2007-05-18: The Hard Goodbye


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Summary: After leaving Peter's apartment at 1:00 am, Elena gets a phone call from a frantic Drake, who tells her of something urgent and that he is leaving New York. The phone call ends with Elena not having a clue where her best friend is going, or if he ever plans to return.

Date It Happened: May 19, 2007

The Hard Goodbye

Somewhere in New York City

It is late in the night, about one in the morning, when Elena's phone begins to ring, flashing the caller ID of Neo across the screen. Where is he at? He's tucked himself away somewhere the light doesn't touch the street, having hidden himself in the shadows of the more broken part of the city.

~Any moment anything can change…
Feel the wind on your shoulders….
For a minute, all the world can wait…
Let go of your yesterday… ~

Elena is, surprisingly, NOT asleep. In fact she's on a cab on the way home. She's well aware that it's incredibly late, but she had just left a friend who was suffering from a fever, and the rest of the voyage home from downtown area was spent in a contemplative sort of silence. At the ringtone though, she blinks, recognizing it as Drake's. Digging into her pocket, she pulls out the cherry-red thing, and flips the top, answering it. "Hello? Drake?" she asks. "What's up?"

There is the sound of traffic in the background, whizzing by, and Drake's voice comes out frantic. "Elle just tried to kill me! She said that .. she.. she said… that if I don't turn myself in to the Company, she was gonna kill me. She was .. she was trying to laser me… and.. and I had to.. I had to …" He's wheezing, practically out of breath, his voice strained, and sounding as if he's in pain. "I had to hurt her Elena. I had to save myself." Crying? He's definitely crying, his voice blubbering out.
"Wait, hold on…where are you?" Elena says, her eyes widening. Elle…tried to kill Drake? But….Peter said she was getting better. "What….what were you doing in the same place as her anyway? I told you to lay low!" She can't help the rise in her voice, but she squashes it down as she looks at the taxi driver who's glowering at her, and then she hisses into the mouthpiece. "Drake, what happened?" she whispers urgently. "Where. ARE. You?"

"I was on the Devereux building, where I always meet Pete for training. I was just up there by myself, practicing, and suddenly she comes out on the roof, and starts telling me that -I'm- crazy, and that I need help, and that I need to be brought in. Then when I told her I wasn't going to, she started flinging.. lightning at me." Drake says in a shaky voice into the phone. "She electrocuted the fire escape so I can't get away. I.. I had to fight back. I told her to stop, that I didn't want to hurt her.."

Her first question was -how- she managed to find him….until Elena realizes that Elle was the one who had brought him in to the Company's hands in the first place. She also remembers the tracking radioisotope that was still in Drake's body. She rubs her face. She believes Drake. She had to, he was her best friend, but….she thought Elle was acclimating herself with normal life now, too. Why would she just…? And when Drake responds that he had to hurt Elle, she can't help the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Shit. She wonders if Elle told Peter. "Where are you?" is all she says again, rubbing her face. One after another. Her days seemed -endless- these days.

"I'm leaving, Elena." Drake says with a controlled voice, forcing himself to speak. "I'm leaving.. I.. I don't know if I'm coming back here. I can't take this anymore. I'm not going back to the Company. I won't let them take my memories again." There's a quiet pause for him. "I just wanted to say good-bye."
"Wh….WHAT? Leaving -where-?" Elena says, her voice rising again. "Where are you going?? What about your mom? Drake, where ARE you?" Granted part of her feels that perhaps this was the best. It was pretty apparent now that the Company knew who Omega was, and if they went after him, seriously went after him, he can't outrun them forever despite his powers. Still, that strong sense of guilt and grief wells up within her. He was leaving, and he didn't intend to come back.

".. I.. I can't tell you where I'm going. If they… if they try to find out through you, they may.. they may go into your head, and use you, or something. I don't know. I just can't tell anyone." Drake says between his choked sobs, trying to force his voice steady. "I can't go back home, they may be watching, they may try and hurt my mom. I just.. I can't do this anymore. All I wanted to do was help people, Elena." He says, his voice defeated. "I just wanted to make other people's life easier, give them something to depend on when the worst happens. I just.. I just wanted.. the city to sleep soundly at night."

"No one person can do that, Drake. -Where are you-?!" He was leaving. He was LEAVING. Elena can't help but panic, the thought of her best friend disappearing -alone- to God knows where is making her heart beat faster. She wanted to sick up. He was 16. He was only 16 years old! What the hell did he know about what's out there?! How was he going to support himself?! She takes a deep breath, and narrows her eyes in focus, trying to hear the sounds in the background in the other end. It sounds like traffic.

There is a lot of traffic behind him, moving in, and out of the background, followed by the loud howl of honking horns. "I know that now." Drake says, his voice soft, and shaky. "Maybe it's not God's will for me to help those who need it. This city is sick, Elena. We know what the future holds for us. We know that.. we aren't gonna make it anyways." With a tight voice, he says. "G'bye. I love you." Click. The phone goes dead, leaving only the empty dial tone after the systems shut on the other side.

"Drake, don't be so ha— Drake!" The line on the other side is dead. Elena slumps back on her seat, the hand holding the phone dropping limply on her side as she looks out the window. It was late, it was so late, and he sounded like he was in the middle of traffic. This was NEW YORK, said traffic could be anywhere. Tears burn at the back of her lids, though her pride refuses to let them fall. Not when she's in a cab all alone with a cab driver who already thought she was weird.

The cab driver slows to a stop at a red light, and turns to look at her. "Need to make another stop?" he asks. See? Cab drivers can be nice in New York.

"…no…" Elena says, after taking a deep breath. "Just….keep going to Queens."

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