2007-03-26: The Lieutenant And Her Photos


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Summary: A police Lieutenant visits a bar and shows photos concerning a crime around.

Date It Happened: March 26, 2007

The Lieutenant And Her Photos

Den of Iniquity, Brooklyn, NYC

After his iiluminating conversation with Eliana and Oliver, Jack returned to the Den to mix a few drinks and try to tune out for a bit. Sadly, tonight's the first night in a week that the bar hasn't been packed, and there is little business to distract him. So he sits, smokes a great deal of cigarettes, and drinks far too much bourbon. Another day in the beautiful life.

What illuminating conversations? Between Napkingate, cookies, alcohol, and some fun, Riya could offically be called the Token Flirt, because yes- for all Sean is there, she's /still flirting/. Not to mention dancing, which she manages to do quite well on the near-empty dance floor.

Jack's fortunes may be looking up, businesswise at least. She'd played her string of sessions here, and hadn't said which night she might pick to start another, but here she is just the same. Jane Forrest steps through the door, complete with ensemble of tank top under light blue jacket, dark jeans, two inch heeled boots, guitar case, and backpack. Her heels tap as she crosses toward the bar, spotting Jack, and just shakes her head on sighting the Rockette. "Evening," she greets on reaching the bar and settling onto a stool.

Bekah makes her way in, her jacket hugged tight about her. She didn't dress up to come out, just wearing jeans, her jacket, and a tight black t-shirt that reads "Tell me your sob story. I need a good laugh." She makes her way over to the bar and scoots onto a stool, waiting patiently for a bartender.

Many weeks ago, Lachlan would have entered the Den attached to the leashes of two Doberman pinschers. Tonight is a throwback to that time, except tonight, the pinschers are /miniature/ pinschers, and they're accompanied by the now ever-present Bonnie. Unlike the others, he's already in the bar and is just returning from the men's room. Riya is given a wary glance and the musician is completely ignored as he makes his way to one of the pool tables to resume a game he left. The dogs are all curled up together near a chair next to the table, quietly watching all that occurs.

"Oi! Welcome. Don't be shy, order whenever you're ready," Jack greets all of his newly arrived customers simultaneously. He smoothes the front of his grey turtleneck and picks up a half-burned cigarette from an ashtray to snag a quick draw before he returns to filling orders.

"Bonnie!" Riya chirps, kneeling down to the floor. "Here girl." She snaps her fingers and calls out to the pretty wolfhound, completely ignoring her master. "Here girl." She coos again at the dog, smiling perhaps very wryly at both Jane and Bekah's shirt.

"How's things, Jack?" the guitarist asks, as her hands reach for something from a stash of cola she has kept for her behind the bar and holds it up to be kept track of. "Shopping went well the other day. Quite well." Jane relaxes on her stool, glancing briefly over at Lachlan the billiard shooting man.

Make room for one more, at least. For here comes Alyssa in unfittingly bright clothes— a pink and grey pirate themed shirt with a blue long-sleeved article underneath it. Well, okay, maybe the grey is her ticket in. Whatever the matter, the writer strolls inside the bar for what must be the first time because she does the tourist pause near the doorway to absorb the atmosphere. At first she avoids the bar and veers to the side towards tables, some for eating and some for hitting about a ball with another ball and a stick. It's all fascinating, a-yup. And, look, there's Lachlan playing with said balls. She approaches, disregarding social graces to just go ahead and brace her palms against the pool table and calculatingly examine the set-up.

Bekah nods over to Jack as the man speaks. "Can I get a coke with vodka?" She asks towards him before she takes the time to really look around at all the other people here. Her eyes narrow a bit at seeing Lachlan and she mutters something about him being the 'drunk idiot' before she looks back to the bar.
Drunken idiot? He's not an idiot till he walks out with someone.

Bonnie wags her tail from where she lays sandwiched between the two min-pins, who eye the outstretched hand of Riya rather warily. Bonnie doesn't get up from her spot, however, content merely to wag in a friendly manner. Lachlan lines up a shot and takes it, missing entirely. He seems unperturbed by this and glances up at Alyssa when she approaches. The writer gets a grin. "Oh, hey," he greets. "Dinna know ye came 'round here." He's fortunate enough to have not seen Bekah yet, otherwise he'd not be improving that 'idiot' image much. Riya is steadily ignored.

"Glad to hear you and Eliana had fun, Janey." Jack lifts his bourbon glass and takes a hearty swallow, then sets it down. Jack quickly dashes together the requisitioned Coke and vodka, then slides it across to Bekah. "He might be a drunken idiot. And a pervert. And lazy. And a little on the ripe side." He frowns. "But he's my friend. He has a lot of positive qualities, too?" Jack tries to add some conviction to that last bit with only partial success.

