back her hair and then keeps both hands there, fingers touching her neck, while his thumb rubs at her jawline. "I'm okay, really. Tried to fight him— delayed him as long as I could so Nathan could get away with the person he'd been after— but… couldn't stop him for good. Not sure how many abilities the company is aware of— but he could turn invisible. And he— can freeze things."

Elle scowls. "I'll have to call daddy, and tell him." she says. "You should have -called-, Peter! If we'd known…" And it's clear that she means "the Company" when she says "we" there. "I could maybe have come back sooner, or we could have -done- something." Then she flings her arms about him again, and hugs -tight-. "I don't want anything to happen to you." It's that rarest of things, real emotion from the electroblonde.

The emotion as she holds onto him cause Peter to wrap his arms around her a little more tightly in return. "I'm sorry. I know I could have called, but— I'm not part of them yet." There's a hint of guilt in his voice even as he says this, keeping a close hold on her as he draws his hand up to look at it over his shoulder. There's some hesitation, before he says, "Didn't want to go to the Company. If I'm going to deal with them— I can't— owe them more than I already do. And he— he froze my hand, Elle." That would be the source of the hesitation, as if he still isn't sure he wants to mention it. "Didn't know for sure I could regenerate a hand… didn't want to go to a Company hospital to find out."

Elle looks at him, eyes wide again, as she releases, and steps back, looking at his hand. "Peter, how could you not TELL us?" she looks angry now…indeed, there's tiny snappings and cracklings at her fingertips. "We're trying to -help-. How are we supposed to work together if we can't trust each other?"

"'Us,'" Peter repeats softly, allowing her to create the distance between them. A hand raises up to run over still short hair, though it's had a month of growing out time since the last time she took a pair of scissors to it. "I would have told you. Until the negotiations are done— until I know where /I/ stand with them— I can't trust them. Not after everything they've done…"

Elle sighs in frustration, the cracklings slowly dying out. "Then trust -me-, Peter. If you were hurt…" She falls silent a moment, then looks back up to him as she takes a step closer again. "I don't want you to be hurt."

The guilty expression remains, causing the former nurse to look visibly chastised. "I'm okay," Peter repeats again, reaching up as she steps forward to reach out and try to touch her face again, still with both his hands. "It's a good thing I don't stay hurt," he says softly, trying to soothe away the worry he caused. "See… it got better."

Elle smiles. The guilty look seems to sooth her indignation some, and she reaches up, putting her hand over his (the formerly-frozen one) She looks up at him and smiles. "That's good. Because if you got yourself killed, there would be an awfully big mess." Cause Elle would have to fry someone. "It's good to be back."

The smile tugs at the corner of his mouth as Peter leans down, clearing the distance between them, to affectionately bump his nose against hers, "Good to have you back." With that whispered close to her lips, it's no surprise he attempts to draw her into a longer kiss than she'd given him when he first entered, hands staying close to her face.

The blonde looks up at him, and grins. She gives two kisses. The first is a bare touching of lips…and -that- one carries a little static pop. Not even enough to -really- hurt…it's more her way of being playful. And then the longer kiss. She puts her arms fully around him and melts into the embrace. It's a long time before she finally says "Yes. This is definitely nicer than being away."

A small burst of static can be forgiven, even if Peter can't help but flinch a little by way of his eyebrows lowering and then returning to normal. The longer kiss definitely draws him in, though. Once broken, his hands slide up into her hair, pushing the blonde strands back, as he remains close by. "Hope so," he says with a hint of a breathless laugh in his voice. "We haven't been on a second date yet, you know… or even stayed the night in my apartment…" He'd brought her by to pick some things up, gave her a key before she left, since he'd been planning to move in, but otherwise… they'd not actually stayed.

The blonde smiles. "Well, then that's just more on the list of things we need to do. I'll need to finish bringing some things by…and then we can go out tonight!" she suggests. "A celebration. We can go do something nice." A coy smile. "And then come back here and do something else nice."

"I'm going to need to make more room, aren't I?" Peter says, glancing around at his cluttered bookshelves and various other things. There's barely enough room in his apartment for his own belongings, much less those of another. The hint of what they'll do when they get back here continues the smile, though it turns shy to counter her coy quality. "Do you have any idea what you'd like for a second date? Something you'd wanted to do but never had the chance to? Or— should I just surprise you?"

Elle looks around. "Maybe. You probably just need to organize some. I don't have a whole lot of things to bring in." Because of, well, living in a Company facility most of her life. "And I think you should surprise me, definitely. I like your surprises." It's a sweet, happy smile that accompanies it.

