2009-11-14: The Hoodie of DOOM



Date: November 14, 2009


Hallis wake up in a daze, George gets high, Sydney takes off looking for love.

"The Hoodie of DOOM"

Greenwich Village - Hallis' Apartment

It is nearly dark outside and Hallis has just woken up from what can only be described as the biggest blackout in history. In fact, she can't remember even starting drinking. It's as though an entire chunk of the day has gone missing. She is dressed in a cream colored tunic that smells and looks as though she has dragged it across a dirty floor, her cellphone is not in its usual spot in her purse, everything seems … different.

Rubbing her forehead, she climbs out of her bed and dumps the purse onto the floor, scrambling through its contents to find not only her phone, but a card. One text message is sent and then a phone call is placed. "Hello? Doctor Falkland? It's Hallis… I need you."

The call is answered only blocks from Hallis' apartment. Sydney is at the Oldcastle, her old stand-by hangout to finish research. "I'll be there shortly," is the reply. And she makes good on the promise. A good five to ten minutes later there's a knock at Hallis' door. Sydney doesn't look at all like her professional self. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail, she's dressed in faded blue jeans, and a warm peacoat. Her shoes however are a pair of red pumps.

Meanwhile, that text message is received and replied to. A cab is hailed, some schedule items are juggled— in fact, George is still working out the details when he rounds the corner. "—ah, anything else, play it by ear, we can still afford to burn some capital if it comes to it. Thanks." Putting away the phone, he gives Sydney a quick once-over. "Hi, have we met?" They did, a few weeks ago at a club, but only briefly.

As Syndey knocks on the door, it slowly swings open. Apparently whoever came in last forgot to close it and the girl inside is still in her bedroom on the floor, digging through her things. Hearing the knock, she perks up her head and leans out calling, "J-just a minute! I'll be right there!"

She races to the washroom, not even glancing at the open front door. Looking into the mirror, she frowns deeply. "What…Happened?" Her makeup is smeared, her hair is disheveled, and her clothing… well it has indeed been dragged across something quite dirty and then some. With a grimace, she reaches into her hair and picks out what can only be a gum wrapper. "Ugh!!" she cries out, her voice carrying clearly to the two outside.

"I don't think so —" Sydney offers George a weak smile. Strange situation meeting someone at a client's door. "Uh, I'm Sydney Falkland," she offers with a broadening smile as the door opens. She peeks in and even opens it slightly, "Hallis? It's Sydney and…" she glances at George with a shrug. Maybe Hallis called him too?

"George. Dawson," he adds, completing the introduction. He's still curious - how does this woman know Hallis, exactly? - but the important thing right now is that she does, and that Hallis clearly needs some sort of help - probably from both of them. "Er, after you," he says, motioning to the apartment door with one hand and following Sydney inside.

Hallis emerges from the bathroom, the gum wrapper still in her hand and still looking like she'd been on a four day tear. She looks up at the two and shakes her head, looking completely confused. "I can't remember what happened. It's like I drank way too much, but I'm not hungover, I just… I just don't remember." She looks up at the man and shakes her head, "Are you sure I wasn't with you George? Really?" It's the gum wrapper that's really confusing her though, she's never chewed gum in her entire life because it's bad for the teeth. Where did it come from?

Blinking at Hallis, Sydney is in utter disbelief even with her training, she can barely choke back her level of shock. But she manages to push it aside for the time being, "Hallis, are you alright? Do you need a doctor?" She pads towards the younger woman while still gawking at her. "I thought you were dealing well with the whole fire thing…" Or did something else set her off?

George shakes his head, approaching Hallis from the other side so he can rest a hand on her shoulder without crowding her. "No, you weren't. What's the last thing you do remember before the blackout? You remember me leaving this morning?" He shoots Sydney a quick glance when the fire is mentioned: Hallis may or may not have told her the truth about where the fire came from, so he keeps mum about it to be safe.

Looking up and between the two of them, Hallis shakes her head. "No, I remember this morning. I was going to work on my list. But…" She furrows her eyebrows and places the heel of her hand into the middle of her forehead, pressing hard. "Shoes, I bought a pair of shoes." There's something about Hallis, something not quite right. Her ensemble is fairly normal, black leggins, cream colored linen tunic, and a… purple hoodie? There's something not quite right in Gotham City. Slowly, she turns toward her bedroom and begins to walk slowly toward it. Other than the mess that was inside of her purse taking up a large spot on her floor, the room is pristine.

Thinking about what Gene suggested about her ability, Sydney takes a few deep breaths, clearing her own mind and drawing an eerie calm over her that is emitted into the room. Hopefully it works to clear Hallis' thoughts and help her not to panic about this. She nods at Hallis' words and follows several steps behind towards the bedroom. "Okay, so you remember buying some shoes. Where did the shoes end up? Are they here?" She glances around the room for a shoe box or evidence of said shoes. "Where did you buy the shoes?"

George nods to Hallis, then scratches his head. "What sort of list was it?" But when it comes to the details of her day, Sydney's probably in a better position to ask about them than he is; he contents himself with staying by her side, and out of the way as best he can. His fingers run along the hem of the hoodie. "This is a new look. Did you have another photo shoot scheduled?"

