2007-03-17: The Petrelli Who Came In From The Cold


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Summary: Elena arranges to meet Peter and Eric around the same few blocks. She passes on information to the younger Petrelli, who in turn provides her with a eureka moment in figuring out her own abilities.

Date It Happened: March 17, 2007

The Petrelli Who Came In From The Cold

A Random Bus Stop, Somewhere in New York City

It was late, and she was waiting at the bus stop late at night that was basically part A of the road home, usually. It was exceptionally cold today, despite it being the beginning of spring. Her black coat's collar is pulled up, her blood-red scarf tucked in tight around her neck. Her gloved hands are holding two, hot paper cups - though oddly enough they weren't from her shop, and her breath comes out in quick, white puffs. Her hood is pulled up over her head as she waits. It was approaching midnight. A light mist has fallen over the city due to the weather.

She felt like she was in a spy movie.

Except she was a teenager and she had absolutely no idea what she was doing, other than pass on what's important. Elena peers out from under her hood cautiously, taking one sip of the other cup she's holding on one hand. It's cold. So cold. She almost felt guilty pulling Peter out of the warm hole he has esconsed himself in. Idly she wonders where he stays when he's lying low - but it was better if she didn't know.

Would she laugh at him if she knew he happened to be staying in a Guest Bedroom in the Petrelli Mansion? Yeah, probably. Laying low isn't exactly the type of thing he's good at, and he has reasons for not laying low right now anyway. The meeting place isn't difficult to find, as he knows the city well enough to get there without needing to ask directions. Did have to take advantage of a cab or two. A scarf wrapped around his neck, he approaches the actual bus stop invisible, just in case there's something amiss, and because walking around invisible has become a habit lately. One of the easiest powers he has access too, actually. The one that helped him escape.

A puff of misted air from where he's breathing might give him away, or the sound of footsteps approaching the lone woman. Only when he's close enough to see that it /is/ her, does he let the invisibility drop. One moment the mist sturs, the next— someone's physically standing in it. "We probably shouldn't meet outside this late. It might be dangerous for you," he says first of all, glancing around. And he's not talking about the Company, in this case.

She tuns around, startled to see him there and she manages to bite back a yell of surprise. "Hi Peter," Elena says, and despite the cold, she's cheerful. "Here. It's not espresso since it's late and you could use some sleep these days I'm imagining, so it's just good ol' hot chocolate. The real stuff. Not the watered down Swiss Miss crap they try to pass off as coco around here." She winks at him, and shakes the cup at him, and whenever he takes it, she turns to start walking down the street. "And don't worry about me. If need be I can defend myself pretty easily without touching anybody. I know it sounds bad, but part of me wishes someone would try their luck these days. It's the only way I can get data as to what I actually have." …wait, she doesn't know? "How are you doing? Everything okay?" People came first. She looks over at him then.

"Good thing I didn't startle you, then," Peter says cautiously, taking the hot coco in hand and follows after her, joining in on the walking. "I thought you knew what you could do? You said you'd explain it to me— or are you wanting to test your limits?" That's something he could understand, to a point, though what she's implying sounds dangerous, harmful even. Or at least a form of self-defense. Self-defense can turn into something else all together, though. "I'm okay," he explains softly. "I've only been out a week and so much has already happened," he continues, subdued in his level of surprise, but a hint of a smile as he finally drinks the hot chocolate. Welcome warmth in the cold.

"I do….but not all of it. It's odd. Abilities tend to have a common root from what I've found. Like Jane's sonar when she was actively using it. She can break glass. But she can also see in the dark. They're two things that don't seem to be related at first - but they are, with the right ability. That's the case with me. My common denominator is that whatever I'm affecting has to be a living, sentient body. But I still don't know what it is exactly. I'm on the verge of a breakthrough though. I know it." Elena looks over at him and she smiles over at him. "Since you've absorbed my ability that means, basically, that you can put people down without touching them. You can give them pain, take away pain. You can even make them so drowsy they drop. You can even keep poison from affecting someone until they can go get help….according to my father anyway." A strange expression enters her face. "Papa swears he's seen me do that before but I don't remember it." This might sound familiar to the young Petrelli.

