2010-07-02: The Invasion



Date: July 2, 2010


Gabriel finds his apartment is just a little more girly nowadays…

"The Invasion"

Gabriel's Apartment - Paris

The apartment in Paris, while nice, isn't exactly the best apartment in the world. Still, Gabriel doesn't mind— quite frankly, any sort of roof over your head is a good roof in his opinion. It isn't his apartment back in New York either, which he is sort of starting to miss… but when put up against the trials and tribulations of being an Evolved in that city, he'll take Paris and this apartment any day.

Stepping out of the bathroom, he runs a hand over his face— he's been in there shaving… or at least attempting to. The razor he had wasn't the best. But considering he was halfway between clean shaven and a full beard, it was better to try and do something.. and so, when he steps out of the bathroom, there's still stubble peppering his face, but not in an unattractive way. It just looks like he hasn't shaved for a day or two. "Damn razor," he says, tossing it into the trash can as he brings a towel up to his face to dry himself the last few droplets of water. He should definitely acquire a new one.

It's the invasion of Liz in the main part of Gabriel's apartment. Even though she has her own place, she's been frequenting his to aleviate her boredom and loneliness. She's a creature of habit, a social butterfly, and she's literally wilting withut someone to talk to all of the time.

While he's been in the bathroom shaving, she's been entertaining herself with French television and reading more travel brochures. She's been all over Paris and back again, at least in her mind.

Over the past few days, his apartment has been transformed into a young woman's Parisian paradise. Fresh flowers on various surfaces and lightly crochetted lace doilies and delicately tatted linens drape underneath each vase. She's been hard at work redecorating. At least the parts that she frequents.

"Hey Gabriel~" she calls out as she finishes arranging a bright bouquet of fat primroses. Lovely pastel colored blooms fill her hands and she leans down to sniff at one of them before stand back to admire her handiwork. "What do you think?"

Invasion of Liz indeed. While Gabriel may be all that is man, when a woman invades your apartment and begins putting flowers up everywhere…

The man takes a look around as he's posed a question by Lizzie, tossing the towel back into the bathroom where it lands on the floor. He doesn't move to pick it up, his philosophy is that he'll take care of it later. He glances at all the different flowers, and he finally turns his attention on the latest addition of pastel colored blooms before turning his gaze up to Lizzie. "I don't know…" he says, although there's the slightest hint of a playful tone to his voice. "Awful girly, don't you think?"

"Yep, it is." The little blonde answers with a chirp and a smile. Then she skips over toward the plush couch and flops down on the cushions, not just the ones covering the frame, but the ton of throw pillows that she added. Throw pillows that are basically lounging bits of couch fat with no use but to take up space that cuold be used by a perfectly good bottom. Yes. Gabriel's apartment has merely become an extension of her own, a place to store all the things she doesn't have room for. At least it's all stylish, and it's not like he'd been decorating at all.

"Do you have any plans for tonight?" Lizzie asks cheerfully, her bright smile doesn't fade as she looks up at him. Not even at the bit of apprehension in his expression.

Shrugging, Gabriel doesn't even know what to say. What he choose flowers? No. But then he didn't really do anything to make the apartment anymore than it was— that's just how he is. He used to care about such things… having books, pictures, paintings… things that make a home a home. Every since that fateful day he met Chandra Suresh, however, those things just haven't seemed as important. Even though he and Zelda made their apartment their own, it was more on her side than his.

Maybe he should change that.

"I don't know," Gabriel says with another shrug as he flops down onto the couch— pausing for a moment to reach around behind him and grab one of the throw pillows that was making seating uncomfortable. Tossing it in Lizzie's general direction, he reaches forward and grabs a watch off of the coffee table, looking at it for a few moments before pocketing it. "Not really. I'll probably just work on a watch."

The pillow elicits a small squeal from Lizzie as she tries to dodge it. Her hands raise up to protect her face and she just barely manages to deflect it before it beans her in the noodle. "Ah! No! Not a good idea!" Lizzie calls out as she tosses the pillow behind the overstuffed sofa. It'll be picked up later, if not by her, then by Gabriel.

