2008-06-07: The Greater Good


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Summary: Alliance between the Company and the Listmates is further cemented.

Date It Happened: June 7, 2008

The Greater Good

The Deveaux Building - Kory's Apartment

A note on paper with a gentle marble pattern (very fine paper, courtesy of Primatech Paper, so says the line on the bottom), written upon with neat penmanship and feminine calligraphy, flutters under the door of Kory Alexander's apartment. Precisely when she's home, precisely when she's apt to see it.

It reads:

Roof. Ten minutes.

In Peace,

There is no one lurking outside the door; whoever left the note is quiet as the shadows in the hallway.

Deveaux Rooftop

"The tides are turning. This is one step of many." Angela Petrelli looks out across the city, standing in front of the familiar architecture. A navy blue suit dons her form, bringing out the darker shades in the sky as the day turns slowly toward a cloudy sunset. Her arms are folded and she's pensive as she speaks to her companion. "Don't forget your training, but remember that you're not here as an agent or a spy. You're here as an ally in a war. Somewhere in that head of yours you remember how to be compassionate when it truly matters — rather than when it does not, as your former life had a habit of."

Benjamin stands by, dressed in a light summer suit, sweltering some in the New York heat. After a few months of training at the Alaskan facility, there's a need to acclimate again to the weather here. Hands clasped at the small of his back, he looks out across the city's skyline, happy to be back in the city he was born and raised in. Paying heed to the words and orders of his boss, he inclines his head in a nod, "Of course Mrs. Petrelli." He knows the lines once they're laid down, even if Meryl would smack him one for being such a 'Yes man' right about now.

In Peace, huh? That's encouraging, given how unpeaceful things in Kory's life have been lately. So she puts a hat on over her now-only-faintly-blue hair, and climbs the steps to the roof with a dish full of fresh baked blueberry scones. Because when you have a heavy task on your plate and you don't sleep and everybody else is asleep, you bake.

Kory raises a brow as she realizes Angela is speaking to someone else. "Mrs. Petrelli. Mr. Winters." Optimistic, but cautious.

Pleased enough with Benjamin's acceptance — although she does glance sidelong at the man with a faintly arching brow, critical, as if to make sure he understands, after all — Angela is quiet until Kory's approach. She turns around with a welcoming smile on her face; even so, the warm expression doesn't dampen the serious lines of her features, the weight in her observant eyes, or the general air of power surrounding the woman. She looks just as she did in the dream world; unlike that of some people's, the real woman matches up to the projected image.

"Ms. Alexander," A.P. greets, spreading her hands apart. "A pleasure to meet you in person. I'd like you to meet some friends of mine…"

Friends? A tall and dark figure — impossibly dark, until he steps out of the shadows behind Kory, emerging like a spirit out of the rooftop entrance. The Haitian says nothing; he simply steps to one side, folding powerful hands in front of him and giving their surroundings an ever-vigilant watch.

"…True to my word, I want us to work together," Mrs. Petrelli finishes.

Benjamin turns around to look when Kory approaches. His head is still full of holes, but he's come to grips with that. Because of those holes, Kory's vaguely familiar, but he doesn't remember a thing about her from a personal basis. It's all file related. "Miss Alexander," he says with a nod accompanying the greeting. Angela need not worry, much. Between the Haitian and Company training, he's right where they want him. As to the Haitian's approach, he's not surprised. It was expected, not to mention that grasp of his power, it was gone the moment he got within the radius of Tall, Dark and Spooky.

Poise. It's something people think they can hold together no matter the situation, but it's been a rough few days. Angela Petrelli is still as intense and serious in person as she is in the dreamtime. Benjamin — not much of a concern. She's met him before. She liked what she knew of him before the Elena situation. So no, no problems with poise there.

And then — the very tall man. Bigger and scarier than Usutu.

Don't drop the scones. Don't drop the scones.

"That's very encouraging to hear," Kory admits, with a nod. And a quirked brow of her own, all things considered. Because Kory was just thinking of how much more useful her ability would be if she could also put people to sleep. And now, the woman shows up with Benjamin. "And nice to see you again, Mr. Winters. Please, my friends — and those who help me save the world — call me Kory."

The Haitian's powerful presence comes and goes in a wave, though the man himself stays stone still. No one on this rooftop is barricaded from their abilities for more than a few instants. However, should any unwelcome visitors approach… Between he and Benjamin, no one needs to worry.

Angela steps forward to reach out for the dish of scones, as if this were a homey kitchen rather than a rooftop in Manhattan. "Put those down, dear. They look wonderful." The matriarch straightens. "Now. You should know that our … friend over there— " A pointed look to the Haitian beyond Kory who, as it happens, is staring unwaveringly at the dream walker, "Has the very special ability to negate the abilities of others. He and Mr. Winters, here, are some of the many resources we're willing to share. For the right reasons."

Benjamin doesn't remember the last time he saw Kory, that was ripped from him, so he gives no response. Finding silence the better approach than trying to reach for a memory that's no longer there. (And embarrassing himself in the process.) He's also finally 'at peace' with being referred to as a resource. A year ago, this would have been very uncomfortable, but now? It's a matter of fact and part of his job.

