2007-05-04: The Mendez Method


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Summary: Elena gets started on Desiree's training, trying to find out what triggers her visions. While she thinks up new theories, what Desiree says triggers the memory of a discussion she had with Peter about Isaac Mendez's abilities and uses her own to make something similar happen. While a huge breakthrough is made on Desiree's abilities, the result is not pretty.

Date It Happened: May 4, 2007

The Mendez Method

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

She has…absolutely no idea how to start this.

Elena scratches the back of her neck, looking at her notes in her laptop. She has written, in her encrypted disc, everything that Desiree had told her about her powers - and quite frankly there wasn't much to go on. She groans, and drops her forehead on the table. She would have to tell her father eventually about the entire Petrelli kidnapping, but for the moment she's rather focused on just how to find Desiree's trigger. How she sees them seems so ….well. Random.

"Maybe she needs a focus point," she mutters. And then, she groans, picturing Desiree glowering at a snowglobe. 'I can zeeeeeeeeeeeeee your fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutureeeeeeeeee' ImaginaDezi says.

She exhales, and taps her fingers idly on the coffee table.

Real Dezi, who is carrying a bag of groceries in her arms and not a snow globe, pushes her way into the Gomez apartment with some rattling and ruffling. Various staple foods fill the two bags, but no baking ingredients this time; she bought these groceries herself, but they're for everyone. "Hi there 'Lena!" she calls out cheerfully - in her accent straight out of Mississippi, not ImaginaDezi's - and sits the bags on the counter. It's a safe bet she has no clue what Elena's working on just yet.

"Hey, Ms. Russo," Elena says, looking up with a small smile. Desiree is still Miss Russo, simply because the girl's got a pretty good grasp on boundaries and Desiree hasn't asked her to call her Dezi or Desiree yet. Seeing her bogged down with groceries, she stands up and goes over to help her with them. "Oh I didn't know you were going shopping today, if you mentioned it, I would've come with you to help," she says, opening the fridge and clearing out some space for the new stuff to go in.

"You don't have to call me Ms. Russo!" Desiree adds with chipper, faux-admonishing. Well, there it is! "Aw, don't worry about it. I was out, 'n the store was there, so I went. Just picked up some things was missin'." She goes about the process of putting it all away - with ease, thanks to Elena. "You the only one home?"


The RTS van comes pulling up, and one of New York's squirrels perishes under Ramon Gomez's right front tire. He doesn't notice as he gets out of the van. Today he doesn't do his sweep quite so quickly. For months there's been nothing, and he's on the phone arguing with a creditor in rapid fire Spanish.

"Look, I'll pay the fucking bill, but I told you it will have to be next payday. Yes, I intend to pay for the services rendered. I'm not a damn thief. You can have it next pay day or I can move it to the bottom of my priority list. Oh screw you. You do what you've gotta do, you /can't/ sue me over $450. Under state minimums, pal. My credit? Don't make me laugh. Get the fuck off my phone." He snaps it closed there on the front porch, fuming and trying to compose himself before he goes in and worries the women, muttering the word, "Bitch," again in Spanish, as he slams the phone shut.

Happily oblivious to the fact that her father is making one of her infamous baby t-shirts a reality, Elena grins sheepishly at the admonishment, and helps Desiree pack away the groceries regardless. "Alright, Dezi," she says, using the name Papa usually uses whenever he talks about her. Closing the fridge after the task was done, she rubs the back of her neck. "And yeah, for now. Papa's due home any minute, I should get started on dinner, but I've been trying to figure out…..how to 'activate' your abilities. I mean, you said the images were random so, it's kind of difficult for me to make a guess without a pattern." Unlike the others that she had talked to.

Desiree peeks up over the edge of the fridge door after she puts some vegetables in the crisper, hearing the noise of the vehicle somewhere outside. "Hm?" she blinks at Elena distractedly; she shuts the door slowly with a swing of her hip. It doesn't quite close. She kicks it with the back of her heel absently. "Like a trigger?" Brows raise, furrowing, curious. "You're always thinkin', ain't ya? What're you tossin' around in that brain of yours?"

