2009-12-05: The Other Woman



Date: December 5, 2009


Hallis dishes to George about her creepy ex-boyfriend and the creepy chick who took him down.

"The Other Woman"

High Rise Apartments, Greenwich Village

Holiday season or no, George's post-Thanksgiving week back in Washington was as busy as ever. Mostly the same several hot-button issues as the previous month; the initial wave of crank inquiries prompted by the 'hoax' video has largely died down, at least until some fresh development hits the news. His first day back in New York City, on the other hand… that changed things up in a hurry. After some fast food and some solitary pondering, he's finally returned to the familiar building in Greenwich (soon to be minus one tenant), leaning against the side wall of the elevator car until it makes it up to his floor.

Andra is in bed already, along with Zorro, which leaves Hallis to her own devices. She flits about the apartment happily straightening, dusting, and perusing the handiwork of the contractors. It has been a rather lazy week for her, most of it spent in her bedroom crying over the latest tragedy to hit her life. This time it was a pair of one of a kind shoes she missed out on due to a miserable headcold. Skipping to her bedroom, she checks her phone for any text messages and furrows her brow as the device reads none.

He hasn't forgotten to get in touch with her; far from it, he's been looking forward to it all day. But he wanted to make sure he actually made it home first… and then, after the visit he paid to Sydney, he had to get back into his walk-on-eggshells mindset. « I'm at the apartment » the text message reads, simply.

Just as he's about to unlock the door to his apartment, he hears what sounds like a familiar ringtone coming from down the hall. Ooh, is that her?

As luck would have it, the phone is in her hand at the very moment he sent the text. Truly the man is a lucky charm for Hallis. She races to her door and peeks out the fisheye just as he rounds the corner to his apartment. A small smile crosses her features and her thumbs fly across the screen and push enter. «Want me to meet you there? Or do you want to come here? Are you busy tonight?» SHe's hoping against all hope that he's not busy, but she's courteous enough to ask anyway. He's been too busy as of late to afford more than a few texts here and there and a quick call goodnight.

By the time Hallis's reply clears through the usual brief transmission delays, George has slipped into his own place, ditching his jacket and briefcase and grabbing a soda for himself. «I'm free, come on over, door's unlocked» he soon sends back, and goes over to double-check that he didn't actually re-lock it while on autopilot. Which he did, but that's quickly remedied.

It takes about fifteen minutes for the woman to arrive at his door. During that time, she's changed into something a little more comfortable, made sure her hair was perfect, and touched up her makeup. She doesn't just walk in though, she knocks and then waits. Her manner of dress? Well, she's in a light t-shirt and a jersey skirt, no tights, bare feet. She's not exactly worried about anyone seeing her this way, everyone on the floor has seen her in less. Besides that, she's overly confident.

George opens the door, promptly lighting up as he motions Hallis inside. "Hey, you look nice. New look for you, isn't it?" It must be, there are no shoes involved - which is fine by him, he enjoys the newness above and beyond the fashion bandwagon of the week, but it's still notably odd for her.

Smiling, Hallis steps through the door of the small apartment and into the living room. "Well not completely, I've worn the skirt a couple of times. The shirt is new though, I got it today at a boutique in SoHo." She doesn't really go further into it, he likely doesn't care about the designer or the gossip surrounding her. "How has your week been? I haven't seen you in what feels like forever." She lets out a long sigh and then leans up to give him a kiss. It takes more effort than usual, considering she's 3 inches shorter now than she usually is.

But he's happy enough to lean down at first, and then draw her down to the couch for a quick encore. "Long and trying," George offers, afterward, "but I'm through it now. What about you, what've you been up to all this time?" The good-night calls provided a rough outline, but God is in the details.

Curled up on the couch with George is exactly the perfect place to be right now. Hallis smiles up at him and shrugs, "I had a cold, I lost out on some fabulous shoes, I worked a little… Mostly I stayed at home and missed out on life." She doesn't have too many details to provide him, so she closes her eyes and rests her head against his shoulder. "I haven't seen you since before Thanksgiving, wow… there's been a lot that's happened. Did you hear about Trenton?"

George nods, paying close attention to what little has been offered so far. Hopefully Andra was able to step in with chicken soup, that sort of thing. At the mention of Trenton's name, he thinks back… there was something on the radio in the break room, but he didn't listen long enough to make any sense of it. "I heard that there was something, but I missed what it was. Friend of yours?"

"Ex-boyfriend… He was the most serious thing in my life until you came along, actually." Hallis admits rather easily, she seems a little blaze about the ordeal. Some of her karma is likely being taken off rapidly for her attitude toward the situation. "We were at a club the night after you left. Olivia, Chelsea, Mitsy, Soleil and I, he was there." She pauses for a moment and licks her lips, she hadn't actually told him about Emiyl before, or what the woman had been doing to her. "There's something I need to tell you, actually. I met this woman at a park and again shopping." She takes a deep breath and holds it for a moment before releasing it slowly, "You know how .. well you know how incredible you are. She touched me and it was almost the same."

