2007-09-05: The Opposite Sex


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Summary: The new semester is in full swing. Watch as various NYU students and alumna interact and talk about the more important things in life, like extracurricular activities and pirate-themed raves.

Date It Happened: September 5th, 2009

The Opposite Sex

Main Quad, New York University Campus

College Soundtrack Insert: The Click by Good Charlotte.

~Just because I walk like Obi Wan Kenobi
You people talk but you don't even know me
And that's alright 'cause I get down with GC
So I walk on and listen to their CD…~

The new semester is in full swing. The main quad of the campus is teeming with students. Several stoner-types are sprawled on the grassy knoll in Washington Park, a few more clustered at the steps of the Bobst Library nearby. The local coffeehouse, Flava Java, is crowded thanks to the afternoon Need-Caffeine-Nao crowd, and more are pouring out of the buildings, while some go in for their night classes. Most of the fulltime students are out now though, so they can do what college students typically do once classes are over.

Elena is walking with Samantha Jones, a year older - she's a junior in college now and they're both carrying flyers with them. They part ways at some point around the corner, and the young Gomez girl peers at one of the neon-green flyers she's got in her hands. Stopping by one of the free-standing ad-boards on campus, she digs out her box of pushpins and tacks one of them there. She steps back, eyeing the stark, black print.

September 20 to 22, 2007 at 8:00 pm in the Coles Sports Center

Please attend the information session at September 18, 2007 at 7:00 pm for details about the audition process, practice schedule…

And all sort of other information. But yes, it's a three-day audition process. The new captain wasn't one to be slack. If anything, she promised to be more hardcore than Tia was last year. Ooogh. If she were animated, she'd be sweatdropping at the details.

Three days is a long time. Students who past these flyers either pay no mind to it and keep walking, or they actually stop to take a gander before moving on. Some even think about it a little longer, discussing it among their group of friends or just weighing out the pros and cons it brings to their busy schedules. The range of emotions and enthusiasm also help, usually getting more people into making such a decision.

Mikhail, on the other hand, keeps staring at the same blindingly neon flyer placed at eye-level. At the same time, he was wondering what he ate for dinner last night. Or did he even eat? Working on late-night projects tend to take priority over other important things, after all. Back to the flyer and its contents. The artist stood a little away and behind Elena, actually, wearing his awesome darks for the day. A simple plastic headband raked his bangs back cleanly as he continues to study the scheduling, switching to glance at the girl. "I didn't know you were a part of the dance thing," he says, raising his eyebrows slightly.

"…as if you didn't have enough on your plate," A voice sounds from behind Elena as she stands there regarding the poster. The voice is familiar enough, and welcome enough. Unlike many of the guys that seem to hang around the young lady. It belongs to one Eric Walker, who stands there with a half smile on his face. Wearing a nice pair of dark slacks, a plain dark blue t-shirt and with a Flava Java cup in one hand, the young man just smiles.

As Mikhail strolls up and then adresses Elena, Eric gives a warm laugh as he shakes his head. "Don't you know? She's into just about everything she can be." He says, his words and tone full of easy teasing thats directed towards the Busy Elena.


That's good, because Gene can't. Moving through the sidewalks, Gene moves through the sidewalks, a familiar robot moves behind him. R2-D2, who seems to be carrying a load of books on top of the serving tray on top of it's Astrodome head. Gene seems to be wearing the clothes that he had on yesterday: A worn pair of jeans, almost going to threadbare at the knees. He also wears a black t-shirt with Donkey Kong on the front hitting Mario below the belt with a powerful punch with the words 'Donkey Punch' underneath. Plain black chucks grace his feet. He didn't see anyone that he recognized; therefore they won't know he was wearing the same clothes two days in a row. WIN. He smells like cologne, one that has a sandlewood theme, but it's used only as he often uses it: To cover up geek funk. Or maybe he is meeting someone special! …Yeah, I don't believe it either.

As he sees familiar faces up ahead, Gene just lowers his head and decides to move on. Of course, trying to keep a low profile with a Star Wars drone behind you is kinda pointless, but he tries just the same.

When a familiar voice reaches her ears, Elena turns to look over at Miki, and she laughs. "Yeah, been since Freshman year," she says, wagging a flyer at him. "Why, you interested? It's not just girls, you know. But it's a good place to meet them." She grins at him teasingly. "But yeah, it's pretty intense, but it's fun. We've got a good group going this year….well, the returning members anyway. I think we're opening up five slots this year. Usually seniors and juniors get priority, but some Freshmen and Sophomores get in if they pass the Gauntlet." She probably means the three-day monster audition. "Test of stamina and all of that. I don't know who's doing the trials choreography this year, but I'm pretty sure it's not me."

When a taller shadow falls over her, Elena looks up…and grins when she sees Eric standing there. "Hey," she says cheerfully, reaching out to hug the much-taller Business major. "How long have you been standing there? And hey, I've been a member since last year," she says. "This happened -way- before everything else." She glances between both young men, and makes introductions. "Mikhail Himura…" Yeah, her pronounciation is off. "Eric Walker. Eric, this is Miki." A nickname already? It was better than butchering the Russian pronounciation of his first name. "Miki's an art major. Eric's a business major. Miki and I sit next to each other in Eastern Lit. clas— "

"Dude. Dubya-tee-eff, man. Is that R2-D2?" says a student passing the group, along with his gang of java-toting buddies. Elena cranes her neck over her shoulder, because there's only one person she knows who lugs R2-D2 around.

