2007-06-25: The Lost Cat


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Summary: Tamara agrees to help Kitty find a cat.

Date It Happened: June 25th, 1007

The Lost Cat

Times Square, NYC

It is just another normal day of sun in Times Square. People are all over the place walking and talking. A sea of yellow taxis fills the streets and various noises can be heard. From the married couple arguing to the sounds of a fight starting in the street after a cab driver runs into another cab driver. Kitty just leans against a wall and is eating her hot dog she just bought, observing everything that is going on. Her sunglasses are on and headphones are in her ears. She bobs her head to the music absently.

With her headphones on, it may be that Kitty doesn't hear the footsteps behind her. While it's true there are many footsteps in Times Square, these slow to a stop just a short ways away, putting their owner just beyond the young woman's reach. Tamara stands there, head canted slightly, contemplating Kitty with a rather impassive expression. She wears sandals, denim shorts, and a blue tee-shirt with a floral print on it; her loose hair looks like it was trimmed to shoulder-length fairly recently, but hasn't been brushed in a while. "The cat at the mousehole also has a tail," the teen remarks, oblique words pitched to reach Kitty's ears in spite of her music.

Kitty stops nodding her head to the music and looks up slowly and her gaze falls onto Tamara. She removes her headphones and places them in her pocket. "Tammy, it's good to see you", Kitty smiles and she stays calm so she won't scare Tamara, "I was wondering when you would find me", and she slightly adjusts her bag with her laptop and a novel in it.

Normally, such a greeting would be met with a pleasant response in kind - or some excuse for why the recipient has been absent. Tamara gives neither. She merely blinks once at Kitty. "Did you need to be found?" the teen asks, though the query might come across as only half-interested. As conversation for conversation's sake, however peculiar it might be.

Kitty shrugs and looks back out to the traffic and people walking around Times Square, "I don't think so, but I thought you would come around soon to talk," she smiles warmly and tilts her head at Tamara, "I've missed you kiddo, how have you been these last months?", Kitty tucks a strand of hair behind his ear.

A light shrug of one shoulder; Tamara drifts a couple of steps closer. "The feet go where the mirror does," is her somewhat apologetic reply. Apparently that's why she hasn't been around? "Soon was always late, if it's all there is." The question of how she's been receives no comment, only a slight drawing-in of the girl's brows.

Kitty chuckles and nods at Tamara. The wind blows through her hair and she takes a moment before speaking again, "Marcus has been worried about you. I knew you were ok. You've always been able to take care of yourself pretty well," she grins and winks at Tamara. Kitty seems as if she wants to hold back something but then she goes for it anyway, "Met any interesting boys lately? I'm thinking you might have met some pretty hot ones, huh?" Kitty grins and nudges Tamara softly.

"Worry never goes away." That, Tamara relates to readily - but she sidles away from the nudge, and seems if anything perplexed by Kitty's question. "It's summer." The teen even looks up at the sky, as though to verify the weather matches her statement. And it does. This is good. "Everything was hot. …Except the ocean," Tamara allows after a moment's pause. "But water wasn't interesting anyway, so that's okay."

Kitty grins and nods, "Where was it hot babe?" She rubs her face and squints her eyes when she looks up to the sky. "I think I want a kitten. What do you think of a kitten for Kitty?" She laughs and then looks troubled for a moment, "Maybe a kitten would help me in these strange times. Have you been staying with a friend?", she looks curious.

Shifting her weight, Tamara merely looks up at Kitty. She doesn't respond immediately, but seems to consider - or perhaps sift through - her words. "A cat," the girl echoes, catching her lower lip between her teeth as she thinks. "We could find a cat," Tamara agrees, twisting to look down the street. The change in position lets the wind draw several locks of hair across her face, but she makes no move to clear them back.

As he walks close enough to be seen individually, George is in the midst of a phone call. "Yes, I— Well, that's why I asked for that document, I need to look through it so I can work out the answer. —Okay, by tomorrow morning, then. Thanks." He manages not to look annoyed until after the phone is hung up, and even then only for a moment, before he slows up and studies the people he just narrowly avoided bumping into. "Did you lose one?" he offers, looking to Tamara first.

Kitty looks at Tamara and her face lights up, "Will you really help me look for a cat?" Kitty grins and she leans forward excitedly. Kitty then looks towards George and looks puzzled. "Lose one what?" she asks and tilts her head.

"It just didn't know where it went," Tamara replies, stepping back one pace and turning towards George, though her gaze doesn't quite appear to focus on him. "Lost comes after that." She nods sagely to him, smiling briefly. The girl takes another step back, lifting a hand to Kitty. "Tomorrow," she promises, before the step turns into a full retreat.

Kitty nods and winks at Tamara, "Wait! Before you wonder off!" Kitty scribbles something on a piece of paper and she catches up to Tamara. "Don't forget to call kiddo, I miss talking to you." She winks again and walks back over to George.

George arches a brow at Tamara. Your average man on the street, hearing that, might assume she was loopy; he suspects otherwise, but politely keeps his mouth shut about it. "I missed it earlier," he says to Kitty, waving the phone around again before putting it away. "Sounds like you're just planning to get one?"

Kitty smiles and nods happily, "Yes sir. My cousin Tamara and I, the girl you just saw are going to get or find a cat. Knowing Tammy, we will be finding one. I'm Kitty by the way". She grins and seems at ease around the stranger.

"George. Hi." He offers a hand - and his nose flares slightly, but you'd have to be looking for it. "Well, good luck with that. Hope it doesn't turn up stuck up a tree or something."

Kitty takes the hand and shakes it. She nods, "Me too, but I like climbing so it wouldn't really be a problem. "Any pets?" Kitty leans against the wall and takes her sunglasses off.

George shakes his head. "I haven't really had time," he replies, hooking thumbs into pockets, "things have been a bit busy lately. Maybe at some point. I was actually looking for a good place to pick up a drink and get a few more things settled."

Kitty chuckles and she fixes her shoulder bag. "Wouldn't know, I'm only 20" She looks down at her cellphone to check the time and gasps as she realizes what time it is. "Oh shit! I gotta go meet my dad in his garage, and I'm a hour late!". She gets ready to set off before smiling at George, "Maybe we'll see each other around?".

"Not that kind of drink," says George. "And yeah, maybe so." He offers a wave, then sets back out on his original path, heading for the sidewalk and merging back into the crowd.

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