2007-06-14: The Good, the Bad, and the Robotic



Special Guest Stars: Arnold the Killbot

Summary: When a routine test for Gene's technological powerhouse uncovers a sadistic mofia princess, a battle is fought, a roof is repelled and a trash can DIES.

Date It Happened: June 14, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Robotic


A lone man walks down the streets of Brooklyn. Dressed in black leather pants and a leather biker jacket that seems to be scuffed and even have a few holes here and there, the person seems to stand out a little, but doesn't seem to mind the New York Heat, the jacket open to reveal a simple white t-shirt, the guy looks ripped under that shirt, that's for sure. The figure seems to have a somewhat similar face structure to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but seems too young and a slightly more effeminate due to the clear complexion.

Night has almost fallen. Clearly the figure waiting until the sun was going down to make its appearance. It might have waited until night, but considering sunglasses are part of the attire, that might have attracted unwanted attention. That would ruin the entire experiment.

Waiting in a car two blocks down, Gene is on a computer looking at a screen. Like most of his plans, he's thought of just about everything, the meter he's by paid for the next three hours. Time to see how the new 'walk' system is going along. He's trying to get a natural gait, but he needs other people to see if it's truly noticeable. It is, seemingly a little stiff as if the man had just gotten kicked straight in the little Terminator.

Between day and night is the best time to conduct business you don't want seen. And so, down a dark alley way where it would seem night has already fallen, there's the sound of scuffling. And maybe even a garbage can knocking over. This could be just a stray cat looking for scraps or maybe a dog nosing about noisily in the alleyway. However, it most certainly is not that. There's feet slapping the pavement then a loud smacking sound and a moan. In the very back of the alleyway, Francesca has found her prey and is quickly trying to subdue him. "Don't make me break off your toes and then sew them onto your fingers. No one likes toe-fingered men," she threatens as she give the unfortunate man a good kick to the ribs to make sure he stays down.

This particular time of day is verging on unsafe for someone like Claire, but the girl walks bravely down the street, hands tucked into the pockets of her hooded sweater. Well, bravely might be the wrong word, but she doesn't look to be all that afraid of the shadows, at least. The cord from her earphones winds down and disappears into one pocket, but it's difficult to say whether or not she has any music playing. If she does, it certainly isn't as loud as most teenagers keep it, as nothing can be heard from the earphones as she walks by. Still, given that she's some ways down the street yet, she remains unaware of the scuffle between Francesca and her poor, unassuming victim.

Not quite day, not quite night. The dusk hours are a wonderful time for the enterprising New York Parkour Enthusiast to indulge in their sport. High above the streets, clad in what is clearly not normal parkour attire, Orion Granger sprints across a rooftop and leaps over the edge.

The jump is short, not intended to clear the alley between beautiful Brooklyn brownstones, but instead meant for him to snag the rails of a fire escape on the far building. Granger promptly drops level to level on the outside edge of the fire escape, moving a little further to the ladder side each time.

Finally, Orion drops from the second level of the fire escape after swinging slightly to the side so that he can grab the lowest rung of the ladder as he passes. Orion swings on the run of the ladder before launching himself to a graceful landing much nearer the entrance of the alley than where he had been… And his business casual attire isn't ruined. Yet.

With the leather clad man moving through the streets, Gene watches the world through a TV screen. He's used to such a view; it's almost like a video game with unheard of resolution, after all. The young genius continues to look around with Arnold, checking out the 2x Zoom feature with allows Gene to inspect things like most normal people would. Of course, he needs to test the assisted lighting system as well. He turns toward a dark alley, where there seems to be something going on. Gene tries to turn up the volume to hear what the woman is saying, but it's impossible to tell at this distance. The man on the ground is zoomed in on. He seems to be in trouble in some way.

For a moment, Gene considers leaving the man. Drawing unnecessary attention is NOT a good call. Not for someone like Arnold. It was the grace of God he was pulled out with as little an incident the last time. However, if the man needs medical attention or is being attacked by the woman, Gene needs to do something. Of course, the FIRST thing he wants to do is save an image of Francesca's shapely backside, but Gene decides that is a little too pervy, even if no one but him would know. Cesca's butt is safe… BUT FOR HOW LONG?!

