2007-04-16: The Mystery Of The Moving Notes


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Summary: Just after leaving Noodle Heaven, driven off by Candice's illusion, Jane seeks assistance.

Date It Happened: April 16, 2007

The Mystery Of The Moving Notes

Outside Noodle Heaven and Jane Forrest's Apartment in Greenwich Village


Just after leaving Noodle Heaven, Jane dials 283-1407. It begins to ring.

The other end answers, "Peter Petrelli."

Jane sounds frantic, she speaks a bit rapidly. "Pete," she begins. "Something's wrong. I think I got dosed with LSD or something, I… might need your help. I'm in Lower Manhattan and headed for home. Meet me there?"

Peter sounds surprised, "You— what? All right. I'll be right there. Just hold on a minute. Can you give me exact directions?"

Jane sounds confused, and replies "Greenwich Village, Pete. High Rise building, apartment 108. You've been there before, why would you ask for directions?" If he meant for her to stay put, she clearly doesn't get it. Seconds later there's a really shrill whistle which might make it through the phone even though she moved the device away from her mouth to hail a cab. A screeching noise follows, as one pulls to a stop nearby. It wasn't ultrasonic by any means, just a pitch high enough to catch the desired attention.

Peter sighs, "I mean if— I meant if you couldn't make it to your apartment. I'm on my way." He ends the call.

Stepping out of her cab back to the apartment building after whatever amount of time it takes to get from Noodle Heaven to Greenwich Village has passed, Jane hands the driver the fare and pulls out her gear. Guitar and backpack as usual. She's in a light jacket, vintage rock band hoodie, and those two inch heeled boots. Feet carry her swiftly toward the door of the building, she seems intent on getting in there as quickly as feet will carry her. Fear is in her eyes, and her face is red.

When Peter said he'd be right there, he must have meant it. Sure, he didn't beat her by much, but as she's finished unloading everything, someone approaches her from the side and says, "Hey, Jane? It's okay. Let me help you with that, okay…" He reaches to take some of her burden, watching her with concern and worry.

"I was at Noodle Heaven," Jane begins quickly, not objecting to some of her gear being taken as she strides for the door, heels tapping the pavement with each step. "I was getting something to eat, and after ordering Pepsi I took out a pad and started writing music. But a few minutes later the notes on the page started to move around." Her fingers open the door with her code and she steps inside, holding it for him and waiting there. "They didn't stop after I closed my eyes and rubbed them a little."

Moving along inside with her, Peter carries the burden as he moves, juggling it effectively and without too much concern, really. "So you think someone drugged you?" Doesn't sound as if he's ever been to this particular place. "Do you still feel the effects? Are things still moving around?" His voice is kept softer than normal speaking voice, in case there are people up and listening near the hallway.

"No," she replies after a moment, slowing down and heading for the door marked 108 on the first floor. Jane still looks scared, but now there's confusion settling in. "It stopped after I left the restaurant, Pete." When she reaches the door her keys are used, she opens it and steps inside, then holds the door for him to follow.

While he ponders on this oddity as well, Peter moves into her apartment after her, setting the equipment down near the door before he walks over to her. "If you're not seeing it anymore— it could have been a short term hallucinagen— possibly. Did you suffer from anything else? Paralysis? Sounds? Or just visual hallucinations?" There's definite concern in his voice, and it looks as if he's taking the entire thing serious.

"No," Jane replies. "It was just the notes moving around on the staff." The door is closed behind them and she turns to face him, clearly worried. "Pete… I thought I was on the express train back to cold turkey hell. And I might be. Is, could this be a flashback from whatever I got dosed with last month, some lingering effect?" She strides into the main room and paces around the floor nervously. Clearly the possibility of going through withdrawal again scares her almost as much as Sylar, except she's far less confidence about this one. She hasn't had time to work her head around it and reach that place of determination.

"Do you know what symptoms you had from what they dosed you with?" Peter asks, sounding as if this could be a possibility, but he's not completely sure of that. "It could be a relapse effect, expecially if they gave you PCP. We might need to set you up with a doctor, get some blood tests done. See if any of it is still lingering… There could be other things too, but— you are okay now, right? Maybe you should sit down," he reaches out as if to touch her arm and lead her towards her furniture.

