2007-03-14: The Other Kind of Drug Testing


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Summary: Mohinder proves (or perhaps disproves) a theory and Mara gets her wish.

Date It Happened: March 14, 2007

The Other Kind of Drug Testing

Reed Street Laboratories

In preparation for testing with Mara, Mohinder has dragged the mattress down from another area of the loft to where he'll be working with her. She might as well be comfortable if she passes out, which hopefully won't happen. Again, there are a couple of boxes set on the counter and monitoring equipment ready to roll. Next to the boxes on a sterile tray is a needle and syringe. Everything seems to be ready, now to just have the patient.

Mara was only too eager to get out of her apartment and to Mohinder's lab. She's dressed comfortably - the outfit is part pjs, part workout garb. She knocks and waits patiently outside the door of the lab after knocking.

After giving things another looking over, Mohinder starts to head to the center of the loft to wait. Which isn't long as the knock comes at the door. The door is unlocked and opened, "Come on in Mara. I think things are as ready as they shall be." The greeting is polite, and the man looks tired and just a little run down. Despite this, he manages a smile for the woman.

Mara smiles faintly in return, stepping in to the loft-slash-lab. She eyes the mattress and can't help but smirk with a quirk of her eyebrow. "You've thought of everything, haven't you? I feel like I should be cracking a dirty joke right about now."

Mohinder blinks, almost oblivious as to what Mara means. Then it starts to sink in. "Oh, I see." That's not where his mind went. "I just thought, after the last time, with the frequency of blackouts and the extended periods.. better safe than sorry." The door is locked up before he steps away and towards the work area. "Alright. As I warned you before, there could be side effects.. it may not even work. Using the results of your tests and brain wave patterns, I've come up with a formula that targets .." He then seems to realize he's about to talk over Mara's head, so he clears his throat and puts it into layman's terms, "Theoretically, this should work no different than many prescribed anti-depressants work."

"You remind me of my partner when he talks about the patterns of blood spatter. As fascinating as I find it, like your work, I'm just not gifted enough to truly understand." Mara chuckles softly and moves along to the work area. "God, I'm excited and scared. Is that normal?"

Mohinder laughs a little and gestures to the mattress, "Have yourself a seat, get comfortable. I need you to expose your arm.. it's perfectly understandable and normal. You're nervous about the unknown, yet excited about the possibility of no longer passing out." He slips on a pair of surgical gloves and picks up an alcohol pad off the tray, waiting for Mara to offer up her arm.

Mara shrugs off her zip-up sweatshirt and offers her now-bare arm out to the doctor after having a seat on the mattress. "Do… No, never mind. It's not important. I'll have my answers in a little bit." She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and takes in a deep breath.

Mohinder's brows raise as he crouches down in front of Mara. He swabs the alcohol pad against the inside of her elbow, just a little above. Before he injects the needle, he does hook up a few monitors to Mara. The same ones as before. "For comparison," he explains, as well as to keep an eye for any changes. "I'll try to make this as painless as possible," he says as he takes the needle and injects the clear fluid into Mara's vein. His eyes travel up to a clock once the needle is removed, timing before he hands over the first box.

Mara winces at the prick of the needle against her skin, but holds perfectly still. She eyes the box and smiles shakily. "Showtime, right?" She peeks inside before reaching in.

Mohinder's expression is quite impassive, no show of outward emotion. He nods for Mara to go ahead and take the first box. Inside? The tuning fork he used on Sylar. Such an innocent looking thing, huh? (The tuning fork, not the geneticist.)

True to form, Mara's fingers brush over the surface of the tuning fork and the box drops out of her hands. Sagging, she drops back onto the mattress as she succumbs to her vision. Eyelids flutter now and again as brain activity spikes and she looks peaceful again for twenty minutes as everything calms down again. Then her eyes snap open suddenly as she lets out a strangled groan. The detective curls up in a ball on her side, hands over her ears, howling in pain.

Mohinder watches the reactions given by Mara. Hrm. The passing out was expected, although he was hoping it wouldn't happen. He records a few notes, letting Mara be.. that is until she curls up and starts howling. "Mara!" This was not expected. He rushes to kneel next to her side, hands moving to rest on Mara's shoulders as he tries to calm her down. "Easy there, what's going on?" He looks from the detective to the monitors, as if that will tell him precisely the problem.

"Don't touch me! You /bastard/!" Mara snaps and scrambles away, gritting her teeth against the pain, which may or may not be all in her head. She shrieks and presses her palms tighter over her ears. "How could you do that?! How could you /do/ that?!"

Mohinder throws his hands up and scoots back and away from Mara, increasing the distance she makes. Expression mild, he asks, "Which part?" The fork? The placebo, what? Silly question to ask however.

Mara finally falls back on the bed and dares to pull her hands away. She looks at Mohinder with wide eyes, "I'm sorry… It was his anger… His…" She scrambles to her feet and backs away, wrapping her arms around herself tightly.

"I see.. rest a few moments and we'll try another item." Mohinder says, and offers no apologies for his actions that day. His anger and hunger for vengeance was full fledged. A bottle of water is procured and offered to Mara.

Mara reaches out to take the water almost reluctantly. "Why didn't it work?" the woman demands. "I didn't figure I'd get away without any side effects, but I actually expected it to /work/." Her annoyance with the situation is bleeding into annoyance with the man, when he doesn't deserve it.

Mohinder isn't ready to confess just yet. One more try, then he will. THEN Mara can be mad at him all she likes. He gestures to the next box. "Take this one, when you feel that you're prepared."

