2007-04-20: The Lovely Miss St. James


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Summary: Shopping for last minute supplies for the New Hampshire biochemistry conference she was leaving for, Elena runs into Mohinder Suresh packing up his cab to leave for someplace. Elena asks Mohinder about the woman she met at the library. An attempt to steal Dr. Suresh's wallet is foiled.

Date It Happened: April 20, 2007

The Lovely Ms. St. James

Outside Mohinder Suresh's Apartment, New York

Having not been seen in his apartment since the kidnapping, Mohinder is back. Albeit briefly. Molly is with Matt while the geneticist grabs a few things.. which turns out to be two suitcases and some rather colorful stuffed toys under each arm. This burden is lugged down, out of the building and towards his taxi. The cases are set down on the sidewalk as he fishes out his keys so that he can open up the trunk. To anyone who may be wondering where the odd family has been staying, it just looks like a long trip.

She was running a few errands, last minute items before she gets on a bus to New Hampshire for the science conference she has to attend for class. Elena's hair is pulled up in a messy twist, reading over her list. When she looks up she catches sight of a familiar, curly-haired head hunched over the trunk of a car, and the cases on the sidewalk. Elena pauses, looking right, and then left. Turning to the right, she walks down an alley, ditching her jacket and her backpack behind a dumpster as she follows it to the other side out. She'll retrieve them later. Given it's spring, it's still a little chilly, and she pulls the hood of the sweatshirt she wore underneath her jacket over her head. She moves to flank the doctor, making as if to pass by….but stops. "Oh, here, let me help you with those," she says, playing the Good Samaritan.

In a lower voice, just in case… "I haven't seen you in a while, Dr. Suresh," she says softly. "I hope you remember me."

Mohinder sets Molly's toys inside the trunk, freeing up his hands completely to heft the first of the suitcases inside. When Elena just comes up out of seemingly nowhere, the doctor damn near jumps out of his skin. The concealed weapon he carries is not reached for, which is good as Elena does not mean him harm (today), and it's a busy street. (Although, he still should have thought to reach for it. Just in case.) Calming his nerves down, as if he's half expecting someone to jump out and grab him off the street, he looks at Elena and it takes a few moments to place the young woman. "Miss.. Gomez.. wasn't it? Ah, no, you and your friends haven't been by to confront me in my home," he says in a mildly teasing tone with a slight smile. "You startled me just now, it's probably not a good idea to go sneaking up on people like that." Especially people on the lookout for Sylar.

She doesn't say anything as of yet. Instead, Elena picks up a case from the sidewalk, and passes it to Mohinder so he can push and shove other items in the trunk around as he pleases, so he can have both hands free while doing so. Her dark eyes lift from the hood, a small smile on her mouth towards the doctor. He does look jumpy - but then that's expected. She had heard about his recent run-in with Kellie and Sylar. "It's relieving to see you haven't been hurt. A friend of mine told me about your predicament," she says softly. "I can't blame you for leaving this location at least." The teasing comment causes her to blush a bit in shame. "And I apologize…I don't know if you're being monitored. I thought better to be safe than sorry." After a pause, she inquires hesitantly. "….how is Molly?"

Mohinder smiles politely, accepting the case from Elena and slides it into the trunk. "Thank you," he says, as he does in fact, make a show of arranging things. "I'm quite relieved as well. It could have ended.. well.. badly. Not that it ended on a good note, far from it. But more people could have been killed." He glances sidelong at Elena, before dropping the premise of arranging things in the trunk. He straightens up and shuts the trunk. "To be honest, I don't know if I am myself. As for this location, it's just not a good idea to stay here constantly." Even if he wants to, for some sense of normalcy or stability. "She's doing better, about as well as can be expected of a child whose sense of security and routine has been disrupted. Bribes have been of great assistance of course."

"That's the important thing if anything," Elena says ruefully, stepping back when the geneticist shuts the trunk. Her hands slide into her pocket. When he tells her that he doesn't know himself, she gives him a slight nod. "We all can't be too careful these days," she agrees, her gaze sliding down the side of the road once, her expression falling in a contemplative look. "I'm glad Molly's hanging in there," she says. "She's a good kid." And she'll keep her promise to her. "Are you leaving New York?" she asks simply, her eyes falling on the car, and then back at the geneticist. "Or is that classified?" The last is teasing, to her credit, a small smile tugging up the edges of her mouth.

"Yes, she is, and we're trying to do the best we can for her." Even if Mohinder feels that his best isn't enough, or that he's failing somehow. He slips his hands into the pockets of his slacks as he turns around to lean his backside against the trunk of his cab. "I'm not entirely too certain myself." Which is the honest truth. He's not sure if they'll leave the city proper, but they can't go too far. Well, they could, but Matt has a job here, and it's just complicated. That's just a discussion to have later. "So, what brings you to this charming neighborhood today, Miss Gomez?"

