2010-02-16: The One Where Jamie Dies



Date: February 16, 2010


Ohmigosh Trent KILLS Jamie!

"The One Where Jamie Dies…."

Fred's Apartment — Brooklyn

Jamie's usually among the first ones up. She's not really one to sleep in. This morning, though, well past the time she'd normally wake up and in fact close to the time she'd be bugging for breakfast if it isn't made yet, she's still sound asleep.. or at least, hasn't come out of the room she's been staying in yet.

After sleeping much of the day away yesterday, Sydney vowed to make it up to the kiddies by making a really really good breakfast. In fact, she'd planned it yesterday, buying everything she needed yesterday including fruit, yogurt, syrup, eggs, and whipped topping. She made a batch of waffles first thing (uneventfully!) and then had proceeded to try something much fancier: crepes. And now the crepes are done and there's still no side of her early morning sidekick: Jamie. Despite this, Sydney sets the table for four (she has no idea when Fred is working or if he's going in or if he's already left as she avoided him the rest of yesterday) and is prepping everything for a nice breakfast with the 'family', if that's what they are.

Seeming caught up on his sleep now, Trent's actually up but in the room he's been sleeping in, checking out all his new clothes that he'd been sent out the day before to get. Not much, but enough… though 'as always' boys don't think of the 'major' essentials, and he doesn't know what sizes he wears, so it was a bit difficult to shop. He at least got a sweat suit outfit he kinda liked. Though they are off colorwise, thety are a set meant to mix and match. A white sweatshirt and blue sweat pants. He slips out of his night shirt and slips them on. He's grinning and stepping out of his room.. headed for the kitchen. Barefeet squishing intocarpeting, then splatting softly on the floor. Though he's been rather moody good bad and indifferent, since he's been here, he seems in a good one today. Seeing Sydney he smiles, "G'Mornin." the smile so real it shows in his eyes.

"'Mornin' Sunshine!" Sydney chimes with a broad grin. "Have a good rest?" Her grin fades a little at the lack of Jamie or stirring from Jamie's room. With a hmmm she pads back to the oven. "Trent… can you do me a favour and wake up Jamie? I… can't leave the stove on and I'm still making crepes…. please…"

Trent smiles and nods, "Yup.. a really good sleep. I think that long one the other night helped me a lot." At the mention of going to wake Jamie, he looks a bit unsure going into the girl's room, but he nods. "Ok." And he's off back down the hallway. Though he is a bit nervous about it… he taps first softly. "Jamie?" He calls at the door, not sure he dares to enter the room.

No answer comes to Trent's knock. The door's open just a crack so Trent can probably hear Jamie's breathing and occasional whimper, which sounds like she might be having a bad dream.

Trent bites his lip, when there is no answer and with a soft turn of the knob he peers in. "Jamie?" he calls out a bit more. "Time to get up. Sydney seems worried you're not up yet." Looking around for her. Hoping she's not changing, or something.

Jamie's still in bed, and perfectly decent in her Acid Bath night-shirt and a sheet on. She seems to definitely be mid-nightmare, though, whimpering every now and then and tossing just a little. Whatever dream that has her in it's grip, though, seems to keep her from hearing Trent's calls.

Trent bites his lip, and though he feels wierd in this room, he moves over to her bed, a bit concerned now as well. Unsure if he dares touch her or not, but he knows, nightmares aren't any fun either. Mindful of her feet but he reaches out to touch them gently. "Jamie.. it's Trent. Um… it's time to wake up now." he bites his lip more but is trying to calm her down some.

And almost instantly as Trent touches her, Jamie jumps like she's waking with a start, but instead she's like a water balloon popping. Her shirt and the sheet are still there, but everything that was her body is soaking into the sheets of the bed and some splashed onto the floor.

Trent's eyes grow big.. and he's backing away "What the?!?!?!……" And he's out of the room scared. "Sydney she popped she… she…" he is not sure what happened. "Nightmare and and…. popped!" Good mood gone byebye replaced with fear. "I just touched her foot soft and pop!" He's not sure what to do so he runs for the coat closet and just hudes. What he does when soemthing scares him too bad is hide.