Riya mutters to herself as she inches forward to let Bonnie sniff her hand; "Pervert I might agree with… Friend, I'll agree with. Drunk, I'll definitly agree with. An idiot? Not at all." Riya looks up and gives Lachlan the biggest, brightest, I'm not hitting on you and I'm actually being a good girl smile.
Bekah takes the drink with a smile to Jack before she raises her eyebrows. "Really? Name one. Because so far I've seen him beat up a homeless guy and stagger drunk through a diner. Not so positive." She notes dryly taking a sip. "But you mix a good drink, so maybe I'll listen."

She looks at Jack when he speaks in such a way as to ask if things are better since she and Eliana had their excursion, consisting of a raised eyebrow and hopeful expression, which she hopes he gets. Jane lets it linger and watches for his reaction for a short time, then turns attention elsewhere. It sweeps across Bekah on the way to pool tables. "Evening, Lachlan," she calls. And finally to the writer. "Aly! Hey. This is the place I told you about."

When the door opens to the Den again, it's not a rowdy customer or a even a patron looking for a drink. Oh no, it's Lieutenant Viola Holcombe and she's in all of her official glory. Her badge hanging from a chain around her neck, she looks determined, if exhausted. The circles under her eyes aren't hard to miss. Heading right for the bar, she has Jack in her sights. Pushing through those lined up, she knocks loudly on the wood to get the bartender's attention. Holding up her badge for him to see, she clears her throat. "Could I get some service?"

"Nice shot. And I don't usually, I was told about it by a friend," Alyssa chirps casually and then she straightens away from the table, making a gesture towards the pool cue, "Lemme, lemme, lemme." The talk at the bar gets a bit of her attention, as does the nearby doggy pile but before either of those can be addressed, /she's/ being addressed. "Eh? Yes, it's Doc Ock! Why else do you think I'm here? Jeez. Boy'm I glad you're actually around when I am."

"Uhhh.. Well, I've heard that Lach's hung like a hippopotamus. Does that count?" Jack queries guilelessly. He tilts back his bourbon again to cover a smirk. When the glass is empty, he upends it and sets it on the bar. Viola's approach is met with a blank stare. "If you're here on official business, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. Otherwise, you can wait your turn like everybody else. Nobody's special in the Den, 'less they're sleepin' with me, and my ladyfriend's not here right now."

Riya says mildly, petting Bonnie before she stands up; "I can name something." Then she goes for the door, well aware what she's about to say might get her ass kicked. "Lachlan's good in bed." Then the Rockette ducks out the door and away from permanent banishment from the Den of Inquity. Then she murmurs, underneath her breath; "He's hung like a h-" Then the door slams shut behind her, mercifully closing off her final words.

She laughs, taking time to ask "Who's Doc Ock, Aly? I still don't quite get the reference." Jane motions to an empty stool near her, inviting it to be filled. "How've you been, anyway?" She unslings the guitar case and backpack, setting them on the floor, and rests them against the bar before taking a swig from her cola.

Bonnie just wags her tail happily when she's petted. Alyssa is passed the cue and Lachlan stands back with a grin, crossing his arms over his chest. "Well, ye think ye can do better …" He trails off, offering a nod of greeting to Jane, though it's a bit cold. "Hey, Jane." And then the conversation at the bar gets his attention and his grin returns. "Yeah, Jack, ye'll no' get a look yers— " and then Riya adds her parting shot. The Scotsman just stares after her in disbelief, not sure if he should be horrified or pleased. Yeah. He's good in /bed/. Or couch. Or wherever! Viola is given a wary glance, but not much else. What do the cops want?

Bekah covers a laugh at Jack and then Riya's statement. "Oh, that is definately a positive. However, after too much alcohol, even that could fail to live up to it's full potential." She notes taking another sip of her drink before she turns to give the cop an interested look as she keeps going on her task to finish her drink.

Alyssa graciously accepts the offered cue with a wink of 'in a sec' for Lachlan's then issued challenge. But as she's moving to stand a little closer to Jane, all this talk goes by and her wince is clearly visible, "Wow, it's free information night," she comments, rolling her eyes as if they were wind-shield wipers for her brain. Moving on! "Oh, ya know…" Jane is offered helpfully, "Uh, Doc Ock, like the bad guy from Spiderman. I… have no idea why that one came up for you anymore, but I will join you in a /second/, after I show Lach what's what." So assured, she moves back to the pool table, adjusts her shoulders, and then does the cute too-far lean of distraction to cover that she has no idea what she's doing. It's pure luck that there's a straight shot already waiting, and pure chance that it goes in when she tries for it.

