2007-02-24: The Plot Thickens


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Lachlan discusses the strange necklace and knife with Ling, who hints at the idea of the strange woman having been controlled by the person on the other end of her call. Lachlan vows to do a little more digging to uncover more information about the odd package.

Date It Happened: February 24th, 2007

The Plot Thickens

Lower East Side

Still suffering from a slight hangover, Lachlan Deatley moves down the street towards his home in Eastern Centennial Apartments, on his way back from a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. As always, his two Dobermans accompany him, walking obediently alongside him on their leashes. The cigarette he had on the bridge has long since burned out and been replaced with another, and he's seen fit to remove the sunglasses that were previously concealing his eyes. Beneath one arm is a package wrapped in blue paper with the words "Happy Birthday!!" written all over it in festive font. He seems to be a bit distracted, with his eyes staring straight ahead and taking in none of his current surroundings.

Sometimes, a person just wants that down home type of cooking, and since there's a small little hole in the wall noodle restaurant down in the east side, Ling arrives with her usual stretch limo. It's a bit of an uncommon occurrance in this area, but it stops in front of the restaurant, and the familiar sound of her stillettos click clacking against the asphalt can be heard. She's dressed in her clean and crisp manner, dressed to kill and impress of course, before she starts to head towards the noodle house. However, she raises her brows and lets out an amused chuckle at Lachlan while she peers over the box. "Is it your birthday, Lachlan?"

Lachlan is so enamored with his own thoughts that he doesn't even notice the limo or the woman who has exited it until he hears his name being spoken. The Scotsman gives a bit of a start and glances over at Ling, surprised and taken completely off-guard. "Wha'?" He looks down at the package in his arm, then up at Ling again. "Oh! Uh. No. 'S no' m'birthday." He sounds rather absentminded and distant, eyeing Ling thoughtfully. "'S just somethin' I … 's just somethin'. Wha're ye doin' 'round here?"

Ling points to noodle heaven and a wry grin curls onto her lips. "That's why. I've been wanting some, and so I gave the cook at home the day off.." she says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. Her brows raise a little and she cants her head to the side while peering over towards him, "Is everything all right? you havent run into Carmichael or his cronies again, have you?"

"Nah, nah." He doesn't sound any less distracted. Lachlan looks at the sidewalk and brings a hand up to pluck the cigarette from between his lips and take one last pull from it before dropping it to the ground. "'S nothin' like tha'." After a moment's hesitation, he draws the package out from beneath his arm and unwraps it — again, since it has obviously been opened before. "D'ye happen ta know wha' this is all about?" He displays the contents of the package for Ling's perusal. Inside is an extremely lethal-looking knife and a rather ugly, crude necklace. The necklace looks welded together out of black metal, with a leather strap. It involves an outer circle with a triangle welded inside, then a smaller square inside of the triangle, and then finally, a smaller circle in the square.

She peers over it curiously, somewhat concerned now as she chews on her bottom lip for a few moments. "I have no idea what thatis all about? How many enemies have you made?" Ling asks with a soft and amused chuckle to add a little bit of brevity to the situation. "It's a rather cryptic gift, isnt it? Who gave this you?"

It's the necklace that's got Lachlan so confused and intrigued. He frowns and re-wraps the package before tucking it under his arm again. "Nobody," he replies truthfully. "Was takin' the dogs fer a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge an' there was a woman talkin' on 'er phone actin' like she was gonna walk inta traffic. She pulled the package out from under the bridge, an' I stopped 'er. Said she dinna know wha' it was fer 'r why she was holdin' it." Now that he thinks about it, he should've taken her phone too. Hmm.

"Now that is just..unusual.." Ling says matter of factly, tapping her fingers on her chin as she starts to mull things over now. "Well, did you at least find out what the woman's name was? What worries me is the fact that she didnt know why she was holding it..now that is just…wierd.."

There's another thing Lachlan should've gotten, in retrospect. "Nah." He shakes his head again. "She took off b'fore I could really ask, an' she was real upset. Dinna wanna have nothin' ta do with this." The package is indicated with a jerk of his head. "Thing is, she dinna know who was talkin' ta 'er on the phone when I stopped 'er. An' the phone said the caller was unknown — an' there was a JPSousa tha' called b'fore tha'. Ye know anyone by tha' name?"

"The only Sousa I know is the composer.." Ling says while pursing her lips, not really liking cryptic things, cause well, it's just really disconcerting. "So what we do know is there's a woman who was holding this and talking to someone whom she didnt know." She hrmms for a few moments and she goes all shiftyeyed for a few moments, "There has to be more than meets the eye.." she says whispering softly. "I know this might sound..unusual, but perhaps she was being..controlled?"

Considering his own abilities, Lachlan is not so inclined to dismiss this theory. Now that he gives it some thought, the woman /did/ seem to come out of a trance when she dropped the phone, and she /had/ acted rather disoriented. The corners of his lips turn downward sharply as he considers this. "Dunno," he utters finally, after giving a quick glance about the area and lowering his voice to a conspiratorial near-whisper, "d'ye think so?" He really /should/ have gotten hold of the woman's phone, if that's the case.

Ling mmhmms and nods, taking a quick look around as well, she's starting to become paranoid now. She isnt suppose to know about this sort of stuff anyway, especially since she's just your average criminal mastermind..not one with powers!!! "Well, there are lots of ways to accomplish such a thing..simple hypnosis or brainwashing can be accomplished by a psychologist who knows what he or she is doing.." There we go, she's not going the evolved route..at least not yet.

But Lachlan's already made that jump in his mind, though he'll never admit it aloud. After all, /he/ isn't supposed to be in the know about such things either. He nods a little, scratching at his scruffy jaw with one hand. "Yeah," he grunts absently, "mebbe." Ling may be thinking the same thing he is, but he doesn't know it.

"But.." and that's when she moves in quite close once more, so her voice is barely above a whisper. "Sometimes things like that can be accomplished without the use of psychological techniques.." She should know as she manipulates her own little cult of personality on an almost daily basis..

Now that's just a little too close for comfort — not physically, but conversationally. Lachlan smirks, but it's a strained expression, obviously a bit ill at ease. "Wha', ye mean like magic or summat?" he snorts in feigned disbelief. This is Lachlan Deatley, Average Joe Who Does Not Have Any Special Abilities.

"Not really magic.." she whispers softly while idly running her fingers through her hair. She hrmms for a few moments and just shakes her head, letting out a nervous chuckle as her cheeks flush a slight tinge of red. "Just..forget I mentioned it..you'll probably just think I'm crazy in the end.."

Crazy, no. Lachlan knows she's not crazy. He also knows that touching on such subjects can be rather bad, and thus he likes to avoid them at all costs. He nods a little, glad to let the conversation drop there, and then he shrugs. "Anyway," he mutters, "'ll do some diggin'. Someone's gotta know somethin'." And he'd like to get to the bottom of it.

Ling quickly looks around, not really wanting to get caught by someone eavesdroping as well, that would just be bad. She then looks over to Lachlan and lets out a sigh of relief, "Do let me know what you find out?" she asks softly.

"Yeah, I will," Lachlan promises. He's not quite sure where he'll /start/, but he'll start digging. There's got to be someone with information on the necklace. After another pause, he smiles and nods and then moves to head on toward his apartment. "Ye take care now, an' I'll catch ye later."

"Of course.." Ling replies matter of factly, and with that she starts to head into noodle heaven. She came here for food afterall..

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