2007-03-30: It's The Hair.


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Summary: Sean tells Riya a couple of his deep, dark, dramatic secrets. Then she pulls him into the bathroom with her for her shower. It's gotta be the hair.

Date It Happened: March 30, 2007

It's the Hair.

Sean's flat.

Light dawns early on one of the last days of March, and into the bedroom of Sean's Apartment. Er, flat. Er. Thing. Riya has her head pillowed on one arm, still nearly, mostly, asleep, breathing light and easy. It looks to be about mid-morning for those awake and alive enough to care; for others, sleep is just gettng very, very good.

Sean is, despite all logic, a fairly early-to-rise person, and is already up, puttering about the kitchen, making coffee and sipping a cup of orange juice, sitting in the light of that eerie time, just after dawn. The door's open, despite the time of the year - and it's actually not that bad, truthfully - in his fairly light pajama pants and open shirt, he's only a little bit chilly. And that will be fixed when he gets some coffee into him, anyway. Or when he has a shower - he hasn't yet, and it's pretty obvious with his new haircut - his short hair is sticking every which way.

Why hasn't he had a shower yet? He's lost deep in thought, staring out his flat's window, which admittedly has a pretty decent view of the surroundings, but he isn't seeing the city. He's thinking about Riya, and what they admitted to each other last night. "I love you." Three very simple words - he could speak them in about eight different languages, and probably would to Riya at some point, just for interest's sake. But the weight that they had behind them, and the accompanying fear of revealing that he's not all smiles, kisses, and dinners… well, that terrifies Sean.

Despite all logic and early enforced betimes with the Rockettes, Riya shows no signs of being awake-awake as she sits up in bed, light sheet over her shoulders as she peers around bleary eyed. The other side of the bed is eyed, then the girl stands and slips into a pair of short-shorts and a striped green tank top before she makes her way out of the room and into the living room/kitchen.

She leans against the doorway and she crosses her arms, gazing at Sean, who is gazing out the window. I love you. So many words, so many fears, and now it's time to get them all out. Clearing her throat, Riya says softly, words hanging in the air: "Sean?"

Riya's voice brings Sean out of his reverie, and he turns to her, getting out of his chair to get up and walk over. "Hey, Riya." He hugs her, and kisses her, just briefly. "I made coffee, d'you want some?" he says, listening for the sound that his coffee machine makes when it's still in the process of brewing, and not hearing anything. Excellent timing, life!

Walking to meet him, Riya gives Sean a hug while he's busy listening to the Coffee Machine, and after that brief kiss. "Hmm. That sounds lovely." She admits, ready to trail after him like a duckling.

Sean leads Riya into the kitchen, grabbing two coffee mugs from the cupboard above the sink and filling them up with delicious, delicious coffee, and putting them on the table, with a container of Irish Cream creamer and some sugar. Hooray for being prepared!

"How'd you sleep?"

"Meh." She says simply, a grin covering her face. It's not so much the sleep as something else, even as she sleepily dumps like two cups of sugar and cream into her coffee before sipping at it. "Mmmm. Coffee." Or Death By Sugar, as it's been called.

Sean cocks his head at the amount of sugar Riya puts in her coffee, and holds back the old "Would you like some coffee with your sugar?" comment, and puts in a couple spoonfuls of sugar and a healthy amount of creamer before mixing it together and sipping. "Mmmm. I love this creamer."

Grinning again at Sean's look, Riya comments, "Hey. I have to wake up somehow, and it's either lots of sugar, or a shower. Sugar was offered first, and this is good creamer." She admits, sipping at more coffee. Nom.

At the word "shower", Sean realizes he still hasn't taken his. Shiiit. "Yeah, I usually need both of those before leaving the flat in the morning… And as you can tell," he runs a hand through his hair, most of which is standing on end still. "I haven't taken a shower quite yet." He laughs a bit. In reality, it wasn't as bad today as it can be, and he's seen people take hours in the bathroom to get their hair looking like his.

Turning from grins, to giggles, Riya finishes sipping her coffee as she watches and listens to him, eyes twinkling in mischief. "We're alike in that regard, then, darling. I - you were trying to tell me something last night, before, ah- got busy?"

/Ohhhhh, shit./

That is what is going through Sean's mind right now. Last night…

"Uhhh… yeah." He clears his throat. "I've gotta tell you something that's really good, but… first, I've gotta… well, start off with something bad, so hear me out, okay?" He smiles at her, his worry about what she might think evident in his eyes.

GAME: Riya has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

Head cocked to one side, Riya raises one light-colored eyebrow as Sean goes on and starts. "O-kaaaaaay…" She drawls, smiling back as she stands to go get more coffee, even though her eyes are still on him. She's a little bit worried at the look in his eyes.

Sean takes a deep breath and attempts to keep his foot out of his mouth. He's had luck with that recently!

A few years ago, I owned a bar, and I was pretty much raking in the dough. It was great - but then it burned down, and because of some stupid technicality I never really understood, I couldn't collect the insurance. I was out of work for six months.

