2007-05-03: Saving Heidi: The Offscreen Phone Call


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Summary: What Elena and her unnamed friend discussed in the alley from the moment in the alleys across the street from Wholefoods.

Date It Happened: May 3, 2007

Saving Heidi: The Offscreen Phone Call

New York City

Deep in the bowels of Lancaster Electronics, a phone rings. It's Gene's, and he would recognize the number to be Elena's.

The phone is picked up, the young inventor using his shoulder to hold the phone as he works on a small device in his hand. Twisting a mini-screwdriver as he speaks, he looks toward his work which is illiminated by computer light. "Hey, what's up, Elena? Jaden gotten himself MIA again?"

There is a quiet pause on the other end, and when Elena speaks up, it's soft - as if she doesn't want other people to hear her. And it's urgent, and worried, and something else. Guilt, perhaps. "Hi, it's me…I'm….really sorry for bothering you again, I know you're probably busy. But it's urgent. Something's happened." Her tone doesn't sound like when she had called him about Jaden. There was something almost ominous behind the words.

Elena is Elena, so Gene is more than willing to give her anytime she needs. Thankfully for Gene's work, he isn't working on an important project. Putting the device down, he already flips open his laptop. He checks the news, as he speaks, figuring if it's a "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!", it will surely show up on the Internet first. Likely with a few stupid people going "lol" about it. "Nah, it's not a bad time, what's going on?"

"Are you familiar with Nathan Petrelli? He ran for Congress a few months ago, and he won - but he got in an accident and he was forced to step down?" Elena pauses. "I'm friends with a few of his family members. I don't know his wife very well but I ran into her today at a grocery store. I tried to help her with her stuff because she bought so many…." Oh just say it! "Gene, these guys came up in a van. They attacked us and took her. I already called her husband and her brother-in-law, but….we don't know where they took her. All we have is her cellphone number."

Now there is silence on Gene's end, the young man sighs as he rubs his temple. He wants to help, but this could be hard. "Let me guess, they don't want to get the police involved due to media frenzy. "I'll see if I can get a trace on her number. Hopefully, the morons didn't strip it from her…” As he begins to type, the young inventor suddenly pauses as he realizes the gravity of the situation, his voice suddenly going from mildly frustrated to deeply concerned. "Wait, they attacked you? You okay? Is she okay?"

"I think so," Elena says softly. "And I think….if we're going by Hollywood they probably told Mr. Petrelli something like 'If you call the police, she dies' or whatever these sorts of people say when they figure someone was going to call the police." She exhales a soft breath. "But yeah, I have her number. We know they have it where she is because they just called Mr. Petrelli through that number." She rattles off the digits. "And I'm okay….I think they either bruised or cracked my ribs, I tried to do something….I only managed to get two of them with…what I can do." Confirming Gene's suspicions from before that she was "special" too. "But her….they wanted her alive, so they didn't hurt her much. I'm fine now though. Peter, Mr. Petrelli's brother, he patched me up."

"That's good," Gene replies as he hears that Elena is okay. Well, seems like a sticky situation. Getting up out of his chair, Gene leans forward and begins to run the same programs that he used to track Jaden. Considering the work he did last time, he is more comfortable with letting the programs run in the background as he sees to other things. Moving around in his playground, Lights come on from above, illuminating only where Gene is walking. Not only is it cool looking, but it's very green for the environment. Moving past a variety of shadowed objects, he decides to cut out the unimportant questions of who is Pete and if he's a nurse or a healer. "So, what exactly are you and Mr. Petrelli planning to do?"

That was a good question. Elena knew Peter had a reckless streak, but Nathan was a consumate politician. He might want to go a different route. She isn't really sure. But she speaks up slowly. "Once we get a location? I don't know yet. I'm hoping the Petrellis agree to stake it out for a while and see the best way to go about it. Maybe Mr. Petrelli wants to make the deal tonight. All I know is that he's not …comfortable leaving his wife in their hands for too long. But as far as logistics go, I have absolutely no idea."

"I see. If you want to stake out the place, likely need to bring some things to make for an easier time." Gene pulls out a small thing from a shelf that looks like a box video camera with four wheels. It's roughly the side of his palm. "If Mr. Petrelli promises to keep his trap shut about how I'm helping him, I could provide him with a recon, even a bit of muscle. You know I really want to keep a low profile but…" Gene pauses for a moment; a couple of things that Gene wants to say come and go before he finds something worth saying. "If a woman's life is in danger, I should do all I can to help. I'll understand if he doesn't want it though, I can understand not wanting to trust a stranger for something like this."

"Gene, I can't….I can't ask you that," Elena says. "Not after everything else. We'll be fine, we'll figure something out. And I know how…protective you are of your work, so the better we keep you under wraps, the better off you'll be." If she was right about him, public knowledge of what he could do could be dangerous. If the bad guys get him…they'll NEVER let him go. Never ever. "I promise, we'll be careful, and ….this isn't the first time Peter or Mr. Petrelli has dealt with a dangerous situation. You can say they both saved New York once already."

There is a reason why Gene is paranoid and it's for the reasons why Elena considers. He doesn't say much on the saving New York City, merely hrmming to himself. Merely keeping the small spycam with him, the young genius moves toward the laptop. "There we go… Here is the location. I'm texting the information straight to your phone. Should get you a GPS system or two if we are gunna keep doing this," he says, the last part with as much good cheer as he can muster at this point. "You sure you don't want my help? You didn't ask, but I'm offering. Just the same."

She can't help but smile - he can probably sense she is because of her voice. "Thanks…I have it," she says, Elena catching sight of the text beamed into her phone - but she doesn't read it yet. It sounds like she's walking now, she seems to be close to traffic if Gene strains hard enough to listen to background noises. "And we can talk about that later….but yeah. I'm sure. I don't ….it could get pretty ugly because Mr. Petrelli is pissed over his wife, and I don't want anything to happen to you, so…yeah. I'll check in when we're done…trying to figure out what we're going to do." And do it.

"I see. Well, Godspeed and if you need anything, just let me know, okay?" Gene offers with a small but weak smile. He figures the location of the wife will remain constant considering the place is a building. That leaves him able to track down someone else as well… Ms. Gomez herself. "After all, I know these guys might be heroes, but I just don't want you getting hurt. You know how it is with friends."

"I won't," Elena says with a smile. "I'll check in later tonight, I promise." This of course to ease his mind. The last thing she wanted to do was worry anyone else, and her voice is gentle - and warms up at the concern. While it was nice to tell someone to stay back so his secrets could be kept, it was nice to be cared for in turn. "I owe you so much, Gene. Thank you. I gotta go. You take care, okay?"

The young geek leans back into his chair, his brow starting to wrinkle with concern. After all, Elena is one of the few friends he has and now she's going off into danger. Talking her out of it would fail, but there has to be something he can do. Rather, there is something he HAS to do. "You do the same, talk to you soon," Gene replies. As soon as she says her final farewell and/or hangs up, Gene rises as he calls out to his highly automated lab. "Lab lights, personal project T-Two!" With that, Gene gets up and moves toward the humanoid form underneth a silver foillike covering. Putting his hand over whatever it is, Gene pets it, "Well, looks like we might be getting a field test on you much sooner than I planned on."

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