"Do you?" Peter asks, hand sliding away from her face, down her beck and along her shoulder and arm, until the hand moves behind him. For a few moments it seems as if he's concentrating, and then… when he lifts his hand back up he's holding a freshly cut yellow tulip. For a brief moment he looks surprised that it worked, before he holds it out towards her, "I've picked up a couple new tricks. Think I got a few ideas, too."

Elle blinks…she looks at the flower, then to Peter…back to the flower, and sort of cranes her head around to get a look at his back. "How?" she asks.

"Not honestly sure how it works," Peter admits, looking down at the flower in his hand, having quite a few questions about it himself. "When I realized I had it, I was thirsty. I wanted something to drink and a can of V8 just appeared in my hands. I nearly dropped it… but… it seems all I need to do is think about something and I can bring it to my hand. Don't really like doing it because… well— I'm not sure where they come from. I might have just stolen a flower from someone's vace, for all I know…"

Elle's eyes go wider still. "Wow. We need to try that. A lot." She considers it, her mind already spooling through questions. "Let's try something easy. Can you be specific with it? I mean, can you say "I want a Pepsi" instead of "I want something to drink?" The moment of sweet date-wonderage has been eclipsed by the OMGWHOA of this new ability.

"…You're going to make me steal some one's Pepsi?" Peter asks, looking incredulous, even as he pushes her hair back to put the flower behind her ear. Needs his hands free. "I was sort of specific there. Wanted a yellow flower. Yellow— seems to fit you. But… okay, I'll try." This time, though… nothing at all appears in his hands, not for a good while. Eventually, he looks away to look at his hand.

Elle looks back at Peter. "I wanted to see if we could be really specific. It was going to help run the next test. But that doesn't look like it worked." She considers it. "Well, let's see…" She carefully takes off her locket, and holds it in her hand, closing her hand. "Try to get a locket for me. That way we'll know if it takes mine, or makes another."

"Could just— you know, when I was first trying to fly I fell on my face a few dozen times," Peter says softly, backing away a bit to try and concentrate. Her locket— her locket. A few slow breaths later, and she'll feel something missing from around her neck, and he's holding the locket be bought her for their first date in his hand. Glancing up, he looks to check and see if it's not in her hand anymore, before he says, "Teleportation, it is…"

Elle nods. "So now we know." she says. She steps up so that he can put it back around her neck again. "Which means that you won't want to use it unless it's important." Even though SHE would. But that's not the way Peter is. "And thank you for the flower." she smiles, remembering it now more that she's not so fixated on "ooh shiny".

"Or if I leave my phone somewhere by accident," Peter jokes softly, undoing the clasp and putting the locket back around her neck, leaning in to kiss her lightly. In a way, he's very much happy that she understands how he feels about it. There's so many abilities he could abuse to commit crimes, though this would be one of them. "Need any help bringing the rest of your things over here?"

Elle returns the kiss, warmly. "I'd love some help bringing my things over. It involves heavy lifting, and you're so much better at that than I am." She reaches up with both hands, sliding her hands up his arms, to his biceps. When they reach there, there's just a little trickle charge of electricity. Enough for her to feel them contract under her touch. "After all, you're big and strong and I'm small and helpless." She manages that with a straight face, though it's hard, and the amusement shows in her eyes. Small, yes. Helpless, never.

"I'd never think you were helpless, Elle," Peter says, glancing down towards his arms, which just got shocked a bit. The small amounts are fine, as long as they don't actually hurt— even then, she'll see the hint of a twitch in his eye, a reaction, more than a flinch. "Come on. I'll get us a cab, and— we'll head over and pick up what's left of your things." His hand lowers, to gently take hers, fingers sneaking in between her own.

Elle smiles. "Not going to fly us over?" she asks, twining her fingers with his and giving his hand a squeeze. It's a tease as much as anything. "It's really nice to have you back." Not that HE went anywhere. But still.

"In the middle of the afternoon?" Peter asks, raising his eyebrows. "You might be able to convince me to fly there, and I can get the cab for the trip back, okay?" He continues to hold her hand, as he tugs her along towards the coat rack. Still cold enough they'll both need them, especially if they intend to fly. "I— it's nice to have you back too." There's a hint of something softer in his tone, as if he wanted to add more, but's chickening out.

Elle squeezes his hand again. "It's okay. We don't need to fly." She finally lets go when they reach the coat rack, and puts her coat on. "I was mostly teasing you, Peter. I like to do that sometimes. And I haven't seen you in almost two weeks."

"We can fly there— but if we get caught on the news, you get to explain it to your dad," Peter responds, giving a hint of a smart-ass tease right back. Reaching to pull his own coat off, he pulls it through his arms and checks to make sure he has his keys and his phone, before he goes to the door, opening it for her and letting her out first. He'll close and lock the door behind her.

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