Ramon strides in, then stops right in the doorway. He does his sweep, closing his eyes and searching the thoughts near the building. Now that he's no longer distracted. He begins muttering at himself that he got this far before doing it.

"Yeah," Elena confesses, a sheepish expression on her face. "I don't know. Ever since this started, I can't turn it off." There was an hourglass, somewhere, and the grains are sand are trickling. She's doing the best she can here, otherwise they're going to have to ditch New York and run away from a freak natural phenomenon. And there was no way a city as huge as this can be evacuated. She did the research, tornado warnings come within THREE minutes before the disaster strikes, and there's no technology developed yet that would extend the window to flee.


A lightbulb flashes in her head. Maybe Gene…

She slides her hands in her pockets, and speaks up. "I'm thinking there might be something I'm missing. If I can just figure out….a common thread, in all of the objects that have given you your visions before…maybe I can figure it out. If you don't mind….could you give me a list of objects you've seen your waking visions in? You mentioned Monopoly money. You mentioned cereal….anything else?"

She looks up when Ramon opens the door, and gives him a small smile. "Hola, Papa."

Despite Manny being told to give up racing and his moderate obsession over his car, when Ramon pulls up and, to Manny's disinterest, crushes the squirrel, the younger Gomez male is under his car working on something. To be fair, he's not racing…but it certainly doens't look like he wants to give it up as he was told. When his father pulls up, though, Manny takes notice. Sliding out from under his car, the teen pulls the headphones out of his ears and tosses them around his neck, following shortly behind Ramon into the house.

Holding a bag of frozen peas, Desiree stares at Elena. Every object? Every /single object/? "…I'ma need a pen and a paper. Papers. …D'you have a notepad I could borrow?" Meanwhile, the atmosphere outside the door is completely lost on Desiree - which is for the best, really - but when Ramon steps inside, she can, nevertheless, tell that he's less-than-tranquil, despite his de-fuming attempts. Not that he ever looks particularly tranquil at any time. The muttering is a dead giveaway regardless. "Heeeya!," she greets Ramon with her usual friendliness despite all that - or because of it - or because it's her default. When the other Gomez teen appears, the not-so-random woman who has not-quite-intruded-but-settled-in to the house has a pleasant smile for him, too. "Hi Manny!"

"Sure," Elena says. She's going to have to burn the list later, but she does walk into the living room where she left her laptop and coffee table running, picking up a notebook and a pen. Walking up to the older woman, she hands both items to her, and she looks at her father. She confesses, "I'm trying to figure out how I can get started with Dezi," she tells her dad. When Manny enters in, she beams at him. "Hey, Manny," she greets.

"Good," Ramon grunted. "You can save lives, Dezi, simply by pinpointing the next victim. Elena is good at this." He goes stomping into the bathroom, tearing into the medicine cabinet. With his sweep picking up nothing as of yet, he feels comfortable taking something for his raging headache. Pill bottles tumble into the sink.

A simple nod comes from the younger teen, running a slightly blackened hand over his hair for a minute, "Hola." His first focus? His father, who he addresses in somewhat quickened-paced Spanish, "<Anything yet, Papa?>" A flash of a smile is offered to his sister, though his attention is focused on his father until he hears one way or the other.

Dezi finishes putting away the groceries while Elena scurries off - almost. She's still reaching up into a cupboard to put away a can - granted, it's not much of a stretch for her; she's tall and she still has her shoes on - when she's handed the pen and notebook. Closing the cupboard, she takes a deep breath, smiles somewhat manically with her eyebrows raised high, and strides over to the kitchen table. A seat is flopped into with a whirl of her dress's skirt, blue with white polkadots. She looks in the direction of the bathroom, past Manny, where Ramon disappeared to; she frowns faintly before looking down at the paper. "I don't know if I can remember everything," she admits to Elena as she starts to make out a point form list.

