2010-01-16: The Pantheon Gathers



Date: January 16, 2010


The Geek Greek God is surrounded by women again, what is it about him that draws them in like flies? It certainly can't be each other.

"The Pantheon Gathers"

Boston - A Warehouse

Place: Abandoned Warehouse somewhere outside of Boston.
Time: Kinda late.
The warehouse seems rather safe at first, only the signs of cameras here and there to suggest that anyone is there at all. There is a carport near the entrance of the warehouse, where people can park their vehicles without being seen by the eye in the sky. Inside there isn't much… A small stage made from wood that seems to be twenty by ten feet that stands only a foot or so above the ground. A small projection screen is set up along with a laptop and a mini-projector, the final two resting on a steel drum that looks like it has seen better days. Around the area are remote control cars, usually placed in places where they would be hard to spot… Around a pile of scrap metal, in a dark corner, and so on.

The one that has pulled this all together, Prometheus, currently stands by the oil drum, dressed as he often is. The black biker helmet, the black skintight jumpsuit with a utility belt and a black trench coat with covers the whole thing. Gloved hands tighten into fists before flexing fully, repeating the process over and over as he taps one of his combat boots on the ground.

While she's usually oh so careful about obeying the law (not really), Hallis has opted to make the drive herself, suspended license be damned. The drive wasn't too far and having the company of her dog made it that much more enjoyable. The great thing about GPS systems is they help you find where you're going, the bad thing about them is that they usually send you the wrong way about five times first. So in the course of her adventure, Hallis, King George, and the GPS dubbed as Asshole, have finally made it to the warehouse. Slipping silently into the carport, King George and his owner leave Asshole the GPS to guard the car while they make their way inside.

It's been a while since Hallis has seen the Prometheus outfit, so it startles her a little bit to find the young man in a dark helmet. George is promptly let off his leash to investigate one of the RC cars, because he's got his investigating shoes on. "Hi Ge-Prometheus, I'm not late, am I?" Apparently not, since she's the first to arrive. Curse Asshole for not allowing her to be at least a little bit fashionably late.

It was a bit of a drive, getting to Boston from New York, though it wasn't terribly long. Sierra had plenty of CDs to keep her entertained. Once at the designated warehouse area, she gets lost, constantly making wrong turns. She grumbles to herself as she finally finds her way to the warehouse in question, parking in the nearby carport. She notices at least one other care there with a curious gaze. The French Canadian woman steps out of her car, slinging her purse over her shoulder, before heading into the lit warehouse. "Bonjour?" She says, making her way in. "Prometheus?" She asks, stepping forward some more, catching sight of a tell-tale blonde and the helmeted man.

Personal secret: Lena's never actually had control of a vehicle in winter driving conditions before. This makes it a minor miracle that she and Jade arrive not only close to the proper meeting time, but also in one piece. Maybe it helped that Jade was navigating, in charge of their map. Their rental Prius slowly coasts to a parking spot not far from the others present and shuts off. "Here," Lena says before she exits. Her hand slips into one pocket of her coat, retrieving a tiny green plastic watergun. Filled with god only knows what. "Keep it in your jacket. Just in case."

Then the young woman pushes her door open and gets out. She did not dress up for this, having chosen black tac pants and her Electric Mayhem shirt under the winter coat. Eyes ringed in a thick line of black sweep the area before she begins to splash through the slush, her heavy boots sending up little waves of mixed ice and dirty water. Upon entering the warehouse, she checks first that Jade's still with her, then glances at the others. Check, check, check…

"Who in the hell brought a poodle? Jesus."

Jade spent the entire ride, and I mean /entire/, hanging on to the 'DEAR GOD' handle just above the passenger's side window, and stomping on the imaginary breaks on her side of the car. A self-professed aethiest by nature, she'd nevertheless spent more time praying to make it out of the vehicle in one piece than she did navigating, shouting out directions as if she'd die if she got them wrong.

After the car comes to a stop, she spends several moments with her hand over her heart, staring at Lena with wide eyes. Even as she takes the water pistol, with a slightly grossed-out expression on her face, and slips it into her pocket, the younger teen is shaking her head.

"I'm driving on the way back."

Slowly, she exits the car, willing her knees to stop shaking at all the memories that had flashed back to her of her life since they'd pulled out of the parking lot of the rental shop, slowly padding in Lena's wake with a thick, dark grey coat on, a bright yellow wool-knit cap, and her favorite pink-and-black-striped scarf.