Despite this, Gene ushers Arnold down the alleyway. "Excuse me," the killbot offers in the voice that sounds kinda like Arnie. Gene might be speaking, but the voice changer does the impersonation. "…It seems that the man is having a problem."

The man on the ground, poor guy, certainly could use a killbot right about now. Once down on the ground, there's not a lot of ways he can get back up again. "Lou darlin', baby, why d'ya make me do these things to you? I don't /want/ to hurt you." She snickers. "Okay, that's a huge lie. But, really, when you make it so easy, how can I not?" The mafia princess gives him another kick and, despite the fact that she's close, she misses. Possibly because she's angry and involved in pain. So angry, in fact, she scoops up the garbage can lid nearby and then uses it to smash it as hard as she's able on his legs. CLANG. It's a loud noise, so she pauses, foot resting on the man's head to give a look around. She doesn't notice Orion across the street, however she /does/ have to deal with the nosey do-gooder asking questions of her. Pressing her foot down to make sure that Lou doesn't ruin things by squealing, she smiles sweetly with the garbage can lid still in hand. "Oh, I know he may. Don't worry yourself over this on. I'll make sure he gets some help."

If Claire had any idea about the truth behind the man resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger, she might spare him more than the cursory, unimpressed glance that passes over him as he enters the alley. She's still too far away or too distracted by her music to hear any of what's happening a short distance away, and without knowing that Arnold is, in fact, something more extraordinary than yet another New York citizen, she has no reason to pay closer attention as she ventures nearer. Orion, too, escapes her notice - which is just as well, since he's someone she'd actually recognize. And probably wish she didn't.

For a few moments after his landing, Orion is busy rubbing rust stains and dust off of his hands and shoes. And then, from across the street, there arises such a clatter that the tall man is left with the need to investigate. Granger doesn't even fight the urge.

The tall man moves out of his alleyway and starts crossing the street, ILLEGALLY, and pauses in the middle of the road. There is a ghost walking down the sidewalk in front of him. A ghost that cannot be… Can it? Orion rubs the back of his head, still standing in the middle of the road when there is rather abruptly a screaming horn and some miffed Brooklynite leaning out the window of his car and screaming at Orion as he passes.

Granger darts forward again, out of the path of traffic, and drops down between parked cars. He pulls out a cellphone and dials. Orion has questions, They have answers.

Arnie doesn't really react in any way, shape, or form to the attacks or the verbal response from Francesca. He's like a statue of stature, a tower of power, a pillar of winner. While Gene winces on the other side of the screen, thankfully, he doesn't type anything to make Arnie show signs of weakness.

There is a moment pause before Arnold speaks. It doesn't PERFECTLY match up with his mouth and the tongue doesn't move as much as it should… But there is talking just the same. "I suggest that you stop your actions. I do not wish to get involved. You would fine it most… Unpleasant." A few keystrokes cause the gloved hand of Arnie to flex once before losing back to their original state. Gene silently hopes the threat of Arnie would be enough to deter the woman from continuing her assault, unaware that there might be other factors rapidly entering into the equation.

Unforunately for Gene/Arnie, Francesca doesn't take threats very well. And she certainly doesn't like Godzilla like men trying to tell her how to treat her victims. "Yeah, well, you're gonna find it very unpleasant when you have a trash can lid up your ass if you don't back the fuck off." Her foot isn't moving off of Lou's face, but that trash can lid does raise as if she would throw it at the intruder at any moment. In fact, she will if he tries to advance any further.

The loud horn and yelling from the car pull Claire's attention, and she catches sight of Orion just as he's ducking between the parked cars. She stops dead in her tracks, staring after him for several long seconds until she realizes that if she was hoping not to be noticed, standing still in the middle of the sidewalk is not the way to go about it. Drawing in a breath, telling herself that there is no reason to be bothered by the sight of Orion, Claire walks forward, closing the short distance to the alley in a matter of seconds. It's the discussion she hears from down the alley that catches her ear this time, and after taking a few steps back from the edge of the alley, she pauses again.

Orion quietly murmurs on his cellphone while tucked in between parked cars. He looks partially annoyed and partially concerned.