While she likes decorating, she's not a big fan of cleaning. She's also not a big fan of putting things back in their place, so once something is perfect she tends to leave it alone until she absolutely needs it."You know what we should do?" she emits excitedly as she leans forward and closer to him. "We should find something fun to do, or do something fun. Did you know that there's a whole compartment full of old boardgames at the top of your closet? Like really old… Antique Roadshow old."

"What's that?" Gabriel says as he grabs another watch and holds it up to his ear. Tossing it back on the table, he grabs another one, and holds that up to his ear as well. He tosses it as well. "I might work on a watch, anyway," Gabriel says, a hint of frustration to his voice. While the hunger may be gone, it seems it's affecting his ability to work on watches as well as he does. while that may be a fair trade, considering being a watchman is all he knows…

He's sure he'll still be able to do it. It's just the lack of that extra help that comes from understanding how everything works. Rather than just knowing, he has to teach himself to know. "Board games?" he says, tossing yet another watch back onto the coffee table and looking at Lizzie. "What… kind?"

Lizzie watches quietly as Gabriel goes through the timepieces one by one, the quizzical expression on her face growing as he tosses them back to the table. "But if you're fixing watches, what am I going to do?" It's something of a selfish statement, really, but she's not just thinking of her own enjoyment here. As far as she's concerned, Gabriel is in serious need of a funjection.

Then he inquires about the games and Lizzie actually leaps from her seat and runs toward his closet in her bare feet. Throwing the door open, she stands on her very tippy toes to reach the long bar that holds the coat hangers and grips it. It is then that the horrible little deed happens. Lizzie begins to climb up the closet to get to the top. Yes, she's very short and getting more and more independent every day.

As soon as Lizzie bounds off of the couch and heads towards the closet, Gabriel leans back into the couch, completely discarding the project of watches in front of him. He'll work on them later when he has his other tools out. For now, it seems, they're going to be playing a board game.

As he looks over to Lizzie, who has begun to climb her way to the top of the closet, he pushes with his feet and lifts himself off of the couch. He makes his way over to the closet and leans up against the frame of the door. Crossing his arms over his chest, he watches as Lizzie continues to climb. "You want some help?"

"Unless you can fly or float, all I need is for you to catch me if I fall," the young woman quips brightly. The ceilings in the old apartment building are fourteen feet high, the closet? The same. They go up a quite a ways paste the top of the door frame and within minutes all that can be seen of Lizzie are a pair of lightly tanned legs dangling from one of the shelves above.

"OooooOoOOo.. you have Clue!! And… some game with marbles, I think it's chinese checkers." She pauses a moment as she begins passing the games down, one by one. The boxes are dusty, like they've been there for decades. In fact, the style of boxes wuold definitely indicate that. "And… uhm… Chess, but I don't know how to play chess, unless you want to teach me. We could play checkers with the chess pieces, but it makes it really hard to king when you get across the board."

The man keeps his eyes on the pair of dangling legs, waiting for any indication that she's going to fall down. It doesn't seem like she's going to, and even more so when games begin to show up, rather than a tiny woman falling into his arms. He takes them all, setting them on a nearby table in the hall as they're passed down one by one. "You're the one who should pick," he says, as he has no idea what to choose. "Anything but Clue. It's always Miss Scarlet with the candlestick in the study."

"Miss Scarlet is the best of them all, I always wanted to be her when I was little." The young woman babbles on as she digs through a bit more of the closet. There's the sound of a faint cough, then it grows in intensity before a long feather boa snakes its way down her leg and into Gabriel's reach. "I just found the best bunch of dress up clothes ever. Did you know that you have spats up here? SPATS!"

Instead of games, articles of old clothing begin dropping from the closet. Whatever she's planning, it may or may not be pretty. As much as Gabriel knows the young woman, it might be wise for him to be a little afraid.

"I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies," Gabriel says, but it's a small mutter, and it's to himself. Smirking at his own little joke (all this talk of Miss Scarlet made him think of it, after all), he catches the feather boa and throws it on the table as well. Even as the articles of clothing continue to fall, he sticks his torso into the closet and gets a foot up on one of the lower shelves and pushes himself up. He comes even with Lizzie, as he's much taller, and he looks around the small space she's gotten herself into. "What are you talking about SPATS? What the hell is a SPAT?"