"So when my next egg ran out, I ended up stealing, too damned proud" — he spits the word out, annoyed at himself as always for his pride — "to ask my twin brother for help, even though he would pretty much invite me into his home if I needed it." He sighs, checking Riya's face for her reaction. "But… you made me stop. Thinking about you, what you would think, I don't even consider it anymore. Hell, my boss handed me a wad of cash the other day and told me to count it, he had no idea how much was in it… and, thinking about you, I couldn't bear to take a little off the top, even though I think he was expecting me to." He smiles weakly at her, letting her get a word in if she wants.

/Crap, I need to… actually let her respond once in a while…/

GAME: Riya has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GOOD.

Foot in mouth disease. 'nuff said.

Eyes fix on Sean's own, and she listens quietly, coffee cup held 'tween her hands as she continues listening. She opens her mouth once or twice to speak, but thne she hesitates and lets him continue- however, unlike many people in the world, she can go straight too the two things. "I'm supposed to believe you didn't steal any and…" A pause.

"You thought of me and it helped you make that choice?"

Sean laughs a bit. "Thinking of you saved me my job, as a matter of fact. My boss had caught on to who I was, and when I walked out of the back room, with money counted, organized, and neatly stacked, he demanded I turn out my pockets then and there - if I'd taken anything, he would have turned me out on the street, probably with my nose in a new shape." He smiles. "And on top of that… you've stopped me drinking as much as I was." He smiles again, oddly on the brink of tears, but looking away from her, not wanting her to see. "I just… they say you shouldn't change yourself for anyone, that people should love you for who you are. But I want to change for you, Ri."

He turns around. "I meant what I said last night. I love you."

Watching Sean turn from her, Riya reaches out one hand, but it pauses as she listens to him talk, her own gaze troubled. When he turns back to her, she opens and closes her mouth, eyebrows knit. Then he turns back, and that one hand travels out to caress his cheek gently before she starts talking back to him. "I have never heard anyone be so honest to me, ever." She says, voice choking- she's oddly touched. "And I loved you for what you were, and I love you still… and I won't ask that you do anything for me." A long pause before her hand travels down to cup his chin.

Sean gets up and hugs Riya tightly, taking the opportunity to wipe his eyes behind her back. Then, pulling back, he laughs, trying to break as much tension as he can. "So. Breakfast? That wasn't exactly how I'd hoped to start the day off, but…" He chuckles a bit. "Definitely glad to get that off my chest. Any" he tilts his face down, wriggles an eyebrow, smirks, and lowers his voice dramatically "dark, dramatic secrets of yours?"

Poor Sean. All he gets is a raised eyebrow, then she shrugs. "Not that I know of… heh." She says, leaning into the hug before he pulls away. "I'm not hungry, a shower's prob'bly a good idea at this point, first." Then she steps back into the hug to give him an overly-long kiss.

Sean responds to the overly-long kiss, and waits for it to come to its natural end before pulling away. "Sounds good - I'll let you go first." /Then I can figure out some way to show you my… what did Namir call it? My 'special ability'? Shit./
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Pouting slightly, for some reason, Riya then smiles and blows a kiss over her shoulder at Sean as she trots back to the bathroom. "Thanks!" Here's how to do it- grab her, right now, when she's out of arm's normal reach.

Acting on impulse, and some little voice in his head, going "grab her, right now, when she's out of arm's normal reach", Sean does exactly that - he extends his arm the extra foot (ha, ha, ha!) and grabs her by the shoulder. "Uhh, Riya? One… One more of mine, just before you shower. It's nothing horrible, just a bit…" He waits for her to turn before saying "…unique."

GAME: Riya has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GOOD.

Ahh, little voices in your head- they are quite lovely, and Riya blinks as Sean manages to grab her - then she turns and sees Sean's arm, and the girl muffles a shriek, and she stares at Sean. You might want to start talking.

Sean shrinks his arm, letting go of Riya's shoulder, closing his eye a bit at her reaction. "Still, it could have been worse…" he mumbles aloud, without realizing it, then opens his eyes and smiles at her. "I'm not sure exactly what this is, to be completely honest. I can… well, I can stretch my body, or shrink it." He holds up his hand and grows it a bit, hen shrinks it to half-sized, then back to normal. "I've always been able to do it, and… well, you're the third person I've told. Ever. Period. Not even my twin brother knows - and the other two people, Namir and Alyssa were sitting there when I used it out of pure reflex…" He sighs.

There's a rather funny long pause, then Riya asks, throatily: "You can stretch /anything/ on your body and your body alone?" Her eyebrow raises, and for some reason, a grin appears on her face.

Sean bursts out laughing. "Yeah, though I can honestly say that I, err, don't stretch out /that/ part of my body routinely." /Not ROUTINELY, per se…/

Right. It's evident that Riya doesn't believe that, but she's not complaining, as she's reaping the benefits. She then giggles and crosses the rest of the way to him, to kiss him again; then she hooks an arm around his waist and starts drawing him to the bathroom with her. "Alright, alright." She says, continuing to giggle.

Let's just say that Sean definitely likes where this is going. He laughs as he closes the bathroom door, with both of them inside.

Gotta be the hair.

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