2007-03-04: The Possibility of Getting Scoobied


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Summary: Still worried about Drake, Elena braves trespassing the dark house yet again without knowing whether he was taken or not. Ramon, meanwhile, returns from his business trip in Rhode Island to find that it is 2 am, and his daughter is not in the apartment.

Watch For: Drake's superhero costume. Elena turning "Scooby" into a verb.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

The Possibility of Getting Scoobied

The Maxwell House, Somewhere in the Suburbs

It is fast approaching two in the morning and Drake still hasn't been able to get to sleep. Elle left about a half hour ago, having just walked out the front door as if she owned the place. His mother has the grave yard shift at the hospital tonight, so it's just himself, and his flash light as he huddles under the sheets of his bed, staring up at the ceiling. He has so many thoughts racing in the back of his mind, confused, scattered thoughts.

There was a light, sliding around Drake's room. Elena hitches a breath, and turns around to press her back against the side of the house, closing her eyes. Oh god. Oh god. What was she doing? Barista/College Student by day, wrangling crazy conspiracy theories about shadowy organizations and humans with special abilities at night? It was 2 in the morning. Luckily Ramon was away because RTS had sent him on a business trip in a neighboring state otherwise she'll never get to hear the end of this and she won't even know how to begin explaining this in the first place! What was with her? She used to be NORMAL.

…and she didn't have any weapons in case people she didn't know but knew about were skulking around there.

Did she NEED any weapons? She didn't even know what she had! Not for sure.

"Uggghhhhh…" she groans softly. But she had to know. So she grabs onto the trellis at the side of Drake's house, and starts climbing up as quietly as she can, inching onto the lower roof and crawling until she gets to the sill. She peers in….and thanks to the flashlight, she sees who it is.

Her breath expels. She raps on the window.

Jerking his head up quickly, Drake practically leaps out of his boxer shorts, which he happens to be wearing, along with a thin shirt over his frame. The flash light goes tumbling to the side, casting shadows warping along the walls. ".. Shit. Elena." He heaves out a breath. He swore?! Is that possible? Making his way to the window, he opens it up, then helps tug her inside. "Geez, it's.. I don't even know what time it is." He says, glancing over in the dark to the red, flashing led digital face. "Whatcha doing here?"

"What do you -think- I'm doing here??" Elena hisses, crawling into his window and dropping heavily on the floor. She snatches up her cellphone and shoves it at his face. There it was, the 'Will u b my grrlfriend' message. "That message? Is so not you. You spell everything out, you don't use shortcuts. God! You almost gave me a heart attack! You tell me they found you at the coffee house, you say something about people knocking on your door, and then you -don't respond-? And then later someone else who was so NOT YOU sends me a text telling me that someone's got your phone? After everything what the hell was I supposed to think???"

Under the barrage, Drake practically shrinks back. He bites his bottom lip, then says, "The blonde.. the one with the electricity. Her name is Elle. She came to visit me here at the house, and have a talk with me." He says, sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling some blankets around his legs. No need to sit around in his undies for her to see. "Nothing happened. I'm all in one piece. She was just having some fun with the phone."

Not like she hasn't seen male undies before - Elena had two younger brothers. But when Drake tells her that he's intact, more or less, she sags with relief, puddling onto the floor and willing her heart to calm down. She had been expecting the worst - namely crawling through his window with him -not- knowing who she was and getting thrown out of it to break a leg or worse on the garden below. She rubs her face, burying it in her hands afterwards. She wanted to cry. She was so worried.

Finally she takes a deep breath and rolls her head back against the wall. "Elle," she intones. "The blonde with electricity. ….is this the same blonde who you remember before you blacked out way back when?" she asks. She looks at him. "….why did she want to visit you?"

"Yeah, the one in the same. She wanted to talk about the other day. She told me that I don't have anything to worry about, that she'll make sure the company won't come after me anymore. She didn't even stick me in the record or something when she found me the other day. She .. seemed to want to protect me. She says that I need to keep my head low, and my mouth shut, or else we'd both be in danger." Drake slumps his shoulders a bit. "She thinks your my lab partner by the way, it's why she picked up the phone and messed with it. She wanted me to ask you out. I just went along with it."