She looks over at Peter and takes a sip of her hot chocolate. "That's good," she says softly. "After your ordeal you ought to be getting some rest. All that running isn't healthy. I can empathize a little bit. A few things have happened to me too." Taking another drink to keep warm, she looks over at him. "A friend of mine managed to find out what exactly this 'cure' is that they're developing, Peter. I figured since you've been so diligent in passing me information, it was my turn to pass something onto you."

"So that's what Jane does," Peter says with a smile, remembering his brother's words on the young woman's talents. "I think I absorbed her ability too," he responds softly, though at the same time doesn't sound completely sure. All of what she describes makes him nod, "So you control body chemistry." He is a nurse, that's something he could understand, even if he's not sure he likes the idea. He does continue to nod, as knowing what he might be able to do is important. That her father said she'd done some, but that she has forgotten it… "You do know what happened to Jane, don't you?" he asks, curious, though the topic of the cure that she just brought up is also quite important. He'd been taking pills which might be cure-like for the last few months, but they didn't last long, and as far as he could tell the effects wore off after four or five days of not taking them. The cure, he's sure, would be something more permenant. "What's the cure?"

"Body chemi—" Elena stares at Peter, and then, she facepalms. "Arghhh! Why didn't -I- think of that? Stupid!" she mutters, shaking her head. "It makes sense. Adrenaline. Norepinephrine….histamine. Dopamine. Ugh! Pete, you're a lifesaver! Now that I know……gah. Some pre-med I am." She laughs softly and takes a sip of her drink, walking still, down the entire length of the boulevard they were both in. "But yeah, that's what she does. Echolocation, like bats. She can tune her voice to a higher frequency. It's why dog whistles hurt her so much." She looks over at Peter. "….yeah if you absorbed her abilities, remember that. Find a way to plug your ears if you see a lot of dogs around. Someone's bound to have a whistle." At the last, she shakes her head. "No…." Elena says softly. "Not yet. I was advised by a friend not to talk to her about what happened in the facility. I'm inclined to take her advice, but that doesn't mean I can't check on her. See how she's doing. How…." Her face tightens then, pain flashing over her features. "….bad…the damage is."

She looks over at Peter when he asks about the cure. "It's a virus," she tells him without preamble. "They found…some sort of strain. I don't know if it's artificial or something that just developed somewhere. But it's a virus - I don't know if it's programmed or intelligent, but apparently what it does is that it targets the specific genetic code of each person with abilities and neutralizes their ability to use them. I….don't know the mechanics. Not yet. But this might mean that the Company managed to identify the block of code each of us has that makes what we can do happen. What scares me is that it sounds a lot like gene therapy….and gene therapy has been attempted for years in medical science. It's still unstable."

He was asked to meet Elena and…someone special. Just a few blocks down from where they are now, Eric Walker leans against a signpost and crosses his arms, looking up at the sky. He smiles slightly to himself, just thinking. Dressed in jeans, a nice looking deep green t-shirt with no logo, and a black denim jacket, he looks just like one of the dozens of other students loitering on the street.

Glancing over in surprise, Peter hadn't meant to make her feel dumb. Body chemistry sounded like the only thing that worked. A single effect could be something else, but so much of what she talked about sounds like various effects of drugs on the body. And since she can do all of them… "Well— I was a nurse professionally until the world looked like it was going to blow up," he responds, straightening his scarf and nodding about Jane's ability. It makes sense, though he knows he won't have to worry about it unless the ability activates. What emotion he registers with it, though… What happened to Jane… he could give his point of view on it, though he doesn't know how they did it still. So instead he just nods, listening to the virus topic.

