2009-10-04: The Hunt For Sylar



Date: October 4th, 2009


Paula approaches the NYC police department about getting help looking for the mysterious Sylar. Felix volunteers, while Sydney observes.

"The Hunt For Sylar"

Downtown, NYC - Police Station

It's a bit after noon on a Sunday. Not the most opportune time for an FBI agent to show up and call a meeting, but crime never sleeps, so there's bound to be officers and various other personnel available. Other meetings can be held at a future date. For now, the red-haired agent who called this meeting, Paula Star, is standing in the briefing room of a NYC police station, in her suit and trenchcoat. It's fall in the Big Apple, and so it's a bit chilly.
For now, she stands next to a podium, watching as various men and women file into the room or sit in the chairs provided, talking amongst themselves. There's a few minutes left before the briefing will begin.

Wearing her pencil skirt and white blouse, Sydney doesn't even look like a cop today (what cop could chase criminals in a pencil skirt), nor is she trying. She's come in especially for this meeting, but still wanted to finish as much other work as possible and so has several file folders tucked under her arms. Just in case there's a lull in the meeting. It can't hurt, right? She stands at the back.

There's another Feeb in the room - Fel's in his usual sharply tailored suit, and he's settled himself front and center. He's got his own badge worn on a lanyard, lest the hoi polloi of the NYPD assume he's one of them. The plebs, as it were. HE hasn't greeted Star beyond a nod. He's sitting quietly, watching the others come in, occasionally pushing his glasses back up his nose with a fingertip in a gesture that is far more adorable when Hiro does it.

Paula waits another couple minutes, having greeted Felix with a nod in turn, and then a sergeant steps up to the podium, and the muttering falls silent when he starts talking. "Listen up, because this is important. The FBI need help with a homicide investigation in our city. It's not compulsory to participate in the investigation, and is strictly on a volunteer-basis, but we're after a real nasty one by the sound of it, and I'm sure that any help that can be offered would be appreciated." Once the sergeant has had a look around, he steps aside, saying, "Here to tell you more about the investigation, is special agent Star."
Paula nods to the sergeant and steps up to the podium that has been vacated. "One year ago, Pinehearst Research's primary research facility was burned to the ground. Industrial sabotage, lab accident, or something else, was never determined. However, the president of the company went missing the next day, after it was confirmed that he had survived the fire itself. He disappeared during an undercover operation I was involved in at the Deveaux Building. I have a witness who claims that Mister Petrelli was in a specific apartment, and that his death at the hands of the killer was covered up by those present to avoid legal repercussions. The killer himself manages to flee the building.
"We are looking for the killer. Not just for murdering Petrelli, but also for murdering at least a dozen other people across the country." She waits a moment, and then asks, "Any questions so far?"

Felix lifts a lazy hand, eyeing Star sharply from behind his glasses. "Are we talking about Sylar?"

Paula looks towards Felix, shifts a bit, and then nods. "We believe so, yes." She then clarifies for those not in the loop, "The killer that the witness identified is Gabriel Gray, who was believed to be the one using the alias 'Sylar' while he was committing his murders. He has apparently been living in the Deveaux Building, but departed shortly after the homicide occurred. We've been trying to find both Gray, and the body of Mister Petrelli. We thought the case had gone cold, but someone at the top has asked us to resume our investigation recently."

Felix takes in a slow breath. Not happy, to find Gray hunting in the territory he defends. "So, Petrelli vanished, we don't actually have a body?"

Paula doesn't look happy about that fact either, but answers, "That is correct. Residents heard two gunshots from the aparment of one Kory Alexander. Our initial investigation found no sign of foul play. However, the witness claims that the first shot was from Gray, into the forehead of Petrelli, and that the second shot was from the witness himself, in an attempt to take down Gray. The shot missed, and there should have been a bullet hole in the wall. We didn't find one, however."
Turning to address the room at large, Paula says, "The first thing I'm going to do when we get started is get a search warrant to check Alexander's apartment again. It might have looked clean initially, but multiple people heard the gunshots, yelling, sounds of fighting, etcetera, and we do have our witness, and he has identified others who were present, who we can question. The witness didn't come forward sooner because he was afraid he or his family might be targetted by Gray. But after a year of being left alone, he has apparently decided to give us the information we need."

One year. Fel makes a scoffing noise, and shakes his head, but says nothing further. Other than, after a moment, "Count me in. I'm tired of hearing about this bastard."

Paula nods, and a few others volunteer too. Once she is sure there's no more volunteers, she nods and says, "Alright. I'll be ready to begin as soon as all of you are." She then steps aside, gesturing for the Sergeant to take the podium again. He does so, and says, "Meeting adjourned!"
The hunt for Sylar begins again.

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