"Hey, poodles are almost kind of cute. When their retard owners aren't trying to dress them up in stupidly 'fashionable' mini-human clothes."

As the people begin to walk in, Prometheus nods to those that speak to him, looking to his watch befor he speaks in the digitally altered voice of his. "Greetings… I am glad that all of you could make it. One or two more should be coming in, but sadly, time is not our side and I will have to begin. Before I do, though, know that this place is about coming together. If you feel you cannot put away grudges or personal differences for the greater good, then please leave. While I doubt that anyone here would entertain pettiness or misunderstanding over safety of themselves or others, I feel this needs to be said before we begin. Once everyone has pulled up a se-" Prometheus pauses as he looks around. He KNEW he forgot something. "-Son of a biscuit. Um, when everyone walks up to the stage, we'll begin."

With a snap of her fingers, King George is trotting back to Hallis' side and the leash is replaced. Upon Sierra's arrival a bright smile crosses the miniature human's features and she sidles up to the brunette and gives her a little nudge. Then the pronounced shriek of a former dark haired teen makes the hair on the back of her neck bristle. "Ugh…" The blonde lowers her head and pinches the bridge of her nose with one hand as she tries to go to a happy place. Prometheus' speech falls on not so deaf ears, thankfully. The socialite seems more than willing to ignore the less favorable company in favor of the brunette by her side. "I didn't know you were coming," she whispers quietly, "We could have driven together."

Sierra grins widely as the blonde is recognized. When the socialite sidles up beside her and nudges, she chuckles, quickly glancing behind her as two others make their entrance. She raises her eyebrow at them. They certainly have their opinions about poodles. She leans in to whisper to Hallis. "Bonjour mon petite, merveilleux cherie." There's a little pause. "Je m'avere justement aimer des carniches." She responds. Perhaps not even realizing she's speaking all in French. "Oui, we could have driven together. Would have saved on the gas cost and we would have had somebody to talk to!" She smiles. "Lets head up on the stage." She says, walking along side Hallis to where Prometheus indicated.

"How about if they dye them funny colors?" Lena asides quietly to Jade. Completely rhetorical question, that. But she's looking forward to the younger girl's answer. Her eyes flick towards the others, taking in familiar and less familiar faces, before shifting to Gene. The smile that lands on the young woman's lips after his speech could only be described as mildly amused, perhaps with a hint of gloom. Just for flavor. She ambles towards the stage, hands hidden in her pockets, and chin down to let drifts of chestnut hair partially conceal her face. "Let's get ready to rumble."

"If they do that to dogs, then they should have their limbs amputated for animal cruelty."

At the mention of people putting aside grudges and pettiness, Jade can't help but lean towards her 'sister' and whisper out of the side of her mouth. "This guy… doesn't know me very well, does he? Did he just say 'son of a biscuit'? I swear to God, Leen, sometimes I feel like you're dragging me to the annual Nerdcon exhibit."

As Lena steps forward towards the standing area indicated, the dark-haired teenager's hands dip into her pockets and she follows along behind, a step behind, and one to the side. Eventually she comes to a stop, her booted feet scraping against the cement of the warehouse floor as she frowns at the projector setup on the rusted-out barrel. Unable to help herself, she points mildly at the display. "How come you can afford that costume, and this projector-computer thingy, but you couldn't spring for twenty bucks for a fold-out table? Someone's gonna need tetanus shots after touching that thing."

Jade gets a long stare from the man in the shaded bike helmet. She likely doesn't understand it's a stare due to the fact that his face his hidden, but the thought is still there. After giving a sigh, Prometheus begins the long speech. He presses a button and suddenly the music from 'President Speech' in ID4 begins to play.

"I have called you here for an obvious reason. The Evolved is being hunted and captured by the government. Innocent people are being tortured for information. Rights are being forgotten in the name of fear and the desire for control. Those being hunted are even willing to turn on one another, in order to protect themselves, or due to manipulations beyond their control. It is a dark time, but it is in the darkness that the most important battles are waged. Complacency is forgotten and values remembered. You all are called here to remember what made this nation great, what makes life worth living. Freedom, happiness, and peace. I believe that we have a chance to make those dreams come true again, and… if we all work together, we'll have peace again."

