2007-08-17: DF: The Greatest Adventure In The History Of Basic Cable


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Aileen dies! Except not really. It's all one of the Alliance's dastardly plans to save her and her test subjects.

Dark Future Date:

August 17, 2009

The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable

A Top Secret Government Facility

Lee and Rochelle are on their way in, riding in a large personnel transport truck. Aileen is where she is supposed to be, in her administrative office. The plan was brought by someone who helped her memorize it. Rochelle and Lee are disguised in military uniforms. They have military ID. The advantage of this military ID is that it is actually real - obtained through Aileen's top clearance. The place is understaffed to start with since the military's on top alert searching for the President. And then the contradictory orders issued from Aileen's office have left holes in the security. "Uh…go right on in, I guess." says the inexperienced guard on the gate. Lee rolls the window back up, faces forward.

Typetypetype. Over in her office, Aileen seems to be hard at work on her laptop, most likely doing some sort of compiling of data. Leaning back in her chair, she's got a half-drunk cup of coffee there as she glances back to door every once in a while, as well as the clock. Long day. Long day and lots of excitement to come. So far, she's not worried in the slightest.

Speaking of searching, George is on top-priority assignment to go hire the services of the one finder known to the government to be absolutely reliable. Even these days, with the Evolved not only publicized but elevated, the needed level of distance and accuracy is still rare. He isn't wasting any time - stopping by his desk just long enough to pick up the handful of items he needs for the task, then heading down the hallway toward the parking lot. Aileen's office is just past the corner there; he may as well stop in and see her before he hits the road. Thirty seconds isn't going to blow anything to hell, is it?

Put a scary-looking person in a military uniform, and it often plays out as an automatic point towards credibility; Rochelle fits the part rather nicely, even if under the straight-lined, dark glasses she is not really that frightening. Keeping her eyebrows knitted above the rims and a enlisting a perpetual frown on her face helps with the illusion. The dark gloves on her hands give small squeaks of displeasure at having their newness ruined by her repeated attempts to pull them on extraordinarily tight; if she cannot show impatience on her face, then there are always other ways of doing so. Once they are clear of the gate and crunch over the blacktop through the lot and to a stop, the squared hat on the woman's knee is brought back onto her head and over her hair by an almost strained hand. Okay, maybe she pulled too much. The field that encompassed the car and perimeter of it dies down, hovering to around Rochelle's own person. Alrighty. Time's a tickin'.

Lee glances in the back of the truck where there are three stretchers, and room for more. Two Alliance operatives are on the first two, and on the third, a bodybagged female corpse of Aileen's height, hair color, wearing a copy of her ID, and a set of her actual clothes. Gruesomely, the one thing the Alliance doesn't lack access to is corpses. "You guys good back there?"

"Scared as hell." quips one.

"Don't know why, you have the easy part." Lee replies. "Just lie still when Rochelle and her new friends take you to level two. You're sedated." The truck descends into the parking structure. Lee opens the window again. "Rochelle….break a leg. Better yet, break several. See you on level three." He puts his headset on, flips out the mike, pulls on his habitual messenger bag. Then he pulls himself out the window while the truck is still moving, landing on the ceiling. He walks across it to an air vent and produces a muted electric screwdriver to whirr it open in only a few seconds. He wriggles in.

The truck pulls up to the underground entrance, where it and Rochelle is met, not by medical personnel as they feared and worked to circumvent, but by a dweeby looking jerk in a HomeSec uniform. Clearly Evolved - nobody would ever hire him otherwise. "Who the hell are you? You're not on my manifest." he smirks.

No, nothing's going to be blown to hell in the next thirty seconds, sure. But who knows about the next few minutes. And Aileen certainly isn't expecting a visit for George. George? George /never/ visits. They hardly see each other outside of their shared living space save for the occasional meeting or the like. So George is not expected. Another glance at the time, and then the half-finished coffee mug is grabbed, and the doctor begins to head for the door. More coffee is needed.

