2010-03-01: The Other Shoe



Date: March 1, 2010


Jamie talks to Sydney about some stuff.

"The Other Shoe"

Fred's Apartment — Brooklyn

With the Olympics now over, Jamie's been a little more bored today than usual, and thus been wandering around a little more, practicing her gymnastics, and other such things. She's also seemed thoughtful, thinking about something, and finally, in late afternoon, she goes in search of Sydney.

After her little jaunt to the library and the park, Sydney had settled in to make dinner. Yes, she's becoming quite the domestic. On the counter there's a cookbook from the library. It's open to a picture of a pie and a recipe of the like. Has Sydney ever made pie? Nope. This will be the first. Carefully she rolls out the pastry and then presses it into the disposable pie pan she'd bought at the grocery store. "Uh-huh." She smiles as she tucks the pie crust into the oven to cook before filling her pie with chocolate creamy goodness.

"And that is how we do it," she grins to herself before noticing Jamie. "Hey, I thought you were practicing this afternoon…"

Jamie shrugs a little to Sydney and says, "I was." Then after a moment's hesitation, she asks, "Can we talk?" She looks to the oven and then back up to Sydney, and adds, "I mean, if you got time?"

"Of course we can talk! Pie crust will take a good forty-five minutes or longer according to the book." Her smile fades, however, as she eyes Jamie, "Is everything okay?" Sydney tilts her head as she looks at Jamie skeptically before padding out of the kitchen. She unties her yellow apron from her waist and places it on the table. "Are you okay?"

Jamie follows Sydney from the kitchen, walking a little slowly. But she nods quickly and says, "Uh-huh, I'm fine. It's just… did ya know that Fred works with the soldiers? I mean, with the Alpha Protocol?" She's always had a little trouble remembering since she learned the name of the group. In any case, she fidgets a little with her shirt hem as she says this, not quite looking up to Sydney's face.

Sydney winces at the words. Her smile is long gone and the weariness she'd been holding just weeks before weighs heavily on her. Nothing like hearing such news a second time to strike an already-on-edge therapist. With a cringe she nods a little, but doesn't quite answer the question, not verbally anyways, instead, she counters with one of her own, "How did you come to that conclusion?"

Jamie answers, her voice soft, "I talked to Micah. Rebel. Using your phone. When he found out where I'm staying, he told me." Admitting she's been talking to someone using Sydney's phone seems to be what she was nervous of admitting, more worried about being in trouble than anything else.

"You can use the phone if you need to," Sydney says quietly, clearly not upset about the phone. She raises a hand to her forehead. "Look, I'm sure your friend Micah or Rebel, or whatever his name is, knows what he's talking about, but Freddie he's… he's a good guy. He's one of the few good guys left. And I know he wouldn't hurt us… even if he is working for them…" she frowns, it is distressing. "…then he's looking out for us. He hasn't taken us in. We've been here for like two months and he's looked out for us…" Although now more than ever something is eating at Syd. For harbouring them Fred could be in very real danger.

Jamie looks up and smiles again at the first answer, "I can?" Relief floods her. She's not in trouble! Then she rolls her eyes and says, "I *know* he's not a bad guy, he's been protecting us. But, what if they find out we're here? Then it'd be worse, they won't just arrest him for letting fugitives live with him, he'll be arrested for treason! They always treat everybody on TV arrested for that a lot worse than they treat anybody else." Obviously, the same concern is what's been worrying her too.

"Well. I'll figure something out. Don't worry. That's my job.' Sydney smiles weakly as she reaches out to give Jamie's shoulder a squeeze. "I'll talk to him. And maybe someone else. It's my job to keep everyone safe, right?" With another squeeze to Jamie's shoulder, Sydney can feel the butterflies in her stomach itching to get out.

Jamie bites her lip, and nods a little, stepping forward to give Sydney a hug for a few moments. "I bet he'll tell you to stay. He loves you, he won't want us to go. But think we gotta, if we're gonna protect him ok."

Sydney's cheeks flush at Jamie's observation, and she accepts the hug with another sigh and a nod. "I know. How did… how did you know?" She's still quite pink. "I'm going to look out for everyone. It's my job. I just need to find us a new place to stay." They seem to be getting fewer and further between.

Jamie shrugs up to Sydney and grins a bit, "It's kinda obvious." She then nods a little and smiles a bit more again, "Ok." She seems satisfied with that answer, giving Sydney one more quick hug before stepping back.

"You… make sure you and Trent are both organized and ready to go, okay? I … it'll be a couple of days for me to figure something out, but I think I know somewhere we might be able to go. At least for awhile." Sydney has never done so much couch hopping in awhile. She walks to the coffee table and picks up her phone before dialling a number she's been out of touch with for awhile, "Hey… it's Sydney calling… I have a favour to ask…"

Jamie nods quickly and smiles, giving a quick joking salute, "You got it!" Once Sydney starts to make her call, she steps back so she's out of the way, though still close enough to hear if everything's working out ok or not.

"Thanks… I know… I appreciate it…" Sydney finally says before hanging up the phone. "Looks like we have somewhere to go. I just… I need to tell Freddie." Her expression is crestfallen. But then things have become too easy and in a way she's getting to be too comfortable. With a sigh she adds, "Tell Trent we're heading out today. I… I'm sorry things are not stable for us…"

Jamie nods a little bit and says, "It's ok. And we'll be able to come back, after everything's over. 'Cause it's gotta be over sometime." She then turns to hurry off to find Trent and tell him the news.

"You're a fugitive," Sydney murmurs to herself before padding back into the kitchen. "You can't forget that fact." Pursing her lips together she opens the oven to peer at the very uncooked pie crust. This day is not going how she planned. Clamping her eyes shut, she lowers herself to the kitchen floor and sits. Waiting for yet another shoe to drop.

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