There are no smiles for the Mick Bartender. Viola is decidedly here on business and not for a drink. Letting her badge fall back down, she raises an eyebrow. "I don't flash my badge to get a free drink." Oh no, that's making a mockery of the badge. She holds up her hand then, to show the golden ring on her finger. "And I don't think my husband would be too pleased about me sleeping with someone to get one, either." Reaching into her jacket, she takes out two pictures. One is a mug shot of Sylar and the other is a family photo taken of Matt, Molly and Mohinder. "I'm looking for these three," she says. Pointing at Sylar and then Molly and Mohinder. "It's real important if you've seen any of them. Here or anywhere on the street. In the past day or two." The antics of people sleeping together are ignored. That's not why she's here.

Jack's jovial attitude is gone in a flash. He rests a fingertip on the picture of Sylar and draws it away from the other. "Never seen the two pillow-biters and their kid, but I've seen this guy. Gabriel Gray, right? Almost bumped into him on the street before all those news stories got run. Didn't know who he was at the time. Why, has something happened?"

"Spiderman," Jane repeats with a laugh, adding "I saw one of those three. Never was much into comic books, but, well, I did come across a shop in the East Village a few days ago and discovered this one called the Black Canary. It was interesting." Why, she isn't saying. Her attention is caught then by the Lieutenant, she tries to get a look at the photos shown to Jack.

When Alyssa leans over the pool table, Lord help him, Lachlan cannot help but /ogle/. For a man who's trying to keep Mr. Weenie in the pants, he's not having an easy time of it. Doesn't help that Mr. Weenie's main playmate is not /seeing/ him right now, either. It's only by chance that Lachlan happens to glance over at the bar again when Viola produces the photographs, and he therefore completely misses it when Alyssa sinks the shot. He stares at the one of Matt, Mohinder, and Molly, then starts moving towards the bar in awe. "Oy," he grunts, pointing at the little girl's face, "'ve seen 'er b'fore. No' in the last couple o' days, but … fuck, wha' was 'er name? Mary? Molly?" He squints as he attempts to remember. "Think it was Molly. Somethin' happen ta 'er?" He sounds quite concerned.

Viola looks at who Jack is pointing at and pulls out her patented cop flip book and a pen, ready to scribble things down. "When was the last time you saw Gray?" While she's interested, her voice is somewhat monotone. "He snatched that girl and her guardian the other day and we've been trying to find them. Time is running out and he's dangerous." Which is why Viola's actually volunteering to hit the streets and do some investigating herself. This hasn't really been her beat since she was promoted to Lieutenant. But, when a cop's kid gets kidnapped, you can bet she's pulling overtime. When Lachlan mentions Molly's name, the lieutenant twists to stare at him. "Molly. You've seen Molly?" Her voice actually sounds hopeful. But then he qualifies it. "You're sure you haven't seen her the past two days?"

Bekah slides to a closer stool, taking her drink with her to get a look at the pictures. She shakes her head as she sees them. "I've never seen any of them." She states. And since she can't help, she'll just finish off her drink.

The photos… Indian man, no recognition. Young girl, nothing again. But Matt… that rings a bell. "I saw that guy in Central Park five, maybe six days ago. Played guitar, he was eating lunch nearby." Jane pauses to look at Jack, then the Lieutenant, asking "Who's Gabriel Gray?" Yes, if she ever knew who Sylar was, she doesn't now, at least apparently. "Kidnapper? That's…" Her voice trails off.

Alyssa celebrates all on her lonesome for a moment but as she hops in a circle, she sees where Lachlan has gone and curiously trails after him. Her eyebrows drop more seriously at the sound of the situation. And if some little girl is involved…. Alyssa casts a look towards Jane, which is lucky since then the other even begins to give her share. Wracking her brain delivers no information on any of those faces, no matter how much she wishes it was otherwise. So she's gotta stay quiet. For… at /least/ the next ten seconds.

Jack shakes his head and raises his voice to be heard above the crowd. "Couple of weeks ago, sorry. Haven't seen anything recently. Wish I could be more helpful," he adds sincerely. "And sorry about the line-skippin' crack." With a nod, he pushes the picture of Sylar back over and moves across from Bekah. "Freshen up your vodka and Coke for you?"

