2008-02-27: The Plan


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Summary: Elle, Gabriel, Hiro and Peter get together to form …

Date It Happened: 27th February, 2008

The Plan

Peter's Apartment, NYC

Pacing back and forth across the empty apartment, Gabriel's gaze constantly wanders to the door, as if he is expecting someone. In truth, he is, but he isn't sure what time they're going to show up. Elle is currently at her job, leaving Gabriel to have the apartment to himself. He then placed a phone call to a newfound friend, who hopefully will be able to help him with his mission to Pinehearst.

Of course, he didn't mention that specific detail in his message. Only that he needed to talk to him and it was urget.

Hiro appears outside the door, knocking on it and waiting. He's not quite sure why he's been called but he's too loyal to not come when he's called. He's brought his sword with him - obvious by the courier's tube on his back - but otherwise he's dressed normally.

At the sound of the knock echoing throughout the apartment, Gabriel steps over to the door, opening it quickly. "Hiro," he says, giving the Japanese man a nod. "Thanks for coming on such short notice. Peter should be here soon, too." He steps back, allowing Hiro access into the apartment. He might notice a tea kettle and several mugs set out on the table— there might even be some leftover waffles from when Gabriel cooked earlier. "Do you want something to drink while we wait?"

Hiro isn't particularly hungry or thirsty but he can still tell that Gabriel is making an effort and he's not about to say no. He nods his head, taking a few steps inside and looking towards the mugs and waffles, "Thank you.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you what this was about on the phone," Gabriel says, closing the door and stepping back into the apartment, moving towards the couch. "But considering my… past, there aren't many people that I can turn to for help."

Hiro immediately gravitates towards the waffles, nodding his head as Gabriel speaks, "I will help you." Yes, he's decided upon that before he even knows what it is, "But … I need your help, too."

The door isn't closed for very long before there's another sound. It's the door, opening again. They'd not locked it, so it isn't like he even needs to use his key. He is holding the keys, though, showing he might have been thinking he would need to. "Gabriel?" Peter speaks up, as soon as he fully appears in the room, smelling… "Are those waffles?" What is it with waffles? He spots Hiro before he even sees the man in glasses. "Hiro… I'd actually been needing to talk to you…" He looks a little tense and tired, but much better than right after crashing into the IHOP. "What's going on, Gabriel?"

"— Really?" Gabriel says, a little taken aback that Hiro would need his help. "Help with what?" The question is put on hold, for the moment, at least, as Peter makes his way into the apartment. "Peter— yes, they're waffles," Gabriel says, giving the other man a nod as he turns and heads towards the table. He pours a few glasses of tea, taking one for himself as he sits down. He gets right to the point. "I'm going to Pinehearst. I'm going to destroy the stockpiles of Claire's blood that they have."

"Hai," Hiro answers, nodding his head, "I … I will tell you about it later. We must focus on the Mission." When Peter speaks, the Japanese man looks at him - he's still unnerved by his presence and he does a poor job of hiding it. Nevertheless he nods his head, waiting for Peter to say whatever it is he needs to say.

"It can wait," Peter says, expression dropping. It's pretty clear he noticed the expression. The Japanese man isn't good at hiding it, one would wonder if he's even really trying. From the way that he avoids eye contact with the man, he's not entirely comfortable in his presence either. Different emotional reasons. "Good. I'd like to be involved in that, but we'll have to do whatever we can to avoid my father. He's… very dangerous." Like he'd already told them. He's the reason he crashed into the IHOP. "I don't know much about the lay out of the building, or where they might have stored her blood… do you know anything about that" Business is easier to deal with than personal.

"I would appreciate your help. Hiro is going to be helping, too. He's… an emergency exit, for better or worse, and since he can freeze time, that would come in handy, too. That.. and the more people I have there that are on my side, the better." Gabriel pauses for a moment to let this sink in, sipping at his tea, and he frowns at Peter's next question. "No, I don't. That's.. I don't know a way around that. Can you still make yourself invisible?"

Hiro looks between Peter and Gabriel, keeping quiet for the time being since they both seem to know much more about Pinehearst than he does. He's still listening, but now he's beginning to investigate the waffles on the table more thoroughly. Mmm.

