2010-05-19: The Journal (The Amazon)



Date: May 19, 2010


Searching the medical wing of the lab… Mark stumbles across a journal that pushes him to act once more against his father.

"The Journal"

Lane Pharmaceutical Lab - Brazilian Rainforest

Within the bright red containers of what use to be a pharmaceutical lab, the continued drum of rain echos through the hollow shell. A lone figure stands at the end of what use to be the sleeping quarters for the technicians that were stuck out there. A knife in one hand he hacks away at the thick vines leading to another section… one they hadn't been to yet.

Even though they had pinned him down to clean his wound, the effort of what he's doing has pulled at his injury, the shoulder of the blue gaudy Hawaiian shirt darker then the rest of it. They wouldn't be happy, but he also wasn't going to just sit around.

It had been bothering him that they just happened to find a Lane Industries Lab. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe not. But in the back of his mind, something had to have brought him here. He needed to know… know if this was just a pharmaceutical lab, before some plant manipulator destroyed it. Which asks the question… why?

Thick ropes of vine finally start splitting and falling away, creating an opening just big enough for him to slip in carefully.

Within this container, the roof was partially crushed in, so the tall man is forced to hunch over to keep from knocking himself silly. Feet step into small puddles formed from the rain leaking through the crumpled roof. Eyes rove over the white walls, noticing things such was microscopes and cabinets of medical supplies. "Bingo… Dee will like this."

He's not completely alone, back in one of the other containers Cody is gathering the dead bodies for identification and burial. She would rather burn them but someone suggested that might be a bad idea considering the combination of rain and the sheer amount of trees.

Their smell has been contained by the blonde nearly wiping out her power bar supply to cocoon them in airtight pods of silken hair. In her mind, it's better than just leaving them. Depressing work, but she just couldn't bear to leave them as they were.

After the first day, she'd cleared out most of the living quarters and had invited anyone inside that wished to come. It was shelter from the endless rain, at least for a night or two. Tired, she lifts her head to Mark's voice and stands from her spot near the newly cocooned corpse.

"What did you find?" she utters lowly as she steps up behind the sion silently.

"Medical." Mark says, couched down he moves through the container to one of the cabinets. With a jerk he opens it, looking inside with a small frown. "Some of it is wet it looks like. Not sure how much she'll find." He glances back at Cody, a finger moving to push his glasses further up his nose.

Glancing to the side of the woman he spots a small gray two drawer filing cabinet tucked under a desk. Curious, he heads that way, hand moving to touch Cody's arm in passing. "See whats dry?" He asks, giving her a faint smile.

Approaching the cabinet, he crouches down to start pulling at vines and pushing debris away.

"If it's wet I'm going to dry it out or people are going to have to learn to suck it up and take it wet…" Cody mumbles to herself. She's not sure if they'd work wet but it's better than using leeches, bees, and bat guano.

As Mark passes her by, she gives him a worried look and then flickers her eyes to his shoulder before looking back up to his eyes. He hasn't been the only one that's growing distant, she's been getting more and more disconnected as time passes. "I hope they've been working on something good…"

If Mark said bingo before, Cody's doing a football dance now.

Inside a small box inside of a box are a series of injectable vials. Digging through them, she glances at the labels, and lets out a huff of a triumphant laugh. "Oh.. oh my god… cillin… they all end in cillin…"

"Doubt it." Mark says softly, a frown creasing his forehead, "It's a Lane Lab… It was destroyed by someone with a plant based ability." He turns his head towards her, but he doesn't exactly look at her. "I doubt it was good." Brows dip down for a moment, before he turns back the filing cabinet jerking it open.

Files. Many of them seem to be medical record. He paws through them pulling one out occasionally to flip open… the toss aside. He doesn't know what he's looking for… he's just looking.

Turning the last vial over her in her hand, Cody frowns and places it carefully back into the case. Turning to look at Mark, she closes the box and tucks it away in her pack. Cillins definitely, but expired. It's something she will have to check with Dee on, to see if they would still be safe to use.