Sydney murmurs an inappropriate for children expletive under her breath before shutting off the stove and removing the pan. "Trent! It's… it's okay… it's… not what you think…" Probably. She walks back into the other room and peeks into the closet quietly. "Just hang on, Trent… I'm going to go…" Check on Jamie. She pads over to the bedroom and calls gently, "Jamie?"

It takes Jamie a few moments to figure out what just happened, where she is, and all of that, and then finally a few seconds to retake human form, and quickly pull her shirt back on, so of course she's quite some time behind the fleeing Trent and still in the room when Sydney checks to answer, "I'm ok! Just changed by accident. Tell him I'm ok."

Trent is stuck way back in the corner of the closet, his coat pulled down on him definetly scared.. crying.. over and over… "I killed her!" he murrmers and rocks.. that's how he sees what just happened. He hears Sydney but who just pops like that? That was something Trent has never seen before, ever. When one is terrified like that one can't always comprehend..

"Good," Sydney nods to Jamie as she raises a hand to her forehead. This is going to take some tactful explaining. "Trent, honey…" she pads back to the closet and opens it, clearing the coats away to make eye contact with the boy. She crouches down, "Jamie is fine. She's totally fine… she's just… different…" She reaches out to touch the boy's shoulder. "She's alive and perfectly fine…" She presses her lips together. "There are some people in the world who are different than everyone else… Jamie is special like that…"

It takes Jamie a few more moments before she's recovered from her own scare enough to wander out. She looks a bit sheepish as she tries to track down Sydney and Trent, and when she sees where they are she tries to move into a position where Trent can see her, and gives a little wave.

Trent is still repeating he killed her when Sydney arrives. Tears streaming down his face. Sydney's touch gets a scream, "I didn't mean to.." and he's trying to pull away from it.. but something in her tone brings him out of it.. "D…different…" he repeats and tries to wipe away the tears and try to erase that image from his mind. With little to no success. Then there's Jamie.. and his eyes grow big at seeing her standing there.. "Wh.. I…" and he bites his lip.. "How?"

She nods a little at the word. "Yes. Jamie is different." She purses her lips together before she sits down cross-legged on the floor. "Do you know the X-Men?" She arches an eyebrow. "Well… Jamie's like an X-Man. She can… well…" She turns to Jamie for further explanation, it's her gift after all. "I know it seems impossible, but it is possible."
Of course, Jamie isn't the best at explanations, and she just simply says, "I can turn into water. Sometimes it happens when I don't mean it to, like when I have bad dreams. But I'm ok, really." She holds up a hand to demonstrate, changing it to water for a moment before changing it back.

Trent shakes his head, "I heard of em, but never saw em or read them. You mean like a real SuperHero? Like um.. Batman and them?" he asks, looking at Jamie, and his eyes widen again, when her hand shifts to a liquid state, then fleshy state. He blinks and rubs his eyes. "That's kinda cool. I thought I killed her. I was scared cause I don't want to go to jail. I would never hurt her on purpose."

"I know you did, she startled me the first time she told me," Sydney says honestly with a soft smile. "And yes, it's like superheroes. Superman and stuff." She presses her lips together into yet another soft smile. "I… am kind of like that too. Except, it's not so super. I just pick up on people's emotions." She shrugs a little before she adds, "I know you wouldn't hurt her and that's why this has to be our little secret. You can't tell anyone about us. Ever." And then she adds as an afterthought, "Except Freddie. He already knows." And he probably regrets Sydney ever talking to him about it… at least, that's what Syd thinks…

Jamie shakes her head quickly and smiles, "You didn't hurt me! Just got scared 'cause of my dream.. was a really weird one, too." Then she nods quickly to Sydney's call for secrecy, "I've been on TV, using my power, so don't normally care 'bout it being secret, but soldiers are after us, wanna arrest us all for just being what we are. So we're hiding." She frowns and says, "Hate hiding."

Trent nods softly at Sydney, kistening to her explination, and that it has to be a secret. "I promise not to tell anyone about it. I think it's so cool. I wish I could do something 'different' like that too. I can't just scream and hide that's all I'm good for." Though he does have an intapped talent but it's not an 'evolved' one. Then Jamie mentions that they hace soldiers after them and blinks.. "I don't like hiding either, but sometimes it's best. Though I don't usually have a closet to hide in."

