2007-02-24: The Knife and Necklace



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A mysterious Middle-Eastern woman


While he's taking his dogs for a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, Lachlan encounters a woman who retrieves a mysterious package from beneath the bridge — a package she didn't even realize she was picking up. The necklace and knife inside of it are very strange indeed.

Date It Happened: February 24th, 2007

The Knife and Necklace

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge walk is a popular spot for dog walkers to congregate. There's a long wooden walkway elevated over traffic, and the walk can take about 20-40 minutes each way. There are, of course, times of day when the amount of people and pooches on the bridge are lower or higher, depending on when one is out there.

Crowds don't seem to bother Lachlan Deatley much at all, though the abundance of dogs in the area can be a bit of a headache (literally and figuratively). His focus has to be extra sharp in places such as this, and that's difficult to accomplish for one who is slightly hungover. The Scotsman doesn't look particularly friendly as he strolls along with his two Dobermans on-leash, hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket and his eyes shielded behind a pair of sunglasses. There's a lit cigarette in his lips, but he doesn't seem to be actively smoking it so much as letting it burn away in front of his face.

Down at the end of the bridge there is a Middle Eastern woman with a cell phone pressed tight to her ear. Her dog, a big black lab, is straining anxiously against his leash — and little wonder, because she's actually edging dangerously along, right where traffic can whirl and twirl her thin gray skirt around. She looks to be in her mid-thirties, and save for the paisley'd head wrap that she wears she is in an well cut white blouse. And high heels. None of this looks particularly expensive, but it fits well and is clean. She is actually reaching /under/ the bridge, feeling around for something.

It's the distress signals coming from the Labrador that catch Lachlan's attention, not the woman attached to the dog's leash. He squints and slowly sweeps the bridge with a rather bleary gaze, trying to locate the source in the midst of the jumbled canine chatter already beating against his skull. It takes him a minute, but once the Scotsman spots the woman, he starts towards her at a walk that borders on a jog. "Oi!" he calls as loudly as he can without aggravating his headache too much. "Careful!" As he gets near enough to touch her, he reaches out to grab for the woman's arm and, if he can, pull her back onto a safer part of the bridge.

She had just reached out to snag something. There's some sort of wrapped package attached to the bridge. Her fingers close around it tightly as he grabs her, clutched with an odd sort of obsession. The lab whimpers and starts barking, freaking out, as she holds the package to her chest. What the woman /does/ drop is the cell phone, and that hits the ground with a clatter. Moments later the words "call lost" flash across the screen — and the woman seems to snap out of it. Her expression, previously blank, changes to one of shock and confusion. "Oh…"

"'Re ye a'righ'?" the Scotsman inquires, lifting one eyebrow with a mixture of concern, curiosity, and suspicion. The Labrador is sent a few calming signals, attempting to placate it enough to quiet down. Lachlan's own dogs hang back at the ends of their leashes to avoid getting too close and causing the dog and woman any additional stress. The Scotsman doesn't give the phone more than a quick glance.

The dog lies down, rests his head in his jaws, and licks his chops. The woman continues to look confused. "I…I don't know," she admits. "I was up in the middle of the run and now I'm down h…" she frowns, staring at the package she's holding. It's done up in blue paper, with the words, 'Happy Birthday!!' written cheerfully all over it. "It's not my birthday."

Curious. Very curious. Being a drug-dealer, he knows that packages can be dropped off and picked up in the oddest of places (and by a wide variety of people). The package is stared at a moment, and then the Scotsman reaches out in an attempt to take it. "Lemme see." He also glances down at the phone again, giving it a more thorough examination before nodding to it. "Who's tha' ye were talkin' ta?"

She hands over the package without complaint. But she stares at the phone, picking it up. "I…don't remember," she says, frowning. She has no accent. Just good English. She goes back through the call history. He can see "Unknown" is the most recent one. Above that, "JPSousa" is programmed into the phone, they look like they called some point earlier in the morning. If he opens the package he will find two things inside. A /wicked/ looking knife, very sharp, and a necklace. The necklace looks welded together out of black metal, with a leather strap. Crude and ugly, it involves an outer circle. Then a triangle is welded inside. Then a smaller square inside of the triangle. Then, finally, a smaller circle in the square.

It isn't until after he's seen the contents of the cellphone that Lachlan takes to opening the package. When he bares the items within, the Scotsman frowns, brow furrowing deeply as he hefts the necklace and then the knife, examining the former quite closely. After a pause, he holds the necklace out toward the woman slightly. "Any idea wha' this is?" He's never seen anything quite like it.

The woman takes a step back and shakes her head firmly. "No," she says. "It looks — I don't want anything to do with that." She holds up her hands as if to push it away, stepping way back. She comes to the end of the lab's leash, but he's still hangin' out there, chillin' with his tongue lolling out, and sees no reason in particular to move right now. Though maybe he might like a dog treat. He starts contemplating the various and sundry ways he might redirect his person's attention towards feeding him dog treats.

The woman's fear of the necklace and the package in general only causes his frown to deepen as he looks at the items once again. It's only as an afterthought — an absent reflex — that Lachlan utters, "Give yer dog a treat. He saved yer life." It's only half-true, or perhaps not true at all. The package's contents aren't exactly life-threatening (at least not to the woman). When the Scotsman looks up again, he starts to re-wrap the necklace and knife. "Ye should be more careful."

"Y-yes. Yes I will," she says. She digs out a treat for the dog and holds it out to him, and he leaps up. Yes! Treat! Wagging his tail, he takes it, and nuzzles against her. He loves his person. "Thank you." The dog, munching his treat, happily tailwags alongside her as she digs out another, and they disappear. She seems ready to get away from this odd and confusing situation as quickly as possible…leaving two out of the three elements of it firmly in Lachlan's hands.

Confusing and odd indeed. Lachlan stands staring after the woman for a moment before he tucks the package under his arm and clicks his tongue at his dogs. The trio turn and set off again for home.

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