2007-10-18: The Internet Is For News


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Summary: Elena catches up with Ian, and comes clean about her present situation to her lab partner and fellow Evolved.

Date It Happened: October 18, 2007

The Internet Is For News

Bat Country Labs, Brooklyn, New York

She can't concentrate, staring at her books while Peter stopped by Nathan's room in the labs, leaving her to her own devices for the moment. While she's trying to finish some homework, she's stopped midway through her reading. When Elena realizes she's been staring at the same page for half an hour, she closes her organic chemistry textbook and puts it aside. The yellow sticky note from the day before is still there, in her own handwriting.

Call Ian.

She sighs, and rubs her face. Well, she's not really doing anything productive, might as well, right? That and Ian left her a voicemail on her phone asking her questions about her illness. Glancing at her laptop, with its brand new webcam and the remote transmitter that Eric had sent as a care package, she moves over, turning both devices on and hooking up her jPhone to her laptop. Thanks to a little help from the tech-savvy people in her life, she manages not to botch the set-up. She signs on her webchat program, scrolling down her contact list to see if he was on.

He was But he could be AFK.

She shrugs, and tries it anyway. Somewhere in California, Ian's computer gets a window.

LenaNYU wants to initiate a conversation.

DarthGonzo accepts.

"Hey. What's up? You feeling any better?"

It's still text-only, at the moment.

Elena smiles faintly. Contact to the outside world established, and one of her more normal friends to boot. Sort of. She types in quickly.

LenaNYU: You can see for yourself if you have a webcam. Look like death three times warmed over. I got your voicemail. Can you talk?

DarthGonzo: I do. Got one myself. Gimme a sec to hook it up. Got time. Am up in Eureka, visiting extended family. Ever been to North Cali?

LenaNYU: No. Won't be going anywhere anytime soon by the looks of it. In a basement. Will explain later. Would've had crappy reception still if it wasn't for my hook-ups at Evosoft.

There's a little blip, a window appearing, offering to let her add the visual part of the linkage. There's a blurry Ian in it, hair a little longer than when last she saw him - he's sitting around in jeans and a BPRD t-shirt, blinking a little owlishly.

DarthGonzo: I'm sorry to hear it. So, you've got a mutant plague?

When Ian gets a visual on Elena, she's…pale, and thinner than she was. Her eyes are bloodshot and she looks at the webcam blearily. She's dressed in a tanktop, and a pair of jeans. There is a crucifix glinting from the hollow of her throat, as well as another necklace which is a little longer, with a single pearl pendant on it.

LenaNYU: Yeah sort of. It's a long story. Wish I could tell you in person but I don't want to risk you getting it. It's not airborne, at least. One day I'll tell you a bunch of crazy crap that'll sound like it came out of your comic book collection. Do you trust me?

His face goes slack with shock - Ian, not so much the poker player, yo. He leans in, as if that might help the visual. He himself looks flushed and cheerful, as ever.

DarthGonzo: No offense, but you look like twenty miles of bad road, doll. I do trust you.

Elena flashes him a small, wan smile from the camera. She rubs her eyes, and she looks like she sags a little bit on her chair. If Ian looks at the background, she looks like she's in a small room, with a white door leading out to god-knows-where.

LenaNYU: A doctor I talked to thinks it's manmade. Another doctor-ish friend of mine is looking into it with a colleague. But from what I know, only people like us get it. But we don't know how it's passed on. Peter, my boyfriend, he thinks….there was this incident in March or April, in Mount Sinai Hospital. A bunch of us were quarantined because some sort of outbreak occured there. But we tested negative, and we were let out. I don't think they faked the results, but I don't think the people there knew what they were looking for which could be why they didn't find anything. They told us it was a hantavirus.

LenaNYU: I volunteer there, one day when I was volunteering I heard some lab technician say that what he was looking at about the outbreak…it wasn't a hantavirus. But he didn't know what it was and he couldn't remember what he found out. A hacker friend of mine and I decided to crack the Sinai database to see what it was, if they found out anything. When my hacker friend cracked the d-base… it wasn't a hantavirus. They don't know what the hell it is.

Ian goes rigid in shock. And says nothing - only types furiously.

DarthGonzo: Hantavirus is for certain sure bullshit. A hanta outbreak'd've had the CDC crawling up their ass, and you'd not've been able to miss it. But….engineered? Against US? Who would do that? Who would care? The government - is this some sort of crazy X-files conspiracy?

Elena nods at the webcam, with her more pronounced cheekbones and the feverish look in her eyes. She lowers her gaze so she can type.

LenaNYU: I don't know. The doctor I talked to said that's what she thinks….but she's a doctor, and she's helping us, so I trust her expertise. She was one of the Sinai doctors who helped test us all for the hantavirus before we were cleared to be let out that day in March or April, SHE'S a little confused too, she's never seen anything like this before. That's why I left those voicemails to you and Mo, because I know you guys are…special.