"Supplies," Elena says honestly. "I'm leaving later today, biochem conference in New Hampshire. Our class is going to a few sessions, and then later presenting our observations." She pulls her hood lower on her head, sliding her hands in her pockets and rocking back a bit on her heels. "I….actually didn't expect to see you any time soon, if ever. Not with what happened. I could understand lying low for a while." She pauses a bit, and says, quietly. "….I suppose Fate or Coincidence is at it again. Someone I ran into the other day was talking about you, late at night in the Bobst Library on campus. She's a student there, she says she's met you before. Dark hair, very….very bright, blue-green eyes. British accent. She mentioned she was interning outside of the clinical program, some doctor or psychologist. I didn't get her name though. Does she sound familiar? She said you didn't like her very much."

"Ah, yes, I remember those quite well. I actually miss conferences and lectures," Mohinder says without a trace of sarcasm as his statement is quite sincere. "I wish you luck with that. I think you'll do fine." As he converses, he tries to look casual, and fails as his gaze does divert to inspect faces in the crowd along the sidewalk. "If it were just myself, I would be back to my regular routine." When the topic shifts, his brows raise and his attention is firmly back on Elena. ".. Ah. I see. Yes the description is familiar to me, I do know this young woman, or rather, I have met with her acquaintance."

"This is my very first one," Elena says, smiling enthusiastically. "I'm actually looking forward to it, even if I'm gone for a week." She chuckles softly, glancing down at her worn sneaker-tops. "I hope the city can be somewhat sane while I'm gone. I'd hate to miss anything important." When Mohinder's expression changes, she inclines her head at him from underneath her hood, falling quiet. "You did? She said she caused an accident and that got you rather cross with her," she says simply. "She also mentioned….a list. A list you have." She furrows her brows. "I'm at a loss honestly as to why she'd tell me something like that. I was hoping you had an idea. To be honest I have absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I've heard plenty, but that one was new to me."

"Be prepared to take plenty of notes, if you have an audio recording device, use it. Recording lectures comes quite in handy, particularly if you are not fast enough with taking notes by hand." Mohinder then laughs, "This city is never sane, nor is there ever a dull moment. Although, I would like to have a few of those every now and then." When the topic shifts back to Miss St. James, his expression sobers. "It wasn't the accident, it was a visit under false pretenses." Accidents happen when using powers that aren't fully under control, and that's understandable to him. He then clears his throat and lowers his voice, "I'm not sure as to why she would mention such a thing either." He's only met Elena once, so the reluctance to volunteer information about this list is natural. "Miss St. James is.. an odd sort, it might be wise to keep some things close to the vest in her presence."

"….a recorder…?" Elena grks, and Mohinder can practically see the -look- on her face. Looks like someone didn't think of that. "…maybe I can borrow Papa's…" she murmurs softly. And then she nods slightly, giving Mohinder a brighter smile. "I'll remember that, thank you, Dr. Suresh." And then….what he says. It wasn't an accident? She looks at him, a little confused at first. However, watching his serious expression, realization starts to dawn on her. "….I understand," she says softly. There is a pause, and she looks away - but she's still talking, and lowly. "I know you have your secrets, Dr. Suresh. I understand - but I just wanted to verify that at least. I can't be too careful, when something strange around me occurs I'd like to be able to parse it out before things get too hot to handle." In other words, don't tell her anything precious. That was enough. After a brief pause, she looks over to the geneticist, giving a small smile. "Perhaps when things settle a little bit that you'll be back in the lecture circuit. I hope NYU is still in your rounds," she says cheerfully.

"You're quite welcome for the advice… and speaking of lectures, I apologize that I haven't been able to make it to NYU, it is still on my list." It's just that a major wrench got thrown into the works. A wrench named Sylar and Kellie. Mohinder does laugh a little at Elena, voicing her request as he apologizes for being kept from the lecture circuit. He remains partially seated, partly leaning against the trunk of his cab as he speaks with Elena. He nods to the young student, "That's quite understandable, and a sign of a very active and cautious mind. Which these days, one can't be too careful. I don't think that you have anything to fear from Miss St. James, it's just a little warning to not be too up front with her." A brief reassuring smile is given Elena as his gaze darts away from her to scan the passing faces on the sidewalk again.

Sunday in Brooklyn… well, er, yes. Precisely. And on this particular Sunday, the girl so named is making her way down the sidewalk, the hard rubber wheels of her skates clattering against the places where the cement breaks and otherwise making a sussurant rolling noise. She lugs an over-full courier-style satchel against one hip, counterbalanced with a large, black guitar case festooned with a number of bright bumper stickers (Jesus is coming: Look busy!; Speak your mind even if your voice shakes ~Maggie Kuhn; and others). She seems to be off her in her little world, this creature in oversized black sunglasses, and as such careens RIGHT into Mohinder. If a body didn't know any better, they'd guess she ran into him on purpose… especially since she seems entirely unsurprised and even a bit blase in her apologies.

