2007-02-10: The New Boss


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Eric gets to meet his new boss.

Date It Happened: February 10th, 2007

The New Boss

RTS Offices

The RTS building is a relatively small office in a relatively mediocre office park. The break room is where Ramon is, and he's sort of staring into space over the morning paper on his laptop. He knows he's been assigned to Newbie, the guys were ribbing him about it earlier, to which he'd only grunted. Nothing new. The heater is going, stirring all the OSHA and Labor Board posters. The Coke machine is whirring, and the Standard Office Nasty Coffee is dripbrewing. Ramon himself has a cup. Today the lines on his face are even deeper than when Eric would have seen him, briefly, for the interview, getting introduced as 'his direct supervisor.' As being a 'direct supervisor' represented a somewhat heartening $2000 per year raise, the whole interview went like this.

"You don't look that incompetent. Yeah fine."

Nobody ever taught him HR techniques.

So the break room is where Eric goes, all dressed in his nicely done and pressed clothes. Slightly ever so rumpled in his trip to this little office park. He is slightly on the hesitant side, as his previous meeting of himself as his new boss wasn't very…well…easy. He really hopes he doesn't /look/ incompetent. He was told that he dosn't, but really that wasn't the best of impressions.

He slowly walks into the break room and blinks once towards Ramon and clears his throat. "…hello…sir." He finally greets, over one shoulder is thrown a backpack, a dark black one.

Ramon looks up at the kid for a long, flat moment. Then he stands up. "I assume you've already read all the orientation nonsense, signed it, handled all of that stuff before they sent you over to me?" He scrubs a hand all over his face and drains the last of his coffee, then shuts down his laptop and puts it into a fairly nice looking leather bag with the "RTS" logo on it.

"I have," Eric replies with a slight nod towards Ramon as he raises on hand and pats the backpack. He's got a laptop in there of course, as well as all the 'orientation nonsense' and all the rest of it. "It didn't take too long." And most of it was really nonsense, he was a little bit of good stuff, but mostly nonsense. He hrmms a moment before venturing to ask. "Is there a task that where supposed to get to doing today?" He asks curiously.

"Yeah. Now that I've got you, we're handling RTS' bigger accounts. By bigger, I mean the high rise offices with over 50 computers and complex networks and executives that are going to get in our face, who still don't understand IT well enough to put their own internal department into place. Today we've got Martex Industries. They apparently ship metal or some such, and their entire mainframe is infected by a virus. Luckily its one of the ones we have software to combat."

"…great," Eric mutters for a moment as he shakes his head. Now Eric Lancaster knows of Martex Industries, and infact has invested in such. However…Eric Walker wouldn't know that, so he just nods slightly. A slight smile then as he shakes his head. "Well at least we can tell them whatever we want and they won't know any better." The young tech specialist replies with a slight smirk coming to his face. "So when do we leave?"

"Right now. If you're good at talking you can do it." Ramon doesn't love talking. He leads Eric out to the van and gets in the driver's seat. He pulls out a clipboard and attaches the work order to it. "When we are done, we're going to get this thing signed, and the customer satisfaction survey signed. We come back here, turn it into admin, they call and verify the paperwork, and thus, we get paid.Because obviously our base salary is slightly more impressive than your average fry cook's, this is where the money is made."

"Right…must be nice with the customers," Eric replies in a soft mutter as he pulls out a small notepad and flips it open, pulling a pen out also as he writes something down before he reaches into his bag and pulls out a his own laptop. It seems he dropped some money on it, as its a bit above company standard and obviously his own, though it dosn't seem the young man has installed anything thats not company standard on it. "Talking though…" Blink. Blink. Blink. "…alright, I can try that." He tries his best not too make a face there. He hates socializing. He can try though.

Ramon gives a slight 'heh' sound. "I hate socializing too, but see, I'm the manager, so I get to make you do what I don't want to do. I'm pretty much thinking that's the way this relationship will go. But on the fair side, I'll try to teach you something you don't already know. Sound fair enough?"

"…yes sir…" Eric says with a slight sigh, rubbing the back of his head. Well no one said that this job was going to be easy right? Thats what he wanted right? "Well I suppose that does sound fair enough," He says, trying not to look a bit rueful. That is how it works right. "Well then lets get this all over with!" He says, trying to sound a bit cheerful.

First they have to get through the traffic. Which is this sort of stop and go affair. There are old people on walkers getting down the street faster, but they have to use the van because there's equipment they need in the van. Ramon looks sidelong over at Eric for a moment. "So tell me about yourself," he says, after a full fifteen minutes of silence.

Eric was looking up Martex Industries is what he was doing. However the young man then hrmms as he gets addressed, blinking slightly and rubbing the face of his watch a moment. A nervous habit. "…not all that much too tell really." He says slightly evasively, eyes still on the computer screen. Even his thoughts are a little evasive. "I go to NYU," Full scholorship. "…for business and IT things." He pauses a moment. "Went to Montgomery Academy…" He adds after the moment.