A squeak of surprise is let out as Gabriel comes face to face with Lizzie. She wabbles a bit before gripping with both hands to support herself. One on his shoulder and one on a cross bar in the closet. "Oh my god, you scared me…" She breathes deeply as she tries to calm her speeding heart. "Okay, you seriously don't know what spats are?" Her smile is wide enough to split her entire face at this point. "A spat is like a white cover over your patent leather shoes. They're the fancy things that Fred Astaire used to wear."

"THOSE things?" Gabriel says, an incredulous look on his face. "They're certainly not mine— must have been left by the previous occupant. You won't ever catch me in them, Fred Astaire or not," he says, and as soon as his head had appeared next to Lizzie's, it disappears as he lets himself off of the bottom shelf. "Do you want some water or something? I think I'm going to get a drink."

Lizzie slips down and hangs limply from the top of the door frame. Her willowy figure looks as though she's more suited as a curtain than a door, certainly she may be light enough to sway in the breeze. There's almost no time between when she lets go of the bar and when her bare feet hit the hard wood floor. Then she pitter pats after Gabriel to the kitchen. "Water? We should be drinking wine, I'm legal here you know. I need to take advantage while I still can." Her blue eyes carry a glint in them that's full of mischief.

"I ca—" Oh, hey. He can get drunk now. Another bonus of not having any abilities. Why did he get regeneration again? There's been a few times where he could have died, and as far as he's concerned… it might have been for the better. A morbid thought, yes, but at least things can start looking up now. "Wine? I don't think I have any," he says, stopping his previous thought and switching to another one. "I don't keep alcohol stocked." Grabbing a glass from a cupboard, he fills it with water and takes a sip as he leans against the counter, one hand gripping the edge. "You would have two sips and be smashed, anyway," he says, looking over Lizzie's tiny frame.

Gabriel gets treated to the widest eyed, gaping look that Lizzie can manage. "Seriously? Seriously?! You don't stock alcohol? What… are you an alcoholic or some kind of … Footloose townsperson?" She's absolutely astounded. Shaking her head, she grabs the gently liberates him of the glass and then takes his hand. "We're going to my place. I have wine, and uhm.. cheese and stuff." Dragging him by the hand, she leads him to his door, down the hall and then into her apartment where she does have all of those things.

"I'll have you know that I'm a very practiced drunk person. I couldprobably drink you under the table." She says proudly as she uncorks a bottle of some kind of white. It was bought at the market and there's no label on it to mark what sort it is. To her it's just a game really, like Russian Roulette with drinks.

Shrugging, Gabriel takes another sip of his water. "I had my reasons," he says, perhaps a little defensively. "I mean, it's not like—" The glass is liberated and Lizzie is grabbing him by the hand, but before she can pull him completely away from the kitchen, he snags his glass and takes it with him to the other apartment, drinking it as he does… but also spilling a little bit from being led with a purpose.

Once they're in her apartment he just sits down on the sofa, making himself at home as she pops the cork to her wine bottle. He continues to sip at his water, bringing one one foot to rest on his knee at the ankle, a hand reaching out and gripping around his shin. "I don't know about that," he says. It's not a challenge… more a statement of the truth, at least in his eyes.

After the cork is pulled, the little blonde pours two glasses of wine and carries them over to the couch. She places them gently on the coffee table before flopping down into the cushions beside Gabriel with a smile. "I know about it. If you're a Footloose townsperson, I'll be good to drive while you're crawling on the floor asking me if I know your address."

With that, she reaches over, picks the wine up and passes him a glass. "To… being the only Americans in Paris having a great time~" she says as a toast.

"What is this Footloose townsperson you keep talking about?" Gabriel says, shaking his head. Finishing off his water, he sets the glass down and retrieves the other glass full of wine. Lifting it up, he returns the toast with a clink of the glasses together, and he takes a sip of his wine as Lizzie does.

Another gawp of amazement. "Seriously?" Lizzie chokes as she tries to swallow that first sip of wine. "Gabriel, were you living in a hermit cave all your life? Footloose, it's… It's…" Rather than explain, the dainty socialite puts her wine back onto the table and jumps off the couch toward her bedroom.