In a romantic comedy, George would walk through the door from outside just as Aileen was walking through it from inside, and they would bump into each other and coffee would be spilled and then they would share a laugh about it.

This is, of course, not a romantic comedy.

Instead, she steps out just as he's rounding the corner, a good ten or fifteen feet away. Plenty of time to maintain composure. "Oh, hey— wanted to say bye real quick before I hit the road. Not that there should be any trouble, but—" He's put on a thin layer of kevlar under his usual outfit, just in case the walking shield gets separated from him during the upcoming op.

Well, this might not be a romantic comedy, but none the less Aileen is still surprised enough to nearly spill her coffee. Securing the mug carefully, the doctor blinks. "George!" After a moment of surprise, she quickly smiles. "This is a nice surprise. You never really drop by." Bridging the gap between them, Aileen moves to lean in and kiss him. "It's good to see you." She focuses on him for a moment, nodding a little bit. "Well.. I certainly hope there's no trouble.. but you've always been a careful man. I'd say be careful but I already know you've got it covered." This shouldn't be a problem. He's just saying goodbye and she doesn't expect him to have much of a reason to stick around, so it's unlikely this will sidetrack anything but her coffee run, which can easily be finished in a moment.

Over and under her uniform, Rochelle is at least dressed to the nines in terms of having defenses. As far as other things go, there is an equally angry looking and large gun wound over her back as she gets out of the truck to meet the Jerk having intercepted them; things inside of the truck are dead silent, as one would hope. The gun nor negation field are produced, and in place the military identification is shown; false name, false rank, but a very real person looming in front of this bit of security. "Watch your tongue around me, or I'll put it in my pocket and watch it for you." Said in a practiced and official tone. "Sergeant Atlanta. I'm here to deliver some particulars extremely time sensitive to Doctor Kincade." The ID is out long enough for the man to look at it well. "I am not on your manifest because these certain resources are extremely recent acquisitions and are time sensitive enough that I was sent directly to deliver them to her facilities. Have you moved stretchers before, lad? I've got three in there, so you are going to assist me, or call some of your medical personnel to do so instead. Your choice, but I would rather we make this quick and as seamless as possible and get those professionals out here so that you can continue with your duties." The hiss of leather on leather can he heard behind her back when her hands rest there; the dark glasses seem like pools, and the hat casting a shadow on her face makes that militaristic nature stand out tenfold.

Lee wriggles through the vents and drops into an empty file room. Thermite here, thermite there. He jams a screwdriver into the lock on the door, clicks the headset to signal Rochelle and the other operatives to move to the next, more aggressive phase, and waits for the lights to go. If it takes longer than two minutes, something's wrong.

The Jerk is overawed and stammering by the time Rochelle finishes with her intimidating speech, "Uh…yes. Right. Sure, I can move them." With his mind, as it turns out, lifting them one by one out of the back with telekinesis and bringing them in towards the elevator. Up to level two they go. "Uh…is there a reason the dead one…" He trails off, he really doesn't want another speech from Rochelle, so he doesn't ask any questions about where the zipped-up body bag is going. He pushes them, with her, down the hallway…nearing the door to the maintenance center…

George returns Aileen's kiss, giving her waist a squeeze for good measure. "I haven't had to go track down the boss before. /Lots/ of people will have fingers in this pie— God only knows what'll happen." Upon disengaging, he waves and continues on his way. Is he on a collision course with those floating stretchers?

Rochelle has cut the question off with a growling attempt at a cough regardless. Following the officer inside at a brisk pace, she keeps behind him much like an overbearing nanny; at least, up until the moment where her field pulses outward. Several things seem to occur at once. Powers stop, wheels halt, Rochelle's gloved hand lifts, and seconds later the telekinetic guard gets a face full of concrete wall right outside of the maintenance center door. Crunching was probably heard, and there is a smear of red down the white paint, but he'll live. At least, with some plastic surgery. "Thanks, buck. Move it, fellas." She issues this to the seemingly sleeping men, nudging the stretchers awake. For measure, she even turns the KO'd officer's nifty little ability into the off position.