"Oh! Wow! I'm sorry… my bad…"

When he says that just as she voices her wish for him to lecture in her campus, Elena can't help but laugh. "I've been doing that lately," she says with a grin. "Anticipating what others are going to say. Maybe it's starting to become a learned talent." She clenches and unclenches her fingers within her pockets, and she nods. "I wish my mind can be somewhat -un-active these days, I could use the rest," she grumbles. "But I can't exactly afford it - not with work and school." And everything else in between. At what Mohinder says, she gives him a small smile. "Thank you for the warning." She pauses, watching him dart a careful glance down the street….and then a sudden realization strikes her. She looks away, though a hint of a smile curls on her mouth. "I was one of the lucky few who—"

She's cut off when Sunday suddenly comes out and barrels into Mohinder. She's too late to stop her from crashing into the scientist, but then a swift movement catches her eye….and she narrows her eyes just a tad. She lived in a rough neighborhood, she know what's about to happen.

Before Sunday could skate away, Elena sidesteps, and swings her leg to use her heel to -shove- one skate the other way to try and knock the girl off balance - and hopefully derail her plans for the good doctor.

Anything else Mohinder was going to say to Elena, well, that's put on the backburner. As he was looking past the student, he spots the incoming Sunday. He straightens up, and pushes off the trunk of his cab to try and intercept. If it was on purpose, he's clueless as to that. He just sees someone skating a bit out of control and possibly needing a bit of help applying the brakes.. as it were. Despite the preparation, the incoming force and inertia does knock him back against the cab. "Not a problem, it's quite alright Miss. I'm not sure a crowded sidewalk is the correct place for skating, in this city at least." He's just not sure there is a time or place for skating, or similar activity where there won't be a risk of knocking into people. This town /is/ a bit short on space. "No harm done at any rate," he says, smiling some, then frowns at Elena. What the.. so he should know to expect pickpockets in New York of all places, or worse, his mind just isn't going there at the moment. As it has been adrift in other waters.

There are a few things that should happen when you shove something. First, there's the tactile sensation of connecting with another solid object. Then then's the give, and the lessening of pressure as the bodies in motion- having met -part again. It all happens so fast we're seldom aware of it in such detail, but take AWAY these expected sensations… well, it's a very odd experience indeed.

This is what happens when Elena shoves Sunday's skate. There's the feeling of connection, then—nothing. No give, no pressure, no lessening. Nothing.

Except that the would-be pickpocket winces and mutters, "/Shit/!" as Mohinder is given a good shove away from her. This, too, is exceptionally odd -her arms don't appear to bunch and straighten as they should in order to shove him. In fact, there's only one hand remaining on him- just lightly on his forearm-as he finishes his reassurances that there's no harm done… So she's barely touching him, but the force is that of a good, healthy shove.

For a moment, the skater just stands there, looking a bit panicked. Then, "Right… See ya around!" And she attempts her escape.

Mohinder does notice that the would-be pickpocket only has one hand remaining on him, and nowhere near the grip necessary to send him sprawling. Not from a young woman anyway. He lands on the pavement and stares after Sunday in surprise, despite Elena's good intent to see that this didn't happen. "Remarkable," he breathes with some wonderment as he continues to stare after Sunday, or the spot where she previously was. "What Miss Gomez?" he asks in a mildly bewildered tone then, "Oh. Yes. Quite alright," he says, pushing himself up and back onto his feet. It does occur to him to chase after Sunday, but for entirely different reasons now.

A glance over her shoulder to reassure herself that there's no one in pursuit, and Sunday's retreat becomes more of a coast. She heads in the direction of Queens… with no more unfortunate collisions on the way, at least as long as she remains in sight.

"…they're all convening here…" Elena murmurs to herself, seemingly unaware that she was speaking out loud, though this is quiet. "…she was right." She pauses, and she shakes her head a little bit. Taking a step back, so long as Dr. Suresh was alright, and his wallet intact, she can at the very least leave him in good conscience. She's lingered around him for too long enough as it is, she had intended to leave the moment Mohinder had told her about St. James. Sliding her hands in her pockets, she looks over at him. "If you're okay…I should get going. Thank you for everything, Dr. Suresh. And not just for today." She suspects the man had done his part to protect her despite not knowing her very well at all, and for that she was grateful. Perhaps one day she can return the favor.

Mohinder looks across the many faces on the sidewalk, attempting to locate Sunday in the throng, but to no avail. What just took place is whirling through his head, the possibilities of just what sort of ability that was. Telekinesis? Kinetic force? Damn. She had to take off! Frowning as he's unable to locate just where Sunday went, it's a distracted look he turns onto Elena as she speaks. "Oh, yes, of course. Quite alright, and you're welcome. Good luck with your conference.. and I do promise that I have not forgotten about giving a lecture at your school."

"You'll see her again," Elena says, watching the wake of the girl as she takes off. "New York's a small city. Everyone runs into one another eventually." She pauses, and she grins ruefully at the geneticist, resting a hand lightly on his shoulder. "I think you ought to invest in a wallet chain, though. That girl just tried to lift you." She inclines her head a bit…and her smile turns softer and more genuine. "I'll be looking forward to it, Dr. Suresh. Stay safe. Please tell Molly for me that I'm very glad that she's okay." She slides her hands in her pockets, and starts heading off. She'll retrieve her jacket and her backpack later once the coast is clear.

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