2007-10-08: The Here And Now


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Summary: After Nathan agrees to stay at Bat Country Labs for the night, he and Peter have a game of Monopoly, and a discussion.

Date It Happened: October 8th, 2007

The Here And Now

Brooklyn - Bat Country Labs

The private rooms in Bat Country are in a slightly different area than the labs themselves. Peter's waiting in the hallway instead of in the room, though, because someone has to greet his brother and bring him back to them. He's dressed in normal clothes, but after the attack by Mandy his hair is shorter than it had been before— not quite an army cut, but very close to one. Shorter than it'd been even after he just escaped from the Company. He's also rather pale on sight, eyes tired and fatigued. He has a phone in hand. It's likely he made a few more calls after the one he made an hour ago to his brother. Another reason he's out in the hallway. Better reception.

Soon, the sound of footsteps will alert Peter to his brother's presence. Nathan is dressed comfortably in jeans, shoes, a light sweater, along with a warm looking woolen jacket, and in one hand, he holds a duffle bag which swings low by the ground as he walks. Compared to Peter, he doesn't look too bad. By normal standards, there's clearly something wrong. Paleness having become a feature, the dark circles under his eyes stand out, as if he hadn't been sleeping well at all. There is a certainly feverish quality to his appearance, drawing his age lines just a little deeper. As he approaches his brother, looking him over critically, Nathan holds something out for Peter to take - a longish, flat cardboard box he'd had under his arm. Monopoly. Call it an impulse, he'd grabbed it on the way out. Once its taken, Nathan pulls his jacket around himself a little tighter, as if cold. "Aren't we too old for sleepovers?"

Both the Petrelli brothers appear to be having problems with chills. Peter shivers even as he looks up at the man approaching in the hallway. He's still wearing his coat as well, even if he shouldn't need to in this hallway. Slipping the phone into the inside pocket of his coat, he reaches out to accept the offered boardgame and can't help but smile faintly at it. He starts to stand up, having to lean against the wall a little once he's to his feet. "You'd think so, but… not the case." He really does look pretty bad, similar to how he'd look when his brother picked him up in Odessa, Texas almost exactly a year ago. "Monopoly?" he asks, holding the boardgame up a bit. "Come on, we're going to be staying back here," he nods with his head, before leading the way. It'd only had one bed when Cass led him down here, but he had an hour to get one moved in and make his phone calls.

"Didn't have time to find a deck of cards," Nathan says, in his defense, as he follows Peter. Which doesn't make a lot of sense, it's not like he had a deadline to stick to. Perhaps he had his own deadline. No, Heidi will not be happy about the note left on their bed, but better safe than sorry. Once in the room, he tosses the duffle bag onto the bed and unzips, pulling out a bundle of clothes that had been separated into a plastic bag. Nathan is an organised packer, okay. He offers it out to Peter. "Merry Christmas." If one were to look into the contents of the duffle bag, it's obvious he followed Peter's advice, bringing clothes for himself… but not many. He leaves it as is, arms folded around himself as he sort of just stands awkwardly for a few moments, looking around the room, then back towards Peter. Yeah, he recognises this. "How're you feeling?"

"Right," Peter says with a hint of a smile, dropping the Monopoly board down onto the smaller of the two beds. It's a cot really, hense how it was able to get wheeled in so quickly. The bag, a Christmas present of sorts, is also sat down on his bed, a glance inside showing that there's clothes for both of them, albet more for him. He's not running for office. As long as he doesn't leave the state and break bail, he's got no major worries when it comes to staying in here— Except the three villains running around, the end of the world and… yeah. "I've been better," he says with a hint of a shiver. He's quiet for a moment, but then, with his hands empty, he moves forward and wraps his arms around his brother. He's feverish, that's for sure, but he's breathing and standing. "We'll be okay, Nathan."

Well Peter's not rambling incoherently about dreams and explosions, so there is that. Nathan is still sort of studying his brother's condition that he barely notices when Peter is close enough to hug, so there's a pause before Nathan returns it, hands flat on Peter's back. "I know," he says, and does sound like he means it. He's not the kind to get sick often, so a flu is unusual enough let alone a virus, but he's not quite ready to start seeing it as something world-ending just yet. Then again, he didn't see the quarantine tents in that dream. His hands move to Peter's shoulders, pushing his brother back again, albeit gently - and a little towards the bed, as if preferring to see him seated, should he do his coma trick. "Besides, been looking to take a day or two off," he says. "And this'll get me out of all the soup Heidi's been forcing my way."