"Hey! Gene!" she calls, waving a hand. ……….but what was he doing here? Are those books on top of the droid?

Curious, Mikhail takes the flyer offered, scanning it over again. "Maybe," he answers, a little stand-offish, but the hint of interest is there. Pff. Meet girls? Why would he want to do that? The details Elena adds make it harder to turn down. "Sounds like fun," he comments coolly, smirking.

Blue-gray eyes switch over toward Eric, still holding the same blank expression in them whenever it comes to new people. Dang, this guy is tall. And pretty well-dressed. Simple, but it works out for someone like him. The sophomore pulls at his silkscreened sweat jacket sleeves, the ribbed cuffs covering his checker-partterned fingerless gloves. "Mmn. Not really. I only met her - yeah," Miki replies, letting the girl finish that sentence while he holds up a hand at the other student. "Eri. Cool." Congrats, Eric - you just got a nickname one letter shorter!

And…ooh, guy with little robot friend. Looks like Mikhail's attention went elsewhere again. And Elena knows Gene. Of course, maybe he did see Gene before…

Just shaking his head for a moment Eric smiles slightly towards Elena before returning the hug half awkwardly. "Hey hey hey, watch the coffee, don't want to get you scalded." He replies with a grin towards her. "…and you have? How the hell do you find the time?" He asks with a laugh. Shaking his head slightly he then turns towards the newcomer. "Mikhail?" He actually does a good job on the Russian name before he extends his hand to shake. "Pleasure to meet you!" He says cheerfully.

Of course then the sound of R2 distracts him a moment and he laughs. "Gene!" He calls before he smiles and waves towards him. "Hey man, what are you doing here?" He asks the question thats on Elena's mind….

…and then his mind kicks in and he blinks slightly. "…Eri?" Blink blink. "…I don't think I've ever had a nickname before." Pause. "…not something that wasn't insulting at least."

The young man thought he heard his name. That can't be, he came here alone and… He glances over and there is Elena with Eric. There is some other people with too. One is definetly a girl. The other one is a guy. No, it's a girl. Wait, it's a guy. Looks like he'll have to go up to Mikhail for verification check of gender. That means he has to go over there though.

Frustrated, Gene turns away to run a hand through his hair. Getting all the 'I didn't want to be social but people are here and they are going to want to talk to me and be social because I'm never social' out of him, the blue-eyed boy admits defeat and just begins to make his way toward the group.

"Hey," Gene offers with a simple wave toward the group once he gets into range. To Eric, he says simply, "Stuff." He glances back toward his books, making sure that the many pages of the copyed journal articles and higher mechanics books are hidden properly under a few comic collections of Ziggy and Cathy. Hopefully the two collections will keep people from prying.

Bishie Miki is Bishie.

Elena slides her hands in her pockets and she grins over at the Russo-Jap. "Well, think about it. The info session isn't going to be till the next couple of weeks anyway. You have time." She looks over at Eric and laughs. "You know since I quit Starbucks I actually can drink coffee again?" She adjusts her backpack idly and peers at Mikhail's headband. What. Well, Miki's style was pretty funky but the guy actually seems more fashionable than she is and she's a girl. So not fair, dude. "And I don't know, you know I'm never happy unless I'm doing something." Idle hands are the devil's playground and all that. It was….also a crazy movie starring Devon Sawa and Jessica Alba.

When Gene approaches them, she smiles, glancing down at the papers he's got. "Research? Oh, man. I thought you were actually going here for a second. I was gonna ask what classes you were in." For all she knows, Gene pulled a Doogie Howser and graduated college when he was ten or something. She gestures between the newcomer and the new guy. "Mikhail, Gene. Gene, Mikhail." She glances over at the gadget-man. "Oh hey, you free any time this week?" she asks. "I was thinking I could go visit you when you're not working for a change." And since when did Gene ever stop working? Gene Kensington doesn't sleep, he builds.

"…Works for me, then," the young man says without blinking. He doesn't really have plans laid out, anyway. Easier that way. Oh hey, back this way. Mikhail blinks and looks at Eric's extended hand. And then he looks at Eric. Okay, handshake. He can do that. And he doesn't mind if people botch his name up. It takes years to get use to it, after all. "Same here, Eri," the artist nods at Eric, still sticking with the nickname.

Yes, Gene: he is a guy. Blame the cloth layers and his near-pretty features. NOT BISHIE. Mikhail gives a nod of greeting toward Gene. "Osu. What up." After that, he falls silent again, tilting his head at the smaller robot on wheels. After a while, he'll be totally engrossed in looking at the R2 unit's details, crouching down to get a better look without touching. "…."