She lets the two Gomez men talk, walking towards Desiree and taking a seat in front of her, situating herself on the coffee table. Elena flashes the psychic an encouraging smile. "You don't need to give me everything, just what you can…I mean, you can give me the most recent ones only. Within the last….five or six months or so," she tells her. Just…how many objects did this woman see stuff in? She didn't know, but she's about to find out. She hopes that she's on the right track - while she knew what to do with Manny, her father, Eric, or even Peter in an instinctive level, something so random as Desiree's was proving to be her most difficult one as of yet.

"<Not so far,>" Ramon grunts, dry swallowing a bunch of asprin. "<I'd almost think the fucker knew I was hunting him with my mind and gone under ground, but I /know/ he hasn't. He's out there. He's watching us. All I have to do is find the hairy son of a bitch." He paces around like a caged lion. "<I need a new fucking lead.>"

The answer doesn't help Manny's impatience, but at least he knows w here they stand now. A sigh escapes the teen, who shakes his head a little bitand leans back against the closest wall, "<Do we have ANY idea who this guy is? I mean…hair color, skin color, fuck, race?>" And, again, Manny's temper starts to get the better of him, obviously quite content to hunt down anyone that matches any tiny description Ramon might be able to give him. It's then…that Manny notices Elena and Desiree working on…something, "<What's goin' on there?>"

Desiree's shoulders slump when Elena tries to be helpful. She can't help but laugh, shaking her head of curls. "Five or six months ago I was in Biloxi buyin' Christmas presents and there wasn't a ribbon, bow, Christmas tree or shred of snowman wrappin' paper that was tryin' to tell me /anythin'/. Now, you tell me how that opportunity got passed. I didn't notice anyway, maybe I was too pre-occupied, but I didn't notice anythin' like that, nothin', 'til… I dunno. It musta been January." All this talking and she's forgotten to write any more on her list. Whoops. She goes back to that now. Oranges, crackers, wallpaper, swimming pool…

She waits for the list to get done, Elena standing up to go to the kitchen so she could get started on dinner. Every day items. She opens the cupboard and looks at it, landing on the boxes of cereal there. There was only a few - she wasn't a big cereal person, but Nita loved it, so she bought a few boxes. Frosted Mini-Wheats and Lucky Charms were her favorites. "Do you remember what sort of cereal you were having?" she asks Desiree. It might seem….totally random but she's trying to do the best she can here. Something was there, the beginnings of a theory, niggling at the back of her head. But she can't quite grasp it yet.

"<He's white,>" Ramon says. "<He sounds white. He's an athiest. Or at least he quotes athiests. He's educated enough to quote athiest lawyers from who knows when."> He turns to his son. "<That's how far I've narrowed the field. He probably drives something nondescript, but he does own a car.>"

"<Perfect…fucking perfect.>" As far as Manny's concerned, ninety percent of whites in New York were lawyers or politicians and drove nondescript cars. Back settled against the wall, Manny just shakes his head, face pointed to the ground. Silence from the teen is rare, and when it occurs, he's usually too pissed to know what to say; such is the case. Impatience is probably Manny's worst quality. Aside from, ya know…the whole "I can ruin your face with my mind" thing.

Not following Elena's train of thought, Desiree looks up from her list, which is already getting long, to give the girl a quizzical blink. "Flax… something… it had blueberries in it. Oatmeal, once." She marks down a few other items, pauses to think, and flips the page to keep going. This time when she pauses, she flattens a palm on the page and looks at Elena again, confused. "Do you think it matters what kinda cereal it was?"

"Blueberries…blueberries…blue….blue…" Elena murmurs, staring at the cupboard. She takes several steps back, and blinks at it, and then she walks over to where Desiree is seated, taking a seat next to her and peering at the list. She sees a few items on it, and then she stands up, dragging her computer with her as she vanishes into her room. The door slams shut.

There should be a sign out her door: KEEP OUT, MAD SCIENTIST AT WORK.

There are sounds coming out from her bedroom after a few moments. It sounds like…..the….printer?

Ramon walks past Manuel with his hands rising and falling. "<I've done everything I can, son.>" He growls out the words. "<And we'll keep doing that until we get him." He crosses back into the kitchen and flops down next to Dezi. He switches to English to rumble out, "I found my thrill on blueberry hill?"