Lachlan also shakes his head, but his gaze isn't on Molly's picture now. Nope. He's got his eyes fixed on Sylar's picture, etching the face into his memory. "Nah, nah. 'Ve no' seen 'er since mebbe a month ago. Ye say she's been gone a couple days; have ye tried hounds?" Dogs fix everything. He's lost the ability to focus on anything outside of the pictures now; his game with Alyssa is completely forgotten.

Looking over the photos still, Jane commits images to memory. The one called Gabriel Gray first, then the other two she doesn't recognize. Molly is linked to the face, the name she heard spoken. The Indian man… that one needs a name, as does the one she does remember meeting. "Who are they, detective?" Jane asks quietly.
Bekah shakes her head and takes money out of her purse to pay for the drink and tip. "No, thanks. I was just stopping by for a drink after my shift. I should be on my way home. Or something." She puts the money on the counter and heads out after a last look at the pictures.

All these people seem to know the four people involved, but none of them have any information that's particularly useful for Viola right now. What she needs is a location, a name, hell, Gabriel Gray trussed up behind the bar wouldn't go amiss, either. "Like it's the first time someone's made a cop joke at me," she tells Jack in a dry tone. It's hard to tell if she's being serious or not. "He's just what he sounds like, a dangerous man. You see him, you call 911 immediately," she tells Jane. And then, like a round robin, she turns her attention to Lachlan. "You name it, we're trying it. She's the kid of one of my detectives and Suresh is her other guardian. And I'm sure I don't have to tell you the statistics of what happens past 48 hours." Deciding she's not getting any more useful information, she puts her pad and pen away. Pulling out cards, she passes them out. Her name and number are clearly printed on them. "You guys hear or see anything, you give that number a call immediately."

Alyssa grabs up one of those cards but it's more of a reflex, she's too busy rolling the name 'Suresh' around, "Hey, wait, like the Suresh-Suresh guy? The name on the book everybody wants?" She turns Viola's card over but that doesn't give her any answers. From what she's recognized of scary-memory bartender, she realizes that everyone standing next to her has been in the bookstore, too, so it works to ask.

Jack palms the card with a wordless nod. Bereft of customers for the immediate moment, he returns to the bartender's favorite time-killer: wiping down an already-clean bar. He hums tunelessly under his breath, and one hand pours himself another glass of bourbon as he bustles about. The name 'Suresh' elicits an ear-perk, but Jack's smart enough not to get involved with that nonsense.

"Suresh," Jane repeats quietly. That name at least seems to ring a bell. And a detective, the sandwich eating man she played for in the park is a cop. One hand takes a card and slips it into a jeans pocket, even as she asks "What's the detective's name?" This, just as Alyssa's words cause her head to turn that way. Curiouser and curiouser.

Lachlan also accepts a card, but he doesn't give it much of a glance as he pockets it. He nods a little absently at Viola's statement of what happens after 48 hours, but he's already off in his own little world again. He turns and starts back to the pool table, grabbing up a second cue from the rack. The table is circled and the balls examined, but he's not really looking at them anymore. Hmm.

Viola looks Alyssa up and down, surely not knowing what this girl is talking about. She's never formally met Mohinder, so she can't be sure what he actually does for a living. "I wouldn't know. And it's Detective Parkman. Matt Parkman. But he's not the one you need to be worrying about. Thanks for your time folks." Answers aren't here in the bar and she needs to head back out and comb some more establishments before calling it a night. Turning around, she strides right out of the bar.

"Hey, Leanna! Think you can cover this?" Jack shouts.

At the other end of the bar, Jack's tiny, much-tattoed and pierced NPC bartender blinks her heavily-mascara'd eyes. "I think I can handle all four of them," she snipes. Ahh, trusty bartender.

Unaffected by the jibe, Jack waves to his customers. "My lady awaits, folks. Lee will take good care of you. Lachlan, don't sleep with my bartender, or I'll steal your little ping-wing puppies." Frowning, he turns back to Leanna. "Lee, don't sleep with Lachlan, or you're fired. See you all around."

"Good luck, detective," Jane offers to the departing lieutenant, before taking another swig of her soda, and commits the name Parkman to memory. "Wow. Hope they catch him soon. It feels weird, having met someone just days ago and now he's kidnapped." Her attention goes back to Alyssa, about to speak, then Jack as he prepares to leave. "See you, Jack. G'night. Talk business tomorrow?"

On his way out the door, Jack pauses and looks over his shoulder. He's got the distinct feeling that from far away, someone's disapproving of what's going on inside his pub. Then he shakes himself off and slips outside, calling out. "Yeah, Jane. Business tommorow, word is bond."

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