"Yeah but I didn't want it to burn you," Eric smirks slightly. "I mean its still rather hot…" He adds with a smile. "…and yes. I know with your personality is like that. Gotta keep busy, just like me." He replies with a wink towards her. He takes a sip of the drink though before he smiles and leans back slightly as Gene wonders over. "….stuff eh?" He asks with a raised eyebrow.

He is /always/ working on stuff. Its usually better not to ask for specifics.

Yes Miki. You are BISHIE. Get used to it.

A pause then before he glances and shakes his head slightly. "…your going to start calling me Eri arn't you Elena?" He mutters slightly with a twitch of his smile.

A pause again before he looks towards Gene with a slight grin. "…and I think R2 has a new friend." He adds.

"You /owe/ me, chica.."

"Uh-huh." *kthunk*

"I'm serious. Dios mio - this stuff is /heavy/."

"You /whine/, you know that?" *kthunk*

The pair, a taller fellow with an armload of paper, and a much smaller woman with blonde hair and a staple gun? They get done tacking a flyer to a nearby tree (which already has a few others, though none with that /particular/ brand of bloody-skull-and-crossbones) - and she's already dragging him in the direction of that board. "You /know/ it's gonna be worth it. So shut it. Only two hundred to go - then Chris'll have the second batch up, and we'll go hit Greenwich."

"Research?" Gene offers with a quirked brow. "I'm just here to enjoy Cathy. But if you want to talk about stuff later on this week, wouldn't mind talking." He pulls out the comic collection and glances through it. It's painful reading, but it's necessary to keep up image. "You wacky noseless woman, what will become of you?" A nervous laugh comes shortly there after before he looks toward Mik's inspection of R2. It's a life-size real deal. Perfectly detailed and seemingly functional. Though Gene usually doesn't talk on how advanced it really it. "Artoo is Artoo," Gene points out as he puts the comic back down on over a book labeled 'Solar Cell Energy Sources of the 21st Century'. "Everyone that is cool loves him."

"……you read Cathy," Elena remarks blandly to Gene. Yes. This is the 'Don't Believe It' face she's got on. "Okay, I'll go stop by at some point this weekend." She needs to go back to her workstation in Evosoft anyway. Unbeknonwst to her, Jaden's been sending her videos - she hasn't time to look at them, but she will while she's there. But when Eric teases her, she shakes her head and grins at him. "Naw. It's Miki's nickname for you, I'm not gonna bogart his eccentric nomenclature stylings." She reaches down as Mikhail's crouching in front of R2 to stare at him and pokes at his headband. "I like your hair-thing. Where'd you get it?" she wonders out loud. She falls quiet, however, when tall Chris and shorter Ali make way towards her group, armed with boxes and more flyers. She looks familiar….and then it clicks. She had been in Enlightenment Books that day, talking to Cass and Trina. She gives Ali a small smile and a wave. She -thinks- she remembers her name, but better make sure later.


Bishie Miki's eyelashes flutter slightly, cadet blue eyes glancing up briefly from the robot to look at the other three. A small smile plays upon the lower half of his features. Yes, he thinks Artoo is awesome. Everything else sort of goes over his head since he's half-listening again. How to shorten the name 'Gene' is tricky. Gen? Ge? Or does he make it longer? Dilemma.

His thoughts pop when Elena pokes at his girly headband, looking back up seconds after that. "Oh, this? I got it at one of those drug store places. They have packs that sell for under six bucks." And it's not the only thing he bought that day, either. It was…awkward standing in line with hair things, but he did it. "I have more, if you want one," he adds, the wrongness of that offer just slipping his mind.

It will take some time for him to register the other two coming into the scene, but he'll notice once everyone else does first.

"'scuse me, pardon me - " Nope, there's not a /whit/ of recognition in that grin tossed Elena's way, in answer to that small wave - but then, Ali's not really shy about sort of meander-elbow-nudging her way up to that bulletin board.

The fellow in her wake produces a flyer. She? Sets about attaching it to a clear spot near the bottom center. Oddly enough, it's /Gene/ that gets the brunt of her merry grin, and a question - "You know - that thing has /got/ to be great for picking up geek chicks. Did you ever get her number? The singer."

While Ali's busy with staple-gun, dark haired bookish guy behind her? He grins, and offers Elena one of those flyers. "Hola." Mmm. Conversational gambit! But that seems about the limit of his 'talk to girls who aren't making him do things' vocabulary.

Eric isn't as hesitant.

He looks around a moment before he grins towards Elena and shrugs. Gene does all sort of things to keep his cover. He never really feels like arguing with him about it. A laugh then before he glances towards Elena. "…good. I think I can only handle one person calling me that." A grin before he hears a mildly familiar voice. He blinks slightly and looks around.

Blink. Blink.


"Damn Radio Girl, not even a hello when you rush on by." He says with the smirk obviously in his voice.

"Cathy? I read it… It has hair and stuff," Gene offers with a simple smile toward Elena. Turning toward the girly artist, he gives the man (yeah, okay, it's a guy) a nod. "Good to meet you, Mikhail." As Eric waves toward McAlister, Gene gives her a wave as well. There are a lot of people here and they seems to be all hyper and happy. With the grace expected from Joe Cool, Gene reaches into his pocket, pulls out his inhaler and takes a couple of puffs from it. It's been awhile since he used it last… Looks like the jogging's been good for him.