Walking beside the younger woman, he's dressed warmly, holding a cup of hot chocolate in his hands, and nodding at what she says, though his expression grows more serious by the moment. "They didn't tell me what they were working on," he admits. "Or how they were creating it. Just that they'd been working on it for the last thirty years. They said they stopped the project, and just restarted it when they brought me in. But took some blood, but they didn't test anything on me besides the pills, which only acted as a temporary supressent."

"I know," Elena says with a laugh. "You have experience. Hell you probably handled substances that did the very thing, make the body bring out certain of its natural chemicals to help others." She pauses, and she looks over at him. "I'm thankful it doesn't run away from me. It's something with the way I'm wired. I could've gotten it as a 'lesson' from my father's own genetic makeup. Darwinism, and all that." The implication that her father, too, was special, is there. But in contrast to everything else, Elena is tightlipped when it comes to her father. Understandably for his own protection.

She spies a young man waiting for her at the corner, and she waves to catch Eric's attention. "Thirty years?" she murmurs, and does a quick math. Around the seventies. What was happening during the seventies? She'll have to Google it later when she comes back home. "Well, now you know. It's a virus that can strip people of their abilities by going straight for the code. It's a little worrisome. I mean, if they perfect it, whoever they capture, they can just inject them, wipe their brains, and set them free. No more 'threats.' And also no one left to stop them if they're allowed to develop their powers, while they take other people's away." She looks at Peter. "A friend of mine and I are going to check on Jane. He was in my team when we went in to try and rescue you. You can trust him. Thank you for letting me know about Hiro. Is he doing okay?"

"Yeah, I had to work with that some," Peter says modestly, taking another drink from the hot chocolate. There's open room for a question about her father, but he doesn't ask it, leaving that to her choice. If she'd wanted to say, he's sure she would, so instead he just nods, and lets it go. He has reason to believe his parents might have been different now too, but that's another thing he's neither going to ask of the surviving parent, nor share with someone he barely knows. "You're right. And that might be exactly what they're going for. Getting rid of threats and solidifying their own power." They don't use these restrictions on their own people. Elle could be dangerous, and she wasn't controlled. Could just be because of her father, but she's the only real 'agent' he got to know, and she… couldn't be called the most stable. "Hiro's doing fine, as far as I can tell. He dropped off pictures of the Mendez paintings, so I could look at them." But, she said she was going to visit Jane with a friend, one he can trust, "So who is he? The friend, I mean." It sounded almost like he was about to meet this friend…

Eric raises his hand at the wave, smiling towards Elena and blinking curiously towards Peter. With a smile he starts to stroll over, his long legs heading towards the pair quickly enough. "There you are," He says smiling towards Peter in greeting and then beaming at Elena. "…so whats the plan?"

"I haven't seen them," Elena says softly. "The Mendez Paintings. I know someone who has copies in digital form, but I never seen them. Nor have I asked….I felt like I was pushing my boundaries then. And….part of me kind of….well." She looks over at Peter. "Part of me is afraid of what I would see, really," she says quietly, sliding her hands in her pockets after tossing the cup in the nearby trash. "I'm already afraid enough and I need every drop of courage I have. I'm not only thinking of myself getting involved with this. Whatever happens, the Company has to pay, at some point, for working as if they're above the law." Her expression hardens slightly there. There was something personal underlying all of this. If she was asked, she wouldn't deny it. "That's him. Eric!" she calls out softly, keeping her voice in gentle timbres. When he walks over, she gestures between the two. "Eric Walker, Peter Petrelli. Eric was part of my team like I said."

"…Peter…Petrelli?" The young man just blinks slightly at that. Just…walking out like this…in the middle of everything. Well, thats the best way to hide he suposes, in plain sight. "…pleasure to meet you then!" He says cheerfully enough as he extends his hand out to shake with him. Hey. He dosn't know any better, no one has actually told him what Petey can do!

