2010-03-31: The Go-Ahead



Date: March 31, 2010


Cody declares that all bets are off.

"The Go-Ahead"

Secret Apartment

Erin has always been her own person. However, when Cody left her a not telling her not to leave, she abided by it, even if she didn't like it. She's smart enough to trust te ex-agent on matters like that.

Erin's chanced the usage of the microwave again, and acquired something that isn't half bad. Sure, the pizza pockets are cold in the middle while absolutely scalding on the outside but they're not frozen, which means they're edible. She's made fourteen of them. Hell, she didn't know they wouldn't shrink in the oven. At least there's other people in the house who'll eat them.

One less, actually. With KeLyssa having left the day before, Erin and cody have one less mouth to feed. Good riddance, Erin thinks. People should really try appreciating what they did for everyone. But no… Everyone has their own agenda. Sprawled on the couch, she's watching the evening news, with the pile of pizza pockets on the table in front of her.


A little tired, a little worse for wear, Cody finally turns the keys in the door and makes her way inside. She's carrying a pizza box, it's extra large and smells absolutely heavenly. The toppings of choice tonight are bacon, onion, and pinapple.. Delicious.

Stopping to grab only two plates and a load of napkins from the kitchen, the blonde weaves her way into the living room. Once there, she places the box, plates, and napkins on the table before kicking off her high heels. "Oh god, it feels soooo good to get those off. I think I can actually feel my achilles tendons getting shorter every time I wear them." She stretches out her feet on the carpet and lays back in one of the large chairs.

"Okay, there's something I was going to tell you last night but… she… kind of got in the way." Her tone is very serious, if not angry at the interruption of her daily life.


It's funny how you get used to little sounds that people make every day… Like the way Cody turns the keys in a lock. Erin wouldn't care, except it's something she knows really can't be emulated exactly, and so she knows that her roommate is here. At first she doesn't even look up from her cold/scalding pizza pocket, until she detects the heavenly scent of pineapple pizza.

"God you read my mind. And you're gonna have to clean the microwave." Or make Matt do it - whatever. Putting fourteen pizza pockets in the microwave at the same times was a bad idea.

"So don't wear high heels, dumbass," Erin comments, helping herself to the first slice.


"When don't you have something to tell me?" she asks. Despite the shrugging off of whatever Cody has to say, Erin's fairly concerned with the tone in which it was delivered. "What's up?"
Cody is purposely not answering while she doles out two of the biggest slices for Erin. Yes, she's totally buttering up the soap star. "I wouldn't, except I'm trying to blend in with everyone there. Here, try this, it's great. Someone I met from Wisconsin had me try a slice and it's been one of my favorites ever since. Doesn't beat squid though… That is some great pizza."

With a sigh, she places another two slices on her own plate and then sits back in her chair again. "I saw Max yesterday morning… I missed by flight, late for work.. Yadda yadda… I think he actually did it himself." Then she chomps down on the pizza and chews slowly for a while, letting Erin digest that piece of news before continuing.

"He thinks you're alive, because he got out so easily, he thinks you did too… So… all bets are off. I'm not going to risk you for whatever crazy plan he has."


Erin is already stuffing pizza in her face by the time Cody tells her to try it. The actress is psychic; she totally knows these things are for her. "Sqb?" Erin asks, which is translated into 'squid' with a mouthful of pizza. "Hm'n bgon seafoogh." That's anyone's guess. What whatever the case, she loves the pineapple just fine.

When it comes to Max, Erin's developed a sort of shell. Its not a very good shell, as it has cracks in it that allow actual feeling to show through. First, she seems quite irate that Cody went and saw that psycho again - whether or not it was an accident. Second, the news that Max thinks she's alive brings on a thin veneer of terror.

Does he know where they are?! Not likely. Did Cody tell him Erin was alive? Possible. Barely possible. Does he still mean to use her as a weapon?


She swallows her bite and stares at the TV. In the end, her reaction is just… nothing. It's hard to fit together at the moment, because she doesn't want Cody to know that every once in awhile, the dreams still get to her. His face becomes more demonic and twisted every time it appears. She can urn her back on the images, but Erin always knows that creature is there, pacing, waiting for her to break down and open the door to let it in.

"I need to run, I guess."


Shaking her head, Cody swallows another bite of pizza. "No, you need to stay. Kill him if you have to, don't run. He'll find you faster. Right now he has no idea where we are. He knows I'm at the airport every morning, that's… I think that's all he knows." Her brow creases in the middle as she goes over the conversation again in her mind. Her eyes slide to the side as she ponders.

After one more bite of the pizza, she nods. "I pointed him in Morris' direction, said that he was the last one to see your body before it was incinerated. He's grasping at straws to find you, the fact that he came to me for information… Well it proves it."

"Morris has no idea where you are, he doesn't even know that you're with me, unless Janet told him." The more Cody thinks about the situation, objectively, the better she feels about it. "We're going to work on your virus thing some more… See if you can use them to find people instead of just see them with your mind."


Erin keeps looking at the TV. The problem is, she's never wanted to kill anyone more than she wants to kill Max. Even more than she wanted to kill Hamm or Cody or Jo. She doesn't even hate him, but she is very afraid of him. That was probably his point, though. He almost certainly wanted to instill a fear in Erin so she'd give him whatever he wanted… And she almost did.

"You can't take it back. If you tell me I can go after him, you can't just… decide he's some sort of lost soul later on down the line. It's not gonna be like with Jo." Erin never did tell Cody she went and healed her friend. OOPS, LEFT OUT An IMPORTANT DETAIL. "Jo drugged me and dragged me in. Max made me feel like I was less than human." Her head slowly shakes.

"I've been dealing with it. But if you …" Erin bites her lip, looking at Cody… Actually, at a point above Cody's shoulder. "If I get in the way, if I'm compromised, it's a bullet to the head, isn't it?" she asks.

"If you get in the way…" Erin leaves the threat open. "I'm not going to let him use me. So… You have to be sure. No changing your mind."


Erin receives a pointed look and Cody tenses her jaw, "You know how I feel. No one is important enough to risk our country, or the world. Both of you are too dangerous, you…" She takes a deep breath and places her plate down on the table.

Her eyes close and one of her hands comes up to rub her forehead as she tries to wipe away some imaginary headache. "Just do what you have to do to stay safe. I'm not…" And her voice hitches a little, just enough for the agent to clear her throat and blink a few times before turning back to Erin. "You know how I feel about all of this. Do what you have to do, I'm not going to stand in your way." Then she gets up and picks up her plate to bring it to the kitchen.

"If you get in the way, I'll do my best to save you. If they catch you… I'd rather see you dead than face what they'll do to you."


Erin nods subtly. "Why do you think I haven't brought it up before?" she asks. The very idea that one of her best friends has a book detailing how to kill all the Evolved she knows is horrible, and yet… It makes sense. Erin is still pissed, but everything is completely different now. There's no reason for them to fight over that when the more pressing matter is Maxwell Swan.

Despite the training, Erin is not a completel transformed woman. Her modus operandi is still hot-headedness and bullying her way into what she wants. Needs, in this case.

She'd just better not get in the way.

"I need to go for a walk. I'll be careful." Standing, she leaves her plate and the pizza pockets on the table, and heads for the door, throwing her jacket over her shoulders as she goes.


There's one final statement of warning that Erin gets just before she swings the door shut. Cody's voice is low enough that the entire house isn't able to hear, but loud enough to reach the door from the kitchen. "Kill him before he finds you."

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