"He draws some really awesome robot-fish," Elena says with a nod to Gene. Though when Mikhail looks up at her from where he's crouched staring at R2, she blinks at him, and she laughs. "From CVS or something? Really?" She tries to ponder the look on the cashier's face when he came up on the line to try and ring a bunch of hair things up. Hopefully whoever it was just thought that Miki had been buying them for his sister, or something similar. Then again, he or she could've guessed correctly if Mikhail was wearing things just as funky as the clothes he had on right now. Ali doesn't recognize her, but that's okay! She seems to know Gene….and…Eric seems to know Ali. Radio girl? What? "Radio?" she wonders out loud. Was Ali a DJ?

When Juan turns to her, she blinks. "…Hola," she says with a friendly smile, and takes a flyer from his hand to look at it. "……….a rave?" she wonders out loud. She's actually been to a few back in high school, with what few friends she has, but she hasn't gone in a while. She also frowns concernedly when Gene takes out the inhaler and takes a couple of whiffs from it. It only reminds her of her impending visit in his Bat Cave.

Things just start to pick up, don't they? Mikhail takes his time in nodding at the response from Gene, a faint grin given while Elena tries to picture everything. "Yeah, one of those," he says, getting back up from his crouched position. His legs need to stretch out from cramping.

Oh hey - new people. Mikhail stares at each of them, cool but clueless as to where the conversation is going. Oh well. He waves.

"Computer guy - " Ali flashes a grin over her shoulder at Eric. "You've already seen my underwear. What, you want me to give your ego that much more of a boost?" Kathunk. the last staple's in. "Juan - you got one more?"

No. Juan's busy looking at /Elena/. With a /smile/. A silly sort of smile.


He jerks, coughs - offers Ali a flyer. She rolls her eyes, and goes on - "You guys are coming, right? Talk like a pirate day done /right/, for once." Doesn't take long to tack that second one up by the first. "Should be a blast." She pauses, looking back to Eric - "Tell me you can dance, and I'm seriously going to have to put my name in the pot."

"O M G, I'm not late am I!!?" That would be a shrieked shout heard from one Nadia Selvaggi as she races her way towards Elena. "B F F!! I'm here! Told you I would be! So where's that hot Petrelli stud of yours? Why isn't he here to ogle you.. wait a sec, gotta catch my breath now!" Bracing her hands on her knees, she doubles over slightly, as she just ran halfway across campus, or so it feels like, to get here.

"…yes…it has hair and stuff…" Eric just looks at Gene a moment before he shakes his head. Work on your spy skills more Gene. You need to do that yes. However he glances back to Elena and nods towards her. "…yeah. She works as a DJ from what I lear-" Annnnnnnnd cue coughing on Eric's part. Hot coffee down the wrong pipe as Ali throws out her little comment about underware.

After a moment, he recovers with his eyes watering and one hand waving he adds. "…we met at a laundramat. My washing machine was broken…and no, I could have done without the ego boost /and/ the scalding coffee!"

A sudden shriek gets his attention before he glances up and then towards Elena. Blink. Blink.

…hot Petrelli stud?

Yeah. So didn't need to hear that, he will go right back to coughing now thanks.

There is another attractive woman coming and McAlister is mentioning underwear. That makes… 3 attractive girls here(3.25 if you count Mikhail's girlness). Clearly the odds are against Gene. They likely all have boyfriends and will be talking about things like shopping, that time of the month, and how The Notebook movie changed their lives. Gene has to escape. "Well, unless you guys need me for anything, I suppose I should get going…" Gene offers a meek wave toward Nadia, preparing to slide out with his robot unless stopped.

Underwear? What? "….dude, I -so- don't want to know," Elena says to Eric with a laugh, holding up her hands in mock surrender. But Juan's still staring at her. With that smile. She smiles back, but it looks a little confused. What? What did she do? She looks at the flyer, and focuses on what Ali says. "….eh? Well… oh hey, I know this crew." She taps the name of the dance group in the flyer. "….aren't they from Columbia? Oh god. Are these going to be all over campus? Latisha is going to go bonkers. She hates these guys." She mentions, of course, the current captain of the NYU Dance Corps as listed in her OWN flyer that she just put up for the NYU Dance Corps auditions, a group that has a long-standing rivalry with the Cornell-based dance crews.

And now she's a little confused. "What has hair?" she wonders towards Eric……just when Nadia barrels towards her. She almost falls over. "Nadia! What— " And when she mentions Peter, she palms her face. At least she didn't tell Nadia the displaced first-time Marty McFly kidnapped her from her lab the day before after she blew up her assignment, or that was going to be everywhere too. "Hi, Nadia. Um. Yeah here." She passes the flyer over to the college junior, which has information on the auditions since she wanted to join. Looks like it's going to be three days' worth of dancing. "We lovingly call it the Gauntlet. I hope you've got some really well broken in dance shoes."

And when Gene tries to slip out, Elena gapes at him. "…what you're leaving already? But you just got here," she protests weakly.