"I had cravings, and the shakes, really bad," Jane reports quietly. "It lasted three days, Nathan came to see me on the second day, I was a total mess. I hate it, hate this, Pete. I know he told me we'd met before, but all I can remember is that was the first time I saw him. In my mind, that'll always be the first impression he has of me." She pauses to think. "March 11th I woke up south of AC, there were pills around in my stuff, but I ditched them. Didn't bring any back. There were messages about leaving rehab from someone called Jim on my phone, I called and he told me I'd been hooked on one of the Ds. Demerol, Dilaudid…"

"So likely prescription drugs," Peter says with a nod, frowning faintly. "This doesn't sound like something you'd get just from a heavy dosing of those kinds of meds. This sounds like something new… But it went away when you stepped outside the restraunt— It's possble it could have been something in your drink, but— I don't know. You might want to go see a doctor tomorrow anyway. Get a real blood test just to be sure." He sounds legitimately worried, but shakes his head. "You know I kept meaning to visit you, but things kept coming up. I went by Jack's bar yesterday hoping to find you— but…"

Nodding, Jane replies "I want to get my blood tested, but… not in any way that can be traced to me. It has to be anonymous somehow. I'll ask Elena to help me with it. The last thing I want is a paper trail regarding me and drugs, the bar association…" She trails off, not feeling the need to elaborate, where she's going with that is fairly obvious. "I thought so myself. My food hadn't come yet, there was just the Pepsi. I pushed it away, far away. I didn't leave it unattended at any point, but I also didn't see the glass filled, so it could've been spiked somehow, and I left. Just threw money down on the table and bolted." Mention of Jack draws her onto another tangent. "Yeah, him. I haven't talked to him in a while now. He fired me. I went there to renew things, he had an employee hand me an envelope with five hundred dollars and tell me there'd be no more live entertainment." She looks and sounds insulted by this. "Not that it matters, I hit the jackpot at the Cutting Room recently."

"Elena's a good choice. I'm sure she'll be able to help," Peter says softly, frowning a bit even as he speaks. Frowning even more at what she says, "Jack /fired/ you?" This genuinely surprises him, not sounding as if he understands the reason. "I heard you got a better contract offer, a record deal even, but— why would he fire you?"

"I don't really know," Jane remarks, her head shaking a bit, "but I think there was trouble between him and his girlfriend. I've talked to her a time or two lately, she was in a less than good way but didn't elaborate, I just could tell something was up from looking at her and from the songs she wrote at the time." Standing, she takes a few steps toward the kitchen, pauses to look back at her guest, and asks "Do you want anything to eat or drink? Oh, hey, I didn't get to talk to her, she was with a woman I've never met, but Elle was at Noodle Heaven too. Tell her what happened, and that I'm not really nuts, Pete?"

"No, I don't want anything right now," Peter says, shaking his head. It sounds as if he's concerned with what he heard about Jack, but— it sounds personal. Not related to the things they've been going through lately, so it's dropped. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. That you'd get home. If you were still dosed on whatever it is. I mean— I guess I can tell you how things went with Sylar. That's what I needed to talk to you about. But— I didn't leave a note, I left so fast. I might need to get back to the apartment if Elle gets back and I'm not there."

The thought of going to the kitchen for food and drink because she's still hungry after bolting without what she went to the Place Without Noodles is chased quickly away when her guest speaks again, and utters that name. Jane turns sharply around to face him, her eyes attentive and fastened onto his face. "You had a showdown, Pete?" In her mind there's a sentence being repeated several times. 'Tell me he's dead, tell me he's dead, tell me he's deader than dead.'

"Wouldn't call it a showdown," Peter explains, shaking his head a little. "There's— well— my brother and I got a phone call from one of his targets. She managed to call while he taunted her. We both flew there as fast as we could and… I delayed him while they escaped. We can add freezing things to his abilities… and invisibility. And he freely used the nuclear power to attack me, throwing me across the room and destroying my phone. Burning my clothes. Didn't kill him— but I burnt down the loft where it was prophesized he'd kill her— and we haven't heard anything from him since. If he'd killed someone, we would have seen it in the newspaper. It could be… he might be laying low. It's hard to tell."

Doctor Forrest can use the ultrasonic quality of her voice to pinpoint the location of objects/persons in front of her and navigate accordingly in the fashion of nocturnal bats. It requires an E10 note frequency 21.96 khz lasting no more than one second. For simply determining the presence of obstacles in her path the difficulty is good. To identify them as hollow or solid the difficulty is great. A difficulty of superb is needed to distinguish types and sizes of material and judge if they're objects or living creatures human or otherwise.