Turning back to her assigned task, she works at a much slower pace. Again, there's something off. As she rummages through the various boxes and kits, she pockets more than she should. She even examines some of the damp and moldy bandages before putting them back, not wanting to go too raw on her basic knowledge of medicine. It's not near enough to actually be considered safe. Hence Dee nixing her idea of using the guano for some kind of poultice.

More and more files join the others on the floor. Mark sighs softly as the files dwindle. "Just medical files…" He murmurs as he flips through sheets looking for something… anything that stood out. But just standard comments on illnesses and complaints about this and that.

His eyes drift from the chart, as he closes it and adds it to the pile, to the draw above it. Moving to try and open it, it opens maybe an inch and sticks. Frowning, Mark gives it another jerk and it sticks again.

Reaching through the bottom drawer, his fingers search for what is catching. "Knowing my luck… what I need is in that section that's crunched like a can in a compact— " He stops as his fingers brush against something. "What the…"

He finds a rectangular object, attached with ducttape. Odd place for something like that. The sound of tape being pealed can be heard as she tries to dislodge the book.

"Anything good in those files? Like… an inventory list or something?" Cody's still working on sorting the good from the bad. There's a few miniature tubes of antibacterial lotion that get pocketed right away along with some anti-fungal cream that will certainly come in handy with all the rain.

"Gold Bond and Tiger Balm, I call dibs on these." Cody shouts out as she places the two into a different pocket of her hijacked cargo pants. Poor Mark, she's been wearing more and more of his clothes as she ruins more and more of hers.

The loud ringing of the tape being torn away from the bottom of the cabinet catches her attention and she freezes, looking over at Mark. "What did you find?"

"Dunno yet." Mark grunts the angle kinda of odd as he continues to pluck at the tape. "Their just files for the people that worked here… a few though… seemed to be for natives. So I'm guessing they treated some of them."

With a final tear the object is freed and Mark is able to pull it out. "It's… a book." He sounds a touch surprised. Opening the stiff leather cover, his brows lift at pages of hand written notes. "A journal…" He glances at the filing cabinet, brows furrowing. "Why put it there I wonder?"

Slowly, Cody stands and walks over next to Mark, placing a single hand on the top of the cabinet and leaning up against it. "Maybe they didn't want anyone to find it? I— I don't know," she says quietly, sounding a little uncertain. She glances at the outside fo the notebook, not making a move to read of his shoulder. It's been a slow learning process for her, don't jump in with both feet where Lane Industries is concerned.

Waving a hand toward her own garbage pile of medical supplies, she grimaces. "The rest is too moldy or wet to use. I scavenged what I can… Anywhere else you want me, Boss?"

"Hmm?" Mark turns from the journal to look at the pile and then up at her. Brows furrow slightly at her wording. "I dunno if right now I'm considered your boss." The corners of his eyes crease as he studies her from where he's crouched, a hand moves from the book, to reach out and gently take her hand.

"I haven't thanked you for being out here… for supporting me and having my back." Mark actually smiles a little bit. "May not seem like it… but I definitely need you here."

"I.." Mark's definitely caught her off guard. Giving him a weary smile, she just nods a few times and a small breath of a laugh. She grips his fingers tightly in hers and squeezes a little as to reassure herself that he's actually there. "Of course I have your back," she says in a bittersweet tone of voice, it's cheery but somewhat off. "Besides, you're the one that's going to get us all out of this alive."

Slipping her hand from his grip, she kneels down on the floor in front of him and lets out a long breath, nodding to the book. "So what does it say then? What's so important to hide?"

"Wish I had your confidence in my ability…" Mark murmurs as he looks back at the journal flipping through it. Hands push aside pages and pages of text and drawings, eyes skimming over it until… a name catches his attention: Lane. From there his eyes scan over the words written on the pages. His breath hitches and he flips through more pages there is a sort of frantic way he does it. Eyes scanning over words quickly, his head slowly shaking. Then he snaps the journal shut, eyes closing for a long moment.

A deep breath is taken and it escapes in a soft sigh. His eyes open again and they are actually glassy. "Told you…" There is a forlorn tone to his voice, making it apparent what he's talking about. "Go tell the others… we're leaving in the morning. We are not going to stay and wait for rescue… we need to get to the lumber camp."

"Need to stop my father again."

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