"<I know…it figures the sum'bitch would blend in with every fucking nobody on the street though.>" Yeah, he's pissed. Manny tucks his hands into his pockets as he starts to walk toward the kitchen, propping himself against a counter and looking over at his sister…who promptly turns around, slamming the door to her room shut. The boy's just…silent. This time, not because of anything other than the plain 'what the hell' expression on his face.

The list ends with 'wine + glass', 'monopoly money', and a list of seeming random grocery items all clustered together. Desiree, then, is left staring in the direction Elena went. She was here a second ago, she was sure of it. With a computer. And now she's… in her room? "… 'Lena?" She's still staring, perplexed, at the door of Elena's room when Ramon sits down and Manny returns. "Somethin' like that," she replies with a grin. "Least that's what your daughter seems to think. I think it's just cereal." Unintentionally cryptic, that's Desiree.

The printer stops printing after a few more moments, but it goes for a while. She opens the door, and walks out, carrying a bunch of papers with her. She goes into the kitchen, takes up a blank space of wall, and then just…starts plastering the leaves of paper she's got upon it. The papers hold pictures - images of the items described in Desiree's list. Wine glass, monopoly money, grocery items. Most of them had been food, but the swimming pool was clearly not. The wallpaper wasn't.

She takes a few steps back and looks at her makeshift mural, and then starts pacing around, tugging on a lock of hair that frames her face - a trademarked gesture that she was thinking, and thinking hard. Finally, she turns to Desiree and Ramon. "I thought for a minute that the trigger was food. Almost all of these items are. But that's clearly not the case. Not the wallpaper, or the swimming pool. So it has to be something else."

She takes a step back.

Ramon leans over and looks at the pictures. "Maybe its just random crap she sees, Elena," Ramon says. "Turning into her seeing other things. And she sees it when God is ready for her to see it." Which is probably NOT scientifically helpful, but that's what he believes. He once told Dezi he believed God had a special purpose for her.

Desiree watches the determined young woman, transfixed. She stares over the slew of pictures for awhile before she pipes up, first looking between Manny and his sister — but the Spanish seems to fly right over her head. "It's just if there's a pattern or not," she says, resolute, even though she can't say why, for sure. Dipping her head toward Ramon, agreeing with him, in a way, she adds, "Some things have 'em and some things don't. There has to be somethin' for me to see, then it finds a way."

"I suppose it depends on where your control center is," Elena says, looking at the pictures. "If it's in the conscious part of the brain you'll be able to control it. If it's….in the part of the brain that controls instinct, like….how your heart blinks, how you hear, it's…just a theory but that might mean you can't control your power after all. I just need to make sure it's either or, but I can't right now because I don't have the right equipment." She will, though. Soon. If Gene was to be believed. "So I'm stuck with guessing games and trying to find patterns with the information that I have…"

She pauses, and she looks at Desiree. There has to be something for her to see, and then it finds a way.

"Hangon," she says, turning around and jogging towards Luis's room. She vanishes in it for a few moments, and then when she returns, she walks over to Ramon and Desiree, and slides a book towards them in the middle of the table. It is a book, with huge, bright letters on top.


One of those books drawn with bright colors, with repeating patterns of image. The trick books where if one of them stared long enough, a hidden image would pop out in 3-D. She was only going by what Desiree told her, after all, she was the one with the gift, right? 'There has to be somethin'' for her 'to see.'

"….it's worth a shot," she says, looking up at the adults.

Ramon stares. "I'm ordering a pizza," he announces. He doesn't want to look at that damn Magic Eye book. He can never see ANYTHING in it, and it drives him nuts. He remembers Luis, laughing and laughing at his inability. His eyes tighten. He misses the younger kids. He stands up and gets on the phone. Creditor or no creditor, tonight he wants pizza and beer.

Manuel just sorta…stands there. He has no clue what it is Elena's trying to do, and the 3D Magic Eye book just bothers Manny. Not because he can't see it, but because it hurts his head when he tries. Propped back against the counter, Manny keeps his thoughtshe thinksto himself…
/Couldn't think be something simple that you're just overlooking? Like, ya know…hallucinations?/ His eyes roll at his sister's insistance that everything be an experiment of some kind, reminding himself that THIS is what college does to you.