Prometheus punches his fist as he speaks, beginning to pace. "In order to do that, we need to work together as a team. First, we will need to find out what is going on with Alpha Protocol. This government run program is the root of this mess. For a time, I feared sending in people due to a woman known as De Souza, who I believed to be a telepath of sorts. Seeing as she has been taken out, I feel that this is the time to move in. A team has been assembled known as Team Shadow. These people will go in with the sole purpose of infiltrating the organization and supplying us with information. One of those members is here I will be supplying you information on the other two soon."

The second team, known as Team Supplies, will be in charge of finding a good and safe location to run a base of operations out of the city, and then beginning the process of ensuring that the other teams are properly equipped in the days to come. This will be a place where we can coordinate from and hopefully when all of this is said and done, a safe place for Evolved and humans that have been heavily influenced by them to work and stay to try and regain the lives that have been lost by the travesty that this witchhunt has caused. For those that do not know how to help, this will be the greatest assistance and will be the one with the possibility of long lasting effects."

Finally, there will be Team Sword, the team that will be on call to not only defend the members from any government strike teams, but also, when the time comes, make tactical hits on government operations involving Alpha Protocol. This will be a place for those that wish to take the fight to them and are not afraid of the risks that will be bound to follow. The fact that they are using torture now is a sign that they are changing policies and in time, means they may sanction lethal force against certain Evolved and worse yet, all Evolved. If we are moving down this road, we must stop them at the source. As it stands now, it would seem that we are the best hope that we have to keeping this from getting out of hand."

Stopping the pacing at last, the helmed man looks to all gathered. "I know that I have been told that there is a political side of things and they are working in order to stop the program as well. While I have been offered the chance to work with these people, I have declined. This is not an issue of unwillingness, but of mutual protection. In order for the political arena to have the proper clout, they must be free from illegal activity or at the least, activity that could be considered terrorist. If the link was revealed, it could destroy the political lives for any involved and in the end, ruin chances of legislation that could ensure that Alpha Protocol or anything like it is ever repeated. If they need our aid, we will give it, but it will be at arms length and hiding as much as possible. Our liaison for that will be Hallis, who will keep us informed how they are doing and what we can do to help but without letting them know we are assisting them. That way, we can give them plausible denibility."

There is a long pause before Prometheus adds, "I guess this is the part for questions."

The speech was long and is answered by just a blank stare from Hallis. Looking to her left to see George the dog stares up at her and she shrugs down to it. Then she looks over to Sierra and leans in to whisper, "You're part of the first team?" She's a little worried about her friend, but her own safety is pretty much assured, not the best position to have in this kind of a situation. Slowly, she raises her hand and clears her throat, "I have a question… will I be on the supplies team too? Or just the liason?"

Sierra listens intently to the the speech without speaking. It may be long, but it certainly does explain a lot about what's happening. As Hallis whispers to her, she smiles and leans in to whisper back to the young blonde. "I believe so, oui." She smiles softly. "I think you got the better end of this deal." She says, offering Hallis a little playful wink. All in all, she's really not all too concerned. Being able to look like anyone in the world has it's advantages, after all.

Lena is very, very tempted to snicker at Jade's remarks, at first. If nothing else, the other girl is excellent for deflating nervous tension. But this is serious business and the grin that had blossomed at the music's first notes dies a quick and painful death at the first mention of torture. Down her head goes, weight shifting until her shoulder can tuck against her best friend's for physical as well as emotional support.

If she has any preference on which team is preferred, given her skill sets, Lena gives no sign of it. Just listens silently to the questions asked by the others, flicking occasional looks up at Gene while he fields them. There's surprisingly little expression on her face.

"If you wish to be part of the Supplies team, then you can. Remember that if you do, you need to keep your actions from any within the government for their safety," Prometheus replies. "There are some that will help us over the Internet. Some of you might have already met one of our allies, and in time, you will likely meet the other. In the information packet that I will send you, I will have contact information that will let you get a hold of those people, should you require their aid. Are there any other questions?"

At the staredown from the lone male of the group, the dark-haired teenager manages to shut her mouth and give an expression that was a pretty close approximation to appearing to be contrite, folding her hands in front of her and looking down at her shoes as she fidgets like a scolded schoolgirl. At least, until the apparent staring stops and she's free to cast a sideways glance-and-grin at Lena while mouthing the words 'I think I made him mad.'

Throughout the speech Jade adopts the semi-interested look perfected by delinquent teenagers everwhere, the one they used when they were listening, kind of, but not really. She caught the high notes of the gig, but a lot of the names and goings-on were flying way over the poor girl's head. She does retain the sense of the here-and-now to pat the older woman next to her's arm lightly in reassurance.