When Elle unlocks the door and pushes it open, her expression makes it clear that she was not expecting company. This isn't to say she's upset to find Peter and Hiro in the apartment, but she's certainly surprised - and a smile breaks across her face until she catches onto the somewhat somber atmosphere. Saying nothing still, she closes the door and steps aside to take off her jacket, her movements made awkward by the black walking cast on her injured leg. Her footsteps sounding strange due to the black boot, Elle moves to join them, brushing down her strangely professional attire as she limps into the room. In fact, she's quite put together today, more than she has been in weeks, with makeup on and her hair newly cropped to shoulder length. "What are you boys talking about?"

"I can still turn invisible. Myself and two others at most," Peter says, getting those words out just as a third person enters the room… a third person who's still limping. He watched her move, but can't help but blink more than once at her hair. "You— you cut your hair." While her hair got chopped off, his hair has been growing out. Though he knows her fingers are probably itching to grab a pair of scissors at the sight of him and the mention of hair. Even the other version of her had been rather addament about his hair staying cropped short.

"Good. I can turn at least one person invisible alongside myself. I've never tried more than that. That works, though, because it should be me, you, Hiro, and possibly Elle—" Speak of the devil. As the electric blonde enters the apartment, Gabriel looks over at her, giving her a small smile. He reaches out and grabs an empty mug, pouring Elle a mug of tea as he answers her question. "Pinehearst."

Hiro has sat down at the table now and begun to feast upon waffles, lifting his head to look at Elle as she enters. He offers a smile and a wave, mouth full of waffarus. He turns his attention at last back to the conversation between Peter and Gabriel, listening in but keeping quiet for now - he's making sure to keep abrest of his part in it all, though.

"And you haven't," Elle replies to Peter with a faint smirk, her hand absently reaching to toy with a lock of her shorter hair. "I figured if I was going to start a new life, I might as well start small." She limps to meet Gabriel halfway, accepting the mug of tea with an appreciative smile. "Waffles, huh?" Settling into a seat, the mug of tea is set down before her, left to cool. "So what have you decided?" Her eyes flicking between Hiro and Peter, she adds, "You're both coming?"

There's a hint of tension at the mention of a certain blonde woman maybe coming along. Or maybe it's because she teased him about his hair. Either way, Peter's looking at her when his shoulders stiffen. "I remember you could turn invisible too," he mutters in response to Gabriel, before he just nods. "You'll make a good life for yourself, I'm sure… it looks good…" From the hesitation in his voice, he's genuine, but there's something behind it too. He looks away when he adds on, "I'll be going. I've been in the building a couple times invisible… I don't know the area very well, but I've seen some of the personale…"

Watching the exchange between Peter and Elle, Gabriel calmly sips at his tea, glancing over at Hiro as he eats the waffles. It's only when Peter begins talking about Pinehearst again that he turns back to him. "That's why I'm relying on invisibility. WE can get in without being seen, and if we're careful and take our time.. hopefully we'll be able to find the blood before anything happens. — Well, hopefully, nothing will happen at all."

"I can freeze time," Hiro offers, quickly finishing a mouthful of waffles, "That way you don't have to worry about running into anybody. Or the blood being guarded."

The tension hasn't gone unnoticed by Elle, who drops her eyes to the table with a hint of colour in her face. "Thanks," she says quietly, curling both hands around her warm mug, looking back to Peter. There's more she could say - how she likes his hair better short, how she can cut it for him - but she falls silent, listening attentively to their plans. Her attention slides to Hiro as he finishes speaking, a contemplative look falling over her face. "Can you freeze the entire building at once?"

"That could work for parts of it, but I'm not sure… they might have people who can stop time as well." Like his father. Considering Peter met Hiro immediately after the encounter with his dad, there's no telling if he'd gotten that ability as well. "I don't wany anyone to get hurt, but we should be perpared for… time stopping not working for everything. Same with invisibility. I'd like to be optimtistic, but if we're… going… we need to be careful. Very careful."

There's a hint of hesitation. "I have two spies in Pinehearst. Both are supposed to be watching my brother, as much as they can. My brother was the one who kidnapped Claire— it was his project. I stole his files… Just a minute." He disappears from the room. A short time will pass before he reappears.

"It should work on everybody but the people touching me," Hiro tells Elle, nodding his head quickly. In truth, he doesn't really know the science of it but he knows that time stops enough and what are the odds of them running into the one person he's met who is fast enough to 'outrun' his time stops? Pretty slim! "Maybe stay invisible at the same time, then?"