"Part of me wishes I hadn't seen them," Peter says, taking another sip from the hot chocolate as he walks on, nodding at her declarations about the Company, agreeing that they need to pay, though not offering his own ideas on how just yet. It's then that he gets introduced to someone new. Eric. Shifting the cup into a single hand, he reaches out to accept the handshake, serious expression quirking towards a smile. "It's nice to meet you. Thank you for trying to rescue me." It's genuine, even if their actions aren't necessarily why he's walking free today. "Plan for what exactly?" he adds, looking back towards Elena as he releases the hand.

"Nothing yet," Elena says, glancing over at Peter. "But there might be after this visit is over." She smiles. "The building I'm going inside of has a Company operative living in it. Eric lives in the same building, but the agent doesn't know about him. Not yet. I'm hoping he'll move once his lease is up." She gives Eric a look then. Subtle hint? Yeah, not so much. "So I need someone to let me in. It's a secure building, and so far he makes a good cover. I'm just a classmate visiting him, under these circumstances." She looks at him seriously and she nods. "We'll contact you if we find out anything more."

"I don't know, but she almost /always/ has a plan in the works," Eric says with a laugh towards Peter and his eyes slide towards Elena though a smile there. He rolls his eyes though. "Of course I'm moving, I don't relish the thought of living on the same floor on someone like Anders." He says with a slightly rueful smirk.

Unable to keep from smiling as he watches the two of them, Peter doesn't make too much a comment on their interaction, though he does take a convienant sip from his hot chocolate and continue walking. He nods at the promise that she'll keep in touch if anything happens, he does add, "I'm still being cautious as well, though my brother told me they're not going to come after me anymore. I'm not completely trusting their word n this, though. They don't strike me as the type to just let someone go." He's been less careful half to test them, even if that's a bit reckless. "…Anders?" That's a name he doesn't know.

"Don't get cheeky, I'm only worried because my Calculus grade depends on you," Elena mock-scowls at Eric, curling a fist and knuckling the taller teenager's shoulder. She does grin back, a touch of wickedness to the curve of her lips. She looks over at Peter and she nods, her smile dying. "I wonder why that is…." she murmurs. "Did your brother make some sort of deal with them?" Nathan had been a Congressman after all. He probably knew how to play the game better than anyone. "Yeah. He's one of them, one of the names I was able to pick up. Anders. I don't know if it's a first name or a last name. There's a goth woman named Angie….she's one of them too. I knew of Elle. And I know the Haitian and Dr. Suresh. Those are the five I know of who are Company affiliated." She pauses, and takes a step back. "Anyway….we better get going before a friendly visit becomes too late to be feasible. You'll be careful, no, Peter?"

"Yes, Anders…huge man," Eric says before he rolls his eyes. "Oh yeah, I'm sure you'll be ever so sorry that you'll not get an A in that class." He just waits though and nods towards Peter. "…yes, be careful…and really…I'm glad that your out, I'm sorry we couldn't have helped…but…" He sighs slightly and shakes his head, then perking up and smiling. Can't leave on a sad note. "Just take care! I'm sure we'll be running into each other again."

"I don't know. He just said they wouldn't be coming after me," he says in response. Unsure on the details of this. As names are listed off, Peter puts them to memory, nodding at Elle and the Haitian— and then freezing, even stopping in his tracks as she mentions 'Dr. Suresh.' There's a few things that come to mind there, things clicking into place. When he'd met the young girl staying in Suresh's apartment, he should have realized he was actually working /with/ the Company. Part of him thought maybe he'd made a deal, but an actual agent? "Oh, right— I'll be careful. Look after each other. It was nice to meet you, Eric. And you did help. I'm not sure I could have escaped if they hadn't been moving me and had most their security focused on you guys." Now— he needs to talk to Elle. If anyone can answer the question he has, it'll be her, he's sure. Turning away from them, he fades out of sight after a few steps, if they're watching, and quick walks away into the mist, which actually forms somewhat of a silhouette where he walks. Neat effect, really.

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