"Take care, George." Aileen calls after, watching George as he heads off. As soon as she sees him out of sight, though, she's off to the break room with her cup of coffee. She stops at the breakroom, reaching in to drop off the mug before she hurries off to her next destination, stopping in the hallway. Where she waits. She's got to give it time. She needs to make sure George is out.

The two 'sedated' people pop up from their stretchers and begin to push them back towards the elevator. "You hit the power and then security. We're going for the detainees." says the Alliance operative with the short blonde hair. They leave Rochelle with the corpse. It has to go up in the fire. Lee says into the headset, "I'm in position and the files are good to go. Whenever you're clear, Equalizer." He still likes that name better than 'Leech'.

By now, this is a familiar enough route to have become routine. Round this corner, then the next one; tap the elevator button hard, otherwise it tends to stick. Must get on someone's case in Facilities about that, but no time for that n—

The /hell/. As he rounds the second corner, George spots the operatives from behind, and beyond him, the bloodied body of the telekinetic. Quickly, he ducks back out of sight. Grab cell phone, switch to text messaging. Recipient, local groups, security. SITUATION CORRIDOR 23/B.

Remaining where she is for the moment, Aileen takes in a few moments to ensure that George must be out of the building. One second more. She's anxious. Finally, unable to sit still any longer and she's sure she's been waiting long enough, she moves quietly for the stairwell in the opposite end of the hall, which was to be her rendezvous point.
Rochelle 's first order of business is to undo the body bag and leave the decoy in the open. She takes considerably better care of that duty than she did with the guard. Second order is forcing her way into the locked maintenance room. Inter-office locks aren't made for withstanding too much force, so the boot that comes down on it has little trouble careening in on itself. As soon as the door is clear, the power to the entire building is too. Plug pulling results in the sounds of meltdown; lights flicker black, whirring machines grind to a halt, and the electronic securities whine into static. Speaking of security, the backup generators in the room adjacent make an attempt to fire up long enough to do their intended job of saving the place; unfortunately, Rochelle is in that next room as they do so, and once they do their duties firing up - the first thing to load on the security's computers is not good for them at all. A flash USB drive does wonders when you need a portable virus or three, and the one drive dealt to Rochelle meets its digital rival in the systems of Aileen's facilities. Silent crashes are oddly some of the most effective.

The security team is not where they are supposed to be and not /who/ they are supposed to be, but they do respond. "Fuck." says one of the Alliance operatives, and runs for the opening elevator doors with the gurneys. Into their radio one says "Busted, civvie on three!" while the other, brandishing a gun at George, says, "Take the next one." Ding! The doors close, leaving him in the hallway with the corpse Rochelle dumped now visible. The lights flicker, come back up as emergency, dimly lit glows - the signal to Aileen and Lee. Lee emerges from his hiding place, jamming the lock shut behind him. The cameras now have shown Aileen going to the area where the corpse will be discovered burned beyond recognition. "Someone saw something. We've got to move fast." he tells her. "Equalizer, do you see anything? Clear any civvies out of the hallway, we don't want anyone alive in this fire if we can help it, it's going to burn fast and hot."

George stuffs the phone back into his pocket. Fortunately, there is more than one security team on the premises, but the others will require a non-zero amount of time to converge on the hot spot. Meanwhile, he holds his hands up in the air - see, unarmed! (sorry, left my glasses at home) - but, at the same time, aims a sharp look at Operative #2's firearm. "You really should clean that piece more often, you know."

"Shit. Are you serious?" Aileen murmurs, glancing back to Lee as he appears. "It has to be George. He wasn't supposed to be here. Things are going to get really ugly, really fast if he figures out all of what's going on. He can't see the corpse… if he figures out that much we'll be really screwed." Her gaze flickers back down the hallway carefully, then back to Lee, ready to move on his mark.