….what? Elena narrows her eyes suspiciously. "First she bags and tags you," she says, using the term. "And then you get wiped, and then when you remember her, she follows you to your house….and does nothing?" She looks confused. What the hell? That didn't make any sense. It's obvious the woman -still- worked for the Company, but why protect Drake? Was she going against the grain too just like… She folds her arms around her legs, looking to the side and her jaw setting. What was going on? "At the last I'd agree with you there," she says. "I know if it was me I wouldn't be giving up the person who's helping me out who's an insider." Despite all the information she gave Jack and Eliana, who ended up getting wigged by her, she didn't mention the Haitian. No. He'll remain between herself, her father, and Eric.

"Yeah, I know. She seemed to have had a change of heart it seemed, but she made it clear that she, and the company is still dangerous." Drake says as he rubs the bridge of his nose. "So, now.. it has me only curiouser." He pauses for a tick. "She's not that bad, actually. She's.. kinda.. cool.. in that older, College chick sorta way. I dunno.. I think she'd be fun at a party." He laughs.

"I'll believe that when she's not stalking my best friend and giving people heart attacks," Elena grumbles, slowly going back to her normal self. She rubs her eyes. God. The day was stressful, all she wanted to do now was crawl in bed….and lock her doors. All of them. All of the locks. All of the doors. For a single night she wanted to pretend that the past forty eight hours hadn't existed…

Oh wait, she was GIVEN that option but Life refused to let her take it. Slowly she was starting to understand what the Haitian told her the first time: 'Ignorance can be bliss if you let it.'

"Sounds like the Company's imploding," she tells him simply, crossing her arms over her chest. "If she's helping people she shouldn't be on the side under her bosses' noses, god knows who else is. It kind of makes me wonder what's happening to the point that their own people are working against them."

Shrugging his shoulders a bit, Drake reaches out with an arm and drapes it across his friend's shoulders, giving it a squeeze. "So, I'm your best friend now, huh?" He asks with a wry smile upon his face, allowing his blue eyes to tilt into hers, sparkling in amusement. "If the company is imploding, that's just good news for us. What about this Sylar guy you were telling me about earlier. Has there been any word on him? I've been following the news online closely, trying to find murders that fit the same profile. Figured it may help me at least track down his pattern of movement."

"Yeah. His real name's Gabriel Gray," Elena says, looking at Drake. "I got it from a source close to the Foundation, a rival of the Company's. But guess what? Within a few days of her talking to me, she gets mind-wiped. I saw the signs. I ran into her earlier today. And the Foundation's building? Torched." She sighs. "I talked to a couple of people today but I think I spooked them. They were like us." She pauses, and she shrugs. "I just hope they believe me. I don't want anyone else to wind up like you, or me, or my source."

Drake nods his head slowly. "Elle says that I shouldn't go asking questions, or poking my nose around. She said it'll get even more dangerous, and the best thing I can do is just pretend to be normal, and to not go around using my powers." He says, giving her another squeeze around the shoulder, before rising up and heading to his closet. "I kinda wanted to show you something. Long as you don't laugh." He says with a snort under his breath.

"That's the thing, Drake." Elena scrambles up. "I DON'T ask. …at least not until these people come to me first! They're everywhere! And they somehow find -me-. I'm starting to wonder if it's a side-effect of whatever the hell it is I have! Ugh! What's ironic is that I'm not even tagged." She mutters. "And it's staying that way if I can help it." She smiles faintly at the squeeze, and blinks when he stands up to go to the closet. "Eh? What is it?" she asks, getting up and moving over.

"Being a special powers magnet isn't something I'd brag about though when they do tag you." Drake says with a grin over his shoulder to her as he reaches for his closet doors, opening them up. "You better promise not to laugh though at what you see I've been working on." Inside the closet is what appears to be a half made costume of sorts. Black cargo pants, along with a tight looking black top with a white omega symbol across the chest. There's a heavy jacket of sorts adorned with many, many pockets, and what appears to be a sketch of a full face helmet of sorts hanging on the wall, tacked. That is, if he decides he wants to go that route, instead of a sky mask. ".. So.. I dunno.. thinking of.. calling myself Tempest.. or something.." He says with a cheesy grin on his face, rubbing the back of his neck. ".. I got this taser like gloves on E-Bay I'm hoping to win for a few hundred bucks.. um.. if not, I guess I just do the conventional route."