"Yes, we'll have to be careful. We'll need to take our time, and if something goes wrong, get out of there. Even if we can't destroy all of the blood, or any of it." Gabriel doesn't want a repeat of what happened the last time he and Elle went, or the time that Peter went, either. "Hopefully, between the two, it will be enough to at least get us inside and looking for the blood. Past that…" Gabriel looks over to Peter, eyebrows raising slightly. "Spies? We can use all the help we can get. If they could at least get us a location, or a floor… something. The less time we spend walking around searching for it the better." When Peter disappears, Gabriel falls silent, glancing between Elle and Hiro.

"We can't all be invisible if we want to spread out." Not that Elle has any intention of breaking away from the group at any point, or anything. She's taken on something of a more serious countenance now that it's become apparent that her previously upbeat demeanor was inconsistent with the mood, settling back against the chair to sip her tea. "But if something goes wrong, having one or two people who show up on camera might buy the invisible people enough time to get out. It might make a difference."

When he reappears, Peter has a file in hand. It doesn't give much upon immediate inspection, but it might give them a little bit… It's about Claire. "From what I can understand from the file, they were looking for a way to replicate the effects of her blood. Or maybe replicate the blood itself. I know her blood was used to heal my dad, and I'm sure Logan used it to heal himself after some of the beatings I gave him, but…" he trails off. Logan? He doesn't even seem to realize he might have used a name they don't know. "I haven't been able to contact one of my spies at all… so we can't rely on her, and the other one… She's still convinced Pinehearst is just trying to make the world a better place." There's a pause. He could get his old boss involved, possibly, but… "We'll probably be on our own." We. There's a grimace before he looks at Elle. "How hurt are you still?"

Peter is always using names that Hiro doesn't know, so the diminutive Japanese man lets another unknown name slide without too much worry or furrowing of brows. At the suggestion that someone show up on camera, Hiro lifts his hand tentatively.

"What about me? They cannot catch me. And they don't know me, either."

"If we stick together.. the most we should spread out is the group dividing in two, if we can. We should each stay with someone. Someone with me, someone with Peter, that way we can all at least stay invisible." He takes a breath, sipping at his tea before he continues. "I know I asked you all to help with this, and we each have our reasons, but I don't want anyone getting hurt or caught. We should only use drastic measures if we absolutely have to." Gabriel looks over to Hiro, a curious look on his face. "If we're touching you when you freeze time, we won't be frozen, right? But what if we let go of you? Do you know what would happen?"

"Hang on." Raising a hand for silence, Elle looks to Peter with a perplexed look on her face. "Forget the plan." Shifting her weight to sit up straighter in her seat, she disregards the question about her leg, leaving it unanswered. She hardly even acknowledges it, in fact, or any other aspect of their mission touched on by any of the men. "Maybe I'm just out of the loop," she says, tipping her chin down as she frowns at Peter, "but who the hell is Logan?"

"Logan is…" Peter hesitates, before he looks over at Hiro, finally meeting the other man's eyes for the first time since the awkward introduction. "He's Nathan. He's someone… else… inside of Nathan. Another personality. In the future that Hiro and I went to— the last time… Logan was there too. He was President of the United States, in charge or rounding up and imprisoning people without an ability. I don't know for sure if this is exactly the same personality, or if my telling Nathan about it helped form his identity… but it's not Nathan. It's someone else. It's a man who's willing to kill his wife, his brother, betray his niece…"

There's a pause. "Nathan's still in there, though. And intend to make sure he wins out." That's a lot of what he's been working on. Looking toward Elle, he moves over to lay a hand on her shoulder, closing his eyes. Maybe he can help her along a little more.

Hiro blinks a couple of times - people living in other people's bodies. Even Hiro might have found that to be a little strange in the past but now it seems to be all in a day's work. Gabriel's question does not go unanswered, however, and the time traveller shakes his head, "You won't be frozen if you are touching me, no."

The situation with Nathan causes Gabriel to frown. The last time he saw the man he received quite the beating. American justice, he called it. "You haven't mentioned anything about that before," Gabriel says. He responds to Hiro's answer with a nod, hsi eyes moving back to Peter. This must be what he was talking about when he said something was going on with his brother. He had no idea it was something like this. "I take it he won't be helping us if we run into him at Pinehearst, then?"