Mara takes a long drink from her bottle of water, eying the box dubiously. Her eyes half lid and she marches back to the mattress to sit down. She sets the bottle next to her and holds her hands out to take the box without a word.

Mohinder watches Mara carefully as he hands over the next box. His expression remains unreadable as he plays quiet observer with this next item. A scrap of clothing of Sylar's at random from the evidence that was in her trunk.

Fingers brush over and then lift the scrap from the box. "His," she says plainly. It's not a question. "Do you want me to see what I can get from it?" She raises her eyebrows, anger slowly ebbing away.

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod. The woman's anger doesn't seem to bother him, he's got more important things to focus on at this moment. "Go ahead, focus on the scrap of fabric.." He watches intently at the initial contact and no reaction.

"I'll do my best." Mara rubs the scrap between her fingers almost fondly, looking down at it with a faint smile. "Talk to me, Gabriel," she murmurs. Slowly, her eyes roll back in her head, and she falls back onto the mattress, breathing easily. Despite the drastic contrast from her usual visions, the result is still the same on the monitors. But there is no fear.

Mohinder watches Mara carefully, and when she falls back.. again, he's not surprised. The results are looked at, along with that lack of fear shown by Mara. His brows raise and he leaves her be for the moment as he gets up to fetch another needle. This one having been set aside on another sterile tray. Another alcohol pad is picked up as well. Patiently, he waits for Mara to come back around.

After a few minutes, Mara's eyes flutter open and she smiles. It is not a nice expression. She sits up and fixes her eyes on Mohinder, "You hold the key, don't you? You have the answers to everything. You can fix it."

Perhaps, now would be a bad time for Mohinder to confess something. He has the presence of mind to set the needle on the tray, and to stay out of arm's reach. "I wanted to truly rule out your consciousness playing any part in the test results. I injected you with a saline solution. Essentially, a placebo. I was wrong. This," he nods towards the new syringe, "contains the formula I was working on."

The smiles slowly falls away from Mara's face and she looks confused for a moment. "It'll.. fix me?" Her eyes slide to the needle first, and then to the geneticist, full of hope. And… something else. Something foreign in those hazel eyes. "No more tricks?"

Mohinder does now have the good grace to look apologetic. "I'm sorry, it was a theory, and I see that it was wrong." As to the formula? "No more tricks up my sleeve, that is the real item. I cannot make any promises as you are the only way I can test it," he explains as he picks up the syringe. "Ready, when you are."

Mara holds her arm out to Mohinder, watching his movements with an air of expectancy. "Do it. I'm ready. Do it." Her chest rises and falls as her breathing, and her pulse, quickens with anticipation.

Mohinder is probably more nervous than Mara about this. After all, he is testing an unknown, for all intents and purposes, medication on a live human. He looks to Mara once, meeting her eyes, before injecting the contents of the syringe into her arm. "Give it a few moments to work through your bloodstream before we try the next item."

Mara's eyes grow wider as she watches the syringe empty into her veins. "Of course," she murmurs. She smiles slowly, "It's really going to work this time? Oh, I can't wait to try it…"

Mohinder sets the syringe aside, "I'm optimistic based on my methods and your test patterns. As I said, no promises." He moves back to the table to pick something up from the box. It looks like a piece of foam used in furniture padding. It's stained a rusty color. The geneticist looks at it a moment before holding it out.

Mara takes the foam and shudders. Her eyes slide shut and she tips her head back. "Your father… And…" She tilts her head to one side, watching the vision play out before her. "And, /oh!/ It's him. That-" She falls silent, just… seeing.

Mohinder steps back, arms folded as he watches Mara. Waiting for her to collapse, or any other adverse effects. So far, so good, and he is pleased that nothing has happened as of yet. "Mara? How do you feel?" he asks as he looks to the monitors, watching for any sign that something is wrong.

All the same reactions happen in Mara's brain, living the vision as she sees it, but without the unconsciousness. "I feel…" There's that smile again. It's as if it doesn't belong to her, but to someone else. She shakes her head and opens her eyes again. "Thank you, Mohinder. It worked better than I ever could have hoped."

Mohinder breathes out a sigh of relief, as if he had forgotten to breathe while waiting. "That.. it's worked better than /I/ had hoped. Granted, it seemed like a logical formula, and the test samples seemed to work under the microscope.. There was no way to know for sure until I tested it on you. Now, this isn't a one time dosage. I can't guarantee how long this will last. A few days, perhaps a week at the most. I want you to monitor yourself closely. /Any/ change in your health and body, let me know immediately. Even if it's a headache. I want you to keep a daily journal in regards to your state."

"Will do." Mara rises to her feet slowly, stretching her limbs experimentally, as though afraid they might suddenly fail her. So far, so good. "I'm hungry," she muses mostly to herself. "Are we finished here?"

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod. "I think so.. for now.." He grabs the chart he was keeping on Mara and notates the hunger. "I'm serious, I don't care what time of the day or night it is, you let me know if something goes wrong. I'll also have another batch prepared for when this dosage wears off."

"If it goes well, I'll have to insist you teach me to give my own injections." Mara brushes her fingers through her hair and starts to move back toward the door. "I'll call you if I have any concerns. Promise."

Mohinder follows Mara to the door to let her out. "You can try all you like, but there could be an issue with dispensing of medication and such.. Even if this is not the case." He does smile at Mara as he unlocks the door. "It's still early yet, but I feel this just might work." Unless something mutates, which is always a possibility.

"Be safe, Mohinder. Don't hesitate to call me if /you/ need anything." Mara nods her head graciously and then slips out of the lab.

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