The scones are plucked from her hands, and Kory responds by folding her own hands in front of her in unconscious mirror of the gesture the Haitian is making. "…resources," she repeats, schooling her face to neutral but curious interest. "Please, continue. And help yourselves to scones."

"I'm sure you can imagine how helpful both of these men are," Angela goes on. Sure, she's speaking about Benjamin and the Haitian as if they're not there; she does take a step back and hold on to the elbow of Mr. Winters, however. She hands him the dish of Kory's baking, as well. "But I'm not offering them to you as weapons, nor am I under the impression that your friends are merely resources to be exploited. Benjamin would like to help you," she says, giving the agent an critical and encouraging look as if to say don't you, Benjamin?.

His own expression neutral, Benjamin is on alert as the head of the Company is exposed up here on the rooftop. Staying quiet, like a good little foot soldier, he waits to speak until he's asked to do so. (Although, he briefly entertains the thought of Meryl stapling things to his face for this before shaking it off.) A brow is briefly raised at the grasping of his elbow, then a frown at being handed the dish. This is /not/ part of the job requirements, not that he's going to smart off to Angela Petrelli about it. Once was enough. Not that he remembers the details. Holding the dish, and refraining from playing a pass along game with it, he smiles a little at Kory, "Of course I'd like to help." Mainly because Angela is telling him to. "The threat we face is greater than all of us, so we have to work together." Not really parroting what he's heard, he's just not sure what else to say.

"That's a relief, Mrs. Petrelli, as I would prefer not to use people — or think of them — as weapons. I prefer to think proactively and come up with a workable strategy on which to proceed." Which isn't working out as hoped, so far, but Kory can't really let that stop her.

She glances between the two men being …er…offered to her … and adds, "Though I can't deny their abilities would be inarguably valuable and helpful." A pause, before she decides that forthright is probably the best method. "Thank you. We're making progress, but a tangible display that the Company considers the threat of Pinehearst significant enough that we're all on the same side can't be received as anything but a good sign." At least, so the dreamwalker hopes.

There are other agents more impassioned to the cause than Benjamin is at the moment, but he's useful, and for now he'll have to do. The Director of the Company pats his arm before nodding to Kory. "Well, you are optimistic." The fact that Pinehearst is enough of a threat that they need to band together could be considered a bad sign, but it's all in one's way of thinking. "We need that." The gestures at Kory, offering a civil smile. "You've been rallying the masses, as it were; why dont you tell us about your progress?"

"We've been given gifts Miss Alexander, and in most circumstances, we have to treat them as weapons as those who are wielding them. It's not something I was always comfortable with thinking, unfortunately, it's a simple fact. Especially when people abuse what they've been given," Benjamin says, speaking his mind. He's seen enough, and done enough to be considered morally grey although, things are growing clearer for him. After saying his piece, he eyes the Haitian, then passes the dish to him. Here, hold this. Your turn now. He's no servant! (repose)

"Slower than I'd like," Kory admits to Angela. "But moving right along. We've established a secure method of internet communication." His name is Micah, but Kory isn't going to share that information unless asked directly. "And we have a few people in place at Pinehearst, one of whom is going to need a rescue. But getting that person extracted is already something we're in the planning stages for." Her face goes a little more serious. "And the plan is to pretty much bring the place to its knees as quickly and thoroughly as possible at this point."

"What I think will be a secondary concern is dealing with Novak Garibaldi. The professor has an agenda of his own, aside from whatever he's doing in accord with Pinehearst. From what I've seen of his dreams and those of his daughter… they could pose as big a threat as the Pinehearst situation…" at which point she nods to Benjamin in a sort of resigned way. "…and yes, much as I prefer it otherwise, sometimes weapons are the best words for our abilities. And if we have to fight with them. Especially in the latter case. But Mrs. Petrelli has made an excellent match, given your ability and mine. For which I'm especially grateful." She glances to the older woman and gives a respectful bob of her head.

The Haitian steps forward and takes the dish from Benjamin — it's polite. He stands as silently as ever back near the roof entrance, the only difference being that he's plus one dish of blueberry scones.

Angela nods slowly to Kory, sternly taking in the words of the young woman. "Pinehearst has 'weapons' at their disposal as well, and they'll have more, if they continue their experimentation." Then: "Elisabetha Belmont. Yes, I'm aware. Mr. Garbaldi was a friend of mine, long ago. Due to … Differing viewpoints, we took different paths. He means well, but his path will lead to nothing good if his daughter isn't taken care of." Taken care of; the words could be much more foreboding than they sound, all things considered."

Turning away from the others, Angela faces the rooftop edge and clasps her hands near the small of her back, holding lightly onto the delicate gold watch around one wrist. "If you need protection going into Pinehearst for your friend, I recommend the Haitian." That must be tall, dark and eerily quiet over there.

There are those words, again: 'taken care of'. "He still differs," Kory explains. "The man's dreams are nothing short of disturbing. His dughter is still malleable enough that we can get through to her. With the help of Lee Jones and Sophie Petrov, we plan to teach her everything her father has left out of her curriculum, the better for her to see what she's been missing. And to grow strong. My plan once she's done that is to introduce her to Rochelle, to make her body as strong as her mind, given he's kept the girl so weak she can't do anything but comply with his wishes." Twisted though they may be, is Kory's opinion.

