2010-08-13: The Mystery



Date: August 13, 2010


The Mr. E isn't in who we are, but the stories we tell.

"The Mystery"

Canal S & G

Another day another dollar, this time it's a visit to an old pawn shop. Way back when Lizzie went by the name of Hallis, she came here with Mitsy… way back when Mitsy was smitten for the curly haired weirdo. Opening the door with a little jingle, she steps inside tentatively to find it deserted save for the employee behind the counter.

She ventures in a little further and looks around before marching up to the counter and plunking her heavy bag down on it. "I have some things I need to sell," she states, hoping against all hopes that they're actually buying today. Jewelry's been on the outs since Lizzie soon after started trying to pay her way through life with her ability. Too much too soon.

Bag bag full of gold is dumped out onto the glass display and left for the clerk to pick through. While waiting, she glances at some of the odder things on the shelves. Some of them are picked up, some are left where they are. One of them is a creepy stuffed porcupine that looks like it could have been a bookend. "Gross…" Lizzie mutters under her breath before turning toward the clerk with a smile. "So? How much?"

Pawn Shops are so not Emery's thing. Honestly he prefers visiting high-end places so he can case them for charity causes. Going to Pawn Shops however can be convenient when he's looking to see if anybody in the city is hawking anything more valuable than they realize. This is why the young father arrives at the shop, unlit cigarette dangling from his lips wearing a black silk button down and a pair of black jeans with a light brown duster, shades hiding his eyes as usual and his hair pulled back in a little ponytail.

It takes him a couple of moments before he snorts and shakes his head, sauntering towards the counter and without asking picking up a random gold item, studying it carefully before dropping it back on the counter. "Niiice one miss, you're joking aye? Or we could only hope…" His usual Irish accent carefully hidden by the 'polished' british one he adopts.

"Mister E!" Lizzie exclaims as she turns to see him, she's ecstatic and it shows. With a hop, she practically leaps into the man's arms, giving him a big hug. "It's been so long since I've seen you! How've you been? How's Kennis?" It's quite possible that he was in the apartment just this morning, it's quite possible that 'Hallis' fired him. Lizzie has absolutely no idea, she's been unable to find him… since Sierra has his card.

"I have so much to tell you! You wouldn't believe what's happened! Look at me! I'm poor!!" She drops down to standing again and does a little twirl for the man, showing off her 'hobo clothes'. Old and faded jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a designer hoodie (the luxury item she splurged on), all things Hallis wouldn't be caught dead in. When she stops, she looks up at him with a rather puzzled expression on her features and queries, "What are you doing here? I didn't think you came to places like this?"

There is only one person who calls him that and he has a couple of seconds to process that before he's turning and oofing as he takes a step back, wrapping arms around Lizzie to keep from falling over, returning the hug cautiously and his cigarette is lost somewhere in this whole exchange. "…the 'ell?" British accent be damned, the Irish comes out strong as he coughs and takes a step back.

A couple of blinks before he rests a hand on his hip, head tilting from one side to the other before he offers cautiously. "Ah…yes, look at ye." He looks around before focusing back on the woman. "I come occasionally, sometimes people end up leavin' tings that are worth more than swindlers like this 'un…" He jerks a finger towards the clerk. "…lie and tell 'em its worth…the 'ell /you/ doin' 'ere…"

"I'm selling some stuff I had lying around…?" Lizzie lies, her eyes darting to the side as a small blush creeps up onto her face. "There's this bill I have to pay," that part is the truth at least. She gives the clerk a wane smile and begins to unceremoniously gather the unwanted jewelry back into the bag. The heavy bag is then carefully laced around her neck and shoulder to hang down by her side.

The clerk writes down the few pieces the store is buying in a ledger before moving to the cash register to get the money and receipts. All the while, Lizzie is torn between watching him and looking up at Mister E. "Uhm… Mister E… I was wondering…" she averts her eyes again and steps a little closer to lower her voice just enough so that the clerk can't hear. "Do you know anyone that … " Leaning up, the young blonde cups her hand to Emery's ear and whispers, "Do you know anyone that knows how to make ID's and stuff?"

"Annnd it didn't cross your addled lil' brain to call me up?" Emery sighs softly and then tilts his head to the side at the whisper, eyebrows shooting up before he takes a deep breath and pinches the bridge of his nose. "I'm too sober for this…" Is muttered before he just gives her a small nod. "I miiight actually be…aware of people with talents like that." He does finally admit, looking around and then back at Lizzie. "You have some explaining to do Twiggy, I do hope you be realizing that."

"I didn't have your phone number!!" Lizzie states in a too loud protesting manner, like a child who was late for curfew. "I…" she sighs heavily and slumps her shoulders, looking over just in time for the clerk to come up on them and hand her a few bills. Counting them with a heavy sigh, she carefully folds them and places them in her pocket.

"It's a really long long story, you wouldn't believe me if I told you, probably." The explanation isn't an explanation at all, but in a way to try to sweep everything under the bridge she gives him a brilliant smile. One thing about Lizzie that's quite different than Hallis, she's filled out a little more. Lightly tanned, healthy looking and with no bones sticking out anywhere. She's still rail thin, but not emaciated … like the Hallis on television.

Emery presses his finger to his lips. "Shhh, I'm sure ye lost it around the time ye lost the wits." He rolls his eyes and shakes his head at the explanation. "Trust me, I believe almost anyting these days when it comes to stories that are 'ard to believe." He gives the young woman a once over and sighs softly, shaking his head. "I dunnae want to see anyting bad happen to ye. You get this don't you?" He adjusts his shades.

