2007-03-12: The Narcing Club


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Summary: Having baked some brownies, Claudine comes in to chat with Eliana about what happened and to sew seeds of doubt.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

The Narcing Club

Somewhere in Hartsdale, NY

Life in a cell doesn't really suit Eliana. Her hair is sticking out all over the place, and even if she wasn't drugged, it's likely that she wouldn't be very happy. Right now she's sitting in the provided grayish pajamas with her back against the wall and a crayon loosely gripped in one hand. Around her are spread various sheets of construction paper. Most of them are covered with senseless yet colorful doodles, but a few hold depictions of a gray tabby cat, pink elephants using their trumpets for horns, and an attempt at a man's face.

"Room service!" cries out a bright chirp as Claudine's outside, giving a quick couple of knocks on the door before stepping inside anyway. She knows she doesnt need permission and so she just comes in once more, wearing that gas mask with an oxygen supply again. Extreme caution is always taken with patients who dont really want to be here afterall. "So..can I interest you in some brownies?" she asks curiously while bringing in a plastic plate with a couple of slices.

Eliana lazily turns her head, as if it were connected in some way to the wall, to look at Claudine. And the plate. Slowly, the captive lifts her eyebrows and sniffs. "Sure," she exhales. "I'll trade a picture for one." And suddenly it's as if Eliana were peddling art on the street of some Bohemian-friendly city. Food for art! She lifts an arm to point to one of the elephant drawings.

"Nah, it's all right. I made the brownies for the patients.." Claudine replies as she smiles warmly, giving her the entire plate. "That's your share..ya know, so you can snack on something should you get hungry in between meals.." she says with a sage nod before pulling up a chair so she can peer over to Eliana curiously. "So..you still think we're evil?" she asks.

As she reaches for a brownie, Eliana shakes her head, rolling it once more against the wall. "Nope. I think you're kinda dumb though." It doesn't take a genius to figure out why they're keeping her, especially if that genius already knows The Company's basic agenda. "If you wanted to know about stuff…" and a brownie gets munched, "oo couldah ahst."

"Ouch.." Claudine says with a slight wince as she crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "Well, you're entitled to your opinion. Oh, and your friends came, just thought I'd let you know..just in case you were asleep during that whole mess.." she says matter of factly. "And well.I dunno..you have some pretty shady friends ya know. All we had were tranq darts..and they came in with guns blazing. Lots of people got hurt..our people got hurt.."

Eliana stops mid-chew and swallows slowly, shutting her eyes in an almost cartoonish manner. "Yeah? I heard. But I bet if you didn't come out on top, you wouldn't've mentioned it." And if they did come, and they didn't rescue /her/ as well as Peter…"I don't think they'd call me their friend anymore."

"Oh cheer up. You're probably not the only one who squealed on your friends ya know. So I'm sure there's lots of people they'll be hating, but you narcs can just hang out together and form a little narc club or something.." Claudine says with a soft and amused chuckle as she continues to study Eliana. "Cause seriously, with friends like you guys..well, you know how the saying goes. But that's not why I'm here..just thought I'd come by and ask you what sorts of movies you like to watch and whatnot. I can bring over a couple of DVDs if you want as well as a DVD player.."

"I want my notebook," Eliana murmurs before she takes another bite of brownie. "And if you're going to wear /that/, I want… I want to be clean." And Eliana isn't asking for soap and a towel. Another brownie disappears in a few bites. To be fair, Claudine is being nice, and Eliana would certainly prefer to deal with her rather than Angie. "I dunno. Something twisty. A good story. Heck, bring me a decent novel and I won't complain." Too much, at least.

"I'll have to ask the higher ups for your notebook, but I'm sure I can get you something to clean yourself with. I mean come on..this doesnt have to be a pigsty, and you can certainly use a shower.." Claudine says with another smile as she watches Eliana scarf down her brownies. Her brows raise, "And as for the books, I'll get you a few things from the library? Any novels in particular? And yeah..I thought you didnt like my cooking.."

"That's not what I mean and you know it," Eliana snips, letting her hand rest at her side while there are still more treats to be had. "Think about it - how can you learn about what I do if you don't let me… well, do it?"

"I'll leave that to the staff scientists to figure out. If perhaps you were a willing patient and wouldnt use your powers on us in an effort to escape..well ya know.." Claudine says with a shrug of her shoulders as she runs her fingers through her hair. "And they're pretty nice. I told you I was a patient here, right? Almost destroyed a building or something with my powers and blacked out and found myself where you are. Cept, they didnt suppress my abilities..helped me control them.." she beams brightly in the end.

She hrmms for a few moments and wrinkles her nose. "You know..since your friends probably know you narced them out, considering no one came for you and all.." and yes, she's using that as a low blow. "You could perhaps join us? I mean, I dont know if you'd have much to go back to considering.."

"Join you?" Eliana arches her eyebrows with a bit more speed than her other movements. "If I couldn't help /them,/ what makes you so certain I can do anything for you?" Gaseous drugs aren't time travel or super strength, or even metal over your skin.

"Just something to think on. And just because you werent part of some Matrix like escapade to free that Petrelli guy.." Claudine says with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she hrmms for a few moments. "And speaking of that guy..he's a tool.." she comments seemingly out of nowhere. "Well, like I said, just because you werent part of their idiotic plan doesnt mean you cant help us. There's always something that needs to be done.." and she hrmms for a few moments. "Mopping the floors for instance!" she says brightly before laughing heartily. "Juuuuuust kidding." winking in the end.

A sly sort of smile slowly slides onto Eliana's face, and she leans forward off the wall for a moment. "Look, kid," she drawls, "I write stories and I make people happy. Sometimes I do it at the same time. If your lot wants to offer me a job, it's got to be something I'd at least be using some sort of skill at, and I've got to be able to do what I want to do when I'm not on the clock. Comprende?" Her piece said, Eliana leans back to the wall again with a soft sigh, closing her eyes. "Closest thing that comes to it is MDMA. Ecstasy." Huzzah for high school health class.

"You could always write about how super awesome we are.." Claudine says with a mirth filled laugh. "Look, I like you. We got off to a bad start I think, so here's my official apology to missing a vein in your arm with the IV needle.." she says matter of factly. "And I'm not in any position to offer anyone a job. I'm like way low on the totem pole ya know.." explaining as she eases on up. "But, I'll let them know..does that sound fair?" she asks curiously.

She then looks at the time and lets out a slight eep. "Well, I gotta go..I have a couple other patients to cheer up. When I do come back though, I'll bring you some twisty movies liked you asked for, and a few books to read. You might be here for a while anyway.." and with that she heads towards the door..

Opening one eye, Eliana snorts a little bit, but she offers no more words of derision. A nod or two accept what her little candy striper has to say. "Bye, Claudeeene," Eliana sing-songs after the younger woman before she closes her eye and settles back into the same position Claudine found her in. But now Eli has brownies.

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