The Mysterious Truth


The Mysterious Truth is a site dedicated to finding the truth about all this strange and mysterious. Started several years ago by Mark Scotts. Mark travels the globe to bring his audience the truth.

This page will serve as sort of a database about the various things he encounters. People, places and things. As soon as I figure how to make this page look awesome I'll be adding to it.. :D


Below is all the expeditions (AKA: Plots) that Mark has drug people around on.

  • The Amazon - The team heads down into the Brazilian Rainforest to try and discover what is up with living trees!
  • Egypt - Rumors abound and Mark and a new team heads to check it out. Basest reincarnated?! Whoa!


These are the people with special 'qualites' he's come across. If you'd like to be on this list, for the purpose of a plot hook, let me know and we can work out the details of how and when you met Mark.

Also as a note, there are not photos of these people. I only put the icons so you all know who he is talking about . :)

Cody_V4icon.png Lady Medusa - On my travels to Kuwait, I met a rather charming individual. She was a soldier with a special ability. The way her hair moved and reacted to her mental commands brought the memories of the tales of Medusa, minus the turning you to stone factor. Not to mention impressive… credentials.
Scene Mention: Terrorist Retreat
Micah_V4icon.png Techno Kid - I recently met this kid, fascinating young man. He could talk to technology. Someone so young with that kind of ability, it just floors me. A very special kid, lets hope he grows into a decent person, which so far I see in him, unless the weight of the world drags him down a darker path.
Scene Mention: Woah!
Tracy_V4icon.png Ice Queen - I'm starting to think that there is certain genetic qualities inherited by woman with abilities. This woman was… both Hot and Cold. She could change her form into water and freeze the area around her! It was impressive, among other things.
Scene Mention: Conquest of Lies


Not unusual for Mark to go looking for some some mythical creature especially if he's heard current rumors. As they are mentioned in Scenes they will get added.

CongoDino.jpg Mokele Mbembe - Few months back I went in search for the elusive Congo inhabiting dinosaur. I spent months in the deep forests with local tribes listening to their stories of close encounters.. or sounds heard in the middle of the night. While I was unable to find this long necked dinosaur, they did show me a supposed footprint of the beast. Scene Mention: Letters
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