There is a long pause as Gene tries to figure out what to do. Tactically, giving the woman a powerful pimp slap would and should be enough to show her who she's dealing with. But that could harm her way too much. Regulating power is something he really has been able to test on people. Maybe when he finds out there are those that regenerate he can use them for human/killbot tests. After all, if they get a snapped neck? Aw well, lesson learned. For now, Gene must take the cautious side of things, not wanting to kill a person, much less an attractive (although seemingly EVIL) woman. Plan B would be a visible sign of force. But showing the strength of the killbot could cause her to try and take a hostage instead of focusing on him. A Plan C develops. A FIIIIIIENDISH Plan C. She wants to try and hurt Arnie? So be it.

Spreading his legs apart, Arnie gets into a wide stance. "Shove that can up my butt? I bet you can't even kick me in the junk right with those lady legs of yours." Fear the power of Plan C.

There's a moment of silence from Francesca while she just stares at the Arnold impersonator with something akin to confusion. Is this guy stupid or something? She's not about to let her foot up off of her hostage and let him run away, but she's not going to let this guy trash talk her either. Lips pressed into a straight line, she scoffs and then flings the garbage can lid right at his head. She's not exactly angry, but she certainly wants him to leave her alone so she can get back to business. "Why don't you just /piss off/, leatherhead."

That… is an interesting thing to overhear. Inwardly cursing her curious nature, but unable to resist looking, Claire presses her back up against the wall of the building to her side and creeps towards the edge of the alley. Not that she needs to be all that concerned about safety, but still. Instinct. After a brief hesitation, she turns around and leans just slightly into the alley, trying to take in what she can without making it obvious that she's looking. Orion may not be on her mind right this second, but he hasn't been forgotten; there's a voice nagging at her to keep an eye on him, too, though she largely ignores it.

The trash can goes right for Arnold's head. Time to see if he takes the damage well. Just because something is made out of metal doesn't always mean it can take a beating well. Just look at Battlebots. Some of those things go in one hit. Gene's current masterpiece, however, stands the test of trash can lid, with decent results. The bot doesn't even move, but it doesn't need to. The trash can will just give the sound an odd sound. It feels like metal on metal, but with the skin covering, no sound to suggest that it was actually metal. The shades move slightly, the robot seemingly more focused on adjusting his shades rather than the attempted blow.

Sighing, Gene figures it's time to pick up the pace a bit. He tries to motion for Arnold's hand to reach out, trying to secure whatever is on her upper torso as to lift her off the ground. It doesn't matter if she evades or not, his logic remains the same. "You will not hurt this man any longer. Leave this place before you make me angry," Arnie offers through the voice changer. There is a short pause before Gene knows what he must say now. "…You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Gene pauses as he figures he hears something. Even if he has Francesca in his grasp, Arnie will still turn to look with his head. There are people watching.

It's hard to get out of the way of grasping hands when you're trying to keep someone else on the ground. So, when Arnie reaches out to grab a hold of her, she doesn't get out of the way in time. Plus, she's lost her last weapon, the lid. The odd sound isn't really noticed at the moment, but she does glare as she's lifted up off the ground slightly. Using the leverage to not panic, but attempt (perhaps belatedly) do take him up on his offer and kick him right in the groin. "Put. Me. Down. Screw your anger." The man she was accosting slowly and groggily starts to pick himself up. "Lou. You move and you will be /very/ sorry when we're done."

When the trash can lid hits its target, Claire instinctively pulls back from the edge of the alley, flattening back against the wall again. Consequently, she finds herself more or less face to face with Orion, which is awkward. …to put it lightly. Orion's presence surprises her enough that she hisses, "Jesus!" Instantly, she wishes she'd made any attempt to have that be quieter, because there are people in the alley who might hear her. Adopting a perfect example of the 'deer in the headlights' look, she stares at him for a long moment, uncertain what she ought to be saying. After yanking the earphones from her ears and stuffing them down into her pocket, she simply frowns at Orion— before slipping around the corner into the alleyway and staring at the scene before her. This is interesting. It's the injured man who draws her attention, however, and she starts to creep towards him along one wall, hoping that Arnold and Francesca are both… otherwise occupied.

Orion starts to say something several times, but Claire is staring at him in just such a horrible, horrrible Bambi sort of way that the tall man pauses. He stares back at her for several seconds before she moves into the alleyway. Granger promptly facepalms.

"How did that fail?" he mutters under his breath.