Looking down at herself, Hallis shakes her head and pulls the hoodie off her person. "This isn't mine." She throws it, unconcerned into a lump beside the pile of purse contents. Whatever Sydney is doing seems to be working because she begins to slowly sort through every bit of paper or whatnot that was in there. "I don't have any new shoes." she says to the therapist, her upper lip quirking into somewhat of a grimace. She piles together all of her receipts, and considering she doesn't clean her purse out that often, there are quite a number of them. Slowly, her eyes drift toward the hoodie and she rears her head back. "Hey! That isn't mine!" the confusion has settled, leaving righteous indignation to take its place.

"Okay, so we've established you don't have the shoes here, but you're certain you bought them?" Sydney clarifies with that same easy calm over her. There's a pause as she tilts her head, "Do you know whose hoodie that is or have any memory about its owner? Even the faintest thing might help piece this together for you. I mean, it's in your subconcious somewhere. Some part of you knows, even if you went on a binge." She moistens her lips and glances at George, "Did she call you at all earlier today? Or were you entirely out of contact?"

George picks up the hoodie and sets it in his lap, keeping it out of Hallis' immediate line of visions. Let's all try to stay as calm as we can manage. "No, we talked a bit this morning, and then she sent me a text message asking about this and I came over." With nothing more concrete to offer, he picks up the foreign item again and wrings a corner of the material between his fingers.

The receipts are sorted into smaller piles, piles that show her daily expenditures. Each day is placed into its own little pile and moved away, until she is left with only a few. One for a pair of $1,250 Jimmy Choo Jedds in size 8, two receipts for a taxi, and lunch. "I bought them, I bought them at Sak's." She says, passing the slip of paper to Sydney. Looking behind her, she gives a smile to George and nods, "I was at Sak's around noon!"

A nod is given to George, "Okay, so Hallis you were fine this morning…" Sydney peers at the receipt, "And fine at noon. That's a good start." She offers the girl a warm smile that disappears as she considers to herself what drug would act that quickly? Confusion sets in. She wrinkles her nose as she runs through every drug she can recall. And then another question, "And how are you feeling now?"

George's other hand comes up to rest on Hallis's shoulder again, and this time he leans his chin on top of it for good measure. "Oh, she's feeling fine," he murmurs, sounding a little dazed. "Like she said, no hangover, right?" Sydney's presence notwithstanding, he lifts up a lock of blonde hair and plants a light kiss just below it.

Hallis turns her head and smiles at George, not even thinking that something might be amiss. It's not the first time that he's made a display in front of someone else. Then she turns to Syndey and puckers her lips lightly, opening her eyes a little wider. "I don't wear size 8, I'm a size 5… That's something, right?"

A weak smile is offered to George. This is… not good. It's good that Hallis isn't hung over, but it certainly was out of her system quickly. Presumably it's a drug Syd's not familiar with created in a drug lab somewhere in Brooklyn. Sydney averts her eyes at the public display of affection, and comments, "Yes, that's definitely something. Do you remember connecting with any of your friends today?" With the confusion of the situation and the anxiety, and stress of the week, it should come as no shock that Sydney begins to feel a lot at once… with little control over it. Among the emotions sent into the corners of the room are those aforementioned along with a general sense of enthrallment and lovey-dovey-ness. Yes, she's a complicated woman…

It's not right. It's not fair! But nevertheless it's happening. Under the combined influence of the residual drug traces in the hoodie, Sydney's ability, and that look on Hallis's face that already had him falling pretty hard the last couple of times he saw it… he leans over and whispers something in her ear, something that really should have waited until he could say it with a clear head.

Her wide blue eyes go even wider and Hallis drops the remaining receipts in her hand. Turning her head very slowly to look at George, Hallis swallows hard and takes in a gasp of air. "Oh…" She is completely speechless and as she gapes at George, she takes the hoodie from his hands, squeezing it lightly before dropping it to the floor in front of Syndey. "Oh George.." she whispers, her eyes glazing a bit more as Sydney's abilities combine with everything already in her system. "I love you too." And then she captures his lips in a very passionate kiss, completely forgetting that the therapist is even in the room.

"Uh… I… um…" She averted her eyes earlier, public displays of affection aren't exactly something Sydney practices or watches frequently. She reaches down and takes the hoodie, feeling an even greater loss of control over her emotions. Finally she sputters looking at her wrist (she's not wearing a watch) and speed-walking to the door, "Oh! Look at the time! I need to go! Hallis, come to my office in the next few days!" That said, she opens the door, and steps into the hall.

Hopefully the door is self-locking. Or Sydney had enough presence of mind left to lock it on her way out. Or Hallis just doesn't get any other visitors for the rest of the evening. Because George isn't thinking about it at all, he's far too busy gathering Hallis up in his arms and carrying her into the bedroom. Well, at least it should give Hallis some reassurance that she's not gaining too much weight.

Indeed, the only visitors that Hallis receives are the frequent texts from her clique wondering where she'd disappeared to. Had she the presence of mind to answer, or even the will to pick up the phone, she would have told them all to go away, but she doesn't. Another night like last night, but this one is intensified by the chemical introduction of Lena's MDMA and Sydney's empathy. A great morning, turned to a horrible afternoon, and then back to a wonderful evening… Thank you Miss Bad Hair Day.

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