Man, Elena's popular. It makes him wonder how she got to where she is right now. And why does everyone like coffee? It smells good, but tastes awful. In his opinion, anyway. Mikhail starts thinking about these two completely different topics, fixing his military-styled jacket collar underneath the hood of his long sleeve shirt.

And he is so not girly, dangit!

Colors and flyers catch his eyes easily, wandering over to the bulletin again as the others chat and catch up.

Nadia airkisses Elena's cheeks before taking a flyer. "Oh gracias darling, I'll break out my best shoes!" At the meek wave from Gene, she beams a great big smile at him, "Hey there to you too cutie," and returns the wave. "Man, look at all of this," she says, attention turning back to the paper in hand. "I'm so breaking out my cute little workout getup. The one that nearly makes dad's head spin and he treats me like I'm 16, whoring it up for a date."

Ali can't help but laugh - there is /coffee being snorted/. She even gets out, "Yeah, I think they are - which really sucks, because, honestly? NYU needs to represent, I think. But then, I'm just the DJ, right?" The woman winks at Elena… and ends up holding a flyer out to Mikhael, as the conversation kicks up behind her. "Bring a date, right? We're doin' the donations-at-the-door thing." She hooks a thumb back at the conversation behind her. "She's probably a good pick." That comes with a sage nod.

"…" The flyer is taken from Ali, that air of curiosity still present as he looks over the details. Mikhail then glances at the girl, wrinkling his nose a little. He's not sure whether or not to take up the offer, but…well. Interesting. "I see," he murmurs.

"…hey Gene said it…" Eric replies with a mock glare towards Elena. "…and come on Gene, leaving so soon?" He adds his own words to Elena's before he just blinks towards Nadia. She's….loud. And full of heart. A look is given towards Elena. Come on. Your the introducing type, at least be polite!

A blink then before he glances over towards the Flyer. "…oh god what are you planing?" He mutters towards he as she moves off and shakes his head. "…I think everyone here is about all the representing New York can handle…" He adds with a shake of his head. His eyes are still watering, but it looks like he's recovering swiftly enough.

"Well, Elena, it's just that…" Gene pauses as Nadia begins her thing. It's a trainwreck to listen to her. A sexy trainwreck, but a trainwreck just the same. "…Right" is all he manages to say, not sure what exactly to say about girls wearing outfits that make their father think they are whores. With that, Gene just puts his hands in his pockets and wait. Eric's words put a nail in the coffin. "I guess I can stay here for a little bit," he says with a defeated tone.

Gene's companion, R2-D2, just goes into idle mode, turning its head and having a few lights go on and off.

"………." Elena stares at her BFF (Best Female Friend to those of you watching at home), though she does airkiss her back on the cheeks, european styled. Nadia was Italian, after all. "….if you wear that thing to auditions, no straight guy is going to make it, you know. We only have five slots open this year. But you being a junior and cute works in your favor." She winks at Nadia. "Oh….um…Nadia, this is Gene." To Gadget-Guy. "Miki." To Artsy-Guy. "And Eric." To Business-Guy. "Guys this is Nadia, the requisite BFF." When Ali winks at her, she grins. "Well you might get a battle in your hands anyway. Our captain this year is really aggressive. She might just outright challenge the crew and your party might get really interesting. ….oh GOD. This is on the 19th? This is right after our audition info session." Which is on the 18th. "Yeah. Latisha's definitely showing up. I can feel it. She'll probably drag the people auditioning for the corps too just to see what they can do."

When Gene says he's staying, Elena grins, and bounds up lightly to him so she can give him a sideways hug. Heartbubble Gene.

Nadia slips off her jacket, revealing a tight fit tanktop. The jacket's slung over her shoulder as she peruses the flyer further. "I'm so dragging Leo with me. This'll make him so hot.. but I'm gonna jab out his eyes if he looks at anyone else… OMG A robot! How cute!" Looks like she spotted R2! "This belong to you.. Gene? Thanks Elena honey! Didn't I see this little guy in a movie or something?" With a slight squeal of delight, she crouches down to check out R2. Sorry Elena, you were saying something? "Can I touch it? What does it do? Besides look adorable?," she asks, looking up at Gene with a grin.

"Alyssa." She supplies that, helpfully, turning to watch the introductions, and to smile to Elena as the notion of challenges takes wing - "I'm game. There'll be plenty of space - we even got permitted for this one. Which is saying something - " There's something vaguely /guilty/ there. "The cops weren't /going/ to give it a stamp, but - well… " 'I cheated' does /not/ come out of her mouth. She leaves it /right there/.

Juan points up the way, winks at Ali - steals the staple gun, and keeps going - this project isn't getting done any faster, after all. (not that he doesn't look at Elena's rear end in passing.)

"I take it that means you guys will be there? I can't get you on the flyer - but it should be a trip regardless."

Ah, now he knows some more names. That's great. Mikhail never meets this many people at once unless it's within a classroom. Or his orientation groupings. Wow. And he's being introduced again. Mikhail gets back into gear, turning to look back at Elena and Nadia…

Just as she takes off her jacket.

The artist's eyes get a little bigger than usual, but he turns back around, coughing softly behind his left jacket cuff. "…."

Very open about things, aren't we?

