2007-04-05: The Not Invisible Man


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A pickpocket ripping off a street guitarist's audience and also trying to pilfer from her take, the various listeners, and some birds.


Two attempts fall short of the mark, one by Claude's actions and another by pure failure which ends up working out well anyway.

Date It Happened: April 5th, 2007

The Not Invisible Man

Late morning on this particular Saturday, and once again she's in the East Village. Jane Forrest walks toward an area near the Secret Lair and stops. The twenty-something brunette, five feet eight inches tall in two inch heeled boots, black jeans, a muted red winter coat and gloves with fingers cut out for playing guitar in the right spots sets down her gear. The backpack goes against a wall, her canvas portable chair is set up, the guitar case is opened, her instrument and amp are pulled out, then she plugs in and sets about minor changes to optimize the tuning.

Not so much a fashion template, Claude quietly strolls past the crowds, for once, keeping his hands to himself. The people down in this neighbourhood work for their pay. Claude's earlier trip down Wall Street was much more lucrative. He stops by one busker, leaving a $100 bill wrapped in a one and starts to walk away, having done his good deed for the day. Now he spies lunch at an open hot dog stand and starts to help himself unobtrusively.

Taking a seat in her portable chair, the woman thinks for a moment or three and begins to play. Her sound carries the mark of years spent playing and practicing, perhaps also some formal education behind it. To start out the tune is something Jane perhaps worked out herself, maybe even a pure improvisation. It combines classical style with modern metal. She scans the crowd while her fingers manipulate the guitar, and soon a small crowd gathers around her location with some passersby tossing money into the open case.

The woman playing, while she is making music on the street for whatever cash is given, doesn't really look poor. Maybe she just enjoys doing this.

Claude tips well beforehand as he munches on a pilfered hotdog. This girl seems to have some natural talent as people are starting to stop and listen instead of just passing by. Still, he behaves and stands off to the side of the crowd, out of the way so as not to get bumped into by anyone, carefully watching and scanning the crowd. Out of habit, he always pays attention for someone who he might think can see him, ready to dissapear around the corner.

Apparently this girl has much more than just natural talent as she seems to draw more people to her by the minute.

She continues to play, enjoying the effect she's having and the way money is coming in. Jane's features show focus, passion for her craft as she scans the crowd and from time to time makes eye contact with individuals among them to create a minor impression of personal performance, as if she were also refining a stage presence as well as floating out improv tunes. There's a variety of people among the gathered group. One or more might be associated with a studio that could use a session guitarist, others might be or know people who look for bandmates. And, of course, just because Claude might not desire to rip her off that doesn't mean no one else within earshot won't.

Claude watches the girl perform and watches the crowd as well, watching people of more unsavoury character walk through the crowd. Not on his best game today, he does manage to spot one fellow blithely bump into people and then apologize and move on. Not exactly the best performance he's seen. Seems though, he's feeling more charitable than usual today and steps into action.

Following the man as he circles around the crowd now, he moves to try and watch the girl and her guitar case of what must be atleast a hundred dollars or more in cash and change. Claude waits, ready to pounce on the man, before he gets a last second idea and grabs the man by the sleeves of his coat and kicks him forward in front of the crowd and the girl before tossing the coat and it's cache of pilfered goods onto the ground around him. He sidesteps back into the crowd, to appear and look as astonished as everyone else will be…

This trick is using a series of three or more bursts of ultrasound at the musical note E10 frequency 21.96 khz lasting one second each to induce animals which can hear it to leave the area. The range is a circle extending forty feet around her. At a difficulty of good subject animals will clear out of a circle extending ten feet from her. At a difficulty of great the area cleared doubles and for a difficulty of superb it extends to the full forty foot range.

As this is happening, a few birds have also gathered in the area to peck up crumbs from various food items that are now and have been consumed. More arrive, most of them pigeons, and one of these avians might well leave its mark on a member of her audience, perhaps Claude himself, or the criminal sort he's targeting to expose. Jane spots the birds and purses her lips, they move once. Twice, and a third time, but no sound comes from her throat. At least not the sort anyone human can hear.

Jane frowns a bit, as her attempt to chase them off fails, and someone may well get tagged. But it fades quickly as Claude takes his action and loot is spilled out, some of it potentially from her haul, as far as she knows. Quickly standing, her musicality is interrupted, as is the audience attention. People move to grab the man and keep him from escaping as angry sounds are made and some begin to retrieve things that'd been stolen. One or more pull out phones and call for police.

Claude not completely a stranger to being crapped on by pidgeons, he knows where to stand to avoid a nearby bird bombing as he looks outraged, yelling and shaking a fist at the man. He moves through the crowd now, up to the performer and offers an almost genuine smile, "Great job on the show mate, too bad this bloke had no decency to atleast wait for the end of your show to interrupt. Cheers." With that, Claude drops another bill, this time a visible $50 before he salutes and checks himself for all his stuff and walks around the corner, to vanish again.

For his efforts at trying to steal from the crowd and the guitarist, in addition to being arrested and quite possibly roughed up by the people restraining him, this thief also pays the penalty for Jane's failure to chase away the birds. He's the recipient of a two bird bombing.

Jane, astonished, stares at the man and snickers to herself when he gets marked, then turns to face an approaching not at all invisible man. "Thanks, guy. Glad you enjoyed it!" A wider grin comes when he drops off another $50. "Cheers to you also!"

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