2007-05-10: The Measure Of A Man


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Claudine and Granger decide to have a conversation with Omega out of the kindness of their heart. Barbs fly, and a very serious threat has been casted upon the Men In Black.

Date It Happened: May 10th, 2007

The Measure of a Man

Rooftops near Yankee Stadium

Perched on the edge of a roof top is Omega, having been checking out the latest scene of violence aftermath that rumbled it's way through New York City. He can see the Yankee Stadium a few blocks away through his binoculars as he scans slowly up one side of the street, to the other. After having picked up a bit of information from some sources on the street, it seems that the Trawlers and the Cube 8's got into a bit of a pissing match when the bullets started to rain down upon the streets. This will just not do.

As he stands up to his full height, his dark clothing blanketed by the night of evening, his eyes peer out through the red glass of his mask, releasing a soft sigh into the air as he takes a few steps back, then leaps to the next roof top, dropping down into a rolling tumble, before popping up once more to his feet, and moving quickly. Tonight will be a long night, and it's a good thing it's a weekend. He'll need the extra hours if he is to crack this particular case.


Two days is not a lot of time for training. Granger is still unsure of his pupil's skill improvement, especially with regards to refinement of her control of her ability. Orders, however, are orders and one can learn more from failure than one can learn from success and other such military-sports cliches.

Several buildings down from where Omega started, somewhere between clearing the gap betwixt buildings and tucking his head in for a roll across the rooftop, someone seems to have ninja'd himself onto the rooftop. That someone is Agent Granger. His overcoat flaps in the rooftop breeze, blowing dramatically behind him while Orion keeps his hands stuffed into the pockets of his slacks. The tall man stares pointedly at Omega as the youthful defender comes out of his roll, at once impassive and imposing.


So she'll probably get in trouble for this, but considering her younger sister was killed due to lack of capable agents from Sylar, Claudine has decided to participate in this outing. She's not as graceful as Orion, and there's a few oomphs and umphs as she just lands on her ass next to him.

"Um..I meant to do that.." she says, while easing on up and dusting herself off. What is she wearing? Well, what else would a spook wear at this time? A pair of black pants, a white blouse and a matching black jacket. She's all MiB'ed out (or is it WiB?) as she even has a pair of Raybans on. Yes, she was singing "I wear my sunglasses at night" in the car. Surely that must've been annoying. Somewhat.


Feeling the wind rush against him, Omega makes his way closer towards the edge of the next roof, then stares out over the distance, letting out another soft sigh. Looking ready to leap to the next, the sound of Claudine tumbling to her rump, followed by her voice causes him to prick to attention. Having been roof leaping for some time now, he's been able to discern which is a sound echoing from down below, or above.

As the hero turns around slowly, he spies Orion, and Claudine on the next roof, staring through his red, glass visor cut out into his solid black mask. Slowly, his hands drift down to his sides, fingers reflexively loosening as he shifts from foot to foot. The moonlight catches the reflection of his Omega symbol perched upon his forehead, causing it to shimmer for a moment, before he frowns slightly. Silent as always, he simply waits. Are they after him? Or, is this chance?


"Good evening, Mr. Omega."

Orion pauses. His tone is flat, even, and businesslike. In spite of that, his words have had a slight cadence to them that his pause only serves to accentuate. A silent beat in a measure, if you will.

"We have come to you in search of your help with a matter of significance and some delicacy."


"It's Omega Man.."

At least, she thinks it's Omega Man, so that's what she's whispering to Orion while looking back over to Drake. Claudine runs her fingers through her hair and then quiets herself, still staring him down…she's letting the older one lead afterall.


It's /Omega/, without the Mr. or the Man, but it doesn't seem the vigilante is going to argue that. He didn't even come up with it in the first place. With a squint of his eyes, he watches them for a moment, before his voice finally rings out through the night, behind the whistle of wind.

"I'm listening.."

His voice is young, yet strained, and full of apprehension as he watches the pair of them, his eyes more or less staring down Claudine from behind the thin red glass. Her again. Always her.


"We require your assistance in tracking a killer."

Orion pauses again. Aside from his mouth, the tall man hasn't moved a muscle. He just stares, impassive, at Omega as if waiting for something to happen.

"That is what you do, isn't it?"


Well, she didnt know that's what he was going to say, but she'll go with it. If he wants to be out there helping people, that's fine with her. As long as Omega doesnt end up in the news, then she'll just be his superstalker. So, Claudine remains standing there, completely neutral…for now.


Furrowing his brows behind his mask, Omega's posture loosens up, just a bit. Though, he doesn't move from his spot on the edge of the roof. Glancing slightly over his shoulder, he gauges the height, and distance from here, to the bottom, then glances back towards Orion.

"The world is full of killers. They're a disease on this world, and I am the cure."

The Hero cranes his attention to focus once more on Orion, before continuing.

"Tell me what I need to know."