"Elena," the Gomez teen supplies to Alyssa with a grin, reaching out to shake the DJ's hand. "Nice to meet you." She doesn't link the name to 'Midnight' McAlister though, a DJ who used to work the midnight to six am hours at NYU's radio. "And it's up to the captain but chances are she'll definitely show up. It's kind of tradition between the groups. All for fun, mind. I can only think of a couple of times where it sctually went down to a catfight." Because dance is SERIOUS BUSINESS, obviously. "But yeah we'll see. It looks really cool though, even if the Corps doesn't go, I might head on over and drag some poor, unfortunate souls with me." She is oblivious, as always, to people checking her out. Then again, Juan is also behind her so she has no idea his eyes are wandering.

Miki's reaction to Nadia taking off her jacket is adorable though. She bites back a grin. She also surreptitiously nudges the artist on one side as he coughs into one of his cuffs.

To Nadia, she laughs. "Won't he need his eyes to actually see you dance, though?" she asks her, regarding Leo.

While Gene was raised as a respectable young man, he gives a moment of silence as Nadia breaks off the skintight stuff. Thankfully, it's only a second before he is distracted by a hug to the side. Giving a weak smile to Elena, Gene still worries about being out in public like this. All these friends and people that easily trust. Gunna get someone killed someday, Gene knows it. "Nice to meet you, Nadia," Gene offers as he looks over toward the Italian woman, who is now right next to R2-D2. Part of Gene really likes that his work gets all the accolades. The paranoid part thinks that it's prideful for him to show off the droid and it's gunna get HIM killed. Yes, he is the worrywart of the group and almost personal pride in doing it.

Pulling out a large remote that seems to be the size for a TV, he motions toward R2. "Well, he does a bit. He has a power source so you can charge your stuff… Um, he holds a water and keeps it cold if you want it. Just one though. Um, he follow around and can follow about twenty or so voice commands… And he holds books if you have the tray on him." Gene points to the serving tray that is modeled from when the droid was on Jabba's ship in Return of the Jedi. "Holds about twenty points, but it sucks up a bit of battery power when you do that." While he could mention the more defensive nature of the 'killbot', he decides not to. He hasn't had to R2-D2 in that fashion yet and he hopes he doesn't have to. "But mostly, he just follows me around and looks cool, right, Artoo?"

"Bweeoo gerrp gerrp!" comes the response from the droid.

Eric just shakes his head slightly before he smirks and watches Elena skip over to hug Gene. It bring a smile to his face as once again R2 drags in all the chicks. It really is a chick magnet. "…so…" He raises an eyebrow towers Elena. "…your expecting a floor show at the party now? Damn. I might have to get over my natural aversion to people and actually go." He teases a moment before he glances up towards Ali. "…just too much natural charm for them to say no?" He querries before he laughs. "Sure…sure I'll be there…"

Then a blink as he notes Nadia removing her jacket. That gets an arched eyebrow a moment before he just leaaaaaaaans over towards Miki.

"…you know. Maybe the Radio Girl is right. She might be a good date." He murmurs softly towards him.

"Maaaaybe, but not if he's looking at other chicks!" Nadia'll teach him a thing or two! (Poor Leo.) She giggles at Gene talking about R2 and the cute lil' droid's response. "Adorable!" She pets R2's domed head before standing back up straight. "You made this? On your own?" Yes, she's impressed by the geekery, and unaware of the staring that's coming her way.

Ali snorts. "Of course I'm right - the sooner you.." And oddly enough, she breaks off, oddly startled, and tries out different words. "Just. Yeah." And that's as far as that goes. Almost thankfully, she presses on to what seems to be a far safer bit of conversation, aimed at Elena. "Yeah, I'd prefer no hairpulling or throwing people around the floor - hey. You know any jock-types that might be up for a security gig? I can get 'em paid for the night, and they get T-shirts to keep."

What what WHAT. Why is he being nudges and leaned at?!? The artist's eyes dart between Elena and Eric, maybe panicking slightly at the attention he's getting now. Still, he maintains his cool exterior, his cheeks showing some color from this setup.

Dang it, that's not suppose to happen. Not when he's use to seeing naked people for his studio class.

Mikhail says nothing, his mouth clamping shut as he draws the hood over his head. He's not here anymore, nope nope.

"Dude, are you trying to get him killed?" Elena whispers to Eric behind Mikhail….so of course Miki gets to hear everything. THANKFULLY Nadia is distracted by Gene and R2 as the Italian girl pets the robot on his domed head. "Leo would murder him and I'd like him to be alive so he can hang out with me." Who's Leo? Probably Nadia's boyfriend. "….I've never actually met him but any dude named 'Leo' sounds huge." Or sounds like a Ninja Turtle, but she's trying to keep her own geekery under wraps. But at the comment of Eric going, she laughs and rolls her eyes skyward. "You don't hate people, otherwise you wouldn't be saying hi to everybody here." She blinks over at Ali. "Um….not….really. I mostly hang out with the geeks and the artists. Don't let Eric's good looks and hockey-playing body fool you, he watches the Shatner Star Trek and plays Nintendo." She winks at Eric, ribbing him good naturedly. "But Eric's in Phi Gamma Delta. He knows most of the jocks on campus."