A frown twists across George's face at the mention of the ex - especially the part about seeing him just a few days ago - though it eases as the list of names is rattled off. That's… five women to one man, not that bad a ratio. And then, when Woman #6 is brought up: "Wait, she— she messes with emotions? Was she doing it on purpose?" He's been through at least one weird experience of his own that could have been caused by an out-of-control ability.

"Not emotions, George… but that's not it." Hallis starts, then stops, then starts again with a deep breath. "Trenton tried to roofie our drinks, mine and this woman's. Please promise me you won't get mad, George. I didn't drink anything and I left the party right after. Sydney was there with another one of her patients and she knocked the drink out of my hand." She licks her lips and looks up at him, a little grimace twisting her lips, "I didn't think he'd ever do anything like that. I mean, we've known each other for almost a decade."

Promise what now? Oh, no. It is already much too late in the conversation for that. "I'm glad you made it out all right," says George, already twisting his hands together as he imagines what he'd like to do to the would-be date rapist himself, "but— God, who knows how many others he's done it to? Who knows if— are you sure he never could've done it to you before?" No, he can't stay still for this news, he's up and pacing. If he were any more pissed off, he'd be looking around at the furniture in search of blunt heavy objects.

At George's sudden vacancy of the couch, Hallis is left wringing her own hands. "This woman, the other one that he tried to drug.. She went home with him that night, then the next morning they found him in a coma." The young blonde's voice is a little weak at this point, not sure about what to confess. While it's true she feels bad for her ex-boyfriend, she doesn't feel at all horrible for the fate he received. "She called me from his phone a few days later and told me it was a present to me."

All of a sudden, George isn't sure what to feel, either - all the energy is drained out of his momentary revenge fantasies, as he realizes that this mystery woman actually carried hers out, and he sits back down again. "That's… really frightening. Sounds like it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, but what if next time she decides to use that trick a little more casually?"

In the back of his mind, this situation is also filed away under 'how would this affect the government abductions if she were found out', though he keeps that part to himself. He's not a robot, he needs to deal with his and Hallis's weirded-out-ness first.

"I don't know George. I don't want to make her mad at me, that's all I know." Hallis admits a little sheepishly, "I mean, as far as I know, she's already used what she can do twice on me. Nothing bad, but…" She drifts off then, allowing him to fill in the blank. "I offered to help her. If she needs anything, it's the least I can do." She looks down at her hands and her breathing becomes a little shallower. There's so much more she needs to tell him, but for now the rest can take a back burner.

When you interact with people from all walks of life, you end up meeting a bunch of crazies, and having to act like it's all normal. Now, finally, George's pent-up incredulity comes pouring out all at once. "Help her with what? Next time she decides to play vigilante? I—" but then he cuts off again, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, Hallie, I didn't mean to go off on you like that… but seriously, help her? Do you even realize how big-hearted that is, to volunteer for a risk like that?" Somewhere in the midst of this, his arms have found their way around her waist, and he's staring into her eyes.

"Help her with money, or if she needs a place to hide." Hallis says quietly. The intensity of his gaze only causes her to avert her eyes shamefully. "It's the same thing I offered to Rebel today when I talked to him.. or her." There, the second piece of news that she had to deliver has been spilled. "I know there's a risk George, but I live a really comfortable life. The least I can do is give a little bit to people that need it, especially since they're being hunted. Maybe if I do something, the person that stole my memory will show up and give it back."

In comparison, George takes the news about Rebel in stride. At least he (she?) is trying to straight-talk the issue, even if it's not nearly so simple as they think. "That's kind of you, Hallie, but… I don't know if they did it because of you. I think they might have done it more because of me. Because they think I'm on the wrong side, you know?" Their relationship is basically a matter of public record by now, that one yellow-rag story aside.

Frowning, Hallis looks up at him, "Because of you?" It's something that Hallis hadn't ever really considered. Certainly George is a politician and in the public eye, but the young woman has never had a shadow of a doubt that he's been anything but one of the 'good' guys. In an issue with so many gray areas, it has become increasingly difficult for the woman to pick out the good from the bad. Where do the rights of one end? Where the rights of another begin? How much power is too much and how do you police something that could be so subtle it could be denied? "It can't be because of you, George." She finally says in a low voice, "You're so good, you make me a better person. Everyone can see it."

"I'm flattered," George murmurs, bringing a hand up to toy with her hair, "but— you know me. Better than almost anyone." He'll allow an exception for family, seeing as he and Hallis are still only in the second month of their whirlwind relationship. "But if someone didn't know me, if all they knew was my job title… I should have thought of it earlier." He doesn't mention why he's thinking of it now; this isn't quite what Sydney wanted him to keep mum about, but it's close enough that he's playing it safe.

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