Outwardly Orion refuses to react to Omega's assertion. Instead he pulls one hand from his pocket, producing a business card. He holds it out, passively offering it to the 'hero'.

"If you spot him, call us, and do not engage him. He is far, far too dangerous for one person to face alone."

He pauses again. It's only for a quarter-beat this time. Orion promptly begins providing a general physical description of Sylar. A lot of people could fit the description, especially in New York City.


Claudine closes her eyes and shudders at the description of Sylar. She knows it was he who killed Marilou and so she's just taking deep breaths trying to remain calm as to not wake people up with an earthquake. She has to display her own control over her powers afterall. So for now, she's still quiet.


".. Sylar.."

Omega says the name, as if it was repulsive to do so. Reaching out carefully, his gloved hand plucks the business card, then tucks it into one of his pouches which are hooked to his belt.

"I know a little bit about what he is capable of, and what kind of gifts he has leeched off those he stole them from. Why haven't you been able to track him down, and dispose of him by now? I thought it's what you do."

Shifting his gaze behind the visor, Omega stares at Claudine for a moment, before tilting his eyes once more at Orion.

"Surely your..Company… has resources available that can find even this pesky cockroach."


Good. We're getting there. Granger doesn't smile at Omega's recognition. He very nearly grimaces. The tall man keeps quiet for the duration of Omega's inquiries. For several seconds, Orion doesn't respond.

"Finding and neutralizing are entirely different things… Especially when he's already evaded the reaper once that I am aware of. Furthermore our methods of tracking him are less than informational about other pertinent data; such as what he is doing at particular locations or who he seems to be following. Bits and pieces of vital information that could inform us on how best to trap and erradicate him."

Orion continues to stare at Omega. It's like a staring contest, but much less intense. Granger seems intent upon reading everything there is to be read about the younger 'hero'.


"He's killed too many people.."

Finally, Claudine speaks, her tone showing a breaking in her composure as she closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths to calm herself down once more. A few moments pass, and she looks back over to Omega. "He's a threat to anyone with abilities. Your girlfriend, he could use her as a means to get to you should he find out about you." Yes, she's playing the Claire card now, but then again, she isnt aware of Claire's abilities nor the fact that Sylar actually wants her. But she does know his real identity, and she knows he has a girlfriend. "If you wont do it for us, do it for her."


"I will help you on one condition."

This is where Omega grows serious, his tone and posture as imposing as one can be while cloaked in black, and staring out through a mask of intimidation. Shifting back a bit, to put some distance between them, he says.
"Once this is over, and the cockroach is disposed of, you leave me alone. I don't want you showing up at my school anymore, manipulating my friends, watching my every move. I want you to forget about me as best as you can. The work I do is personal. I don't do it for glory, I don't do it for someone's acceptance. I don't have daddy issues or anything. I do what I do, because it's the right thing to do. I can't stand seeing women raped, or old ladies beat up, or young children being fed poison from drug dealers. I am no threat to you and your kind, and so whatever happens. It ends, right here on this roof top, alright? When I get a lead on Sylar, I will contact you, and you can go in and do what it is that you do.

The hero looks from one to the other, his breath puffing out against the cold air in soft, cloudy whisps.


"I can no more promise you that than you can promise me Sylar's head, Mr. Cure," replies Orion. His tone never deviates from that steady, flat, business voice; his body language never shifts from anything but a relaxed sort of personal discipline.

Granger stares pointedly at Omega.

"I came here, Mr. Omega, to look you in the glasses and see what sort of man you are. I provided you a warning about Sylar because I did not know if you knew of him and because you should know that he is out of your league."

The tall man removes his other hand from his pocket, starting to move now. He doesn't move after Omega. He sort of moves in an arc from where he was standing toward the roof's edge without taking his eyes off of the 'hero'.

"I have taken your measure this evening, kid, and I have found you lacking."


Ooooooh. Burn. Upon hearing the insult, Claudine prepares herself for anything. From what she knows,the guy is fast, so she clenches her fist, ready to use her own abilities should he try something.

For now, she just looks Omega over as well. She's trying not to chuckle or even grin right now, so she'll just put in a pop culture reference. "Every agent who has faced Sylar is dead. He's Mr. Smith, and you're not Neo. So if you see him, run."


"You are entitled to your opinion. I don't need your adoration to feel good about myself in the morning." Omega says as he continues to keep distance between the three of them, his body rippling slightly as he moves, practically jaunting from one spot to the next with each step he takes.

"But, since you can't make a promise to me. Measure this.. the next time you show up on my doorstep, or my school, you won't have just Sylar to worry about cutting your head off. You won't even see me coming."

With the last word, a more pointed stare over in Claudine's direction, he shifts himself just ever so slightly, and disappears in a rapid blur which practically melts into the darkness as the world slowed down through his eyes, and his own physical person sped up.

By the way, Granger. Your shoes are tied together.

Enjoy your evening, MIB's.

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