2010-03-24: The Light Of Day



Date: March 24, 2010


It's the next day. There's some role reversal and things that need to be done, but first things first: PANTS!

"The Light of Day"

Tracy's Safehouse — New Jersey

The sunlight creeps in through the window. It's a beautiful day in New Jersey; not a cloud in the sky. It seems full of promise, full of hope, yet eerily calm. The proverbial calm before the storm. Despite the calm of the room, Nathan Petreli's eyes open with a start and that distinct feeling that he doesn't know where he is. For a moment, he feels odd. In a strange place. He touches his neck, and realizes there's no collar. WIth a heavy sigh, relief causes him to close his eyes again for a moment.

He's at Tracy's safehouse. Not in the barracks. In fact, he's in her room. Everything begins to clear in her own mind.

The movement, faint as it is, doesn't seem to wake Tracy, asleep to the left of Nathan. It only causes her to stir slightly in the sheets and reach up to hold the pillow beneath her head. It's not long before the thin line between sleep and awakening gently breaks, though, aided by the brightness of the room — spacious, white, empty and lacking all things familiar.

Well … not entirely lacking in all things familiar. She opens her eyes to the cold light of day and, after a silent moment to clear her own mind, looks over her shoulder at Nathan.

Tracy's stirring draws a little more movement from Nathan as he turns to look at Tracy. This was wholly unexpected. His lips curl upwards into a very small, yet dimpled, smile. "Hey," he whispers in greeting after rubbing at his eyes. Eloquent.

"Morning," comes the reply, voice as soft as one might expect when just waking up. She turns all the way in the opposite direction to face Nathan instead of the distant blank wall, re-settling quietly against his shoulder with the new familiarity that tends to happen two people wake up in bed together. Tracy's features are neutral at best, certainly not reflecting any optimism despite the sun shining on her face. "Do you have anywhere to be? We still have work to do."

"I'm a fugitive. No big plans these days, other than distinct sabotage of the US government. Nothing big," Nathan says quietly with a smirk while fighting to keep his eyes open. Squirming a little in the sheets, he stifles a yawn and then plants a kiss on her forehead. "I guess I still need to write a speech, don't I?" Even though he distinctly remembers delivering it in his dream last night.

"Yes, you do," Tracy affirms quietly. "We do," she amends. Despite being awake for less than a few minutes — if that — she already has a lot on her mind. No weariness here. Who has time to be tired? "We also have to contact Dawson and see if he wants to do the press conference." She tilts her head up to look at Nathan with a pointedly furrowed brow, eyes especially bright in the morning light. "And it's not sabotage. The Protocols have that down cold."

"Right. Contact Dawson." He nods slightly. "And I guess I'll need to talk to Pete." Nathan swallows hard as his eyebrows furrow. "You're right. I just never thought I'd see the day I'd … to do what we're doing." He shifts his gaze, her eyes catching his attention. He bites his bottom lip. "And I'll need to get a suit… I'll have Dawson's girlfriend pick it out, if she's willing, she knows my size, apparently." And then, anticipating an objection, he grins, "I'll give criteria it should fulfill…"

"No paisley?" Aha, the first smile of the morning. Allowing a moment of amusement, she lays her head back down and closes her eyes with a smile still in place. Not resting, per se. Thinking. "… Do you have to explain everything to Peter, I'm not so sure he'd be on board." In reality, who knows. What she's concerned about is Nathan being talked out of this bold strategy of theirs, be it by his brother or anybody.

"I'm not sure he won't know if I don't tell him," it's an ironic admission, but honest, nonetheless. "I agree with you. I don't think Pete would be onboard if he knew. I mean, knew everything." Nathan inhales a deep breath and exhales slowly, cleansing everything. "I'll try to be strategic about it. Maybe I can mention that Dawson is having a press conference and needs help with security. It's not a lie, assuming George goes along with all of this…"

"Well be strategic with the Congressman too," Tracy warns, opening her eyes to look upward again, a hand moving to lay on his chest at the edge of the sheets. While she and Nathan are on the same page, she knows many won't be, even those working to the same ends. "I can meet with him if you want. But he might have reason to trust you more. We can go together."

"Right. Actually, I could use the help with Dawson," Nathan says with a small grin that grows underneath Tracy's touch. "I bet you could convince him." After all, Nathan has essentially agreed to get himself caught or worse. "But he knows me. It would be a good idea for us to tag team this one." He yawns. "So first task: Dawson. Second task: Peter. Third task: Speech? Am I missing anything?"

"Mmn, I can think of a few tasks you're missing. Unfortunately, getting … dressed is among them." With that, Tracy is the first to make a concerted move to leave the comfort — much-needed comfort — of the bed. She slides away and sits up, back turned, white sheet poised. She pauses, listening for a moment; undoubtedly, it's still quite early given how quiet the house is. All sorts of people hide away in rooms unseen, but so far, they're mouse silent.

"Right," Nathan says as he groans and sits up in the bed, reaching for his pants which are not too far away on the phone. "Pants. The one detail I'd neglected," he grins somewhat sheepishly before pulling them on. The still silent house is eerie in a way, particularly with how many people actually live in it. His feet plant on the floor before he slides entirely off the bed and manages a long yawn and a big stretch.

After a similar venture, Tracy soon appears near Nathan, buttoning up her blouse. She's not focused on the task, though, she's focused on him — a concerned, worried look not often seen, though he would have seen this rare side of Tracy more than once. "I hope we're not too late with all of this, Nathan…"

Nathan turns to wrap his arms around Tracy. There's little to say; they might be too late. And in a way that could make him feel useless in all of this, and to succeed he needs to believe. Against all odds, he manages to smile. It's a soft, reflective smile, but a smile. "But we have to try. If it doesn't work, we'll be no worse off than we are now." He stifles a mirthless chuckle that resembles more of a scoff, "Well better late than never."

Tracy did say that last night, didn't she. "I know…" And shey did say this was the route to take, after all, and she's well aware of the risks. But when all roads lead to somewhere dark and nothing is sure, it can be difficult to be especially positive. It's not like she's an optimist on the best of days. She'll have her self-assurance back in no time, but for now the assurance from someone else, from Nathan, is appreciated. "It just seems like… no matter… what happens, or— what we do… nothing is ever going to go back to the way it was, is it?" That's what worries her the most: not having the life she was once used to waiting for her at the end.

"I don't know if it can," Nathan says quietly. He opens his mouth to say something and then shuts it again as if considering his words further. He studies her carefully and then manages, "You'll always be successful at whatever you're doing, even if life takes a few unexpected turns. I know you built a life before all of this, but I also know you are an extraordinary woman with extraordinary talents. You'll come out of this alright." He believes what he says, and the sincerity shows in his eyes. "I know we're doing what needs to be done, but I know my life won't be what it was. Not after this. It can't be. But then, what was it anyways? Fragments of lives past, all with different goals and dreams? Doesn't seem like much of a life." He smiles faintly.

As she listens intently to the advice of the Senator — role reversal — Tracy manages to master the look of seeming very sincerely appreciative and wholly skeptical at the exact same time. Those conflicted eyes of hers are faintly glistening as they turn away and she decides not to say anything at all, instead opting to lean into Nathan, slowly wrapping her arms around him for a minute before the day starts in earnest.

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