The door to her bedroom is slammed shut and the sounds of rummaging and a single bump can be heard before she peeks out again. "Okay… ready?"

She opens the door and backs up quite a few paces. That's when she takes a running start and slides gracefully to the middle of the room in a rockstar pose, carrying a hairbrush in her right hand. "Loose, footloose~ Kick off your Sunday shoes~" She's dressed in a button down shirt, no pants and a pair of white tube socks that come halfway up her calves (that's what gives her the slide).

As Lizzie disappears off into her bedroom, Gabriel just sits on the couch shaking his head in bemusement as he sips at his wine. He was not in fact living in a hermit cave, he just doesn't really know what she's talking about. Only when she comes busting back out into the room does Gabriel choke on his wine, very nearly spilling it but managing to keep it all in the glass (and up his nose.) As she's rocking out, the man shakes his head, and only once he's clear of all wine (whether drinking or up his nose) does he speak, struggling to contain the laughter behind his words. "Are you— are talking about the MOVIE Footloose? Because you're emulating Risky Business right there… but still singing the lyrics from Footloose. Are you sure you're not already drunk?"

Two little hands are balled up into fists and places stubbornly on her hips as Lizzie chokes at Gabriel's words. "No! It's Footloose! With the town of people that don't dance or play music because it's against the law and the guy is dancing in his house in his underwear because that's the only place he can do it!" She's quite stubborn and very insistent in her tone. With a very long exasperated sigh, she stomps back over to the couch and throws herself into the cushions. Once she's settled, she turns her head toward him with the most serious expression she can muster, and it's quite difficult to do while he's practically weeping with laughter. "It's true! I saw it on a video game commercial with Heidi Klum!"

"Yeah, for that… guitar game or whatever it is— they're taking it from Risky Business. It's Tom Cruise and he's in a house by himself and he comes sliding onto the screen… it's a pretty iconic moment in film, you know. But it's not from Footloose." He takes another sip of his wine, shaking his head again as the same smirk from before tries to pull at his lips— he's not laughing at her, however. He's laughing with her! Even if she isn't laughing.

"Really? Risky Business?" Lizzie asks meekly, resting her cheek against the cushion. It has the effect of hiding half of her blushing face from his view. "So… what you're saying is… I completely embarrassed myself for nothing?" Not that she's ashamed of her actions by any means, just that she was wrong. So very very wrong.

"Pretty much, yeah," Gabriel says, and this time the smirk makes it all the way. He takes another sip of his wine and sets the glass down with a shrug. "It's not like I've never made mistakes. It was pretty funny, though, to see you come sliding into view… and not even have any idea of what movie you were copying."

Lifting her head up off the cushions, Lizzie fixes Gabriel with a brilliant smile and gives a rather lighthearted shrug. There's still a pink tinge to her cheeks but it's quickly dissipating, until she gets enough wine in her that is. Though Gabriel merely sips at his, she reaches forward to grab her glass and lets all the liquid slide down her throat in a few gulps. She probably needs it after her little display.

"I," she announces loudly as she twirls one finger high into the air, "need a refill."

Watching as she downs her entire glass in one go (what's she gonna do next, come sliding out dressed as an Ewok… from Star Trek?), Gabriel continues to sip at his. Even when she stands and declares she needs a refill, Gabriel holds up a hand and shakes his head. "I've still got plenty," he says, even as he takes another sip. It's true, too— he's still got about half of a glass left.

"You have plenty because you weren't the one kicking off your Sunday shoes," Lizzie retorts in a rather mirthful tone of voice. Instead of bringing her glass to the bottle, she brings the bottle to her glass and fter filling it up again, she places it on the table for easy access.

This glass is sipped, much like Gabriel's. Between sips, she's fairly chatty and animated, the usual fare with them. "So, you don't like Miss Scarlet because you don't know anything about giving birth to babies? Is that like a rule? You have to know about having kids to play Miss Scarlet?"