"Well, now that that's all sorted out," Sydney says standing from her crouched position. "Now you know our secret — we don't normally live with Fred, he's just… a friend I reconnected with about a month ago. I have my own townhouse that i haven't been to in… two months or so and had an apartment before that… and that's the truth… now… I think we should all go have some breakfast…"

Jamie nods quickly to Trent and says, "Yeah, sometimes it is. Specially when you have soldiers with zappy guns coming after you. I'm kinda lucky, I can hide in the pipes, and I can go anywhere without anybody seeing. Just can't take clothes with me." She nods quickly to Sydney then at the mention of breakfast, brightening some, "Yeah, I'm starved!"

Trent smiles a bit now and nods "I'll keep it secret." And after hanging up the coats he pulled down, he follows them out of the closet. "Yeah, me too." Then he's hearing Jamie and he's grinning. "Wow that is cool. You gotta watch you don't mix with other water too, or does it really matter?" he asks as they make their way back to the kitchen.

"Just sit at the table folks… I've got to finish cooking…" Sydney disappears into the kitchen, a bit relieved that Trent now knows so there's no more awkward secret keeping from him, but not happy about having him too keep a secret. But such is life.

Jamie hops into a chair at the table and shakes her head quickly to Trent, "Nope! It's good if I do mix. 'Cause if I'm hurt or sick when I change into water, and I go mix with other water and let myself forget where I end and it starts, when I come back I'll be all fine again. Even when I got shot."

Trent climbs up on a chair listening to Jamie and grins. "Oh wow. That's handy." his eyes alight again. Not fully, but pretty good anyway. "But then you gotta have someone waiting with clothes when you get back out that's gotta be annoying a bit. I would think anyway. Bit then I've had so many layers of clothes on even in sweats I feel half nakid."

Jamie reaches to start eating once she's settled into the chair, but not in too much of a rush. "Yeah, it is. Sometimes I steal clothes, if I can find a place where a kid lives. Usually I just come back to where I left and see if my clothes are still waiting there."

Trent puts food on his plate, not a lot he can always get more after all. And begins to eat as well. His system slowly getting used to actually being able to eat semi-regularly. "I know finding things to wear in the garbage at Walmart is impossible. If they don't sell it, they shread it. Most of the ones I got I found in piles when they did spring clean-ups and stuff where the regular residents just pitched the old stuff."

Jamie nods emphatically to that and says, "Uh-huh. There's never anything there. I was kinda lucky, after I ran away when my mom died. I was working for Joe… he runs a bar in Hell's Kitchen, but he's a bad guy, steals stuff and everything. But I worked for him, so he'd get me new clothes and stuff. He helped me figure out my power too, when it first started. Taught me how to get around the pipes, and how to change back into my clothes if they were lying on the ground waiting, and stuff. He just wanted me to help him break in places, but *thought* he was nice back then."

Trent listens to her words as he finishes a plate of pancakes and some fruit and reaches for more. "Some of the big fancy places here do that too I noticed. It's really hard finding clothes in this city." Then she tells him about Joe and he raises his brows, "Wow, sounds like he was helpful though sortta. I tried to stay out of trouble. Alone on the street like I was was hard enough, stealing might have been easier but I didn't think I wanted to go to jail if I got caught. So I just did things differently."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "And before I got my power, I was just a runner. Didn't have to steal anything, just deliver stuff and not get caught." She grins proudly, "And *nobody* catches me in the city. Well, unless they sneak up on me with those zappy guns, whatever they're called."

Trent nods and giggles. "I never even had to do that. Some people were nice and 'left' stuff for me to find, food, sometimes clothes, but not always I grabbed and ran, because you never know if they weren't going to make me go back to my Aunts or something. All are bad I like it here with you and Sydney. I trust you guys. If she ever goes back home, you think she'll take me too?"

Jamie nods quickly to that and smiles, "Bet she will! But bet we'll have to do some more running first. We're getting evidence so the lawyer that got my dad outta jail can sue the government and get 'em to stop taking people like us. Soon as that stuff gets started, bet they're gonna figure out where we are and come after us again." She doesn't sound too upset by this prospect. Running, apparently, isn't as bad to her as hiding.

