2007-07-07: The Obligatory Phone Call


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Lachlan uses his phone call in jail to contact Cass and let her know what's going on. She's less than thrilled.

Date It Happened: July 7th, 2007

The Obligatory Phone Call

Holding Cell, Police Station

PHONE: The other end answers, "Hello?"

PHONE: Lachlan is on the other end, which is more than apparent by his voice. There's clanging and distant chatter in the background, and the connection sounds canny and distant. "Hey baby," he says. "S'me."

PHONE: Cass says, "Lachlan?" She sounds confused. "It sounds like you're calling from the bottom of the ocean. Where are you?"

PHONE: Lachlan says, "Uh." Lachlan's voice pauses a moment, trailing off as though suddenly distracted. It soon returns with a clearing of his throat, though it's a bit quieter: "'M in jail."

PHONE: Cass is not at all quiet in her response. It's a very loud, "/What/?" Then, as she calms down slightly, a quieter, "Why are you in jail? What happened?" She doesn't exactly jump to the conclusion that it was something that /he/ did.

PHONE: Lachlan flinches and takes the handset away from his ear at the shout. Ow, Jesus. But it's a very understandable reaction. And unfortunately, it was something he did. "Went lookin' fer Nathan an' punched 'im inna face." He shouldn't have to explain why.

PHONE: Cass is silent on the other end of the phone for a little while. It's not that she can't understand /why/ Lachlan did this. It's that she's angry about it, shouldn't be angry about it, but can't help but being so. "You did /what/." It's not even a question. "So. That whole, we were /fine/ thing this morning wasn't actually us being fine. It was you knowing you were going to go punch Nathan in the face later."

PHONE: Lachlan sighs and there's a quiet thunk like head and handset hitting a wall. "Tha's no' wha' it was," he states in an almost pleading tone. Don't be mad. Don't be mad. He doesn't regret what he did, but he does regret that it's made Cass angry. "We're fine, baby. I'm no' mad at ye, an' I wasna mad at ye this mornin'." But he was mad at Nathan. That's why he did it.

PHONE: Cass isn't exactly angry, she's more scared of losing Lachlan. Punching her friend in the face isn't exactly healthy couples therapy in her mind. There's not much she can think of as a response to this, so there's just silence for a little while. "So. You got arrested for punching Nathan."

PHONE: Lachlan says, "Yeah." There's really not much for Lachlan to say, either. His next few sentences come out a bit strained, painful: "Need ye ta look after the dogs an' the damn cat, an' if ye could take some money outta m'account fer bail, I'd 'ppreciate it."

PHONE: Cass is once again mostly silent as she listens to this. Then, when she she speaks, she sounds a little offput. "Right. Fine. I'll look after the dogs and stuff."

PHONE: Lachlan bites his lip, even though it's not something that would be really heard over the phone. He's quiet for a few seconds before he finally speaks again: "Yer mad at me."

PHONE: Cass breaks the theme of silence before answering by immediately replying, "Yes. I am. Lachlan, you know what, you can't just go /hitting/ people you don't like. Not only does it get you in jail and I have to come bail you out, it's just not something you do! Nathan is a /friend/ who was /drugged/. And you went and punched him in the face when I'm sure he /already/ feels bad about it." Then, she stops herself and sighs. "Nevermind. This isn't a conversation for over the phone when you're in jail."

PHONE: Lachlan is silent for a good long while, squeezing his eyes shut as he's chastised. Wow. Y'know, he really didn't feel bad about hitting Nathan before. In fact, he really, really, really enjoyed it. This? This makes him feel bad. Because Cass is mad at him. Nevermind the fact that he punched Nathan and hurt him — Cass is mad at him. "A'righ'. 'll, uh … 'll see ye later, then?" It's spoken in a hopeful mumble.

PHONE: Cass somehow just manages to lecture really well. Even if she was the one that was originally wrong in this whole excuse. "Yeah. You will. I'll be watching the house of puppies and a kitty." There's a sigh, but she can't really stay very angry at him for long.

PHONE: Lachlan says, "A'righ' then." Gee. Now that he's here, Lachlan kinda wishes he wasn't. Leave it to Cass to make him regret the greatest victory of his life. Now he just kinda wishes he was home and in bed and nothing bad was happening. "I love ye, baby."

PHONE: Cass judges victories in different ways. Unfortunately for Lachlan, those don't include punching politicians in the face. "I love you, too," she says, wishing just about the same thing.

PHONE: Lachlan clears his throat and there's the sound of the phone's mouthpiece being moved along something, perhaps a stubbled jaw. "Gotta go, baby. Take care o' yerself." And with that, the line goes dead.

PHONE: You end your current call.

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