Another sip, and then Gabriel has to turn his eyes on Lizzie, especially after that last question. He can't tell if she's playing with him or she actually knows what he was referencing— next thing he knows they'll be talking about Clark Gable in Clue, and how, frankly, my dear, he doesn't give a damn if it was Colonel Mustard in the dining room with the revolver. "You're… I don't know if you're kidding or not," he says, shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders. "That was a line from Gone With The Wind, the one about birthing babies."

"Well, I know it's from Gone Eith the Wind but people have their own rules to games. I didn't know if that's the way you played or not." There's probably a few extra rules that Lizzie has for Clue but since they're not playing, she won't bring them up. "I mean, if you ever play Monopoly with me, do you play monopoly? Well— if you play with me, I have a few extra rules. It'll keep you from cheating." No mention of herself or whether the same rules apply to her. It could very well go either way on that one.

After taking another sip of wine, she lets out a huff of a breath and rolls her head back to look at the ceiling. "You know what's really cool about this place? Besides living next door to you, of course."

"Well you knew sliding out half naked in tube socks was from Footloose, too," Gabriel says, one eyebrow raised in Lizzie's direction. It's very clear that he's teasing her, even if he tries to be subtle. Nearing the end of his glass, he takes another sip of the wine and sets his glass down, both hands moving up to rest behind his head as he puts his foot resting on his knee down the floor; in response, the other one comes up and he's positioned exactly like he was, only opposite. "What's that?"

"Well it's not like I'm hearing you complain about it. Besides, you've already seen my worst pair of underwear, it can only go up from there." Ah yes, the close to laundry day undies… The purple satin granny panties from Hades itself. Not that she's showing off her underwear right now, the shirt stretches almost down to her knees. She raises both of her feet and rests them on the coffee table, crossing her legs at the ankle before answering him. "The coolest thing about this place… besides living next door to you and the wooden floors that you can slide all over. It's that you can't find a place like this in New York, this apartment is older than my Grandmother."

"I never said I was complaining, I'm just saying you were pretty certain of that movie… if you want to prance around half-naked, I can't stop you." He trails off after that, taking another sip of his wine, but he starts speaking again before too long. Animating his conversation with his free hand while the other continues to grip his wine glass, he turns his head slightly to look at Lizzie. "Underwear is just that, underwear. Now if you're trying to seduce me or something, what with the alcohol and prancing around half-naked, something might have to be said about that."

It happens just as Lizzie is taking a big drink of her wine. As soon as the words sound out of Gabriel's mouth, a shower of red wine spews from theyoung blonde's mouth and nose and she begins choking on what little she managed to get down the wrong pipe. It's a rather lucky thing that she wasn't facing him or else he'd be wearing a nice little spattering of the burgundy colored liquid as well.



"What?!" Incredulous, that's what Lizzie is right now. Completely and utterly incredulous. "Hitting on you?!" Then she laughs, a lot.

Taking a sip of his own wine, Gabriel practically jumps off the couch when Lizzie spews her own drink, doing a sort of half-scoot/half-jump away from her towards the arm of the couch. "Watch it!" he exclaims, holding his own drink out and high above so it doesn't get spilled in his dash for safer climes.

"I didn't say hitting on!" Gabriel says, unable to help the slight amount of hurt that escapes through his voice. It's not like he has unrequited love for Lizzie, or anything, but for her to be so incredulous at the fact?! It dampens his ego a tiny bit. "I said seducing! But since apparently that's not happening, I guess you just like to stroll around naked, then?"

Wiping her mouth off on the sleeve of her button down, Lizzie finally calms the bubbles of laughter. "Well.. yes," she says in such a tone that it implies that she's surprised that he doesn't. "We're in France, they have nude beaches all over the place here. If you can't get comfortable in your own skin you might as well move to Pirate Kansas and marry your brother-cousin."

She's not completely callous though, as she recognizes the tone in his voice her face softens and she reaches her clean hand out to pat him on the knee. "Sorry, I mean, I'm sure you're really great and everything… Well I know you're great, just not that way. I'm not exactly looking for Mister Rebound."