Her eyes go wide as she listens to Pete, intently, and a certain thing is heard. Sure, Jane registered all of it on some level, but only one thing stands out in her mind. "In… invisibility! Jesus H. Christ!" He could be following Peter and be standing right next to them, listening at that very moment for all she knows. It's time to test for his presence, in her mind, and she proceeds to do just that. Her eyes close, the woman begins to move in a slow circle and purses her lips as an E10 note, 21.96 khz, is repeatedly sung and she listens to the echoes that come back from them. After a full circle is made, she reopens her eyes and states "I don't pick up anything here that shouldn't be."

"That's good," Peter says with a nod, not even glancing around. "And useful— if I was better at singing I'd like to figure out how to do that— but I can see him if he's invisible, if I'm invisible too." Not much help right NOW… but… "Would also help if we had motion sensors, heat sensors— things like that. I actually— I haven't seen Elle in a while. She's been working on the contract— with them. But if you saw her in that Noodle Heaven, she must be back now…" There's some hesitation on his part, as he looks a little antsy.

"It's an E10, Pete," Jane states simply, "about one second in duration. Then you hear the echoes and make assessments based on them. Sometimes I can make out really good details, but most of the time it just tells me whether or not anything's in my path." She pauses, her head tilting to study him, as something occurs to her. "You did hear me, didn't you?"

"I— I guess I heard, sort of," Peter answers, reaching up to rub on his ears. "My ability doesn't work the same way as yours do— they're not on all the time, but— I heard something. It wasn't entirely unpleasant, though." Which seems to have surprised him. Her screetching to break the glass had been pretty unpleasant. "It'd still be useful. Next time we meet up you should do that again."

She chuckles ruefully. "Be glad it isn't on all the time, Pete. Dog whistles suck. They hurt. Every time I go out I'm watching for dogs to brace myself, and I think I found a way to counteract the effect. It's like… jamming, if that makes sense. You know how if someone screams it can hurt your ears, but if you scream things are different?"

"I heard you scream once," Peter admits, smiling faintly, the corner of his mouth quirking. "That was painful enough. Haven't heard the dog whistles, yet— but it'll be something I'll avoid around you— or when I'm thinking about you too much. Honestly haven't used much of your ability, yet— might have come handy with Sylar— especially now that he can become invisible…" He opens his mouth as if to continue on, maybe ask a question, when his phone rings. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out the third phone he's had in the last month, this one even nicer than the last. There's a pause, before he clicks the phone on. "Hey, Elle. Yeah— I just had to go out and check on a friend."

She nods and goes quiet when his phone rings, turning away briefly when the conversation starts. Jane glances back at him when she hears the name, and murmurs "I really hope she doesn't think I'm nuts, just suddenly bolting like that." Jane then returns to pure silence.

"What? So you're back now?" Peter says into the phone, looking a little nervous even if there's really no reason he should be. "No— I'll tell you about it when I get there. Sorry— I'll be there as soon as I can." There's another sigh, and he hangs up the phone. "I'll explain what's going on with you— or at least that you're not crazy. But— Are you going to be okay by yourself? You have someone you can call if anything starts moving around again, right?"

"I will, Pete," Jane answers when his call is concluded. "Take care, and I'll add those to the list, okay? And, hey, do you mind if I share that with Elena? I'm not too bad at organizing and such, being a law school survivor, but she's the scientist. My thing is so much more being creative." And as she falls quiet, her own phone rings. She answers it, after checking the ID and seeming to deflate a bit. "Hello, Mother. You what, you heard I was at that society party Mr. Cain ruined, playing guitar onstage? Yes, what about it?" Silence again as she holds the phone to her ear and seems to listen with something like forced patience, and possibly crumbling spirits, maybe being upbraided for not working as a lawyer and having not married some future Senator, or both. While doing so, she walks to the door to let her guest out.

"That's fine," Peter says with a wave of his hand. "If she doesn't already know it, she has a right to." The other woman's phone ringing draws his eyes, before he nods and gets led towards the door, giving her a goodbye smile and a simple wave, before he heads out the door and back towards his apartment, putting his still new phone away.

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