Trent smiles "I hope so, I like her a lot and I think you and I might make a good sister and brother. We both got blonde hair." As if that's close enough a similarity to make it so. "I never had a sister or a brother." He's polishing off the last of his food and is stuffed. Almost too stuffed. He gathers his plate and utencils and what he's used and brings them out to the sink. He's then back out and setteling on the floor in the livingroom to let his tummy settle. "I am used to runnin, I know if I stayed put in any perticular spot the cops would take me to my Aunt, or someone would. So I guess doing it more is alright."

Sydney strolls back into the dining room covered in flour while holding a plate of crepes. "Next time I want to make pancakes, waffles, or crepes.. can one of you remind me that I'm not good at it?" she asks with a smirk before she sits down at the table. "At least I wore an apron this time and didn't slip on waffle batter. This is an improvement!" The declaration is made with a broad grin while she places the plate on the table. She glances around at everything set, "I think I made too much…"

Jamie, at least, is still at the table… and still hungry, apparently. She's always eating more than is normal for her size, probably to provide energy for all her athletic daily activities. She grins as she sees the crepes, and says, "But they still taste good!" Then to Trent, "It gets *boring* staying in one spot anyway. Back in the circus, we never stayed put more than a couple weeks. 'Always new places to see, new people to meet and entertain.' That's what my dad said."

Trent peers over at Sydney when she brings more food out and all flourey he didn't see her when he brought his dishes in but he was also still mid topic with Jamie too. He can't help but giggle at her. "Looks good, but I'm too full." he says to her finally. Then to Jamie, "Well yeah, but I also want to go back to school, though as far behind as I am from my age level on those things. They'd have me in the special classes I think."

She sighs heavily and grins at Jamie, "Well at least they taste good! I swear I'm a good cook, I just make a mess doing it." At this she winks before turning back to Trent and then glancing at Jamie, "Well school is something we'll have to figure out… when I'm not on the run. Hard to register kids for school as a fugitive and all. I'm thinking we might have to start something here… I mean even if I can't get you enrolled at least I can help you catch up or something… I'm not a teacher, but maybe I can get curriculum books or something." She shrugs as she places a crepe on her plate.

Jamie wrinkles her nose and shakes her head, "Don't ever wanna go back to school. Was at a school, where I was hiding before I went to Sydney. They tried to ground me, lock me up just like the soldiers except without the drugs. All we did was set off a few fireworks. And they weren't even real fireworks! Just looked like it because Timo, my friend, can control light." Then she adds in explanation, "It's a school for kids with powers. Always so secret and everything. But guess it's better being there where I can use my powers, than the time I accidentally changed into water in front of my whole class at my normal school."

Trent smiles at Sydney at that and nods. "That's fine. It will give me something to do. It would be better to be up with those my age then it would be to be in special classes. I might not have been the best at a lot of the subjects but I at least passed them." He listens to Jamie too, "I actually miss it, especially music class. That was fun."

"Well I'm not very musical so music class is out with me, but the rest of them we can get brushed up on. Reading, books, and the like. And school is a good thing anyways. It's good for development and the like." Sydney flashes a smile to each of them. "Alright then… I will get some books and the like and we'll see what we can do." She finishes her crepe, removes her apron, and rises towards the door. "I'm going to go to the library and pick up some stuff. And we'll see what we can do…" She winks.

Jamie looks up to Sydney and says, "If you talk to Jane, she teaches music! Well, she taught me some." Then she looks to Trent and adds, "Miss having a gymnastics coach, I guess. Just hate all the rules."

Trent smiles at Sydney "Ok I'm not going to be moving too far right away anyway." He seems excited, then looking at Jamie he nods.. "I miss the little guitar my dad got me cause I wouldn't let his alone. He wasn't pro, but he had an electric and played around with it. Mine wasn't a real one, it was a toy one that looked like the real thing though and made music but still very different." He closes his eyes and falls quiet a moment or two, getting a flashback possibly.

With a nod Sydney pulls on her coat, "Yes, I will try to get in contact with this Jane friend of yours. Lawyer, musician… many talents!" She opens the door, "You both be good. We'll go do something fun this afternoon and then tomorrow… TOMORROW there will be school!" She grins at this before she pads out the door.

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