She glances up at the Haitian, gives him a faint smile and a bob of the head. He hasn't said or done anything threatening, after all, and Benjamin and Mrs. Petrelli are right here. "I would be grateful of any assistance, ma'am," she tells Mrs. Petrelli, "as I'm sure the rescue team would be. I myself am not useful in any sort of aggressive capacity …" she pauses, and smiles hesitantly, "…until now, with Mr. Winters' help, that will change."

Benjamin's eyes narrow as he listens to the conversation. Sure, what the Company does is questionable, but it's for the greater good. What this man is doing to his own daughter? That's criminal. At least, in Ben's skewed vision. The smile he gives is grim in nature, "My range is still questionable, and I'm not as well trained as some lifelong employees, but I will do my best. I will aid you within my capacity and if I have to push myself, I will. With my assistance, we can minimalize those injured or killed, if it comes to that."

Sophie Petrov. Lee Jones. Rochelle. These names are taken in without surprise by Mrs. Petrelli, but on the latter, her eyes do narrow. "Rochelle?" she repeats, evidently unfamiliar with the name; however, she's quick to carry on.

Meanwhile, the Haitian nods in acceptance; he will aide them. His face is not entirely an emotionless mask. He has a look of conviction.

"Mr. Garbaldi understands his daughter's situation," Angela continues, "He's agreed let the Company take matters into their own hands, if she remains unharmed. If it can be avoided, very well. If you find your time is wasted, don't hesitate to let us know. Someone with her ability could take a downward spiral quickly, and drag everyone down with her."

The matriarch looks to Benjamin, dark eyes then roving pointedly to Kory. it is, indeed, a good match. "You said you wanted to bring Pinehearst to its knees," she speaks to the woman, "Benjamin is underestimating himself."

Kory gives Benjamin a warm smile. Something's different about him. He doesn't seem quite so conflicted or distressed as last time she saw him. She's not positive, but he seems to have his heart in the right place now. "We'll work around your range. I don't really want to get any closer to either of them than I have to. I don't want anyone to, truth be told. Nor do I want you to push yourself especially. I have a significant range. You can drive past, turn a waker into a sleeper, and then I can do the rest." She is already calculating, actually. "Which reminds me. Here." She searches for a moment in a pocket, then gives Benjamin a card. It is laminated and holographic in such a way that unless one holds it just so, it appears to have nothing printed on it. When one holds it correctly so the light catches it, it has nothing printed on it … but a five digit number. "That's the Muse line. Text me if you need me to see you in your sleep, or if you have someone sleeping you need me to see." Mrs. Petrelli doesn't get one. The woman can walk into Kory's dreams at will.

"She is actually willing, from what I have experienced with her, to see and do. To live, rather than exist. Between my abilities both unusual and mundane, Sophie's facility with memories, and Lee's academic knowledge, I believe we have a good chance of locking away the ability within her control."

"Well, I hate to take a company down," Kory admits to Angela's pointed glance. "All those innocent people losing their jobs. But compared to what lives will be lost if we don't — I'll be …more at ease… if and when the place is smoked out rubble."

"I'm merely being realistic. I've only been training hard for a year now." To be honest, Benjamin's done quite well. The training mixed with the removal of a good deal of his reservations makes for a frightening duo. Yet if he's needed to bring a large number of people to the ground, that portion is up for debate. He thinks about what Kory says, then nods. "Shouldn't be /too/ difficult in theory, the two of us tackling together." He steps forward and takes the offered card. It's looked over for a few moments then pocketed in his wallet. His own business card is handed over in trade. "Just in case," he says. "We do what we have to do," he remarks as he ponders the situation. "The good people at Pinehearst, those employees that haven't a clue as to what is actually going on? They can find more jobs with their talents. There are other companies who would hire them."

"A few people becoming unemployed is a small price to pay." Some will no doubt pay a higher price, a fact which Angela doesn't speak, but the sentiment is in her eyes. "Then we'll be in touch," she says decisively, whisking sharply across the familiar landscape of the rooftop. "Boys, don't be rude, try some of those baked goods," she demands as a sidenote.

"Of course. I can't help hoping for the best case scenario even though I know the likelihood is that we will need to pursue the worst case," Kory says, neither embarrassed nor apologetic for her sentiment. She acknowledges the sentiment with a moment of silence before a smile quirks her lips at Angela's indication that they sample the scones.

Fine.. Hardly the place or time to have a scone, but since it's insisted upon.. Benjamin reaches over to swipe a scone up from the platter. "Just tell me when, where and what and you'll have my assistance," he says before taking a bite.

Kory flips the card she's been given and pockets it somewhere on her person. "I assure you, you'll hear from me. Likely the message will read from 'The Muse'. The wisdom — or lack thereof — of using my given name has been illustrated clearly to me." It's an effort not to twirl guiltily a lock of her faded blue hair. "The text number is on a secure network, and thus the best way to contact me. The Secret Lair if you absolutely must."

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