No coma trick for the moment, as Peter moves back and sits down as requested. But he does look pretty weak and tired. He'd been bad off the night his brother rescued him, but that'd been a different kind of bad-off. He's not shaking because of fear, so much as just feeling cold. "Couple days off never hurt anyone. Hopefully we'll know if it's contagious or not pretty fast. Then we can go home." He takes in a slow, unsteady breath, then looks back toward the Monopoly board beside him. "The future's different," he says softly, almost sounding delirious, really. "I don't know what I did to change it, but it's different." Surely someone would have mentioned a virus outbreak. Elena especially. "What do you think happens to the future that I left when it's changed? The people that I left behind?" It's a rather odd piece of conversation to bring up right now, but…

On the other side of the Monopoly board, Nathan sits down on the same bed, having taken out a bottle of water from the duffle bag, taking a long sip as Peter talks. That last question moves him to raise an eyebrow over at Peter, and he takes off the lid of the Monopoly board. "You wanna be banker?" he asks, extracting the board, laying it flat on the cot. He also extracts the dog and race car pieces, setting them out, as he adds in a milder, slightly more solemn tone, "I don't know what you did to change it, Peter, but maybe you haven't, yet. Maybe this virus thing'll be over in a couple of days." The bottle of water is offered over. "I don't think there's any people to leave behind. You're in the place you're supposed to be."

"You can be banker. You always accuse me of cheating when I am," Peter says softly, shifting on the bed so that he can be in a better position to play, toeing off his shoes before he draws his legs up. The dog is accepted to, held in his hand quietly for a time. It'd always been his piece— ever since he was a kid. It's laid down when the board is set up, joining the fast and furious racecar that denotes his brother. "Maybe you're right… maybe I didn't change anything and we'll all be back to normal in a few days…" If they just thought it was the flu, not a terrible world ending virus, it could have faded out and no one would mention it in the future. "But I have to believe they're still there. I mean I know… some people aren't there anymore, but…" Maybe it's the fever talking, but he's rambling, even before the money is all handed out so the game can start. "I was with Elena," he says in the same tone, glancing up for a moment, before looking back down. "The one in the future. I loved her. She's the same person, but… she's not. Nathan I wanted to stay— I knew I couldn't. And since I couldn't I have to believe that she still exists… somehow."

Nathan counts out the money, and it's actually hard to tell if he's listening to Peter or not, his own concentration shot to hell by whatever symptoms are plaguing him. But when he doesn't finally look up, it's clear he's heard, fixing his brother with a look that's a mixture of concern and a little bit of… hard to pinpoint, but he's not happy to hear this. There's a tension in his eyes, in his shoulders, jaw— but he doesn't voice its cause out loud. What he does say is the only advice that makes sense to him. "What you need to do is remember what you got here. The woman in the future that you fell in love with is right here. Make sure she's still around to see two years time and make sure it's a better time to be alive in." He holds out the dice, arms wrapping back around himself once it's handed over. "Roll. Youngest first."

This had been something Peter'd needed to say for quite some time. So when his brother responds, his eyes shift up and he takes the words said extremely seriously. To the point where it almost looks as if they're watering up. He blinks a few times, then reaches forward to take the dice, fingers touching his brother's hand a little longer than necessary to pass them from one person to another. "You're here too," is his response. Simple, but meaningful. The dice are tossed onto the board, and he moves the allowed number of spaces, before forking over some cash to buy the first property he lands on.

The tension unwinds as quickly as it came, Nathan offering a twitch of a smile and the slightest of nods to Peter, as usual more understated when genuine. Handing over the property Peter bought, Nathan takes his turn with the dice, and when he actually lands on the railroad first go, he— doesn't take it, just gesturing for Peter to go ahead and watching the proceedings with a slight shiver. One might even start to think that he loses the game intentionally. But popular opinion stands that Nathan is just that bad at Monopoly.

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