Whenever Ramon comes back from Rhode Island, the apartment is dark. It is 2 am, and Elena…is nowhere to be found. She's not in her bedroom, and fact that her backpack is missing along with her laptop, rollerblades, and mp3 player indicates that she did leave for school but has not returned. At 2 am. She was never out this late. Not on a school night. Usually she was back by ten studying.

If Ramon calls her cellphone, she will pick up, and tell her that she's at Drake's, a friend of hers who ….well, after the last couple of days, used to work with her. She will give Papa the address of where she is.

After chatting with her father, Elena hangs up, and looks at……what the? What IS that? At first, the teenager has absolutely NO idea what it is, and has absolutely NO idea what he's getting at. It looks like…. a costume.

Oh god. It IS a costume. And when he thinks about a codename, she….didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Or both. It was a possibility. But she still gapes at him, her jaw hanging open.

"…..Drake…" she says slowly. "I could be wrong but didn't Elle just tell you NOT to use your powers in public? What's more public than THIS?"

Knock knock knock knock. The knock is full of authority. Maybe its the COMPANY. RIGHT NOW.

Or maybe its Dad, here to pick up his daughter. No taxis at 2 a.m. for her. And as she gave him the address he just assumes she wants a ride.

"Well, technically, she said not for -me- to.. um…. use them in public, she didn't say anything about an alias, and I've sorta.. been.. doing it for the last week anyways." Drake says as he rocks a bit on the balls of his feet, coughing quietly under his breath, looking sheepish. "Still, I mean.. you know.. I got these powers, and I should do something with them, and.. it feels good to help people. The other day I stopped this guy from beating up this old lady on the street near the laundromat. He didn't even see me coming." At the sound of the knock, he startles a bit, before letting out a breath. ".. I probably should put some pants on." He mutters.

She palms her face. "This is SO not what discreet means," Elena frets, flailing a little bit. "This is the OPPOSITE of discreet! You're -nuts-! What if someone decides to interfere next time who's -just like us- and unmasks you?! You'd get….get…you'd get SCOOBIED. Do you WANT to be scoobied?? Nobody wants to be scoobied, they just yell about meddling kids afterwards!" At the last, she sighs, and groans. "Yes, please. Pants. It's my father. You don't want him to get any ideas. He doesn't brake for small animals." She pauses, and she reaches out to hug him suddenly.

"I'm so glad you're okay," she murmurs, but before she starts crying, she pulls away. "I'll go let him in," she says, trotting down the stairs to the front door and to open it for her father.

Ramon doesn't kick down the door guns blazing. He does stand there massaging the bridge of his nose as if he's got a raging headache coming on. "Why is it always people's pants, the lack there of, /in conjunction with Scooby F* Do/?" He asks this in a low rumble of pained Spanish.

Hugging her back in return, Drake looks bewildered. "Scoobied? Is that like.. a total generation word I've missed out on?" He'll have to stick that in the back of his head. With a resigned sigh, he closes the closet door, then plucks up his pants on the ground and pulls them on, securing them with his (utility) belt. Looking at the door, then back to the closet, he mutters. ".. Maybe I could call myself.. Night Blade.. or.. Tempest Storm.. or.. Neo?" He snorts, before heading out after her, ruffling his hair into place.

"…..huh?" Elena asks Ramon, blinking and looking absolutely baffled. She has absolutely no idea about Ramon's encounter with Evan when the deal with Scooby Doo underoos first came into play. She sighs and takes a step back. "(Sorry for worrying you, Papa. I didn't mean to stay out so late. Something came up)," she says in Spanish. And when Drake comes down the stairs, she gestures between the two. "Papa, this is Drake. Drake, Papa. I mentioned him to you before."

Ramon looks Drake up and down, his dark brown eyes narrowing into tight lines for just a moment. Then he lets out what is very much like the chuff a large guard dog might give, relaxes, and holds out his hand. "Nice to meet you, son," he says gruffly. He's the type of man for whom all younger men are "son."