"Yeah, I can't see it bein' anywhere in the cerebrum - that's the part that makes me go crazy tryin' to figure out what the pictures mean once I see 'em. Midbrain's /too/ primitive and we got the medulla, but this is-it's too complex a thing to be completely instinctive, there's just gotta be a trigger, I mean, it's gotta link to the occipital lobe unless I'm seein' it /all/ in my damn head-cross-linked with… the… it's just, it's not that simple when you…" Dezi realizes that she's been talking for awhile and moistens her lips, shutting off the spiel of neurology. Betcha didn't see /that/ coming. "I dunno." She pulls the Magic Eye book toward her. "I was never any good at these things. I always see a cat when it's supposed to be a pirate or somethin'." That's encouraging.

"Right. We're trying to figure that out," Elena murmurs, taking a seat across Dezi and pushing the Magic Eye book towards her. When she looks at it, she gives her a small smile. "From what I gathered in the pictures….it's not a lot to go on, but your visions seem to more often than not hit into things with rich colors. The oranges. The swimming pool. The wallpaper. The burgundy of the wine. I don't know if it's a specific color, or just color, but…this book's full of them. The book's also made to confuse the eye, and make it go beyond what you're actually seeing. I'm thinking perhaps that could be it. Humans tend to be visual creatures….I mean from what I was getting, when these visions came to you, I don't think you were actually -staring- at the objects, and then boom, suddenly they were there. They're every day items, things we take for granted. Things that don't typically register in the forefront of our thoughts until something makes us pay attention to them. I think maybe….you need to be able to treat the things you're seeing as peripheral. Like in the Magic Eye book."

Ramon switches to Spanish. "<Dezi sees the future, Manuel.>" Now that the food is ordered he seems ready to explain. "<It is through this that she saved my life twice."> So stop being rude is the implied but unsaid statement at the end of the sentance.

Manuel just tosses his hands up in the air. "<How could I have known that, Papa? All I've gotten out of this is she has images of food.>" Okay, so it probably comes out more smart ass than Manny meant for it to; for once, he's not being sarcastic, even if his voice might not portray that. That said, he does understand his father's unsaid statement, and the teen shuts up. For the most part. Speaking of food, though…"<What'd you order?>"

"Yeah…" Desiree agrees quietly under her breath, squinting down at the colourful book. She nods slowly and opens it in the middle with a thumb, flipping through the pages and their myriad patterns. She slows down at a page full of red, orange and pink patterns, her brow knitting ever-so-slightly at the picture. "Maybe if I try'n UNfocus…" Stupid Magic Eyes.

"Unfocus…" Elena pauses, glancing at the Magic Eye book, and then suddenly? FLASHBACK TIME:

Several weeks ago….

They were in Michael's, looking for paint, Elena wheeling the cart with Peter picking up supplies. They had been talking about Isaac Mendez, and that Peter absorbed his power.

"You can….you could do it without shooting up, right?" Elena asked hesitantly, stopping the cart to look at him.

Peter looked back. "….well, when I did it once, I didn't have to," he said simply.


Unfocused. Unfocused. "Maybe…" Elena looks over at Desiree. "Dezi, it wouldn't be right unless I asked this but…I can help you try and unfocus. If you let me. Do you trust me?" she asks, her expression serious. She had never told Desiree about her powers before….she would know eventually anyway if she was living in their apartment.

Ramon's telepathy might be picking the memory up.

Ramon gives Elena a long, long look. "Pizza," he says in distraction. "I got the toppings you like, Manny." Because after all this time he knows what his son likes. Then he steps back, raising his hands. These are Elena's tests, and he trusts her. Besides, the house is full of beer. Worst case they can just give Dezi lots. Safe environment and all.

Manuel just laughs a little bit; he remembers when he used to hound his father about ordering at least a pizza just for Manny. What's so weird about ham and jalepenos on a pizza, he'll never know, but it's at the point now that he just laughs when Ramon orders pizza. Looking back at Elena and Desiree, though, Manny's actually interested; the only thing he knows Ella's power can do is put him to sleep.