"Oh, no," Gabriel says, waving a dismissive hand. It's not like he's devastated or anything. Even as her hand pats his knee, he takes another sip, shaking his head. "It's okay. I have Zelda— well, I don't have her, but perhaps one day I'll find her again.. fix her memory. I hope so, anyway." His eyes glaze over for a moment as he looks back on some event in the past, but with another quick shake of his head, he looks over at Lizzie and smirks slightly. "I definitely don't prance around naked, though."

"Zelda…" Lizzie muses as she sink deep into her drunken thoughts. There's something about that name that spurs a memory or two. "Well it's good to have a goal… Even if it is a video game. I know lots of people that play them." She turns to Gabriel and puts on her most serious therapist face. It's a pretty good one, considering all the therapy she's been through in her lifetime. "The important thing is not to let them take over your life, but I think you'll be okay. You have me to drag you out into the real world."

"Not the elf person from the game," Gabriel says with a roll of his eyes. "Zelda is a real person. It's just that game… their names are a coincidence. She's named after Zelda Fitzgerald, the author." He shakes his head again and nearly finishes off his wine, so that there's only a few sips left in it. "Honestly, do you think I'm that big of a loser? Zelda is my…" He pauses, trailing off, wondering what to even say at the end of that. Girlfriend? Lover? Person-who-he-is-with-but-yet-her-memory-is-gone-so-he-not-with-her-right-now? "It's… a long story. I'll tell you one day, maybe."

"Hey, I don't judge," Lizzie says solemnly as she holds up her right hand and places her hand over her heart as though swearing an oath. "The country will do that for you when you don't get nude on the beach." The statement is made almost as though she's already begun planning that excursion for the two of them. Given the adventures thus far, it might not be a stretch to assume that perhaps the route's already been programmed into the rental's GPS unit.

"Maybe you can tell me the story on our way to Euronat?" she intones hopefully, the innocent little smile on her face looking quite out of place there.

The moment she says Euronat, Gabriel knows what she's talking about. He's heard of these places in passing, but enough to know that it's something he's definitely not partaking in! "Noooo no no no," Gabriel says, holding up a hand and shaking his head, his eyes closed. "There's no way I'm going to some… nude beach, or colony, or wherever you're planning for us to go," Gabriel says, still shaking his head. "You can get naked all you want, lady, but I'm definitely not."

"And that, my friend, is one of the many many many many reasons why I wouldn't try to seduce you." Lizzie's a little too triumphant as her point is made. She's smiling and fluttering her eyelashes at him in the way he's likely become more than familiar. "You don't sing, you don't dance, you don't get naked… I mean, you're a great guy and everything but I can't be the only one in a relationship taking all the risks." A finger is counted off with every reason and wiggles all three up near her face when she's finished. "Besides, your sort of like the big brother I never had. It would be a little gross."

"If you had to deal with the things I've had to deal with, you wouldn't be taking risks, either," Gabriel says, taking another sip of wine — his last for the evening. "I want nothing more than a simple, quiet kind of life with nothing to worry about." He doesn't elaborate why he wants such a life. Most anyone that's known him the past few years would know why, but he's not going to get involved with a bunch of details. Details that might send Lizzie running into the night, anyway, if she found out the things he's done.

Folding her arms over her slim figure, Lizzie lets out a little bit of a huff. "I've had to deal with things.. well sort of… I guess not dealing with them is why I'm here." She pauses for half a breath before looking up at him with her eyes wide. "But still! I have! I mean, if you knew me in New York you'd be all 'ohmygodican'tbelieveit'syou!!' Except you probably wouldn't say that, not like the way I would but you'd probably think it."

"Maybe life will settle down one day," Gabriel says, swinging his leg off of his knee and planting his foot on the ground. With an exhale of air, he pushes himself up and off of the couch, yawning as he does so. "I certainly wouldn't mind," he says, supressing another yawn with the back of his hand. He moves over to the kitchen, deposits his glass, and turns back to Lizzie. "I think I'm calling it a night," he says, supressing yet another yawn. The days events are starting to catch up with him. "I'm heading back to my place, I'm beat," he says with half a wave as he makes his way towards his door — his form of goodnight. He opens it, taking another look at Lizzie. "I'm sure I'll see you at some point tomorrow," he says, half a tired smile gracing his features. "Good night."

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