"Yeah, I did… Took a few years, but I never had an old car to work on so you take what you can, I guess," Gene offers with a nervous laugh as he rubs the back of his head with his free hand. As Nadia pets the domed head, the droid merely looks over toward her and offers a couple of robotic coos. "Glad you like him." He glance back toward Elena as she mentions her geeky underside and just smirks faintly. She'd have to have those to be interested in Peter.

Ninja turtle and artist is what comes to Mik's mind, his head still covered while Elena talks with Eric right there in front of him. Of course, now he's picturing some huge guy with evil, glowing eyes pointing menacingly at anyone who tries hitting on Nadia.

Sometimes it sucks to have a good imagination.

If anyone else needs him, he'll still be 'hidden' over here, under his hood.

Nadia takes her jacket and ties the arms around her waist. Parking her hands on her hips, she looks over at Elena with a grin, "So, who is all your friends, B F F?" Yup. She's looking for some intro's here! She drops a hand down to rest on R2's dome, cause he's just the cutest little thing /ever/. So what if he's not a puppy to be petted and enjoy it? Adorable. "You must be super smart to have done this," she says, looking over at Gene, just glowing with praise for the man's brains.

"….I told you," Elena says with a laugh. "But OBVIOUSLY the lil' robot dude totally distracted you. Miki." She gesture to Mikhail. "Eric." The latina gestures to the taller guy to her other side. "And Alyssa, who's trying to get us to go to this pirate-themed rave where there may or may not be a dance crew battle if our Corps Captain gets wind of this."

"What? I didn't know she was taken!" Eric stage whispers back, with a laugh in his voice as he eyes Elena. "…geeze…give away all my dirty secrets." He pauses before he looks guiltily towards Ali. "…its true though…" Pause. "…I really do play hockey." Then a laugh and wink follow the comment before he blinks towards Nadia.

Yay! Someone that doesn't reconise him. He likes those.

"Pleasure ta meet you," Eric calls out towards Nadia then, touching a pair of fingers to his forehead in greeting.

"Not smart, just worked hard, that's all sure you could build something like that if you wanted t-" Gene pauses for a moment, wincing faintly at seemingly nothing. A keen eye would notice that he's starting to pale a little. "Well, I've stayed for a bit. I've gotta to get going, I've got a bit of work to do," he says with a weak smile, forced it on for some reason. "But it was good see you, Elena, Eric, and you too, McAlister. Good to meet you Mikhail and Nadia, hope to see you both again sometime. Come on, Artoo." And with that, Gene just starts to walk away with his robot in tow, not even waiting for people to say farewell. He just needs to get out of sight and then to a trash can…

Nadia looks a little abashed, "Sorry! Robot here just ran away with my heart! Hi everyone!" She raises a hand, finger waggling hellos at those around them. "There's a pirate theme rave? OMG. Can we go in costume!? Seriously?? I have this cute outfit I got for last year's Halloween, I want any excuse to wear it again… and awww.. You're leaving? Alright, it was great to meet you and the little robot!" She actually leans over and places a kiss on Artoo's dome before they go. Total. Chick. Magnet.

"Bye, Gene. I'll see you this weekend," Elena says with a smile. When Eric grins sheepishly at Ali, she can't help but hide a smile when he emphasizes the more athletic and non-geek side of him. Men. When Nadia leans over to kiss R2's dome, the young woman pulls out her jPhone and snaps a picture of it. "Awwww don't you look adorable. R2 might actually give Leo a run for his money," she teases Nadia, showing her the picture she just took. R2's probably coming away from here with a lipstick mark. "But….yeah I think some sort of pirate costume thing is required according to this. Here, take a look." Elena passes over her copy of the flyer to Nadia.

"See you later Gene," Eric calls with a grin towards him as he starts to stroll off. "See you around!" He adds with a slight wave. He just shakes his head slightly though. Damn bot is a chick magnet. It is almost uncanny. Finishing up his coffee he takes a slight deep breath. Whats wrong with emphasizeing his non-geek side?! ANSWER ME THAT! Eric though just smirks towards Ali a moment. "…your always right eh? Just like all the women I know." He adds before he glances towards the flyer as it gets handed around. "…a pirate costume…I don't think I've ever had one of those."

Yeah, he's lost track of things by now. Hood time makes everything pace strangely. However, Nadia's attention has gone back from Gene and Artoo (unfortunately) and onto Eric and co. That includes him. Mikhail swallows, peeking out to greet the Italian girl. He can do this just fine, thank you. "Hello."

He already said hi to Ali, right? Right. If not, he sucks. But whatever.

"Sorry, don't think anything can give my man a run for his money.. unless it's daddy chasing him with a large and scary looking weapon," Nadia says before grinning widely at Miki. Aren't you just the cutest thing.. and then, ooh, distracted. FLYER! Making grabby hands at the paper from Elena, she looks over it, "This is so epic. I'm there. Elena, I'm taking you to find something appropriate to wear. Maybe an outfit to match mine if you like. The skirt comes up to here with this slit.." and she gestures all the way up to holy holy. "But if you wear spandex under it, everything alright. And a fluffy white wench's blouse with a corset around the waist!"