If only Dezi could read minds like Ramon, she might have clued into what the heck Elena was talking about. As it is, she's pretty lost - her hazel eyes stare blankly, settled on the young woman rather than the Magic Eye book with its pretty colours and confusing hidden pictures (a notion she knows intimately by now). "Yeah, I trust you." Pause. Pause. "Huh?" She's an articulate lady, you see.

"Alright." Elena closes her eyes for a moment, and she opens them, looking towards Desiree as she fixes her gaze on her, and focuses. Her control is gentle, at least, and pretty soon, Desiree will feel a little…..well. Euphoric. Colors brighten all around her, she feels pleasant and warm. Giddiness, drowsiness - all the indications that she is experiencing a very good and gentle high. She keeps the levels in check, however, she doesn't want Desiree to be so far gone that she won't process what she's seeing accurately. Just enough so she could unfocus as she looks at the Magic Eye book.

Ramon touches Elena and Dezi's arm. "I'm going to shower while we wait for the pizza." He takes out money for that and hands it to Manuel. "Pay the guy when he comes," he instructs. "I need to get my shower." Sadly, he's going to need to wolf down food and take his place on his couch, because he's got to be up at 6:00 a.m. to get to work on time.

Manuel takes the money from his father, shrugging a little bit and nodding. He tucks it into his pocket, watching Elena curiously…there's an obvious range to the girl's power…she knocked Manny out with it, but she seems to just be trying to relax Desiree…Even Manny's curious, if not in the scientific way…just curious to see what Elena pulls off.

Ramon leaves just in time to miss Elena helping Desiree to "unfocus". Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing or not is to be decided. She squints at Elena, still entirely confused as to what the girl is even /talking/ about - trust her for what? Unfocus how?

And then it sinks in, and all of a sudden she's not squinting at Elena anymore, she's staring with increasingly widening eyes. "O-oooh…" Her shoulders visibly slump, her head lolling a bit to the side. "Did you jus'…" Blink. Blink. "Drug… me… from over there? 'Cause, I feel pretty good, right about now," Desiree intones; her voice is just a touch thicker than usual. For a moment, she's distracted by the polkadots on her dress, but they provide no visions today, and she remembers the Magic Eye. She holds it open, flattening it on the table. "Unfocus. Alright, well, heeeere goes nothin'."

The bright, blue pattern with the multi-colored goldfish images stare back at her, with their large, beady, uniform eyes. The hidden image inside this page is a yellow sailboat, should one catch the Mallrats reference, but to Desiree there is nothing, for a bit…..

Until the image shifts, glowing a little bit under the influence. It's as if there was a whirlpool of color, swirling away and spreading out to see….a hallway. A very familiar hallway. All she can see is the back of someone's head. A woman, with curly hair, humming a soft, cheery song as she carries groceries through this hallway. She would hear footsteps, coming up from the stairs, but she doesn't seem to be paying attention. The dark-haired woman fumbles with her keys, turning a bit to the apartment door…but drops the keys. Desiree would see the woman's hand pick it up.

Suddenly, there is a click. The curly-haired woman turns around to see….the image of another woman on the other end of the hall, where the stairway leads up. Silver gleams from her hand. A gun? It looks like one of those classic six shooters.

There is one shot. And then another. The groceries-carrying woman drops on her knees on the floor, as if in slow motion, the paper bag of groceries dropping. Oranges, bright in Desiree's euphoric haze, tumble out like little balls on the ground, rolling down the hall.

The woman lands face-first, her head turned to the side and her eyes staring at nothing. Now, Desiree could get a good look at the victim's face.

And it was her own.

"…..Dezi?" Elena says from across the table. "Are you…..do you see anything…?"

At first, Desiree's expression is quite pleasant. Drifting, drifting… it's as if she's enwrapt in a lovely daydream as her hazel eyes stare calmly down at the page. A faint smile even settles onto her lips - she has Elena to thank for that bit of euphoric ignorance.