Lizzie's jaw drops open in preparation for yet another protest but she clamps it shut quickly to make a little grimace-y face at her self appointed father figure. "No, I didn't lose it. She has it, the woman that stole my whole life." A look is tossed toward the clerk, who acts like he hasn't been listening to the conversation when in truth, it's more interesting than what's on the radio right now.

Placing her hand on Emery's arm, she leads him further into the store, away from the ears, and looks up at him again. "Someone took my life. She looks just like me, identical. Even down to the… well you don't want to know." Pause. "Aaaaanyway, I'm staying with my friend Sydney… and since that phone number you have for me is actually to her… here's my new one." She pulls out a little business card for some taxi service and writes down her phone number and address. The I is dotted with a heart, just like Hallis did with her own name, the handwriting is identical. When finished, she gives the card to Mister E. "I go by Lizzie now, my middle name."

"Oooh, lesbians…you know 'ow it is." Emery offers to the clerk with a small smirk before shaking his head and turning a more serious look to Lizzie, listening closely and narrowing his eyes. "…" He just stares at the woman and takes a deep breath, opening up his jacket. "Reach into me inner pocket and get a card, go on and do it." He takes the card from 'Lizzie' however to scan the number written there. "I can't believe ye ended up getting screwed over by a goddamn bodysnatcher. Jesus I 'ate this city sometimes."

She's known him for far too long to question him, Lizzie simply follows the order and dips her hand into his pocket to fish out the card. She holds it in front of her and reads the front then carefully flips over to read the backside as well. "Thanks Mister E, I knew I could count on you," she murmurs before looking up at him with a big smile. "You never did answer though, how's Kennis? Did she have a good summer? She's starting school next week, right? Does she still have Mister Noodle?"

The barrage of questions leaves no room for Emery to even question whether the woman in front of him is truly Hallis or not. Until one thing happens… "I want to invite you and Kennis over to the townhouse one night. I'll make dinner, you should taste my soup, it's really good!" Lizzie is cooking.
Emery just tilts his head to the side, eyeing 'Lizzie' with a thoughtful expression. "Mmhmm…" He runs a hand over his head and lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "Kennis is Kennis, dunnae be worryin' about 'er luv." He replies carefully and then he just stares at the woman when she talks about cooking and soup and then chuckles softly. "Ahh, yes about that…the best soup I ever 'ad was when I was in Ethiopia and I met Kennis's ma, remember when I went on that trip to see 'er and get the papers straightened out…now what was it that I brought you back again?" He strokes his chin thoughtfully.

The amount of confusion painted over Lizzie's face is phenomenal. Eying Emery, she shakes her head and wrinkles her nose, "Nuh uh, you didn't go to Ethiopia, you went to Egypt… you brought me back a white cotton dress. It's one of the only things I still have." Then her expression smooths out and she leans a little closer to the man, "Are you alright, Mister E? You are Mister E., right?" There's the same old Hallis, still as spacey and confused as ever. She's quite suspicious of him now though, telltale by the arms folded over her chest and the expression on her face.

Emery actually exhales with some relief, giving a small nod. "Oh thank ye lucky stars ye remembered." He gives a small twirl of his wrist, flash of silver slipping back up his sleeve with a quirk of an eyebrow. There's a sigh before he takes a deep breath and looks around once more. "M' fine now. Needed to make sure eh…well you get it."

With her suspicions alleviated, Lizzie gives Emery a brilliant smile and nods. "I get it, I wish everyone had been as careful as you are… No one believes that I'm Hallis except for you, Sydney, and George." A small sigh lets loose and she looks down at the floor for a moment, her happy face fading quickly with each old friend remembered. "Yeah, but it's okay… Who needs those kinds of friends anyway, right?" A more nervous and hopeful expression points up to him, "I mean, I have this guy that I'm dating and he.. dated, once… but he said he'd like to see me more."

Emery actually offers a small half-smile and a wink from behind his shades as he sighs and shakes his head. "It is very 'ard to pretend to be somebody else when the real somebody 'as friends who care about ye." He chuckles. "Chin-up luv, okay? You've got us. And a potential lover on the horizon, things are looking up indeed." He looks around before moving closer, hand dipping into a pocket and rummaging around a bit before he folds something over his finger and reaches out to stealthily slip the young woman something papery and thick, if she looks however she will a folded wad of 100s, not a crazy about but about 9 or 10 of them and he just gives a small shake of his head. "Dunnae lose me number or I'll have tattooed on yer ass, backwards so you can look in a mirror to see it."

The young woman is quite surprised at the gift of cash and once again looks up at Emery to protest the action. She's still too proud, an admirable quality for someone such as herself, a woman who had been so greedy and selfish almost all of her life. A blush creeps across her cheeks and nose as she sheepishly smiles up at him and gives him a slight nod. "Thanks, Mister E., for everything." There's so much to be thankful for, she could likely spend all night detailing it. No use in making him uncomfortable though, so she just grips the strap of the heavy bag with both hands and turns toward the door. Just before scooting out, she calls back to him, "I'll call you really soon, love you~"

And then she's gone.

Emery watches after the young woman leave before he eyes the clerk in the store and brings his cell phone to his ear, resting a hand on his hip. "..yeah, its Enigma. Ship me colts with the berettas." Then he is taking the back-way out of the store.

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