The sensation in her leg is strange as Peter attempts to speed her recovery, and Elle scrunches her nose in response, saying nothing. Truthfully, she wouldn't know what to say even if she tried; it isn't every day she finds out that her ex-boyfriend's brother suffers from multiple personalities. Sipping from the mug of tea gingerly, she glances between her companions. "My guess is no," she says quietly, in response to Gabriel's question.

"Depends on who we're talking to… but I think Nathan's kept out of most of his dealings in Pinehearst," Peter says, looking down as he thinks about the whole thing. "I didn't mention it because you never asked… And it isn't something I really wanted help with. But if you're going after Claire's blood supplies, you might run into him. It's still Nathan's body. No matter what his personality does… it'll still be my brother you're dealing with." There's a long pause, eyes sliding toward the bookshelves where there's family photographs. Still his brother.

"No problem," Hiro pipes in, using his favorite Americanism yet again, "If we see him and he tries to stop us I can teleport him away." He nods his head as though he's weighing that option up in his head, "Yes. We won't hurt him and he won't be able to hurt us."

"We'll be careful. If he's still your brother, we'll make sure not to hurt him." In truth, Gabriel is thinking something slightly different, glancing over at Hiro as he thinks to himself. He would never kill or seriously harm Peter's brother, but if he has to disable him so they can destroy the blood, he'll have no reservations about doing so. Turning to Elle, he tilts his head slightly, eyes moving down to her leg. "How's your leg? Any better?" It's a little off topic, but something needs to be done about the somber mood.

In her head, Elle is thinking, 'This is where we'd get the no-kill order if we were working for the Company.' There are certain aspects of her personality which she won't be able to turn off for a while yet, if ever. She as always been a young agent. Ultimately, she decides not to voice the command to keep Nathan alive - because Hiro and Gabriel do it for her. She smirks faintly, raising the mug to her mouth to take another sip. "I don't know," she responds with a shake of her head, turning her eyes down to the walking cast as if it might tell her something. "I… think so?"

"My father doesn't get the same consideration," Peter mutters softly as he finally lets his hand move away from Elle and takes steps away from the group. There's an anger in his voice. His relationship with his dad is nowhere near what the two people who just lost theirs is. "Though you'll have to shoot him in the head to kill him, if it comes to that." He won't stop anyone from doing that. From the brief look in his eyes, he might want to do it himself. Good thing he pushes that down. "When do you want to do this, Gabriel?"

Hiro remains quiet at the mention of fathers, letting the others plan the 'heist' so to speak. For his own part, he keeps his eyes cast down at the table as he eats up the last of the waffle on his plate.

Gabriel gives Elle a brief smile before turning his attention back to Peter. "Whenever we're ready. See if you can get in contact with one of your spies. Let's at least spend a couple days seeing if we can get some more information. We might get something that can help us. Other than that…" He looks around at the three of them, making eye contact with each one before finally settling back on Peter. "As soon as we can."

Once more, she doesn't say what first comes to mind when Peter speaks - that it's crossed her mind, to give his father a taste of his own medicine, and that she isn't looking for his permission for payback. No, those are things best kept to herself. When her mug is empty, Elle rises to her feet awkwardly, moving to set the mug in the sink. "What do you need me to do?" she asks, turning to turn her attention to Gabriel.

It's very likely Peter wasn't giving permission, so much as making a statement. He moves further away from the group, into the bedroom that had once been his, and sits down on the bed, seperating himself from them, while still staying within range to hear what they have to say.

Hiro himself doesn't have a great deal to say in regards to what is going on. He's agreed to help and as far as he's concerned that is all he needs for right now. There will be plans, sure, but chances are it is better that someone else come up with them … most of his plans tend to obey laws of physics not native to this universe.

"Nothing for now. All we can do is wait and see if Peter can get more information," Gabriel says to Elle, pushing himself away from the table after Peter heads into the bedroom. It seems the meeting is coming to a close. Giving Hiro a look that says he's welcome to stay if he wants, the ex-killer moves to set his own mug in the sink beside Elle's. Passing the table on his way to the couch so he can grab the file from it, he takes a seat on the end of sofa, flipping the file open and looking through its contents silently.

Gabriel says, "Although I bet she's passed out again."

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