That's about when her eyes, already glazed over, lose their colour entirely. Suddenly, they go from glimmering hazel to pearly white without a hint of iris or pupil. With the departure of her… eyes… the departure of her smile follows.

The woman's long-fingered hands rove over the pattern, her fingertips just barely sweeping the surface of the brightly coloured paper - which, to her, is much, much more. A real magic eye. Elena gets no answer; she stays in this bizarre trance for a few minutes before her eyes clamp shut. Darkly mascara'd lashes blink open after a moment. She just stares at the book - then shoves it across the table like it's on fire.

"<I guess so,>" Manny replies to Elena's question, totally missing the knock on the door of the pizza guy arriving. He just sorta…stares, obviously confused by what just happened and not about to start asking questions.

She jerks up a bit on her chair when Desiree suddenly shoves the Magic Eye book away with a bit of force. Elena looks over at Desiree. "Dezi?" she prompts again, half out of her chair. If there's something wrong, she'll do her best to assist the older woman. "Manny, get the door. There's money on the counter," she tells her brother, in English, because they had a guest and it's impolite. With that, she moves towards the psychic, taking one knee on the floor next to her seat as she looks up at the southern psychic. "Dezi?" she asks softly, reaching out to touch her arm, and lets go of her control completely, letting the effects of her abilities die.

Desiree whips around to look down at Elena, her eyes blinking slowly, blearily, still coming out of her daze bit by bit - but she knows what she saw, there's no doubt about that. "… no," is all she says, her voice uncharacteristically small and quiet. "Bring it /back/," she tells Elena, insistent about this vague demand of hers. She reaches out and to try to grab the girl's shoulder, give her a little shake - no, not normal Desiree at all. "Do it again. Do it again! What you did to me— what you did to me before I looked at the picture," The woman is becoming frantic, her motions frenzied, her eyes haunted, her words /desperate/. "Do it again, I want that feeling again! I'll just close my eyes and…"

She's suddenly grabbed by the shoulders. Elena freezes when the woman's hands are suddenly latched onto her, and she's shaken a bit. "Dezi, Dezi calm down," she says, lifting her own hands to rest them on her shoulders in turn, but she doesn't shake the woman. "I will in a few minutes, but you have to calm down for me for a second. What did you see?" The woman was scared, she could see it without even feeling it from her system. So she does the one thing she could do to calm people down. She moves forward, wrapping her arms around Desiree securely, squeezing her tight. "It's okay. It's okay we'll figure this out. We'll do it again, just….deep breaths, okay?"

Manuel just…sorta walks away, unsure of what the hell is going on. And frankly? He likes it better that way at the moment, but when Desiree grabs Elena and starts shaking her, it takes a bit of willpower on Manny's part not to get in the way. He just goes over to the door, swapping money for pizza and laying it on the counter. Again, the boy sticks to his favored language, looking to his sister from across the room, "<Everything alright, Ella?">"

"It ain't fair, it shouldn't work like that, I don't wanna…" Dezi babbles, sniffling somewhere in all of that; she wraps her arms around the much younger woman, hugging her tight, but deep breaths are not on the menu. Neither is calming down. She does, however, pull herself together. Sitting back after the hug, she swipes a knuckle underneath one eye, then the other. "I jus' need… I needa while," she says, pushing a shaky hand into the table and standing. She gives Manny a shaky smile that tries to be reassuring as she tries to sneak out of the room without explaining herself.

"<Everything's fine, Manny,>" Elena answers, this time in Spanish as she looks over at Manuel. It's a look that will tell him that she'll explain everything later. But her first priority at the moment is Desiree. While there were breakthroughs tonight, important for every scientist after all, what she's doing now is trying to comfort the nervous woman the best she can. But when Desiree pulls back, she leans back a touch and she nods. "Okay, Dezi," she says softly, watching the woman stand up from the chair and walk to her room - Nita's room. She sighs and stands up, glancing at the Magic Eye book. It worked….but it worked, perhaps, too well. She'll let the older woman have her space, but she feels bad now. She drops on her chair, and she looks at Manny despondently.

She has…a very long night ahead of her.

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