When the kick to the crotch comes, it hits a powerful metal alloy with a thing fleshy cushion that is not at all natural. This may or may not hurt depending on the kick, but it sure as heck doesn't feel right. "You do not tell me what to do, woman. This man is under my protection… I hope you find someone to be under yours." With that, the killbot is given a simple arm movement and a release to somewhat forcefully put the woman down. Of course, Gene is still working out fine motor control for the humanoid killbots, so it kinda sorta might end up being a throw if the Mofia Momma doesn't do anything about it. "No one threats innocents under my watch," Arnie states as he tries to block people from getting to Lou, unsure if they are friend or foe at this point.

Clank? That….that's not a normal feeling when you kick someone in the crotch. Nor is the /reaction/. Men hit in that point should crumple and let her go. Not just toss her aside like a rag doll. When she's released, it's a little harder than she's expecting, so she kind of collapses under the strength, then she rolls and gets up onto her feet again. "Innocent," she snorts. "What planet are you from. This guy is anything but innocent." Eyeing what she's got left to keep Lou, she aims the kick at the trash can and then quickly moves so she can grab Lou and then hopefully get the hell out of dodge so she can finish her business.

Crap! Gene thinks to himself as he sees the attack. Thankfully, some actions Gene has 'hotkey'ed for moments like this. As the trash can flies, Gene presses one button. The button that will save him. The hotkey for…


Arnold give a powerful spinning roundhouse which crashes into the trash can and sends it flying toward the wall. If the show isn't enough for Francesca, the biker warrior will try and dismiss her with a backhand. While this was an attack of last resort, she seems to not be willing to satisfy herself with just talk. "Explain yourself or leave. There is no other choice unless you wish to do battle."

Gene pauses for a moment in his car as he notices the girl that he spooked off. Wait, that was the cute blonde that No, wait, Arnold is your friend, mystery lady! Gene is truly born under an unlucky star. Sighing, Gene just decides to go with his lame dialogue and robotic hard core-ness to have a nice day.

By the time Claire reaches the end of the alley, Orion Granger is nowhere to be seen. There is, however, a chalky white message is written on the wall where he once leaned. It reads 'Thank you' in small, terribly shaky looking writing. It looks like he scratched something against the wall until one or the other gave in enough to leave the message.

Dammit! What is /with/ this guy! "Look metal dick, just…get the hell out of here. This isn't your bus—" Anything else she's about to say is interrupted by the pimp slap move. Ready for such an action (or any action on his part) she ducks out of the way. Fed up with this, she decides that she can beat Lou up and get his information later. Using /him/ as a shield, she performs her own kick and kicks the 'innocent' in Arnie's direction. "Fine. Have him, hero." Lou knows that if he talks he /and/ his family is going to end up dead. She'll catch up to him later. Then, she makes a break to duck out of the alleyway.

Well, that's eerie. As she turns around the corner, fully expecting Orion to be there and to have to answer to a barrage of questions about where she has been, why she shouldn't be taken back with him right this second, how she saved his life, and who she is, Claire is met instead with the message scrawled in the wall. Was it there before? She has to think it was. With another glance cast down the alley, Claire can't help but frown, watching cautiously for another few seconds to try and discern whether Arnold is going to pick up where Francesca left off with Lou. Either she decides he isn't going to or she's spent too long staring, because she turns away from the alley and starts down the street. Quickly, it should be noted — much quicker than she was moving before.

Arnold doesn't try and block the hostage throw. While Gene almost commits a major boo-boo by pushing the hotkey for SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE of doom, he instead lets the guy crash into the robot. The glasses slide down the nose of Arnold for a moment, showing eyes that seem to be completely black. Swiftly, Arnold moves to adjust his glasses once more. Letting the aggressor get away for the time being, the robot turns its head slowly toward Claire. "Would you be able to look after this man and see what the attacker wanted from him? There are…" Crap, it would seem that she's run off too. And without another word, Arnold begins to make his way out of the alley after looking at Lou.

"How the hell can I beat the bad girl, save the guy, and everyone still thinks I'm the bad guy? This sucks." With a sigh, Gene begins to guide the robot back to a pick-up point. If Lou was badly beaten, Gene will call 911 to report seeing a beaten man in an alley. Otherwise, he'll let the man go on with his life while getting the heck out of dodge.

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