"Sir." Drake says, holding his hand out to the other, offering up a quick, guarded smile as she cuts a look towards Elena. He only took two years of high school Spanish so far, so he can't really tell what they're saying, outside of Papa, You, and stay out late. Donde es' estado? Con mi amigos, Papi. One of the first things they teach you. "Um.. care to come in, get something to drink?" He reaches over, flicking on the light to the living room. "My mom's a grave yard nurse. So.. she's not here.." Which is why he's home alone in this two story house in the 'nice' neighborhood.

"Yeah…." Elena looks at Ramon. "I need to catch you up anyway," she tells her father. "Though you can probably just read my mind and pull out what you need." He's her father. She trusts him. She takes a step away from the door to let her father through should he choose. "Drake and I are trying to recover from the scare from today. Well, -I- am. -He-…." She slaps a knuckle lightly on his shoulder. "Was a bastard and didn't call me after his situation was done."

Ramon comes in. "Thank you." He looks at Elena and frowns. "Pull it out? Only if you actively think of it. In a coherent, conversational way to boot." He rubs his eyes and looks around at Drake's place, taking it in. Trying to evaluate how safe the kid is here, if at all.

It seems that the kid is at least living in a well off establishment. No pictures of the lucky dad though, just those of him, and his mother seem to circulate the house. Drake rubs his nose again in a nervous manner as he shrugs his shoulders. "Well, I'd have called you in the morning." He attempts at a weak smile, before muttering. "Speaking of.. I have to be up in like.. four hours for school." He sighs. "I can't skip, cuz' they tend to call to find out why you aren't in class and if mom finds out I'm cutting, she'll flip on me."

"If you need sleep, Drake, we can clear out. I'm glad you're okay," Elena says ruefully, watching him. "We'll talk more later." She looks over at her poor Papa, who looks tired. She takes his arm gently. "Let's go home? I can make you something and we can talk." They haven't talked lately, simply because they've been busy.

Ramon nods his head and lets Elena lead him out. "You be careful," he tells Drake, his flat, rumbling voice giving nothing at all like comfort. Then he gets back out to the van. He'd hand Elena the keys if it weren't specifically against his work agreements.

"Yeah, I should hit the sack, again.. for a third time." Drake says, reaching out to brush his hand against her arm for a moment, then lets out a yawn. He locks the door handle, so all they need to do is closet it behind them. "Take care guys, and it was nice meeting you, sir." With that, he starts up the stairs in a dragging, lurch manner.

Elena nods, taking a step for the RTS van and climbing in. She gives her father a look, and consciously wills her thoughts out to him for him to pick up.

Ramon stares at her after a while. "So…now we've got all this information. What do we /do/ with it, chiquita?" He has a feeling that she's not going to say: Lets put our head down and stay safe except for where we poke it out just far enough to find out about Mother's killer. He's just so very sure.

"I hope I sent it with the right people today." Elena glances down at her fingers, shifting on her seat in the van. "You have to admit all this….tagging and bagging is wrong. We're not animals. I think we've gone through hundreds of years of evolution just so we can be classified as something -other- than a mere animal. All I can do right now is pass it on and hope that the others do something with it. I hope they spread it around so much that no one knows where the information came anymore, but they'll be aware, and they can do whatever they want with it. Hide it, or fight it. I don't know where I am yet. I have so much to think about - I have school. I have my job. And I have your condition to parse out too. Seeing you collapse scared me. Not to mention the fact that Mama's killer is still out there, and apparently -also- tied to the Company."

"I think if I can just learn to control it better that won't happen," Ramon says. "Don't worry about me, worry about your own things." He grips the steering wheel as he makes a turn. "I've been having thoughts on trying to go to work for them so I can get a look at their files," he admits. "Eventually get a look at them, anyway. Find out who this killer is."

"No Papa, I wouldn't recommend it," Elena says softly. "From what I heard from Drake today, and from how the Haitian is acting…" She pauses. "I think things around there are unstable. Or if they aren't right now, they will be." She looks over at him. "I don't want to see you get hurt. As for trying to control your abilities….I might be able to help with that. I've been working with Eric on it. Maybe I can do the same for you."