"My daughter's majoring in biology at NYU. What are you majoring in?" His growly, even tones don't demonstrate any suspicion yet. Maybe the kid just doesn't want to tell the boss much, after all. Ramon's just getting used to the boss thing, but /he/ doesn't want to tell /his/ boss much. His thoughts. _God._ His /thoughts/. Ramon's actually accepting that he is hearing anything like that, isn't he? God help him.

"She is?" Eric blinks slightly. "…business," The young man replies quickly enough. "Investments and such. Minor in internet technology and networking administration. " He says with a slight shrug. He's curious now, I wonder if any of the girls he knows from his classes are that daughter.

Ramon takes one long look at Eric. Looks him up and down. Handsome business white boy? Probably a playah? Yeaaah, he's a 'playah'. Isn't that what the kids call it these days? The car inches along. In his gruff, deadpan voice, Ramon tells a baldfaced lie. "She's gay. Completely gay. Right over the rainbow." He makes a little gesture over his steering wheel with his hand, like a diving dolphin. "Woooo." The woo is said in that same even, unexcited monotone, but it carries the effect.

Eric blinks once, then blinks again. "….oh…." The young man just side glances out of the corner of his eyes at Ramon before he shakes his head slightly. HE DIDN'T EVEN ASK! Better stay away from the daughter, I mean…she could be gay, she could not be gay, he could be overprotective. WHO KNOWS NOW! He wasn't even gonna look at for her anyway! He has girls to TA anyway. He'll just be happy with those, cause one just looks really really attractive. "…that's…" Wait. What do you say…is that good or bad. "…something." He agrees with a slight nod. Pause again. "…um…bout how long till we get there?"

Ramon lets out a faint growling sigh. "Half an hour in this traffic." But he shuts up, sort of glowering ahead, tap tap tapping his fingers against the steering wheel, but he's nicely content that he's made sure this guy will never, ever go after his daughter. Best to do this before Elena gets attached after all. If he could root out every sleazeball in New York and do this it would be great, but he'll settle for the one he can get to.

Eric isn't even a slimeball! He's a nice guy! Leave him alone! He wasn't even thinking bad things! Now though he's not thinking bad things, he's running cash figures and investments in his head before he closes the laptop and tries to pass the time in the car with this oh so talkative man. "…is it always this bad traffic?"

"Yeah. I wouldn't take the van if I didn't absolutely have to," Ramon says, looking at him sidelong. He doesn't understand a thing of what the man is thinking, that's for sure, any more than if he were mentally parsing Swahili. He half shakes his head at himself, but it could pass for a shake of his head at the traffic. "When they schedule jobs for us they do take the drive time into account."

Why is Ramon looking at him? Did he do anything bad? He didn't do anything bad did he? He just asked a question, thats all he did! His thoughts get all jumbled up for a moment before he shakes his head to clear it and blinks slightly. "They do?" He asks with surprise in his voice. Then a sheepish grin comes to his lips. "…oh…yeah, of course they would, sorry."

Ramon can't resist. Its like when someone loses a tooth. They have to poke at that little lost tooth space to make sure it's still there. He looks again in this jumble of panicked thoughts from Eric. Sure enough. He hears it loud and clear but the boy's mouth is not open. Not moving. And like the kid with the loose tooth, he has to poke and test. "You didn't do anything bad. Relax." And then he glances over again. Waiting to see if there's a reaction. Every verification means that single fatherhood has not, in fact, finally driven him right off the deep end.

Eric startles there. Did he say that?! He didn't mean to say that! He just thought it he thought. He dosn't quite relax though, he glances about before he takes a deeeeeeeeeep sigh to try to settle his nerves. "…right…" He murmurs softly. "…right, alright. Thanks sir." He says as he gives his new boss a slightly sheepish smile.

"First day on the new job is always tense," Ramon mutters. Jesus. Yep. The loose tooth is still there. "I'm not a jerk though. I respect a man trying to make a living. I'm not going to hold over your head the possibility of getting fired every day or anything. I think you're here cause you want to be, cause you want to work. So if you make a mistake or something, don't worry about it. Just tell me up front, and we'll fix it."

Yeah but would he respect a man that does this not because he has to make a living, but because he likes it, and he wants to do something with his own two hands. Eric's thoughts spiral that direction before he stops it with a slight jerk of his head. Thats no thoughts to fix on when on the first day of a new job is it? "Alright sir, I'll do my best…" He seems to mean that. "…though I hope I don't man any mistakes first day…I mean I'll do my best on trying to talk to these people. I might not be the most sociable person, but I can usually fake it."

"Mostly you just have to get them off our backs so we can work and make it seem like its their idea," Ramon grunts. "Usually I just stare at them till they realize they're being stupid and go away, but I only had mid sized accounts when I did that."
"That…I think I can do…just deflect them," Eirc says with a slight grin. He's worked with high power corp types before, or at least he's seen his father work on it. He'll just take his cues off what he's seen. "…and if I fail, then you can just stare at them as a backup plan?"

Ramon snorts something that /could/ be a laugh. Ok, so Eric has a little charm. He might grow on the man. Granted, his stern and generally humorless mien returns in nanoseconds, but he says, "That's exactly the way we're going to play it." And at last he pulls into the company's parking garage.

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