And then it's over. After a moment of lingering silence, she looks at Lena as Prometheus asks the crowd for questions. "Uhhh, you got anything? I mean, weren't you developing your stuff for them?"

"Better end, it would all depend on who I have to work with, hmm?" Hallis quips, giving another smile to Sierra. Then she turns her attention to Gene again, one of her hands moving to the puff at the top of her dog's head to give him a gentle scratch behind the ears. The mood in the place certainly is depressed, aside from the French maid at her side. "Just promise you'll be careful, we don't know what they do to people."

"I have made some equipment for all members of this organization to use that true. When you leave, I will hand you packets. These will have some items in them as well. Watches that are to be worn at all times. They are special GPS trackers that will allow me to find you when you are needed, and summon help when it is requested. There are also special radios that use a term I call 'wave length encryption' which should make it difficult for the calls to be monitored. They will allow you to contact other members of the team. There are instructions for how to use them inside. If you have any information that may be useful for other members of the team, it is important that is is shared swiftly. The radios will also have a 24 hour recorder in them… Allowing you to take messages if you are not around to recieve the radio communica, so make sure you check them at least once a day…. As for caution, I would certainly hope that we will all do so here. For now, hot dog heroics or antics will only get us in trouble."

Is that saying that when the Alpha Protocol is done there will be antics and hot dog heroics? Those that live past the evils of evil government may find out.

Sierra bumps her shoulder against Hallis. "Vous le ferez fonctionner, celui qui que vous travaillez avec." She whispers to Hallis. "Can we contact you as well, via the radios?" She asks of Prometheus. She shrugs. "I've not been one for hot dog heroics, Monsieur Prometheus. I prefer poutine patience." What does that mean? Well, ask and you mind just find out.

"I was, yeah." Like the other duo here, Lena is content to whisper back and forth with Jade, even if she is no longer in a sunshine and rainbows kinda mood. Still, she tries for a grin, putting her own lopsided spin on it. "I guess that means I got born to join the supply team." And to judge from her tone of voice, it isn't entirely clear whether she knows if that sits well or not. But the brunette doesn't clarify. Instead, she tugs a hand free of its pocket and raises it to summon Gene's attention.

"I don't wanna know any of these people, or what they're doing. You gonna be giving folks who don't know pointers on how to pull off the sneaky stuff? Names, faces, addresses…if we're getting contact info, and someone's grabbed, they'll get it out of the person," Lena says with a sweep of that hand to indicate the other two women, only one of whom she's familiar with. "Especially if they're still using the cattle prods."

"James Bond watches and communicators. Now that's the kind of spy stuff a girl could get into. I… don't suppose you have any of the watches in pink, do you?"

She couldn't resist the opportunity to accessorize equipment, and if the answer is in the negative, as it almost certainly would be, the dark-haired teen was fully prepared to purchase the required rhinestones and decorate them herself. Even with the mental-accessorizing going on behind her eyes, Jade's brought back to the more important matters of laying low and flying under the radar by Lena.

"Yeah, if, uh, I have to change my name again, I'm not going to be real happy. Maybe we should all get assigned aliases or something for contact purposes. Then no one can give up anyone's real names if, you know… the worst happens. I don't think any of us could stand up to torture for very long."

"Indeed," the Geek God answers Sierra. "Though that does remind me. Should the radios give a loud barking… It will mean that I've activated my own distress alarm. It will be up to you to organize and handle things from there as I will likely be trying my best to avoid capture and been captured myself…" As Lena and Jade speak of the dark things, Prometheus makes his point, his tone at the end oddly upbeat despite the message and the voice giving it. "If there is an issue of danger, make sure you turn on your alarm. It is going to be how I or others find you. The key to keeping us safe is to play it smart and to watch out for one another. They want to keep us seperated to make us weak. Through the bonds we make tonight and from this night forward… We shall be strong."

Sierra gives a little smile to Lena. "Do not worry. There are ways for some of us to hide from the government." She says calmly. "Yes, we may need to use aliases, but aliases are easier for some of us to use." That is stated simply, before turning her attention back to Prometheus.

Lena shifts awkwardly on her feet, not at all put at ease by Gene's answer. It takes a moment, and the conscious effort of putting on her street tough demeanor, but she's able to find her voice again to argue with him in public. "I tried to hit my alarm when they got me, I didn't have time. And I didn't want to talk either but they made that happen too, with their shrinks and the electro-shock. I'm all for staying strong and hoping, or I wouldn't be here, but…Jade's right. Aliases maybe? The radios are good too. Promise not to lose r break these ones."