"Uh…yeah. Mr. Selvaggi really likes his power drill," Elena tells Eric with a sigh. She's met the man and he's scary. She rubs the back of her neck. But when Nadia tries to drag her shopping again, she laughs. "Maybe we should just take care of all or shopping in one day. I think I might….need to buy something for the salsa congress this weekend if we're still going to that. The one dress I bought recently….uh. Kinda sort of got torn. I was helping Peter babysit at the zoo and OUT OF NOWHERE this rhino comes barreling at me." Yes. A rhino. You heard right. She waves her arms to indicate just how big the animal was. "It was ginormous! It almost killed me. I'd say I'd never go to the zoo again but…." But she gets dragged there often by Heidi's children.

"…power drill?" Eric opens his mouth to say something, then just snaps it shut again. "Right. I don't think I want to know." He adds with a shake of his head. "…wait…shopping with you all?" He just shakes his head. "I think that would be somewhere between amusing and entirely terrifing…" Pause. Stare. "…what? A rhino? What did you do to piss off a rhino?!" He exclaims.

He mutters something in response, but it's rendered inaudible. This is taking longer than he thought it would. The hood is fixed, off of his head and back to draping between his shoulderblades. The headband stays put, bleached hair still maintained.

Now, all this stuff about shopping and rhinos throws him off, making the rhinos shopping for pirate-y gear and the latest trends.

Wait, that isn't right. Let's try this again.

Mikhail blinks and quirks an eyebrow, looking at the rest of the group. He'll wait for an answer.

Nadia fixes Elena with a look. Uh huh. Rhinos.. Riiiight.. "Memo to me, no going to the zoo. There's wild animals there. I'll stick with fuzzy kittens." At Eric's look of being freaked out, she grins. "Don't worry about it. It's for special occasions," she says with an even bigger grin. Handing the flyer back to Elena she says, "Call me later. I gotta get home. I promised ma I'd help with dinner. Gramma's coming by and if I'm not there, I get bitched out for not being brought up properly, blah blah! It was nice meeting all of you!" With a flourish of a wave, she's gone!

"Okay. I'll seeya." The Gomez girl waves to the mafia princess as she heads off down the quad. "She's dragging me to this thing with Peter and Leo," Elena tells Eric with a sigh when she does. "And yeah, he's back. I'll…..have to tell you a couple of things." She gives him a significant look. There's something in her eyes. This probably has something to do with what he found out in the future. "So of course this means we have to shop. I mean it's no big deal since Jaden's pretty generous with my salary at Evosoft but ever since meeting her, I've been at the mall more times in the last couple of months than I have in the last couple of years." She grins. "She's pretty fun though. I love her to pieces." She nudges over at Mikhail. "So are you auditioning?" she asks, lifting her brows. Because come on, Miki. You know you want to.

"Nice meetin' ya Nadia!" Eric calls as the italian girl strolls away. He shakes his head slightly before he turns his attention back towards Elena. A slightly raised eyebrow then before he nods once. "We can talk later," Is all he says about all that. Looking away after a moment, he stares at nothing for a moment. Wonderful. Peter is back and he still isn't quite sure how he feels about his childhood friend and neighbor. He shakes hismelf out it though before smiling towards Elena once again. "…she seems fun." A pause again before he shakes his head slightly. "…I guess I'll be going though…business work and all that?"

Looks like everyone has somewhere else to be. Not like it's a bad thing; today's social segment was sort of overwhelming. Mikhail passes this round with a few mishaps, thankfully. "Bye, Nadi," the artist waves limply, sounding a little exhausted. Man, that girl has so much energy.

He hears most of what has to be said before he's nudged again, blue-gray eyes flicking over at Elena when she asks about the auditions. "Me? Uh…" Flyer. Elena. Flyer. Elena. Eric? Back to Elena. "…I guess so," he says softly, giving into his interest and curiosity. It doesn't sound too bad. It's a challenge!

And aw, Eri has to go too. "Ah. Seeing how we're all suppose to jam now, I'm reminded that I have to prepare my art supplies. Not a problem, Eri. Being a business major and all." Mikhail pats Eric on the arm twice, as if to encourage him. And after a thought, he also does that to Elena. Another nod.

She watches Eric's profile when he stares at nothing, Elena glancing down on her shoes for a moment, her hands stuffing into her pockets and chewing on her bottom lip. "Okay," is all she says, though to her credit she keeps herself from sighing. But when Miki says he might, she gives him an encouraging smile. "I'll see you there, then. I get to watch all of you tryout. Nadia's going to be there, too." AS IF YOUR LIFE WASN'T COMPLEX ENOUGH, MIKI. "….you might need blinders if she does her routine next to you though." She can't help but tease him. Because if he looked like that when Nadia took her jacket off, she didn't want to know how he was going to react in her workout outfit. When both boys look like they're going to bail, she nods, and rubs her eyes. "Yeah, I better get going to the library." She lifts her pile of books from the ground. "Test tomorrow." ALREADY? What sort of classes is she taking. "I'll see you guys later."

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