Civvies make for problems. Evolved civvies for even more. Rochelle extends her field a bit further now, a precaution as she moves back out to the hall, moving onward like something on the prowl. Finally, the BFG on her shoulder is in her arms. Click. A white flashlight on the gun is flicked on, leather gloves working to make it more than ready to fire. As long as she appears scary, it will do its job. "Nothing yet. Don't want'em alive period, or don't want'em alive to be a casualty? Want him for yourself?" Differences. He can come if he needs to, but. "Come'ere and play with me, now." This echoes in a drawl down the dim hall, the gold lights above contrasting on Rochelle's pool-like glasses along with the bright flashlight. The corpse is invisible in the dark, sprawled out beside the guard. It might as well be nothing important even if George did see it down there at the far end. He, however, has the woman with the gun to worry about instead, as well as the impending loss of his powers in 3…2…1.

Operative #2 was still too jittery from coming across somoene who was where he should not be to do more than look at George confusedly at his quip, as the door closed. Indeed, no shot is fired, whether it be fate or discipline to minimize killing on Alliance missions. Maybe they are the same tonight.

Lee says, "Up the stairs. Go to the window at the end of the hall and get ready to jump when the truck comes out of the parking garage." The exit passes right under the window, and of course the operatives will have the top open and ready to catch her if he's not there to make gravity suck them both right into the thing. Because it looks like Lee's going to have to do some stuff. Into his headset: "Equalizer, I am doubling back to intercept anticipated security. Knock him out and put him with the gurney guy in the closet." The closet's quite secure and fire-resistant, they'll easily be rescued, it's where Rochelle is supposed to stash any resistance she comes across.

Sure enough, three security officers come up the stairs that Aileen just ascended and come out into the hallway. They have their guns at the ready for anyone they might see that doesn't belong there. They don't, however, check the ceiling, which is where Lee is crouching. A moment later they plummet upwards with a CRASH, their guns scattering across the roof.

George steps forward, hands still in the air. Still unarmed! No bang bang! "You really don't want to—" he mostly bluffs.

And then trails off. He saw this person before, a couple years back. That evening on the subway, when everything got shot all to hell. (Literally. On a much smaller scale, though.) You don't forget a day like that easily— or a build like Rochelle's, either.

Abruptly, and against all logic, he relaxes. "Oh, hey, the bodybuilder! Haven't seen you in /forever/. Wow, where'd you get the—?" He trails off, gesturing at the weapon; it's an impressive piece of workmanship, if you've forgotten to worry about being on the wrong end of it.

Up the stairs Aileen goes, following the instructions. She silently curses her luck. It always had to be complicated. She did get to see George again and, well, in a way, say goodbye. She just didn't want to run into him once he found out. Of all people to get caught up in this it had to be George. Aileen quickly moves down the hall, opening the window. She peers down, waiting quietly for the truck but keeping an eye out as well. No one should end up near her here. She should be fine. She waits for the truck.

"You ain't seen me cause I don't really wanna be seen. Despite how easy it is to actually…see me." Rochelle answers him with a hint of a smile and a far more gentle voice than she might have used had he said nothing, but in moments he meets the wrong end of the gun in a new way, when the heavy weapon comes down like a swoop of figurative death. KLUNK. If George isn't out cold right away, he's hardly going to be coherent while Rochelle gathers him and the guard together in order to stash them away where they will be relatively safer. Then, it's escape time.

Lee drops the security detail back on the floor and then their dazed bodies shoot into the stairwell, where they tumble over each other downwards, thus protecting them from the fire as well as getting them out of his way. The truck stops for Rochelle, loaded with detainees, and then it emerges from the building and Lee and Aileen jump down onto the roof, squirming into the back. It's a tight fit with the patients and the unconscious ones on the stretchers….but it's a lot better than being back in that hallway, where jets of superheated flame gout out of the destroyed file room, and smoke begin to billow upwards. The team makes its escape, and sure enough, in less than an hour, military firefighters are cutting George and the Evolved guy out of the closet. And giving him the bad news. Aileen is dead.

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