For Gene's sake, the little drug lab forces the semblance of a smile again. She's pale though, courtesy of having brought up her own experiences before so many witnesses, and the look cast towards Sierra is notably lacking in warmth. It seems almost confused, in fact.

"Yeah, well, not all of us got so lucky. Worrying's what we got."

It was hard on Jade, it really was, and the urge to ruin 'The Moment' was almost overpowering. Nodding her head mildly, the younger teenager has to press her lips together, bite the inside of her cheek, and half-turn away, holding her fingers over her mouth as if she were pretending to contemplate the surrounding architecture of the dilapidated warehouse. By the time she's turned back, she's managed to put on her poker face again, just in time for everyone to exchange pleasantries on how to stay away from the government.

"Hey, Leen's kinda right, isn't she? I mean, if they jump you by surprise, there's not really any time for an alarm, and even if there is, it might not do any good if they just toss it away. They could be anyone, right? They could be anywhere. They, like, know who we are, but we don't know who the hell they are or where they live or anything. Isn't there a way we can find that out? Then we could, I don't know… keep tabs on them or something. Maybe bug their phones so we know what they're planning."

Jade's eyes roam over the others in the room. "Right?"

For the first time, Hallis turns to look at the teen that came in with her ex-therapist's room mate and then the former goth/punk. She regards them both carefully before turning back to Prometheus and pursing her lips. "What about some kind of.. I don't know… If they're taken off without punching in a code or something, they send an alarm? That way if someone is caught without being able to push their panic button, the alarm will at least go off when it's taken off or broken?"

"For a time, I and another were able to keep tabs on the government though the electronic devices. The point of Shadow Team is to be able to get that inside information once again. Once we have that inside job, it will allow us to have that edge once more. Until then, we will merely have to rely on normal caution. As for aliases, that is recommended. In keeping with my own name, I suggest names from the Greek or Roman pantheon or their myths. I am Prometheus… And we have someone else with another such code name." Lena is given a look before his attention is shifted to Jade once more. "If the watch is broken, that would not do us much good. However, if they are removed without…" There is brief silence as the man with the bike helmet considers. "It will take some time, but it is doable. I will have the replacement watches for you in time, but for now, use the ones provided."

Sierra bows her head slightly. "A Greek or Roman alias?" There's a little pause. "I shall…go for Athena." She says after giving a moments thought. There's a soft smile. "So, we shall stay in some contact, mon cheries. May la chasse be good." She offers another bow of her head. "Au revoir mon amie. Until we all speak again."

"What, that name you called me? Dio-whatsit?" When Gene doesn't react unfavorably to her interruption (or at least, doesn't appear to, it being hard to tell with that faceshield in place), Lena relaxes and allows a more genuine smile to appear. "Dio…god, what was it. Dionysus! Yeah." High school drop-out that she is, the male implication of the name goes right over her shaggy head. It's enough for her that the cautions she'd thrown out there, gloomy as they were, were not met with objections.

Of course, that will probably only last until Jade's teasing begins.

When Sierra begins to prepare to leave, Lena pivots a little to duck a nod at the woman. "Guess so." Pause. "Drive safe."
Glancing at Sierra with a smile, Hallis raises her eyebrows and raises her hand. "I'll be Nike, to go along with .. Athena." It's fitting for the small woman, after all it's a type of shoe. Tightening the leash just a little, the dog at her side gets up off its haunches and snaps to attention. "I guess I'll be going too. I'll keep in touch."

"I don't wanna alarm anyone, but if I gotta push in a special code to take off my watch, you guys are going to wind up busting in on me in the shower every time I forget what it is." After a moment of scratching sheepisly at the side of her check, Jade bounces her shoulders. "…What? I'm bad with numbers."

Another moment of looking around revealed that the meeting was apparently adjourned, causing the dark-haired teenager to take a step backwards and give a small wave, making ready to head back towards the car, and thereby reach it first. Thereby preventing Lena from Ever. Driving. Again. "Uhhhhh, right. Shoulda known we'd be picking from some Geek, er, Greek list. Call me Discordia, I guess." With her goodbyes sort of in order, Jade turns on her heel and begins stalking back towards their auto.

Only to turn around after a single step, holding her hand out towards Lena with her best I'm Not Joking frown in place. "The keys. Hand 'em over."

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