Ramon rubs a hand over his face and says, "And you don't think this Foundation is a good faction to hook up with either," he murmurs. "Yet I can't help but think its not a good idea to go at this alone. As for working on it — alright, chiquita." He understands his daughter's desire to understand well enough, and to help.

"….I don't know how they are either now," Elena says, watching the traffic lights whizz by as she props her chin on one hand. "I can't help but think they have an agenda too. These places always do. But you know me and the rich….I don't trust them." She smirks. "High school trauma maybe. Besides….the Foundation's building got torched sometime last night. I was actually tempted to try and contact the councilwoman, but….I don't know. I'm just a kid, Papa. What do I know? If I screw up on anything, God knows what could happen." She glances down at her knees. "I'm tempted to say we should just….after my scare today maybe we should just concentrate on our problems first, and figure out the bigger stuff later."

Ramon's shoulders relax. "I think that's wise," he says. "We're just two people. Four if you count poor Eric, and young Drake, which I'm not sure I do. Five if you count Cass. Cass and I are going to see Dr. Suresh soon, to ask him about Persuaders. We don't have deep pockets or vast resources."

Eric…. an unreadable expression casts on Elena's face as she watches the streetlamps pass by the moving van. ~If I tell him about this I wonder if he'll still…..~ Her hand comes up to rub her face, and then she looks over at Ramon, startled. "Wait, you and Cass know about Dr. Suresh?" she says, looking startled as the stars, once again, align right in front of her eyes. "Drake texted me about him earlier. He said he met him. He said he wants to help. I didn't even know he was IN New York doing research of his own. I offered to go with him. Maybe we could all go together?" Safety in numbers.

"Well he wrote that book," Ramon says. "Cass brought up going to see him. I say we do, yes. She was going to go ask him something else." He makes another turn, driving at a slow and steady pace. Traffic is a little better this early in the morning.

"….no he didn't," Elena says, looking at Ramon. "The Doctor Chandra Suresh who wrote Activating Evolution is dead. We covered him in Theoretical Genetics class. The one Drake met some point this week is called Mohinder. Mohinder Suresh. His son….I think he's here to do his own research. Unlike Dr. Chandra, I'm not all that familiar with Dr. Mohinder's work."

Ramon grunts in response to that. "Huh. Must have been Junior that Cass wanted to talk to then. And Drake met the guy? And he wants to help? Help how exactly?" The man's trying to play catch up from plain old mundane work.

"I'm not sure," Elena says, shaking her head. "I would imagine do the same thing I've been doing with Eric. Run some tests. But I think he'll probably be more well equipped, and he knows more about this than I do if he's in any way familiar with his father's research. I'm stuck myself unless I have access to a brainwave monitor and I don't exactly make enough money to afford that kind of equipment. I did find out a few things. I hide my findings in a rewriteable mini-disc I stash behind my mp3 player."

"Does it self-destruct upon playing?" Ramon asks dryly. "Because if it doesn't, chiquita, you might want to let me at it so that I can add a few more security measures. Stashed is all well and good, but stashed isn't quite enough for my paranoia levels these days."

The brunette stares at her father, Elena blanking at him uncomprehendingly….until she facepalms. STUPID! Here she is trying to protect her disc when her FATHER works network security! "Ugh! Why didn't I….uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!" she groans comically, rolling her head back against her seat with a thud. "I can't believe I didn't think of something so….so….right there! I'll give it to you when we get home, Papa. I need a screwdriver."

"I have screwdrivers, so long as you mean the tool and not the drink," Ramon says. But…this flash of a smirk appears on his face. "I see that I am not the only one in my family with a tendency to want to take on the whole wide world all by myself, eh chiquita?"

The ironic chastisement causes a flush to heighten over her cheeks, Elena looking mortified from where she's sitting as her father jokes and….teases her about it. She groans even more, and lifts her hands to hide her face with them. "Maybe it's genetic," she says with a laugh. "Just like -everything else- this week. Ugh. That's what the word of the day is. Ugh." She looks over at Ramon and exhales a breath. "I'm so glad you're home," she says, a tiny smile quirking on her mouth.

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