LenaNYU: I don't want you guys to get sick. I got all freaking paranoid because we all had that party that one day before I became symptomatic.

DarthGonzo: No, I am as healthy as a horse. That reminds me. You weren't at the Park when all that shit went down, right?

Ian's face is puppyishly worried.

Elena's face….caves into something else. It almost looks like she's about to cry all over again. But she doesn't. She shakes her head, and keeps typing.

LenaNYU: No…I was here. I was already sick then, I've been here for close to 10 days. But Ian…

LenaNYU: Nadia was there. My BFF. My roommate. She's dead.

Oh, whoops. Ian's face falls. It'd be comical, if he weren't utterly sincere. It's a long time before he can reply.

DarthGonzo: I'm so sorry, honey.

She nods, and Elena gives Ian a small smile in the webcam. It's not a thing to be smiling about - but the expression is meant to be reassuring.

LenaNYU: The funeral's soon. But I wanted to talk to you about that too.

LenaNYU: The people who did it are just like us. They're special. And they're dangerous. I talked to Mo's cousin who's going to warn her son and Mo about them…just when you come back here, be careful, OK? I think their mug shots were circulated recently in the news.

DarthGonzo: I wish to god this were a joke. Or a dream. Powered killers? Like us run amok? I…..this is like a bad Marvel comic. What abilities did they have?

LenaNYU: There's one woman, two men. The woman….she generates acid from her body, or something like that. She can melt things, people, by touch. She already attacked Peter. The other one…I don't know what he does exactly, but he can just…slice people to ribbons. I saw him do it, once. And the third…I don't know what he does.

DarthGonzo: That's fucking horrible.

LenaNYU: Yeah. There's a lot going on. Just be careful…about getting sick and those…people.

DarthGonzo: Well, I'm safe for the moment. Should be back in NY in a couple of days. There's nothing up here but redwoods. It looks like the Forest Moon of Endor.

LenaNYU: Are you enjoying your time away at least? Personally I'm glad you've been gone since the party. Not with everything that's going on. At least one of my friends is okay, you know?

DarthGonzo: It's beautiful, up here. Heartbreakingly so. Like a whole different country from the part of California I grew up in. Got family, you know? We walk on the beach, we go hiking…it's nice.

Ian would see Elena smile through the webcam. She looks up and winks at him, and starts typing again.

LenaNYU: I'm glad you saw your family and that you're having fun. Still wondering why you decided to move out here where it's getting really cold.

Ian grins back at her, crookedly.

DarthGonzo: You mean NYC? Had to go to school. And I'm not a hothouse flower. I can take it.

LenaNYU: Hahahhaah. Glad to hear it.

LenaNYU: One day, Ian, I promise. Will tell you stories. Sorry for ditching you a bit in o.chem lab though….I don't know when I'll be rid of this thing.

DarthGonzo: Don't worry. I can take that, too. I understand, and I'm not such a princess I can't deal, honest.

LenaNYU: Awesome, you're the best.

LenaNYU: God, I don't know what the hell to tell Miki. If I don't get better in a reasonable time he's gonna wonder what the hell's wrong with me.

DarthGonzo: Huh. Not sure what to tell him. You've got mono?

LenaNYU: I could tell him that. LOL. Would be easier to explain to him if he was a freaky geek like us.

DarthGonzo: I can imagine that convo. "Dear Miki. We is supaheroes. We has supahero cooties. Sorry."

LenaNYU: That'd be ridiculously crazy but totally us.

LenaNYU: I'm tempted to ask you to stay in California in case NYC turns into a viral holocaust for us mutants.

DarthGonzo: I can't, really. I gotta get back to school. If it gets really bad, well….I can have a convenient nervous breakdown, or something, you know?

LenaNYU: Heh. I had to try. But yeah, just….don't get sick. Don't get killed. I don't want to lose any more friends this year….

DarthGonzo: Fear not, doll. I am tuff. That…you've never seen me be the human taser, have you?

LenaNYU: Nope! I wish I won't have to, but…well. You're a part-time New Yorker now. You're gonna have to pwn some bitches eventually if they want to take your lunch money in the subway. ;)

DarthGonzo: Now that you say that, I look forward to it, really.

LenaNYU: Masochist.

DarthGonzo: Oh, doll, you have no idea.

LenaNYU: …if this is going back to that personal ad story, I'm disconnecting.

DarthGonzo: ….So. Uh. How 'bout them Yankees?

LenaNYU: I wouldn't know, I'm a hockey girl. ;)

LenaNYU: Ugh…I should eat something and get some sleep. Rough couple of days. When are you gonna be back again?

DarthGonzo: In NYC? 48 hours.

LenaNYU: Cool. I'll call you then. I think we're all going pretty stircrazy down here. I'm not the only one who has this thing.

DarthGonzo: Right on. We'll play games over the net, or something.

LenaNYU: Sounds good. I'll see you soon hopefully. Night!

DarthGonzo: Night, kid. Chin up.

LenaNYU: Will do.

LenaNYU has disconnected.

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